App Of The Day: Cyberlords-Arcology

Today we take a look at Cyberlords-Arcology. Cyberlords is an RPG style action game that is based in the year 2173. In a society void of citizen political input, we have Jesse Lord with his kick butt and chew bubble gum attitude. I’m pretty sure you guys can see where this is headed. I’ll admit that the dialogue is kind of cheesy but it delivers the plot and back story with little confusion. Where the game lacks in dialogue, it more than makes up in gameplay, graphics and fun factor. The controls are really accurate and quick to learn. Simple touch and do commands make this a “focused on the action” style game. The developer scored top marks in my book for his delivery of the game. In the Android Market, the full, all inclusive game is free with ads. You get near HD graphics, a good length story, and overall fun game for free without any in game add on purchases. The developer also offers a paid version that removes the ads, which I always recommend if you like the app, as a way to support. I also want to mention that the developer states he has optimized this game to run on the Xperia Play. If you have an Xperia Play, let us know how this looks on it.   (more…)

App Of The Day: Plants vs Zombies (Updated)

Everyone enjoy their Memorial Day weekend? If you’re looking for a little bit of happiness to get you through the work day, Plants vs Zombies was released today on the Amazon App Store and in true Amazon fashion, made it the free paid app today. Normally it costs $2.99. That’s a whole lot of awesome. We knew this game was coming and was very highly anticipated.

The object of the game is to fend off the hoards of zombies that are approaching your front door. In this situation, I would probably prefer a minigun or a tactical nuclear weapon but seed spitting plants come in third on my list. So as the zombies approach, you capture drops of sunshine to help grow plants of all different kinds. You have shooter plants, sunflowers, cherry bombs, and more. Every plant has a sun value in order to grow the plant. When you capture enough sun drops you can place the plant where you think it will best serve. It’s an addicting process.

I’m hearing that on some tabs later levels are experiencing some lag and I’m not sure of the complete device availability as I am also hearing that the OG isn’t capable of running it stock. Let us know what device you have and your opinions on the game.   (more…)

App Of The Day: GhostTown

GhostTown is one of those apps that makes me say,”wow” pretty quickly. Within a few minutes of running this app, I started writing the review since I already knew it was going on the App Of The Day today. I’m one of the people that uses my phone as an mp3 player as well as a phone. I like music apps and have tried a lot of them. GhostTown does something that not many music apps do. For free. GhostTown lets you type in the name of any artist and play any song by that artist. There isn’t “you like this artist so try this artist” going on here. It’s straight forward. You can select any song you want, pause it, skip it, rewind it, repeat it, create playlists, and more. This literally is just like having, in the developer’s words, “an infinite playlist”. There is no limit to how many songs you play or how many times you skip songs. I’ll say it again. Any song. Any artist. No watered down lounge singer cover bands here. There are no monthly fees but a .99 cent in app purchase will remove ads. If you use your phone as a mobile jukebox, check this one out.

Market Link

*Today’s free paid app from Amazon App Store is Hundred Pushups. Normally .99 cents and has a current AAS rating of 4 stars.

*Yesterday we reviewed Text Clock.

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App Of The Day: Text Clock

Monday, after reviewing Simple Text, I promised to bring an app that would add to the minimalistic arsenal, so I bring you Text Clock. As you can see above, Text Clock takes a unique approach to the time telling game. This is not a widget but instead runs as a live wallpaper and displays the time in text format. With the settings menu, you can customize the wallpaper with multiple color combinations and different positions. One of the features that caught my attention right away is how the clock reads minutes until hour along with minutes after hour. In other words, 4:46pm will read “fourteen minutes to five o’clock” or 8:20am is “twenty minutes past eight o’clock”. This may not seem groundbreaking but whenever you see time told this way, it just feels classy. And to top it off, this app uses very little battery. So grab this one up if you are into minimalistic text or if you are looking for that next great time app. There is a Lite version and a .99 cent version.

Free version Market Link | Paid version Market Link

*Todays free paid app from Amazon App Store is Walkabout. Normally .99 cents and has a current 4 star AAS rating.

*Yesterday we reviewed Bubble.

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App of the Day: Bubble (Non-game)

Yesterday we reviewed Simple Text. What did everyone think?

Now, in between keeping up with all of the give away goodies, I think the app Bubble is something everyone should take a look at. How many times have you caught yourself saying, “there was something I wanted to tell you but I forgot what”? Well Bubble is like your pre call assistant. You assign bubbles to any contact with a question or statement. When you call that contact, the bubble(s) pops up on the screen and reminds you of what you had assigned to it. It seems like a simple concept and it is, yet I have found that it’s just plain handy. If I have a thought about something I wanted to ask someone on a future call, I just go in and type up a quick bubble instead of having a note in my pocket or trying to remember what it was. It has a very simple UI and is easy enough to use.

