Official Galaxy Note 3 Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover Now Available for $69.99

Being able to wirelessly charge a smartphone is something you really can’t appreciate until you have gone through a couple of phones that are capable of accomplishing the task. Sure, you still need a wire and a charging pad, but the convenience of not having to plug in your phone at any time is an item I’m starting to categorize as one that I can’t live without. Especially with the introduction of new cables like USB 3.0 and Google turning ports upside down on the regular, plugging in cables has become a nuisance.

If you own a Galaxy Note 3, your wireless charging situation became slightly more robust this week with the introduction of the wireless charging S-View Flip Cover. As the name suggests, you are looking at a combo cover that merges a Note 3 wireless charging rear cover with an S-View Flip Cover. So you get all of the window-esque benefits that the Flip Cover provides, with the option to drop your phone on a wireless charging pad and have it do work(more…)

Samsung Announces the Smartphone Gamepad, a Bluetooth Gaming Controller That is Coming Soon

Most of you probably won’t remember it (I barely do), but during our coverage of the Samsung Galaxy S4 back in March, we managed to get a hold of a Bluetooth gaming controller that Samsung was also hyping at the time. In fact, we took it for a spin in a quick hands-on video during the big GS4 press event. Yet here we are in December, about to leave the year 2013 behind, and Samsung is just now announcing availability. The controller has changed quite a bit though, and is now known as the Smartphone Gamepad(more…)

Android Accessory Roundup: Wren PlayFi Speakers, Nyko Playpad Pro Controller, Sceptre Android Sound Bar, and More

Here at DL, we get hit up all of the time by readers, asking which accessories we would recommend for their phones and tablets. To help, we created the Android Accessory Roundup to lay out a few of the products we enjoy using in our own homes. They are headphones, Bluetooth accessories, game controllers, and pretty much anything that we use here around the office.

With each accessory, we will detail the pros, cons, price, and why we like them. If you see something you like, we provided product links to their respective company pages so you can check them out yourself. Simple enough, right?

Let’s get to it.  (more…)

Folio Case for Nexus 7 (2013) Now Available, Black or Bright Red for $49.99

A new folio case just hit Google Play for the Nexus 7 (2013). It comes in either Bright Red or Black, and both will run you $49.99. With the case, you can keep your tablet safe by covering up its glass with the cover, which features magnets for “smart” screen on and screen off action. Plus, you can also use it as a stand while watching a movie or TV show or lower it for typing.  (more…)

Motorola Announces Buds, Their First Bluetooth Headphones Collar Made for Dogs

Late last night, Motorola unveiled their newest mobile-related product, though this time it wasn’t created for you and I. No, with Motorola Buds – a Bluetooth headphone collar – Motorola is taking on a market that few tech companies have ever ventured into before. It’s time for animals to share the same luxuries that we have enjoyed for years, one of  them being HD audio while on the go.  (more…)

Dead Zebra is Releasing “Ornamental” Android X-Mas Ornaments Tomorrow Morning in Limited Quantities

Our friends at Dead Zebra created two new Android collectibles – yes, outside of the Series 04 box they just released – that would look brilliant on your X-mas tree. Pictured above and below (in tree), you’ll see both a red and blue Android mini called “Ornamental” that is colored in matte metallic with silver glitter. In the box, you’ll also find an ornament topper insert and a small metal hook to attach these to tree limbs just like the rest of your ornaments.  (more…)

Deal: Daily Steals has the Incipio Ghost 100 DROID Wireless Charger for 50% Off or $20

Cyber Monday, Black Friday, the Moto X fiasco, and the rest of the holiday weekend may be over, but deals continue to flow in since the holiday shopping season is only now getting under way. For those with a phone that can utilize wireless charging (Nexus 5, DROID MAXX, LG G2 on Verizon, etc.) yet haven’t purchased a wireless charger because most are overpriced, feel free to check out today’s deal through Daily Steals.

They are currently selling the Incipio GHOST 100 wireless charger that was made specifically for the new DROID family of phones at 50% off or $20. Well, it’s “DROID” branded anyway. The good news is that it’s Qi-enabled, so it should work with almost any phone that has wireless charging capabilities. It should work with all of the phones I mentioned above, along with the Galaxy S4 (with a wireless charging back), DROID DNA, DROID Mini, and others.

Daily Steals Link

Cheers Mike!

Cyber Monday Deal: Tylt Vu Wireless Charger and Other Tylt Products are 50% Off With Coupon Code

Tylt, an accessory company largely know for its Tylt Vu wireless charger, is hosting a site-wide 50% off sale for Cyber Monday. The Tylt Vu is more than likely the accessory you’ll want to pick up (especially the new Nexus 5 owners in the building), thanks to its beautiful soft touch finish, variety of vibrant colors, and excellent viewing angle during charges, however, the rest of their accessories are of the highest quality too.  (more…)