The King of Bezel: Is This the New Color Pebble?

In 23 hours and change, Pebble is going to announce some sort of new product. At least that’s what their website is telling us with a countdown that started last week. Rumors suggest that it will be the next generation Pebble smartwatch with a bigger, color display and new version of Pebble’s watch operating system. Thanks to an image found on Pebble’s own website servers, we may now know exactly what it looks like. Just look above.  (more…)

Latest DROID Turbo Update Isn’t Lollipop After All, Just a VoLTE Fixer

Back in late January, Motorola issued soak test invites to DROID Turbo owners who were interested in testing out a new software update. At the time, we just assumed that it would be Android 5.0 “Lollipop,” because well, the phone feels long overdue for its update to the newest version of Android. Then weeks went by and our readers still hadn’t received the update. That seemed like good news, because Lollipop is buggy and maybe pointed toward Motorola still polishing things up. And then yesterday, the update started rolling out. To say that folks are a little disappointed, is probably an understatement.  (more…)

If This Really is the HTC One M9, are You Going to be Disappointed?

This morning, German electronics retailer, Cyberport, posted up listings for a phone that they are calling the HTC One M9. Along with those listings, they included 8 high-res, official-looking press images of the device in both gunmetal and silver/gold, a massive list of specs, pricing, features, and just about anything else you could ask for when a device has been made official. Except, of course, the HTC One M9 won’t be official until next weekend. So what’s the deal? Is this really it or not? If so, are you disappointed?  (more…)

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Will be Metal, Borderless, Reflectionless

Samsung, you have my attention. I haven’t been excited about a Galaxy device in a couple of years, but man, the teasers surrounding the Galaxy S6 are getting really good.

This morning, Samsung released a 45-second spot that is most definitely still a teaser, but it talks about the design inspiration that went into the next Galaxy. From metal flowing and reflections being free, to beauty being powerful and borders disappearing, to colors living, this phone sounds like a phone everyone should be excited to see.

Just watch. Then tell me what you think.  (more…)

Don’t Miss These Android Stories: February 20, 2015

We sort of expected this week to be slow, since we are still waiting patiently for new phones from Samsung and HTC to arrive, but our time has been gobbled up by Lollipop updates, new apps, deals, pure hotness, and all sorts of Samsung Galaxy S6-related rumors. Android is pretty fun right now. Of course, it’s only going to get better in about a week and a half.

To catch up on the best Android news of the past week, we have a collection of stores for you below.  (more…)

Deal: $18 in Android Games for $4 in This 8-Game Bundle

Need a handful of Android games to take you into the weekend? We currently have a bundle of eight games in the DL Deals shop that have been discounted to just $3.99. The total value of the bundle is right at $18, so that’s not a bad deal for a set of games that all have pretty solid 4-star and above reviews.

Titles that may sound familiar, like Doom & Destiny, Block Legend, Shiny The Firefly, and Bridge Constructor Playground are all included. You have everything in this bundle, from old school RPGs, to side scrolling platformers, to classic bridge builders.

To read up on each individual title that is included, hit up the link below.

Deal Link