Video: New Moto X (2nd Gen) vs. Old Moto X

Owners of the 1st generation Moto X are probably all asking themselves today, “Should I upgrade to the new Moto X?” That’s a great question, one that we hope to have an answer for within the next week or so as we put together a full review. Until then, all we can do to help you get to a solution is continue to fill up your day with new Moto X coverage.

The phone (our unboxing) isn’t launching on US carriers for a few more weeks (closer to the end of September), so thankfully, you have plenty of time to figure this out.  (more…)

New Moto X (2014) Unboxing and Hands-on

Today, well, is kind of a crazy day if you are a Motorola fan. Not only did we get a brand new Moto X (specs) and official details on the Moto 360, but we also got a new Moto G, news of a sweet Bluetooth ear piece, and a bunch of other accessories. We have separate posts for all of that goodness, which you should definitely dig through, but for now, we are focused on showing you what to expect with the new Moto X.

We have a leather back. We have a full HD display. We have a current-gen, bad boy processor. We have an upgraded 13MP camera. We have a premium metal frame. We still have Moto Maker. Motorola didn’t hold back at all with the new Moto X. This new version of last year’s phone of the year, is as good on paper as any other flagship, only it costs about $100 less.

Ready to see what you are getting?  (more…)

Moto 360 Unboxing and Hands-on Tour

Can you believe it? The Moto 360 is now available for sale (or will be later today) through Motorola’s site, Google Play, and Best Buy for $249.

It feels like we have been waiting forever for this to arrive (we sort of have been), but now that one is officially in house, it’s time to put it to work. We have the all-black version on-hand, so we gave it a quick unboxing and then overview/software tour. We wanted to show you how Android Wear looks and works on a circular device, what you get in the box (spoiler:  a wireless charger!), and some of the special features for the 360, like its heart rate monitoring.

Ready for some 360 action?  (more…)

New Moto G (2014) Unboxing

The original Moto G quickly became Motorola’s best selling smartphone of all time, thanks to a combination of solid specs and unbeatable price. So what do you do for a follow-up to that type of success? You build a similar phone, yet upgrade it in all of the areas that current users requested.

Motorola has done that with the new Moto G by putting a bigger 5-inch display in it, 8MP camera, front facing speakers, and a micro SD slot. The swappable back covers are still available, as is the stock Android experience, so current owners of the device who are looking to upgrade should be excited.

At $179, this is still an incredible deal.

Here is a quick unboxing to show you the new Moto G.  (more…)

Contest: Win a 64GB Sandstone Black OnePlus One From Droid Life! (Winner Picked)

Not only are we giving away $300 in Google Play gift cards this week to the wonderful DL community, but we also have a spare OnePlus One in Sandstone Black to hand out. This is the 64GB model that most are interested in, and the same one that I had a chance to review a month or so ago.

We decided to give one away since OnePlus is ridiculously behind on their availability estimates. In fact, you still can’t buy a OnePlus One without an invite, even though OnePlus had initially expected to make them widely available by the end of June. In case you weren’t keeping track, we are now in September. It’s a mess, to say the least.

Aside from all of the drama that this company can’t seem to avoid, the phone is still one of the best of 2014. As of today, I would put it up there with the LG G3 as the best of the year, ahead of both the HTC One (M8) and Galaxy S5. It’s combination of high-end specs, build quality, and incredibly low price make for one hell of a desirable smartphone.

Who wants it?  (more…)

Contest: $300 in Google Play Gift Cards Up for Grabs, 10 Winners, 24 Hours!

If you follow us on Twitter (you are following us, right?), then you likely saw our teases over the weekend for two upcoming contests. Well, we didn’t exactly tease – we more or less told you exactly what to expect. Today, we are giving away a OnePlus One and a whole bunch of Google Play gift cards in separate contests. As you can tell by the image above and the title, this is the Google Play gift card contest, with a total prize value at $300.

That’s right, because we love you, we are handing out $300 in gift cards to 10 DL readers (two $50 cards, eight $25 cards). We are giving these away, like always, because you have given us the opportunity to. That’s how we do things around here. We just want to thank you for the support as we head into one of the busiest weeks of the year.  (more…)