Starbucks Mobile Order and Pay Available to All on Android

This morning, Starbucks announced that its Mobile Order & Pay feature is now available nationwide on iOS and Android. The feature had previously launched in the northwest back in 2014 as a test, but thanks to massive amounts of line-skipping coffee enjoyment, it’s a bonafide success and is available to everyone. In the words of my hipster brethren here in Portland, we’ve been doing this for years. (more…)

Samsung’s S Health Arrives for Non-Samsung Phones With Android 4.4+

Samsung is much more open to other Android phones, it seems these days. First, they announced that its new Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic watches would be compatible with almost all Android phones, a move we didn’t exactly see coming. And now, they have opened up S Health to all running Android 4.4+. Big things are in motion here, folks.

S Health, for those not familiar, is Samsung’s fitness-related app that will act as your coach to getting healthier. It not only tracks typical exercise, but it connects with 3rd party apps and devices, and offers up specific programs depending on your goals.  (more…)