Microsoft Pushes Update to Outlook, Improves People and Calendar Features

Microsoft is shipping out an update to Outlook this morning, its service which handles email, calendar events, and contacts. In the update, the People feature has been given improvements, including a sync feature for address books located on your smartphone. On top of that, details have been improved for contacts, allowing for more info to be displayed.  (more…)

Facebook Introduces Payments in Messenger, Available in “Coming Months”

Facebook introduced a new feature for Messenger users this morning – the ability for you to pay friends directly through the messaging service. Say your friend needs you to pay him/her back for the lunch they bought you yesterday. Once the service is available, you can link up a Visa or MasterCard to your account and quickly pay them back.  (more…)

Google is Now Reviewing Apps Before They are Published on Google Play

Google Play may no longer be the wild west of app stores. In fact, it hasn’t been for quite some time, we just didn’t know it.

This morning, Google announced that several months ago, they began reviewing apps through a “team of experts” who are responsible for identifying violations of their developer policies “earlier in the app lifecycle.” So far, the change hasn’t seemed to impact the time-to-market for developers’ apps, something I’m sure all developers will now be somewhat concerned about. After all, Apple’s app store review process is widely known as being painfully slow, often taking days or weeks to get apps processed and available for download.  (more…)

You Can Finally “Send a Hangouts Message” With Your Voice in Google Now

That title isn’t clickbait. I’m not even kidding with this one. You can say “send a Hangouts message” in Google Now, with your voice, and it will actually send a message in Hangouts with your voice. I don’t know when this went live, but it’s live. It will ask who you want to send it to, then what your message is, before confirming that you want to send. We aren’t talking SMS here – this is legitimate Hangouts messaging with your voice.

You still think I’m joking, I know. I get why you would think that I’m joking. Seriously, though, go try it.

You can finally send a Hangouts message with your voice in Google Now.  (more…)

Motorola Gallery Receives Update With Material Enhancements, Highlight Reel on More Devices

Motorola pushed an update to its Gallery app this afternoon that includes a number of Material Design enhancements, along with a new icon. The update also improves the camera roll view sorting, introduces a “simplified design of Highlight Reel,” adds quicker access for cropping a photo, and should be more stable, on all supported devices.

The update should be live on Google Play.  (more…)