Chromecast is Now Open to Developers, SDK Released

If you haven’t already, it’s time to pony up the $35 for a Chromecast. Today, Google released the Chromecast SDK to developers, giving them the power to build a cast button into their apps. Up until now, only select partners have been able to build in Chromecast support, but this now means almost any app (Android, iOS, and web) on your devices could enable a cast button and bring mirroring or casting abilities from phone/tablet/computer to big screen.  (more…)

A Tour Through the Toast Cover Factory in Portland, OR

These days, the “Made in the USA” label seems harder and harder to come by, especially in the consumer electronic accessories industry. The fact is, it is much cheaper to outsource production of phone cases to countries outside of America, given that the cost of materials is lower and so are employee wages. One local company that has taken this issue to heart is Toast, a cover manufacturer that builds and ships out their wood skins from wet and gloomy Portland, Oregon.  (more…)

Pebble Steel Begins Shipping Today

Pebble’s new Steel smartwatch is beginning to ship as of today, according to their site. Announced during CES as the follow-up to their immensely popular original Pebble – a darling of Kickstarter – the Steel is the classier, more stylish version that includes a metal band, Gorilla Glass, and a price tag of $249.

With Steel, you are looking at two color options:  Black Matte or Brushed Stainless. Each unit comes with both a metal and leather strap, so you can class it up depending on your taste. Other than the look, though, the Steel runs exactly like the original Pebble in terms of software and functionality. It’s still an extension of your smartphone, in that it can handle notifications and simple functionality through its e-paper display.  (more…)

Grab a Zagg Natural Wood Case for the Galaxy S4, Only $19.99

Who needs a fancy Moto X with a wood finish when you can easily grab a nice wood case for any number of devices, specifically the Galaxy S4. Zagg, a major player in the device accessory game, is selling natural backs for the Galaxy S4, priced at an incredible $19.99, down from their usual price of $49.99. There are five different options to choose from, ranging in colors and different woods from around world.  (more…)

Moto X Griffin Car Dock Apparently Back in Stock After Months of Depleted Inventory

Does anyone remember the Griffin Car Dock for the Moto X that we took a look at way back in September? According to a couple of our readers, that dock is finally back in stock after having been out of stock essentially since then. So if you have been waiting patiently for its glorious return, now is your time. Both Motorola and Griffin stores have it available for $39.95 as of this morning.

When we opened one up, docked a Moto X, and gave you our thoughts, we said that it certainly felt like it could be a lovely little dock. The materials were high quality, the adjustable swivel head was a nice addition, and the grip on your device while docked felt as if it could hold up. It was a little awkward to get the device in and out of the dock at times, but that’s something you could probably work around or get used to.

For those of you who picked up the dock months ago, how has it held up?  (more…)

Galaxy S4 S-View Flip Cover With Wireless Charging Now Available for $55

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is joining in the S-View Flip Cover with wireless charging party this week, only a month or so after the Galaxy Note 3 received the Qi-compatible accessory. This is your standard S-View Flip Cover, but Samsung went ahead and turned the attached backplate into a wireless charging plate that up until now, as eluded the S-View race. In other words, this product is no different than the S-View Flip Cover you might already own, other than the fact that when attached and set atop a wireless charger, it will wirelessly charge your device.  (more…)