Deal Reminder: Neutron S at $25, Lets You Mount Your Phone or Tablet to Any Surface

Just a quick reminder that the Neutron S, a tablet and phone mount for almost any surface, is still available in the DL Deals shop for just $25.

With the Neutron S, you get a product that is machined from solid aerospace aluminum and contains a shielded permanent neodymium magnet “which never loses its hold.” From tablets to phones to your keys, you can really mount almost anything, as long as it is under 1lb. You could use it in your car to host your phone for navigation or on a wall to let you go hands-free in the kitchen.

The Neutron S “uses magnetic architecture to generate herculean grip while taking up minimal space,” but also has NFC built-in so that you can configure it to accomplish tasks as you mount a device (think turning on Bluetooth as you mount it in your car to connect to your stereo). The Neutron S attaches to objects using 3M VHB tape that is included with purchase.

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ZRRO is a Android-Powered Gaming Console With a Hover Touch Pad Controller

Only because the world needed another Kickstarter-funded Android gaming console that will more than likely ship months late and under-deliver, we thought we should introduce you to ZRRO. ZRRO opened on Kickstarter today, seeking $200,000 from you and I, so that it can deliver an Android gaming system that plays the way mobile games were meant to be played, with a touch pad. Apparently, consoles that tried to convert mobile touch-friendly games into console-like experiences that utilize a typical gamepad, had it all wrong. ZRRO thinks you should use their hover touch pad, to play like you would on your phone (using your fingers and thumbs), but through your TV…if that makes sense.  (more…)

Deals: Motorola Offers $125 Off Bluetooth Headphones, BOGO Power Packs Through February 24

Motorola’s Valentine’s $100-off deal may be done, but the company replaced it this morning with a substantial discount on its $200 SOL Republic TRACKS AIR headphones and a buy-one-get-one free deal for its P4000 power pack. Today through February 24, a pair of TRACKS AIR headphones can be had for just $75 ($125 discount). Plus, if you spend $79 on a P4000 power pack, Motorola will hand you another for free(more…)

Deal: This 50% Off PNY Power Packs and Flash Storage Sale is Kind of Insane

We feature a lot of deals here at Droid Life, but I don’t know that many match up to today’s through Amazon. The deal, which is kind of insane, is on PNY power/battery packs and flash storage, with prices being slashed by up to 50%.

It’s insane because you grab a 3,000mAh, super pocketable, power pack for as little as $12.99. Seriously, some 6-packs of beer cost that much these days. If you need more juice, you can go 5,000mAh power pack for just $17.99, or 8,000mAh (with 1A and 2.1A outputs) power pack for $26.99.

Don’t need a power pack, but do need external storage? How about a 16GB UHS-1, Class 10 micro SD card for $8.75 or a 32GB card for $14.49? Need something else? The eal also includes flash drives for under $20, full size SD cards as low as $14.49, and a 240GB solid state drive for $99.

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HTC Deals: $150 Off One (M8), $50 Off RE, and 50% Off Accessories

Who knew that the Valentine’s Day weekend was such a big one for deals on tech? Not only has Motorola extended their newest $100 off promo, but HTC is getting in on the fun as well. For this weekend only, you can buy an HTC One (M8) directly from HTC for $499, which is $150 off. If you don’t want their year-old phone that is about to be replaced, you can also pickup their RE Camera for $50, which brings the price down to $149. And if submarine parts aren’t your thing either, then maybe their 50%-off accessory deal will grab your attention.

To see all of the discounted products from HTC, hit up the link below.  (more…)

Deal: Grab the MOOV Fitness Coach for Just $69

Any chance you remember MOOV? This would be the fitness tracker, created by an Apple engineer and two sensor research guys from Microsoft, that is filled with sensors not uncommon to other wearables, but one that tries to do much more. Using 3D motion sensing and a voice assistant, MOOV will track something like your cadence when running and then tell you how to adjust so that you can run longer, or check impact, to help you run softer and avoid injury. It also tracks motion in swimming, has cardio boxing and 7-minute workout programs, and will soon help improve your cycling. This is definitely a different type of fitness tracker, but it also might be the future of fitness tracking.

We have it currently in the DL Deals shop for just $69. It currently retails for around $86 at Amazon, so you are saving almost $20 by buying it through this deal.

As of today, the MOOV running and 7-minute workout apps are available on Android, but the swimming and cardio punch apps are only available on iOS.

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Deal Reminder: PowerCube is Just $18 for Only Two More Days

Just a quick reminder, but the PowerCube deal through the DL Deals shop is only available for two more days at its low $17.95 price.

As a recap, the PowerCube turns a single wall outlet into a 4-outlet hub that also includes two USB ports. I’m imagining this as my best buddy when traveling and staying in hotel rooms that have limited outlets available for usage. With a single open outlet, the PowerCube could give you the ability to charge up to six devices at a time. Talk about a handy little travel accessory.

The PowerCube is ETL and cETL certified, and has a resettable fuse feature that ignites if you exceed 15amps, protecting your electronics.

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