Apple Music Now Available on Google Play

Apple Music is now available for Android devices through Google Play. Yup, this is a pretty momentous day for all in Silicon Valley, as Cupertino begins to acknowledge the importance of porting its luxurious iOS experiences to Mountain View.

The Apple Music app is currently listed as a beta, but if you do decide to check it out, you will be able to begin a 3-month trial for free, granting you access to over 30 million song titles. The service features catered recommendations, a way to “connect” with artists (on their own terms, of course), and create custom playlists for whatever mood you are feeling.  (more…)

Google Maps on Android Gets Offline Navigation Today

Back at Google I/O, Google told us to expect full offline navigation in Google Maps before the year was up. Today, they delivered on the promise, at least on Android. Noting that 60% of the world is without Internet, you are more than likely going to be in a situation during your life where access to Google Maps may come in handy, even though you don’t have any sort of data connection.

With Google Maps offline navigation, you can download a map ahead of time, so that when you need it, you’ll have use of turn-by-turn navigation and the option to search for places, where you can then see information about them, including hours of operation and their rating. It’s basically a Google Maps experience, only without the need to be connected to WiFi or a cell tower.  (more…)

3 Android Games Worth Owning: Lara Croft GO, Shooty Skies, and Trivia Crack Kingdoms

There are a ton of new app and game titles on Google Play, and in case you may have missed a few of the good ones, we present you with 3 Android Games Worth Owning. On Google Play, it is sometimes hard to cut through the clutter, read through reviews, and test games yourself, so allow us to do the hard work for you.

In this post, we highlight three of my latest favorite games available on Google Play – Lara Croft GO, Shooty Skies, and Trivia Crack Kingdoms. Each are in entirely different genres, so there should be something for everyone in this list.

Check out our new list of 3 Android games worth owning.  (more…)

Google Maps and Search Updated With Business Holiday Hours

It’s that time of year again, when every business thinks it is cool to just close up shop early because it’s the holiday season. It can be a total pain to go to your usual spot, just to find they are shut down. Thanks to an addition inside of Google Maps and Google Search, holiday hours for virtually every business you can imagine are now available for viewing.  (more…)

Samsung has Considered Letting Non-Samsung Phones Use Samsung Pay

During a lengthy conversation with ZDnet, the executive VP and head of enterprise business at Samsung’s mobile business (holy sh*t title), Injong Rhee, laid out all sorts of little nuggets of information on the company’s new mobile payment system, Samsung Pay. Rhee talked about their plans for expansion in the US, early successes of the platform in Korea, how they want to be more than just the other mobile payment system, new devices to feature Samsung Pay, and if they would ever let other manufacturers use the technology.  (more…)

Chrome Dev Gets Colored Toolbars Without Merging Tabs!

Through Chrome 39 and Lollipop, Google introduced a little customization option for websites like ours who want to give visitors a semi-custom experience when they stop by. The new option allowed for us to offer a colored toolbar to Lollipop deivces, which we proudly turned on as Droid Life pink. The pink color has been viewable on the site since last November, but many of you probably never noticed it.  (more…)

Google Drive Updated With Rich Notifications, Easier Access When File Sharing

An update for Google Drive is rolling out, bringing three features for those who use the service routinely on mobile devices. Once updated, users will have easier access to granting and gaining access to restricted files, the ability to preview files without a Google account on an Android device, and rich notifications when files are shared with you. (more…)