Google is Shutting Down ‘Together’ for Android Wear

This news probably won’t disappoint anyone, but hey, it might affect a few people out there. Announced by Google via the updated Android Wear app on Google Play, the Together feature is being killed off on September 30.

Together is the feature that allows two Android Wear watch users to interact more closely, via sketches, emojis, and other little interactions. Basically, if you and your loved one both used Android Wear watches, it could help you feel more attached while both of you are busy at work.  (more…)

Action Launcher 3 Beta Lets You Re-Create the Nexus Launcher Style

The Nexus Launcher leak from earlier in the week seems to have captured the attention of all Android purists because well, it involves Nexus. Even as simple as the launcher is, everyone has been doing their best to either give the broken leaked version a spin, flash the fully working version as a system app, or re-create its simple elegance in their own launcher. Today, Action Launcher 3’s beta update makes that last option easier than ever.  (more…)

Google Now on Tap Gets the Feature It Should Have had From Day 1

Sorry for the clickbaity title, but it seemed so perfect for the new “feature,” if you can call it that, that arrived in the Google App Beta today. As you launch Google Now on Tap from your home screen this morning, Google will now show you the Google Now cards you have available. Instead of having to swipe into Google Now or create a Google shortcut to it or some other work-around, a long-press on your phone’s home button will get you right into it. Let’s be honest, this should have been included from day 1.  (more…)

Google Search Makes Finding the Hot Spots in Cities Easier

Imagine you are visiting San Francisco, but only have 24 hours to cram in as much fun stuff as you can. In a city like SF, where there is something to do on every corner, Google wants to ensure that you are only seeing, doing, and eating the best of the best.

Beginning now, when users type a certain type of food into Google Search, the results will be filled with lists of must-try locations. For example, if you type in “hamburgers,” the results will return as normal. However, the top listings will also feature reviews from top critics and best-of lists from reputable publishers. Essentially, Google is attempting to weed out the not-so-favorable locations from listings.  (more…)

YOLO: Dashlane and Google Create API to Help You Easily Login to Your Android Apps

Dashlane, one of the most popular password managers, and Google, announced today that they have created an open API for app developers called Open YOLO (you only login once) that could make logging into apps incredibly easy with the help of a password manager. And we aren’t talking about the current process from password managers; this seems like a new, almost instant, system-built type of option.  (more…)

Alto’s Adventure Comes to Android TV and NVIDIA SHIELD for $4.49

The game everyone seemed to love before Pokemon GO took over the world, Alto’s Adventure, is now available for Android TV devices on Google Play. Geared towards owners of the NVIDIA SHIELD (because of the awesome SHIELD Controller), but compatible with all Android TV devices (Nexus Player, included), this version of the game pairs perfectly with a game controller, even though you will probably only use a single button while playing.  (more…)