Samsung Pay Trial Kicks Off in Korea in Preparation for Full Rollout

Samsung Pay, arguably one of the most noteworthy features of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge because of its ability to make payments at both NFC and traditional credit card terminals, is getting ready for prime time. Samsung kicked off a trial for select customers in Korea yesterday in preparation for the payment service’s full rollout to countries like the US.  (more…)

Google Clock Update Brings Darker Blues, Brighter Reds

The Google Clock, which just recently decoupled itself from stock Android to nestle-in to the Play store, received an update this week that introduced “more neutral colors.” I’d call them dark blue and bright as hell red, but neutral works too, I guess. Below, you can see the differences between the new and old colors.

Along with the new color scheme, Google fixed a “duplicate provider installation” issue and another that involved the timer button.

The update drops in as v4.0.2. The update should be live now for all to download.  (more…)

Twitter to Rethink 3rd-Party Developer Strategy, May Soon Welcome Them Back With Open Arms

If you are an Android user who also scrolls through Twitter from time to time, it is possible you do so on one of many 3rd-party applications built for the service. Back in early to mid-2013, Twitter began a war on 3rd-party developers, limiting the amount of information an app could gain from the network, and even going so far as to limit the amount of users an app could have thanks to “login tokens.”

Falcon Pro, one of the more popular clients, was severely hindered by this move. Now, with Twitter in search of a new CEO, it appears the company has come out and said this move was a “strategic error,” and may soon welcome developers back to the platform.  (more…)

New Inbox Widgets Let You Quickly Set Reminders or Compose Emails

According to Inbox by Gmail G+ page, a recent update to the Inbox on Android app introduced two new widgets – one for setting reminders and another for composing emails.

The widgets are indeed on my phone after a recent update (at least I think that’s when they showed up) and I could see them coming in handy. For one, both the reminder and compose widgets can be dragged into a folder or in the app dock, just like an app icon. With that functionality, you don’t have to just set them on your home screen. They are still added as if they were widgets, but again, they really just function like an app shortcut.  (more…)

Google Makes Editing and Reviewing Easier in Docs, Sheets, and Slides on Android

During yesterday’s #updatewednesday, where we didn’t see the update to Hangouts 4.0, we did get updates to Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets that should improve the experience for those who spend days in documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Google made it easier for users to edit titles or rename files directly from the overflow menu, added the ability to change slide layouts to predefined layouts on mobile, and gave people the commenting power when in “Office Compatibility Mode” in the Docs app.  (more…)