DEAL: Aukey Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger for $14, Wall Charger for $15

Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 was announced last year, but the company said that it wouldn’t arrive until 2016 as a part of its Snapdragon 820 package. Now that we are in 2016 and devices like the LG G5 have Snapdragon 820 processors with QC 3.0, it’s time to start upgrading your chargers to those that support the new fast charging technology.

Today, we have two products from Aukey that should take care of quick charging in your car and at home. For $13.99, you can grab Aukey’s Quick Charge 3.0 car charger with coupon code below. That’s a solid $6 discount. For $14.99, you can add QC 3.0 charging to any wall with Aukey’s QC 3.0 wall charger. That’s a $5 discount.

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To recap Quick Charge 3.0, be sure to check out this post(more…)

SanDisk Intros 3x Faster UHS-II MicroSD Cards, USB Type-C Flash Drive

This morning, SanDisk, maker of all things flash storage, announced a couple of new products that should outfit your next flagship smartphone quite nicely. For one, they are introducing a new Extreme Pro microSD card with 128GB and 64GB options that can produce transfer speeds at up to 3X current cards. On the other hand, they are also introducing a USB Type-C ready flash drive at 128GB.  (more…)

Update to Verizon’s Hum Car Adapter Should Help Teens Love Their Parents Even More

Verizon has this car adapter called Hum, for those not familiar, that is a lot like Automatic, in that it can turn “almost any car into something smarter.” Hum can tell you about the health of your vehicle, give you maintenance reminders, access to a mechanics hotline, help with roadside/emergency assistance, and make it easier to find parked or stolen cars. It costs $15 per month, includes an adapter (obd reader), separate speaker, and an app.

We’re writing about it today because Verizon is pushing a big update to the unit that makes Hum the worst thing to ever happen to a teenager, but one that will surely help parents keep track of the family.  (more…)

DEAL: SanDisk 200GB MicroSD Card Drops to $90

Yesterday, we reminded you that it might be time to stock up on microSD cards, since we are less than a week away from hearing about this year’s flagships, all of which are expected to support expandable storage. If you held out from yesterday’s deal, you have another chance today at even more storage. The SanDisk 200GB microSD card has dropped to $89.95 for the day, which as far as we can tell, is the lowest price yet.

The 200GB card from SanDisk arrived at last year’s MWC with a retail price of around $240. In less than a year, we have seen the price drop regularly to around the $100 mark. But again, $90 is the lowest to date and shouldn’t be slept on if you need this much expandable storage.

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DEAL: PNY 128GB SD Card Just $29.99 Today

At the beginning of next week, you will have at least three new flagship phones to consider buying, all of which are expected to have microSD card support. We’re talking about LG’s G5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, of course, so now may be the time to get into a high capacity card if the price is right.

Thanks to a deal running today for PNY storage on Amazon, the time may indeed be right. For just $29.99, you can grab a “High Performance” 128GB microSD card (60Mb/s). If you want more speed, PNY “Turbo Performance” cards are also discounted (90Mb/s) heavily. The 32GB card is just $9.99 and the 64GB card is $18.98.

Amazon Links:  128GB High Performance | 64GB/32GB Turbo Performance  (more…)

Question of the Day: What Kinds of Accessories do You Buy for Your Phones?

When you buy a new smartphone, not only do you get to enjoy a brand new phone with new features and a new camera and a new gorgeous display, you also get to think about the kinds of accessories you might want to pick up alongside it. That could mean cases, skins, stands, screen protectors, wireless chargers (if supported), fast chargers, SD cards, cables, battery packs, headphones, etc. While the accessory market has evolved over the years from exclusive, device-specific products to products that mostly work universally from one phone to the next (unless you are a Google Nexus phone), I think we still tend to want to outfit our new phone with something extra.

In today’s question of the day, we want to know what kinds of accessories you buy for your phones? What are the best Android accessories that you seem to pick up with each new pick-up? We know that a number of you buy cases, but are you also picking up fresh SD cards or battery packs or quick chargers? If so, which brands are you going with?