HTC Deals: $150 Off One (M8), $50 Off RE, and 50% Off Accessories

Who knew that the Valentine’s Day weekend was such a big one for deals on tech? Not only has Motorola extended their newest $100 off promo, but HTC is getting in on the fun as well. For this weekend only, you can buy an HTC One (M8) directly from HTC for $499, which is $150 off. If you don’t want their year-old phone that is about to be replaced, you can also pickup their RE Camera for $50, which brings the price down to $149. And if submarine parts aren’t your thing either, then maybe their 50%-off accessory deal will grab your attention.

To see all of the discounted products from HTC, hit up the link below.  (more…)

Deal: Grab the MOOV Fitness Coach for Just $69

Any chance you remember MOOV? This would be the fitness tracker, created by an Apple engineer and two sensor research guys from Microsoft, that is filled with sensors not uncommon to other wearables, but one that tries to do much more. Using 3D motion sensing and a voice assistant, MOOV will track something like your cadence when running and then tell you how to adjust so that you can run longer, or check impact, to help you run softer and avoid injury. It also tracks motion in swimming, has cardio boxing and 7-minute workout programs, and will soon help improve your cycling. This is definitely a different type of fitness tracker, but it also might be the future of fitness tracking.

We have it currently in the DL Deals shop for just $69. It currently retails for around $86 at Amazon, so you are saving almost $20 by buying it through this deal.

As of today, the MOOV running and 7-minute workout apps are available on Android, but the swimming and cardio punch apps are only available on iOS.

Deal Link  (more…)

Deal Reminder: PowerCube is Just $18 for Only Two More Days

Just a quick reminder, but the PowerCube deal through the DL Deals shop is only available for two more days at its low $17.95 price.

As a recap, the PowerCube turns a single wall outlet into a 4-outlet hub that also includes two USB ports. I’m imagining this as my best buddy when traveling and staying in hotel rooms that have limited outlets available for usage. With a single open outlet, the PowerCube could give you the ability to charge up to six devices at a time. Talk about a handy little travel accessory.

The PowerCube is ETL and cETL certified, and has a resettable fuse feature that ignites if you exceed 15amps, protecting your electronics.

Deal Link

Series 5 Android Collectibles Available Tomorrow at 11PM From Dead Zebra (Updated)

Update 8:12AM:  Individual blind boxes are now available for $9 a piece or you can quick add 16 to a cart for a full box ($140). Looks like they meant 11AM EST, not 11PM.

Tomorrow, February 5, at 11PM EST (8PM PST), the Series 5 Android collectibles set from Dead Zebra will go on sale through their online shop. We don’t yet know the price of a full box set, but individual blind boxes will run $9 a piece.  (more…)

Motorola’s Newest $140-Off Deal Goes Live, Sign-Up Now for Coupon Codes

Motorola’s latest coupon code bonanza kicked off moments ago, which means you have a chance to save $140 on your next $499+ purchase or $50 on your next $249+ purchase through their online shop.

The deal works like all of their other deals in that you sign-up to receive a coupon code that will give you the discount. Once you receive that coupon code, you have a set amount of time to use it (up to February 14) or pass it along to a friend. Devices like the Moto X (2nd gen) and Moto 360 are a part of the promo. (more…)

Motorola Still Loves the Keylink, Will Bring It Back Once They Have Appropriate Inventory

Yesterday, a concerned number of you noticed that Motorola removed the Keylink, a $25 lost key/smartphone finder key fob-like thingy, from their accessory site. The move was a bit troubling for those who were hoping to acquire one at some point because moments after it was introduced back in November, it sold out and has yet to be re-stocked. Seeing it disappear might have led you to believe that it was gone for good.  (more…)

Deal: Sony Micro SD Cards for as Little as $8 at Amazon Today Only

Need some new flash storage in your life? Maybe a micro SD card to hold your growing movie and music collections? Amazon has you covered today, with a 60% off sale on many of Sony’s flash storage products.

A 16GB micro SD card can be had for $7.99. That’s kind of nuts to think about. If you need more, a 32GB card runs just $11.99; 64GB for $25.99.

And if micro SD is not what you need, maybe a full sized memory card for your camera or a USB drive will do the trick. Yep, those are on sale too.

Amazon Link