Samsung Reveals Flow, an Apple Continuity-like Cloud Service

I have to admit, Apple’s Continuity – the feature on iOS and OSX which forwards notifications, texts, and calls to all of your devices – is pretty nifty. Android has some of the same capabilities, but beyond Android tablets and smartphones, integration extends only to Chromebooks for now. Samsung, apparently fed up with Android’s limitations, is building its own cloud-based service called Flow. (more…)

Google Rolls Out Update to Search App, Brings Material Design Look and New Features

An updated version of the Search app is rolling out today for Android devices, the same version featured on the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, complete with an updated look and brand new features. What features, you may ask? Well, starting today, users will see an updated layout when asking where the best Korean BBQ places in town are, and the same layout will be applied when asking for locations to other businesses.  (more…)

Google’s New Messenger App Lands on Google Play

Google has a fancy new Messenger app available through Google Play today, switching out your antiquated text messaging hub, replacing it with something a bit more favorable.

As for features, Google allows for “faster sharing” through the new Messenger app, bringing a quick attachment button right inside the text field. In addition, users can block spammers or crazy exes by blacklisting SMS senders, meaning no more interruptions.

Here is the full feature list.  (more…)