DROID Bionic Update Finally on the Way, Here is Your Massive Bug Fixer

Here it is DROID Bionic owners. The massive bug fixer that we have been expecting is finally ready for prime time. In it, you will find improved stability to avoid power cycles, a faster auto focus in the camera, and better 4G/3G connectivity to name a few. The phone can somehow magically support 8 devices while on hotspot now, something we were previously told was limited to 5 due to hardware limitations. If you power the phone off, it won’t power back on by itself and SIM cards should activate much quicker. The list is extensive and goes much deeper, so be sure to click both images that we have attached to get the full list.

No word on a release, but when support documents are made available, we usually see something within 1-2 weeks. The update is 54.5MB and will leave your phone at Blur build 5.5.893.

*Note – Received word that this update could start rolling out as early as tomorrow. As you all know, that doesn’t mean everyone will get it tomorrow, but it should hit a small test group.

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DROID 4 Scheduled to Launch December 8, Same Day as the Galaxy Nexus?

Could the DROID 4 find its way into stores on December 8 alongside the Galaxy Nexus? According to the latest info from our friends at Verizon, that’s exactly what the plan is. Well, the Nexus is still up in the air to our knowledge, so let’s just talk about the D4 for a second.

We gave you the first photos of the newest DROID slider almost a month ago now, followed by a mention in Big Red’s device management system. The idea that it could be released before X-mas was talked about, but we’re not sure that we truly believed it could happen that fast. After all, the RAZR hasn’t even been around long enough to accumulate dust. Motorola, puttin’ in work.   (more…)

Ice Cream Sandwich Source Available Now, Same Android 4.0.1 Build as the Galaxy Nexus

Soooo, the Android team is uploading Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) source right now. It should be done shortly and from there, it’s all up for grabs. This would be the same version as you will see shipping on the Galaxy Nexus, which is Android 4.0.1.

However since this is a large push, please be aware that it will take some time to complete. If you sync before it’s done, you’ll get an incomplete copy that you won’t be able to use, so please wait for us to give the all-clear before you sync. This is actually the source code for version 4.0.1 of Android, which is the specific version that will ship on the Galaxy Nexus, the first Android 4.0 device. In the source tree, you will find a device build target named “full_maguro” that you can use to build a system image for Galaxy Nexus. Build configurations for other devices will come later.

Bets on who makes the first full ICS ROM?

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Cases Arrive at Verizon Stores

Verizon, for whatever reason, won’t give us an official date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We have heard November 10, 17, post-Black Friday, and even November 21 as potential options. It’s tough to call any of those “official” though, especially since they change every couple of days. One thing we do know, is that stores have already received their first batch of G-Nex cases ahead of launch. I would highly doubt that we will see the phone tomorrow (10th) with the DROID RAZR coming out on Friday, but if they do announce it as a “web only” exclusive at some point, they could really release it whenever they’d like.

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Verizon Roadmap: Galaxy Nexus Appears Headed for Release Just After Black Friday (Updated)

We just received word from multiple sources that Verizon is targeting the week of or just after Black Friday for the launch of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus. In the screenshot you will see below, the initial marketing push from Big Red will be for the DROID RAZR and HTC Rezound leading up to that weekend, with the launch of the G-Nex coming in just days after.

There is a chance that the device could be out for Black Friday, but the chart below shows it as happening just after in “Samsung’s Holiday Porfolio.” Looks like we have a couple of extra weeks to go before we get our hands on Ice Cream Sandwich here in the states.   (more…)

New Verizon MAP Released, Both Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound Appear at $299

The new Verizon MAP (minimum advertised list) is out and it includes two devices you have all been waiting for. First, you’ll see the Samsung Galaxy Nexus dropping in at a minimum price of $299 (contract price of course) followed by the HTC Rezound at that same $299 level. Those are pretty standard for all of Verizon’s big 4G LTE devices at this point, so not really surprising. The thing we’ll be watching for now is the full retail. If they match up to the Bionic, we could see them around $589.

The other thing to note here is the “MAP Period” beginning date of 11/10. That isn’t necessarily a launch date, but would be sort of surprised to see the phone launch before it can be advertised at a minimum price. Previous rumors pegged both devices anywhere from the 20th of October up to the 3rd of November. Might want to consider the idea that we won’t see either until the 10th now. That’s not official by any means, but wouldn’t be surprised.

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Nexus Prime, DROID HD, and HTC Vigor All Start to Appear in Cellebrite Systems

Talk about the type of info we love to see on a late Friday afternoon.  Loaded (as of this week) into Cellebrite systems, we have three devices that have been on the minds of all Android enthusiasts over the last few weeks:  Nexus Prime (Galaxy Nexus?), DROID HD (RAZR?), and the HTC Vigor (Rezound?). While no other details ever accompany Cellebrite listings, we do at least get further confirmation that all of these phones exist along with their model numbers.  The Prime as we all know is SCH-I515 and the DROID HD is XT912.  The Vigor for some reason is listed under its FCC number as PH98100, but should hit stores as the ADR6425.   (more…)