Video: 20+ Galaxy S7 Tips and Tricks

Now that our Galaxy S7 review is ready, it’s time to switch our focus over to helping you get the most out of your new phone, assuming you plan to pick-up a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. We tend to do that after major phone launches by sharing a handful of tips and tricks through a series we started all the way back with the Galaxy S4 and One (M7). Since we already gave you the first 10 things you should do after setting up your S7, in this next video, we’ll continue that thought and move into adjusting even more settings.

During this 20+ Galaxy S7 tips and tricks video, we’ll mention the Quick Launch camera shortcut again, along with Always-on Display, but we’ll also talk about moving apps to SD, adjusting default apps, learning about the phone’s “Advanced Features,” when battery saver modes might come in handy, and how to reset specific areas of your phone without doing a full factory reset.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

In 2015, Samsung finally took design seriously. By doing so, they created a line-up of Galaxy S and Note phones that featured metal frames and glass panels with jewel-like appearances, on top of next-level specs. The S6 series, along with the Note 5, were nothing short of amazing. They were all, without a doubt, phones that few could match up to not only in 2015, but maybe even beyond. It was the first time we were able to look at a phone (or phones) and realistically say, this phone might be better than phones released a year from now. OnePlus claimed they were making the 2016 flagship killer, but in reality, it was Samsung.

Now that we are in 2016 and Samsung’s first two flagship phones are out – the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge – one has to wonder if Samsung has bested their previous efforts? Or better yet – has Samsung done enough from last year to this year? After spending the past couple of weeks with the Galaxy S7, I can safely say that they certainly have in many ways. The Galaxy S7 fixes all of the issues we had with the Galaxy S6, yet still puts forth an even better overall design.

As I mentioned, I have had the regular S7 and am about to tell you all about it. If you were looking for the full Galaxy S7 Edge review, Tim will have that shortly. Edit: Our Galaxy S7 Edge review is now ready. You can read it here.

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Video: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. LG G5

Over the weekend, we received an LG G5 and took it for a quick 2nd look, non-unboxing overview, after spending a solid 24 hours with it. Today, we’re taking a look at how it compares to the Galaxy S7, since these really are the two flagship devices of substance for the first half of 2016. Deciding between the two isn’t going to be easy, even if many of you can’t stand that G5 camera hump.

In this video, which is somewhat lengthy, we dive into the design of each, how their specs match-up, the big differences in features (water resistance, removable battery, etc.), a look at their very similar software, and some overall opinions on fingerprint sensor location, in-hand feel, and more.

We’ll have more coverage soon, including reviews of each. For now, let’s get to comparing.  (more…)

Video: LG G5 is in House, Let’s Take a Deeper Look

The LG G5 won’t launch in the US until early April, but we now have one in house to get more familiar with. While that doesn’t mean full testing or an incredibly early review (because this is a really early unit and that wouldn’t be fair to LG or the phone), that does mean we can show you all of the G5’s features in greater detail, take software and hardware tours, and get all up in the comparison game with the Galaxy S7.

In the video below, you won’t find an LG G5 unboxing, since we don’t even have retail packaging, but you will find all of what I mentioned above – a better hardware and software tour than we gave you a few weeks ago at the launch event, along with impressions after using the phone for a full day.  (more…)

Android N: A Quick Video Tour (Part 1)

So yeah, Android N is now official and available as a first developer preview for all of you to take for a spin if you live life on the wild side. You’ll find the factory images for it here, along with a pretty detailed look at the major changes here. Still not ready to go there? That’s OK too, because we have a 2-part video series on the way to show you what’s new and if you should even consider putting this on your devices.

In this first part, we take a look at the biggest upfront changes, like how the new notifications look and are handled. We also dive into the new quick settings shade, show you the new and improved settings menu, and of course, take Multi Window for an official spin.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Unboxing!

Apologies for the delay on this, but we have finally run through a Galaxy S7 Edge unboxing. I know, we should have done this a week ago. However, the regular S7 just needed some lovin’ for a while and now the S7 Edge will get the same.

As you can tell from that top image, we have the T-1000 model of the Galaxy S7 Edge, which is officially known as Silver Titanium. It is, without a doubt, the sexiest phone I have ever laid eyes upon. Wow, Samsung, this is absolutely stunning. It’s like looking into a mobile phone shaped puddle of beautiful liquid metal. Man.

I don’t need to run through specs, do I? You can find those here. If you want, you can also compare this to our Galaxy S7 unboxing, then see what 10 things we think you should do upon setting up your S7, and then…ahh the hell with it. Just watch this video and get ready for a review. (more…)

Video: Galaxy S7 vs. Nexus 6P vs. Moto X Pure vs. Galaxy Note 5

At the end of 2015, we told you our thoughts on the three best Android phones you could buy. Those three phones, hands down, were the Nexus 6P, Galaxy Note 5, and Moto X Pure Edition. Since we’re only a couple of months into 2016, we were curious how those three match-up to the newest kid on the block, the Galaxy S7. Do they compare favorably in terms of specs? How far have we gone to get to the Galaxy S7? Or have we gone that far at all? What about features and cameras and build quality and design? Has Samsung really improved that much in just a few months since releasing the Note 5?

All good questions, many of which we have some thoughts on in the video below.

During this 15-minute clip (sorry about the length!), we walk through the Galaxy S7 and how it matches up to those three phones. We show you size comparisons, how each fits in the hand, talk specs, and ultimately, if you should upgrade from any to this new Galaxy.  (more…)

Galaxy S7: 9 Things That Drive Me Nuts

In recent years, we have spent a whole heck of a lot of time talking about the reasons we love certain phones and why you should buy them. We do that because we’re positive people for the most part and would rather spend our time focusing on the good stuff that are a part of a phone or watch package rather than the bad. But that doesn’t mean we don’t run into things that drive us nuts and irritate us to no end. So, because I just can’t help myself sometimes and wanted to have a little fun, I thought we’d give the other side a try to kick off the 2016 smartphone season by taking a look at the things the Galaxy S7 does that make me want to punch a wall. These are the things I can’t stand about the phone.

Now, keep in mind that this post is by no means a thorough review or in any way me telling you not to buy it. As of today, I’m really enjoying the Galaxy S7 and will probably give it mostly incredibly positive remarks in our upcoming review. Instead, think of this as me pointing out the pain points involving TouchWiz, design ideas that Samsung continues to stick to, etc., many of which I can live with but that need a good scolding. That make sense?

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