Pocket Casts Updated With ‘Nearby’ Tab for Easy Podcast Discovery

The Pocket Casts application for Android, or Pocket Cats as I like to call it, received a major update on Google Play this week, introducing a “Nearby” tab for a more personal podcast discovery experience. Now, when you and fellow users are close to one another, and both users have this feature enabled, you can share your favorite podcasts, all without saying a word. But talking to strangers is sometimes good, so don’t rule that out completely.  (more…)

Humble PC and Android Bundle Nets You Seven Playable Mobile and Desktop Games

The latest Humble Bundle available is a mixture of PC and Android games, titled the Humble PC and Android Bundle. Inside, users who pay more than the average price — currently set at just $2.70 — receive seven playable titles on both desktops and Android devices. After about a week, more games will become playable as they are announced.  (more…)

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Google Intros Dedicated Hangouts Webpage for Calls and Messages

Google now has a dedicated web URL for Hangouts users, with the service now residing at https://hangouts.google.com/. Here, you can access all of your chat information, start up new messages, find contacts, and place calls through the service.

It’s basically a glorified extension, something that already exists inside of Gmail and for Chrome Browser users, but hey, more choices!  (more…)

Weather Network Launches Live App for Android TV

The Weather Network launched an official application for the Android TV platform today, bringing live weather and even traffic updates directly to your HDTV. The app displays a forecast when not in use, giving you accurate information at a glance. When the app is opened, you can view detailed weather information as close as 0.6 miles of where you are using a US zip code.  (more…)

DL Favorites: Gallery Apps

DLF, or Droid Life’s Favorites, is a series of articles reviewing our favorite apps in a given category. The goal of these articles isn’t to extensively review every single option out there and determine which is “the best,” but rather to give you a few of our favorite apps in a category. This week we look at Droid Life’s favorite gallery apps.

Even though we call the tiny computers in our pockets “phones,” I like to think of them as communications devices. I use my “phone” almost exclusively as a means of communication. Sometimes I use my voice, sometimes text, sometimes I’m receiving messages from others, and a lot of the time I’m taking, viewing, and sending pictures. Below are my favorite apps to view and organize my pictures and videos. (more…)