Instagram Finally Lets You Categorize Saved Posts

When Instagram first introduced “Saved Posts” to their apps in December, they didn’t include any sort of way to organize those saved items. Who knows why, but today that changes. Saved Posts can be categorized in a way you should have been able to from day 1.

Instagram is calling them “Collections” and they work like you would expect. When you save a new post, you’ll be able to decide if you want it in a new collection or one that already exists. You can also create collections from existing posts.  (more…)

Don’t Get Excited About Your Pre-Order Shipping Early Until It’s on a Truck

Friendly PSA time!

I’m not trying to play ultimate downer here or crush your day, but rather reminding everyone to not get overly excited about your carrier processing the pre-order for your recent flagship phone purchase. Why is that, you ask? Because this happens a lot! It probably just means they are prepping your phone for shipping and will more than likely deliver it on time instead of early.  (more…)

Verizon’s Wear24 Android Wear Watch Arrives May 11

Back in February, on the day that LG and Google were hyping up the first Android Wear 2.0 devices, the Watch Sport and Watch Style, we argued that Verizon may have snuck in and actually announced a watched that was better than both. That watch was the Wear24, an Android Wear 2.0 powered device that was supposed to arrive in March. It never did, of course, and we thought it might have died altogether. However, this morning, Verizon has made it re-official and says to expect it on May 11.  (more…)