Hey Look, a Pantech Breakout in the Wild! (Updated)

Looks like the Pantech Breakout has started to arrive in stores.  Expected to be available on September 22, this phone should be the affordable 4G LTE option for Verizon customers that aren’t interested in droppin’ 3 Benjamins on the latest and greatest toy.  It has a 1GHz single-core processor, front and rear cameras, a 4″ screen, and runs Android 2.3.  Nice little entry into the LTE lineup.

Update:  Here is a better picture of it…   (more…)

DROID Bionic Shipments Arrive in Stores, Launch Kits With Live Demo Units Too

Verizon is taking their sweet time announcing the DROID Bionic as they do with just about every phone these days, but we now know that devices have started to make appearances in more than a few stores.  With the phone set for September 8, whether they ever make it official or not, our sources (and the picture above) indicate that demo units, all marketing materials, and even first shipments have arrived.  As you can tell, Motorola and Big Red have spared no expense to help feed the hype machine on this one.  And with demos hitting stores, you may be able to get some hands-on time with one yourself this weekend.  Maybe.

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Additional Confirmation that the DROID Bionic will be Here September 8 (Updated: More Info)

Just in case you need additional confirmation that the DROID Bionic is headed to stores on September 8 without a direct fill (which likely means no pre-order), we have it for you.  Also, another look at official specs including talk time which is listed as up to 10.8 hours.

And don’t forget to check out the wallpapers from the device that were just posted.   (more…)

Verizon Equipment Guide Says DROID Bionic Will Launch in All Channels September 8

There you have it.  Verizon’s internal Equipment Guide has been updated to show that they expect an “all channel” launch for the DROID Bionic to go off September 8.  There isn’t a mention of a direct fill option, so that means there might not be an opportunity to grab one early (pre-order) via the web or through a sales line like we saw with the DROID3.

One week to go, folks.

*Note –  The weight is listed at 5.60oz.  It’s slightly lighter than the D3 at 5.90oz, but that phone also has a keyboard.  Thunderbolt is 6.23oz, Charge is 5.04oz, and the DROIDX2 is 5.47oz.  So it’s not a massive tank, but it’s definitely no where near the feather weight of the Galaxy SII.

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Exclusive: First Pictures of the HTC Vigor

Hello, HTC Vigor.  You have eluded us for the most part up until now, but we are excited to finally get a clean look at you.  With your red accents, big beautiful screen, and black rubbery Incredible-esque contoured back, we would gladly accept you into our everyday lives.

Rumored to be Verizon’s next big 4G LTE device to follow the Bionic on October 6, we can gather a couple of things from these first pictures. It definitely has HTC Sense, but we weren’t expecting it not to.  There is a front camera embedded in the top right corner of the device, above a screen that looks massive.  The device styling overall seems like an Incredible on steroids – something you won’t find us complaining about.  We aren’t seeing a 4G LTE logo anywhere, but also are not seeing a Verizon logo, so will hold off from throwing too big of a fuss.  It is likely just a test unit without any carrier branding.

*Note – While I mentioned that the device looks like an Incredible, a few readers pointed out that the color scheme also hints at DROID branding and a previously rumored HTC device.  Could the Vigor end up as the Incredible HD?  Just a thought.

Other potential specs that separate sources have told us were:  4.3″ HD screen, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, 1.5GHz dual-core processor and Beats by Dre technology.  There are no indications that this device has Beats technology on the outside, but we have been told that it could be software-related.

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Here is the Official DROID Bionic Teaser, This Campaign Clearly has a Massive Budget

There has been talk over the last day of a DROID Bionic teaser floating around at Verizon corporate, which also popped up as a blurry cam edit a few places on the internet.  Good news for Droid Life readers as usual, we have the official version right here sent to us by a close friend.  It’s high quality, includes a battle of woman vs. machine, and gave us chills.

This campaign is going to massive – we cannot wait to see more.  Two weeks from tomorrow, and will see if this device can truly “Rule all machines.”  A lot of hype to live up to after all of these months, hopefully the marketing can give it a lift.      (more…)

DROID Bionic Hits Verizon MAP at $299 Starting September 8 (Updated)


The DROID Bionic just hit Verizon’s MAP (minimum advertised price) list and is looking poised for a $299 on 2-year contract price along with a second confirmation that September 8 should be the day that it finally lands in stores.  We’re not surprised at all by this number after seeing the Charge launch with just a single-core processor at the same price point, but are still wondering if anything over $249 is too high?  It should still sell like hot cakes even at that number as one of the most anticipated devices in quite some time.

Update: We just got word that the full retail will likely be $589.99.  Definitely not $587.00 as was rumored somewhere yesterday.  Unless of course Verizon planned on changing the $XX9.99 pricing scheme that they have followed for their entire existence just for this phone.

Let us know your thoughts!

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Another New DROID Bionic Gallery Surfaces, Looking More Beautiful by the Minute

Fresh off of our DROID Bionic gallery from yesterday afternoon, we have a second set of pics that may be a little less blurry in some instances.  Still no perfect profile shots, but we do get a clearer look at the front side including that metallic chin, a 2.3.3 lock screen (which we’re sure/hoping will be gone at launch), notification light, and that big ol’ mysteriously-sized screen.  This phone is really matching up perfectly to all of those shots we saw back in June through a variety of overseas forums.

This device has been one of the most hotly debated around Droid Life since the Thunderbolt’s delay fiasco and we all know how that device has faired.  Let’s hope Moto and Verizon end up surprising us with this one.  It feels like we deserve something spectacular after a year of so-so phones.  According to the leaked roadmap from yesterday, the Bionic could be headed for a September 8th release which is 35 days to be exact.

*Note – As some of have pointed out in the comments, the 4G logo has moved to a different spot than what we saw yesterday.  We’re pretty sure this phone is just a slightly older build than what you saw in the other gallery.  And that would make sense since this is running older software.  No major changes though.

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