Gingerbread Update for the HTC Thunderbolt is Available Now!

The Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) update for the HTC Thunderbolt is now available for everyone to pull.  All you have to do is go into Settings>Software update and “Check new.”  Go get it everyone!

Full changelog here.

*Note – If you receive the OTA, please let us know if Google Talk with Video is working.  On the leak, it looks like it should work, but it cannot connect to actual video calls.

Cheers Chris, Raymar, and Owen!

HTC Vigor Will Be the Rezound at Launch?


Has the HTC Vigor been renamed as the Rezound? Internal Verizon systems are certainly hinting at that being the name. The word “Rezound” first popped up a week or so ago along with the Rhyme in a DLNA filing, but at that time, no one had any idea that it was going to be this device.  The model number of ADR6425 is how we are coming to the conclusion that this is the Vigor.

What does that mean for the Incredible HD name? We’re still hearing that it could be a possibility, although this is starting to look pretty official.

Thoughts on the name?

DROID Incredible 2 Update to Build 4.08.605.3 Rolling Out Now

The DROID Incredible 2 has another minor update available for it as of, well, right now.  The update is 32MB and improves email synchronization along with a couple of other data-related bugs. It’s nothing major, but you should jump into Settings>Software update now to pull it.  Always good to be up-to-date.

And since I know that some of you will ask, I still have not received word as to when the Thunderbolt will receive Gingerbread.  HTC told us we would see it by the end of September, so that gives them another couple of long drawn out weeks.

Changelog after the break.   (more…)

DROID 3 Bootstrap Released, Get Your Recovery And Backups On

This morning we had the pleasure of the bootstrap for the DROID Bionic being released and now all you lovely DROID 3 owners can have some fun too. Thanks to HashCode, users can start backing up and restoring from SD Cards, and even flash some soon-to-be available ROMs. Make sure to be careful when attempting these procedures.


Download: DROID3Bootstrap.apk

Video showing off the newly bootstrapped DROID3:  (more…)

As of Yesterday Verizon Started Throttling its Top 5% Data Hogs, Doesn’t Affect 4G LTE or Tiered Data Customers

Back in February, there were reports of Verizon’s plans to start throttling (data speeds reduced) or using “Network Optimization Practices” on their top data hogs (5%).  Policies like this clearly are not taken well by customers, however, until today we had heard very little about them.  In our inbox, we just received word from Big Red on this new practice with every little detail you could imagine.  I’ll just say up front that the policy sounds like the end of the world, but from our understanding, it will only affect 3G customers on unlimited data plans.


Pantech Breakout Headed to Verizon with 4G LTE on September 22

The Pantech Breakout is Verizon’s next 4G LTE phone to follow the DROID Bionic and is looking like the option for anyone interested in having high data speeds without having to pay upwards of $300 up front. We gave you a quick preview of the specs on this phone a few weeks back, but now have the full and official spec sheet to tighten up any loose ends.  The Breakout won’t blow you away in this day and age with its hardware – I’m not sure it was built for that though.  At some point, Verizon was going to have to offer affordable 4G LTE phones and this looks like it will be the first.

With its 1GHz single-core processor, front and rear cameras, 4″ screen, DLNA support and Android 2.3, it’s actually on par with most of the LTE phones on the market.  In fact, other than the Bionic, it’ll be the only phone running Gingerbread – yikes.   (more…)

DROID3 Update is Ready: Includes Google Talk with Video and a Massive List of Bug Fixes

(Click image for full version)

Earlier in the week we learned about a soak test that was being performed on the DROID3 which is almost always a clear sign that an update is just weeks away.  Today, we are seeing the changelog for that update on Verizon’s servers – another good indication that the update should be here in no time.  Normally when these things go up, we see the soak test begin within a day followed by the mass rollout within a week; assuming all goes well that is.

So what can we expect?  Google Talk with Video is the star of the show.  Other than that, we get 30 or so bug fixes that will help to make the device and its newish Blur that much more stable.  I found it odd though that they fixed bugs in some of the bloatware.  Because the only fix that can truly be done to bloatware is by giving users the ability to uninstall it.  Just sayin’.

Soak testers, be sure to let us know when this starts going down!

The new build is 5.6.890.  The update is 57.6MB in size. More info.