DROID2 R2-D2 Gingerbread Update is Ready, Yeah It Still Exists

What, you thought the R2-D2 version of the DROID2 would be left out of the Gingerbread fun?  OK, I’ll admit that I did too, but apparently we were wrong.  The 2.3 update appears to be ready (a support page usually indicates that) and could start rolling out within the next couple of weeks.  Not sure if there will be a soak test or not.  Too our R2 owners, be sure to let us know if you see anything after going to:

Settings>About phone>System updates

Cheers ___!

DROID3 Update Coming This Month, Soak Test Set to Begin

DROID3  owners have been begging for an update after the device launched to hopefully help fix an odd battery issue and also add in Google Talk with Video.  According to an email that was sent out to a number of our readers, that update will arrive some time this month.  A soak test for members of Motorola’s Feedback Network will be invited to grab the update early (as in the next couple of days) and report back on any serious bugs.  After that, the rest of you will be able to enjoy.

Cheers M and E!

Sprint Files Suit to Block Proposed AT&T and T-Mobile Merger [from AL]

Sprint really hates the idea of AT&T and T-Mobile joining forces.  After months of public criticism towards the proposed merger, they have now filed suit as a related case to the one filed just last week by the Department of Justice.  Here is a quote from Sprint’s VP of litigation:

“Sprint opposes AT&T’s proposed takeover of T-Mobile,” said Susan Z. Haller, vice president-Litigation, Sprint. “With today’s legal action, we are continuing that advocacy on behalf of consumers and competition, and expect to contribute our expertise and resources in proving that the proposed transaction is illegal.”

Yeah, it has officially gone grimey up in here.  More coverage at Android Life.

U.S. Files Complaint to Block AT&T’s Acquisition of T-Mobile (Updated)

The U.S. government is not a fan of AT&T’s attempt to snatch up smaller rival T-Mobile and has filed an antitrust complaint to try and block it from happening.  Here is a quote included in the filing:

“AT&T’s elimination of T-Mobile as an independent, low- priced rival would remove a significant competitive force from the market,” the U.S. said.

I’m actually a little shocked at this news.  While a number of issues have been brought fourth over the last few weeks that did not favor AT&T, I was under the impression that most analysts predicted that this acquisition would still happen.  And this doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t happen, it just means it could be a lot trickier.

Update:  AT&T has released a statement, and boy do they not sound pleased:

We are surprised and disappointed by today’s action, particularly since we have met repeatedly with the Department of Justice and there was no indication from the DOJ that this action was being contemplated.

We plan to ask for an expedited hearing so the enormous benefits of this merger can be fully reviewed. The DOJ has the burden of proving alleged anti-competitive affects and we intend to vigorously contest this matter in court.

At the end of the day, we believe facts will guide any final decision and the facts are clear. This merger will:

  • Help solve our nation’s spectrum exhaust situation and improve wireless service for millions.
  • Allow AT&T to expand 4G LTE mobile broadband to another 55 million Americans, or 97% of the population;
  • Result in billions of additional investment and tens of thousands of jobs, at a time when our nation needs them most.

We remain confident that this merger is in the best interest of consumers and our country, and the facts will prevail in court.

Update 2:  And Sprint has now released a statement…

The DOJ today delivered a decisive victory for consumers, competition and our country. By filing suit to block AT&T’s proposed takeover of T-Mobile, the DOJ has put consumers’ interests first. Sprint applauds the DOJ for conducting a careful and thorough review and for reaching a just decision – one which will ensure that consumers continue to reap the benefits of a competitive U.S. wireless industry. Contrary to AT&T’s assertions, today’s action will preserve American jobs, strengthen the American economy, and encourage innovation.

And this is most definitely developing…

Via:  Bloomberg

DROID2 Gingerbread Update Appears Ready, Changelog Available

(Click image to enlarge)

The soak test for the DROID2 Gingerbread update was supposed to start this week – whether that has happened or not, we aren’t sure.  The good news is, that the changelog for the 2.3 update has been made available, which is almost always a good sign that the update is just around the corner for everyone, not just testers.  Unless of course they find some sort of major bug like they did with the DROID Incredible.

As you can see from the screenshot above though, the update is a big one that weighs in at 106MB and will take your Blur build to 4.5.601.  With 2.3, DROID2 users will enjoy new multi-touch keypad shortcuts, the blue Blur, home screen app dock, organizable app drawer, improved battery life, and so much more.

Page 2 changelog after the break.   (more…)

XOOM 4G LTE Upgrades Set to Begin, Business and Government Users Up First in “Pilot” Group?

Even though the XOOM had its “first 4G LTE tablet” tag snatched up when the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was released a few weeks ago, customers were still told to expect an upgrade to support 4G LTE some time in September.  According to the email one of our readers just received, it looks like the upgrade is going to start a little early, within the next week for “business” and “government” XOOM owners.  This initial upgrade group is said to be the “pilot” program before they start upgrading the masses.  Wait, are there XOOM masses?

Just as we reported back February, the upgrade will be free of charge and will be initiated by an email with instructions from Motorola.  Along with said email, you will also receive a pre-paid FedEx box to ship your XOOM in with enough packing supplies to make it safe for travel.  Moto and Verizon recommend that you back everything up, since the upgrade process will likely require them to wipe your device clean.

Letter and instructions after the break.   (more…)

Asus Transformer Receives Minor Update: Netflix Support May Be Included, New Dock Software Too

The Asus Transformer appears to be receiving a surprise update today that takes it to build and possibly includes Netflix support.  A Netflix logo found a home on the Transformer’s landing page some time ago, leading us to speculate that support for the streaming movie/TV service could have come with Android 3.2.  When that update arrived without it, our dreams were shattered.  Thankfully, that disappointment was short-lived.  Asus sure knows how to treat their Android customers.

Oh, the dock software was also updated to EP101-0213 (drop into a dock to update).

Transformer owners, go grab Netflix and see if it works!

Cheers Todd!

Earthquakes Hit East Coast and Colorado, Wireless Coverage May Be Spotty

Many of you are aware that earthquakes have hit both the east coast (Virginia up to Boston) and Colorado in the last hour leaving cell coverage in trouble.  We have reports from readers and industry connections that towers are currently out in Virginia and possibly up through New York.  No word yet on Colorado.  If you attempt to make calls, you may be directed instantly to voicemail.

If you are in an area that was touched by one of these ‘quakes, feel free to let us know in the comments if you have cell service.

As we hear more, we’ll be sure to update this post.

Update:  We’re hearing that texting and data will still work in areas where voice has gone down.