Video and free market link below.   (more…)

App Of The Day: Simple Text

Saturday’s App Of The Day was Timeriffic. Hope everyone had a chance to take a look at it.

Today, I am writing up an app called Simple Text. This app is for users who are looking for a change up from standard icons or for those of us who like minimalistic styles (Kellex). To use the app you do have to have LauncherPro,  ADW, or Go Launcher. (In the pictures above I am using LauncherPro Plus.) The app is about as straightforward as they come. There are two words you can edit. One is on top (see “SIMPLE” in pic) and the other is on bottom (see “TEXT” in pic). Just type in any word you want for top and bottom then customize size, scale, position, color and font. Save the icon and apply it to the launcher icon of your choice.

Here are his exact instruction per market:

How to use with ADW Launcher or ADW Launcher EX:
1. Long-press an app icon
2. Select “Edit”
3. Tap on the app icon
4. Select “ADWTheme IconPacks”
5. Choose Simple Text
6. Create your icon
7. Press Menu, then “Save Icon”

How to use with other Launchers ( LauncherPro, GO Launcher… ):
1] Run Simple Text in your application list
2] Create your icon
3] Press Menu, then “Save Icon”
4] Use your launchers specific change icon option and browse to your images ( stored in /sdcard/Simple Text )

Market Link

*Today’s free paid Amazon App Store app is: Aces Bubble Popper.

App of the Day: Timeriffic (Revisited)

Yesterday we took a look at TweetCaster from AAS. How many jumped on that one?

Thursday, while I compulsively scanned twitter, @droid brought this app to my attention:  Timeriffic. We touched on this app over a year ago, but I think it’s worth repeating to our readers. Since that time the developer has been featured at I/O 2011 and was a top developer in 2010. So let’s give him another go round.

This little doozy of an app is pretty slick. I should mention that this app was created by a high school student looking for a way to maximize the hours in his day and spend as little time in his phone settings as possible. Queue Timeriffic. Who doesn’t want to basically get that little green robot a bit more automated? Heard of profiles, like back in the day when you had settings for “outdoors”, “sports”, etc? Timeriffic is kind of like that concept, but on steroids.

You can set up multiple profiles for multiple events in your life. Work? Sleep? Party? This is your app. You can set up literally every setting on any event within any profile that you want. Or do individual events. And what these events do is the bread and butter. You can assign the event time then direct the phone to do what you want done in that time. Silent? Vibrate? All loud? Media only? WiFi on/off? Any combination you want for the time frame is yours. Just set it up and let it go. Now you can forget about that untimely alert going off in a meeting, missed call because you forgot to turn the ringer up again, or even that battery drain from Wifi search when you forgot to turn it off. All can be done automatically now based on your schedule. And it includes a nice, crisp, and easy to use interface. Oh, and it’s free.

*A note to those of you on any Gingerbread leak – you’ll have to change your fingerprint back to 2.3.340 to find some of these apps. I’m pretty sure this one will read any print, but wanted to give you a heads up as some of the future apps I have in store won’t read the 588-595 prints.

Market Link

*Today’s Amazon App Store free paid app is:  Baseball Superstars.

For all of you gamers out there, this app is normally $4.99. I installed it but haven’t had any time to actually play around with it. It has an AAS rating of 3 stars currently.

App Of The Day: TweetCaster Premium

Before I get into the app of the day, I want to take a second to thank everyone who has been giving feedback about the apps we review. With hundreds of thousands of apps out there, I’m glad that this site can provide a path through some of the apps that stand out to us. So, thank you again and please continue submitting apps and commenting on the apps we do review.

Yesterday we reviewed Live Wallpaper Flip Clock. I saw some interesting comments on that one.

Today’s Amazon App Store free paid app is: TweetCaster Premium

Normally $4.99, this is a pretty big deal. Nice of Amazon to give away hot apps like these. So let’s take a glance at this one.

I know a lot of people use a lot of different clients for Twitter, so TweetCaster Premium being free should put this at the top of the list for anyone using a free client that has been looking for the upgrade to a premium with all the added benefits. TweetCaster does all of your basics and then goes a step further. From customizable notifications to themes to filters – make it your own. The app operates very smooth and as you can see, is one of the better looking UI’s in the game. So if you don’t have a twitter account, maybe now you should get one and take advantage of a stellar client to follow @droid_life with. 🙂


Amazon App Store Link

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!