How Many Android Applications Does Google Check Every Day for Malware?

6 billion.

That’s according to Google’s latest “Android Security 2015 Annual Report.” The report arrives for the second year in a row as a way for Google to explain to you just how secure Android really is, especially as more and more scheming anti-virus and security outlets, along with Apple bloggers, tell you otherwise. The report is also done so that Google can tell you exactly how it takes on malware and other security issues, including using machine learning to “detect potentially harmful behavior.”  (more…)

Chrooma Keyboard Now Free of Google Play, Updated With Loads of New Features

Chrooma Keyboard, our absolute favorite 3rd-party keyboard app on Google Play, is now free for all people of the world. First launched with a price of $1.49, the developers have switched to a free model, providing a wider audience a chance to try out the keyboard’s unique features.

For those who already purchased the app, don’t freak out, the developers have built in a way for your to restore your purchase and log into the app, meaning you aren’t losing out on any features or updates. To do this, update the app, go through the entirety of the setup process to make sure you are logged in properly, then slide out the hamburger menu and hit “Restore Purchases.” All features will then be made available to you. If you happened to purchase this app in the past 24 hours for its full price, your upgrade will be carried over automatically, so don’t start thinking you somehow got ripped off.  (more…)

YouTube Launches Spatial Audio for On-Demand Videos, 360-Degree Live Streaming

Announced this week, YouTube is bringing support for 360-degree live streams, as well as spatial audio for on-demand videos. With support for 360-degree live streams, viewers will be able to wear their VR headsets and watch events in real-time, whether it be flagship unveilings, concerts, or the theater. To celebrate this, YouTube has been streaming videos from Coachella, viewable on YouTube with a Cardboard viewer or any other VR headset you have.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: ISS Detector Pro, Machinarium, EPOCH 2, and More

Yes, it’s Friday already, meaning it’s time to go over the latest apps and game sales available on Google Play. Currently on sale, folks can grab a few classics, such as Machinarium for only $2.49, EPOCH and EPOCH 2 for $0.99 each, or go a bit bigger with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for $14.99.

There are other deals taking place that aren’t on Google Play, available through NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW game streaming service. For example, you can grab Mad Max for 66% off, The Wold Among Us for 50% off, and Super Mega Baseball for 50% off. Lots of good deals. You can find all of them here.

Check out the full list of apps on sale through Google Play below.  (more…)

Instagram Doubles Down on Videos in the Explore Tab

Instagram is introducing a revamped Explore section this week, one which highlights more videos instead of plain ol’ photography. When you go to the Explore section, you will find personalized channel called “Videos You Might Like,” which collects videos from across the Instagram community. From here, you can better tune the Explore tab to show videos on topics you are more interested in. The more time that goes by, the more algorithmically curated your experience will become.  (more…)

Yo, Sneakerheads, StockX App Now Available on Google Play

For all you sneakerheads, the official StockX app is now available on Google Play, bringing an end to the short-lived iOS exclusivity period. If you love buying sneakers, collecting sneakers, or just admire the sneaker culture, then you should already be aware of what StockX is. If you are not, allow me to give a brief backstory.

Before StockX was launched, many of those who bought and sold sneakers would head to Campless, a website that provided analytical data to help determine the actual market value of any sneaker. This real-time data was collected by researching and pulling in sales data from eBay. Campless has since evolved into StockX, which is essentially a stock market for shoes and shoes alone. With it, sneakerheads can track the value of their entire collection, watch the up and down trends of select brands, a particular set of kicks, and much more.  (more…)