Poll: Do You Like the Instagram Redesign?

It’s no secret, the Internet’s inhabitants are not too thrilled with Instagram’s new icon. Yeah, it’s sorta bright and obnoxious, but what about the revamped UI? Do people like that? Well, let’s find out.

Earlier this morning, Instagram made official changes to the UI, switching from its long-standing blue-hue look, to a white and black (monochromatic) aesthetic. To me, it’s a nice touch. It allows photos to pop a bit more. Surprisingly, I haven’t seen any change.org petitions going up to have IG reinstate the old UI, so that’s a good sign.

Share your feelings on the icon and new UI down below.

Do you like the redesigned Instagram?

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Google Photos Update Introduces Commenting in Shared Albums

Sharing albums and photos are a big part of what makes Google Photos such a great product. You don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to share single photos or bigger albums like you do in other services. All you really need to do is just tap the share button in the app and then push the auto-copied link it generates to your recipient(s). Honestly, it’s one of the best things Google has done in years.

But Google Photos can still improve and Google is doing so today by adding new features to albums that are shared. In the latest update to Google Photos (v1.20), Google has added in commenting to photos and albums that are shared. That means the people you are sharing photos with can comment on them without ever leaving the app. That’s pretty cool, right?  (more…)

WhatsApp Intros Desktop App, Available for Windows and Mac

Calling all WhatsApp users, a desktop app for the service is now available on Windows and Mac. Standalone from the web client and mobile version of WhatsApp, the desktop app behaves the exact same way as the online version does, with the exception that you don’t need your browser open. In usage, you still have all of your contacts readily available, and don’t worry, all of your conversations are still encrypted(more…)

YouTube Testing Native Sharing, Threads of Videos and Conversations With Friends

Rolling out to a very limited amount of users, YouTube is testing a messaging and sharing feature from directly within the YouTube app on Android. With this feature, called Native Sharing, users can share YouTube videos to other YouTube users, without the need of leaving the app itself. For example, if you have a friend who you share YouTube videos with constantly, you both can start a thread to share videos in, as well as discuss them, all inside of the YouTube app.  (more…)

Sunrise, the Calendar App I Already Miss Dearly, Shuts Down August 31

Yeah, I know, that was the perfect opportunity to toss out some lame sun setting joke, but I spared you. Instead, just know this – Sunrise, the really, really good calendar app that Microsoft bought back in 2015 before deciding to kill it off in an attempt to sucker you into using its Outlook app (which I understand is a solid app, but do not care because its existence means the death of Sunrise), will fully shutdown on August 31 and completely stop working.  (more…)

Google’s Awesome Tap to Translate Available Inside 3rd-Party Applications

Thanks to an update for Google Translate, translating text from within 3rd-party applications just became a total breeze. Instead of copying and pasting the foreign text into the standalone Translate app, simply “Tap to Translate,” directly from within whichever app you are using. For example, if you are texting with someone in WhatsApp and they are speaking German, you can tap the Translate icon inside of the WhatsApp settings to translate the text. You can then even translate your own words and reply to them in German. The GIF image above details this process.  (more…)

Instagram Gets New Icon, Simpler Layout in Latest Update (Updated: It’s Live!)

Instagram’s non-flat, retro camera icon that seems about six years beyond its prime, has been replaced this morning by a new app icon and a refreshed design. That’s right, we have a new Instagram icon!

The new icon is an updated take on the original icon, only in rainbow gradient form. Honestly, it’s pretty bad! But hey, I’m no designer and I think (Maybe. Hopefully. Please do me right.) I’ll be able to live with whatever most icon designs interpret this as through their own creations. (Stock?) Rainbow gradient, folks, rainbow gradient.  (more…)