Chris Lacy Sells Link Bubble (and TapPath), Gives It One Last Big Update With Material Design

Link Bubble and TapPath, two creations from Action Launcher developer Chris Lacy, have a new owner as of today. Lacy announced the news via his own blog The Blerg, stating that in order for each to succeed (Link Bubble in particular), they will need a “lot more resources and know-how” than his “indie company” possesses. The new owner was not named, but is some sort of a US-based startup that is “in stealth mode” at the moment. Lacy mentioned that when they announce the news “on their own schedule,” this is something to get excited about, especially if you are a Link Bubble user.

To celebrate the occasion, Link Bubble is receiving its biggest update ever with a material design overhaul, colored toolbars, custom domain redirects, translations for a handful of languages, and a bunch of bug fixes. The update is now live.  (more…)

My Experience Using Project Fi for One Month

I just received my second statement for Project Fi since signing up on July 2. The total? Only $20.21. Thanks to Project Fi’s Unused Data Credit, the unused portion of the $50 I paid at the start of service for 3GB of data is refunded onto my next month’s bill, saving me quite a substantial amount. At signup, I opted for the lowest tier they offer to start, which is 3GB, but found through the Project Fi app that I wasn’t using all that much, so I dropped my monthly allotment to just 2GB. With Project Fi, you pay for what you use, and if you happen to go over, Google won’t pull your teeth out — simply up your allotment and pay for it at the end of the month.

I am fortunate to have a job where I sit next to a WiFi hotspot all day long, so I am not the best example of a person who goes through a ton of data each month. However, with how simple Project Fi is to understand in terms of billing, anyone can master it within 5 minutes. After a month of regular usage on the network, I have a pretty good understanding of what to expect from Google’s Project Fi, so allow me the time to share my story with you.  (more…)

OnePlus 2’s Invite System “Hacked,” OnePlus Says They Were Already Monitoring Suspicious Behavior

Not hacked as in, your life is about to be ruined by identity theft or credit card fraud, but hacked as in a couple of “crafty” users were able to figure out ways to cheat the list and move themselves far up the position rankings using clever scripts. That’s right, the OnePlus 2 invite reservation system has been messed with, openly, which has more than likely affected your position in line on some level.  (more…)

Near Future Consternation [Opinion]

A lot of people seem to be upset that the OnePlus 2 does not have NFC. As we all know, OnePlus likes to talk a big game. They are the ones who “#neversettle,” after all. But how can this flagship killer actually kill flagships without NFC? Why not just include it?

Here’s the thing – Near Field Communication, or NFC as the kids are calling it these days, simply doesn’t matter in 2015. I want you to come with me on a journey back to yesteryear. No, literally, think back to 2014. Everyone thought that once Apple added NFC to the iPhone, NFC would become a big deal. The teens would be bumping their phones to exchange contacts, every single store in America would support mobile payments, and all of the big issues plaguing our country would be solved.

Well, it’s been almost a year since NFC was added to the iPhone exclusively for contactless payments and you can still hardly use it anywhere. Even major businesses like Starbucks are continuing to use barcodes for payment like it’s 2011. And it isn’t just Apple’s problem. While Android phones have been able to pay for things with Google Wallet and myriad of other services, most stores still want a credit card. (more…)

HTC Themes App Showing Lovely ‘Fantastic Four’ Ad to One Owners

We tweeted about this yesterday, but thanks to the latest promotion from HTC’s Theme app, displayed in the notification bar via a push notification, most One device owners should know exactly when Fantastic Four will hit theaters. The promoted theme will deck your phone out in a Fantastic Four wallpaper and icons, but apparently, a few owners are not very appreciative of the thinly-veiled advertisement.  (more…)

Deal: Buy ZeroLemon’s Galaxy S6 3500mAh Slim Battery Case for $29

Regularly priced at $40, you can pick up the ZeroLemon Slim Battery Case, made specifically for the Galaxy S6, for just $29 on the DL Deals Store. These cases allow you to keep your device charged while on the go, plus offer a certain amount of protection if you should drop your phone, thanks to the TPU case.  (more…)

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Android Distribution Updated for August 2015, Lollipop Jumps to 18%

Google took the month of July off, but today, went ahead and updated the Android OS distribution numbers for August.

In the two months since they last updated, Lollipop has seen a sizable jump from 11.6% to over 18%. Other than that, there hasn’t been much movement. KitKat barely moved up to 39.3% (from 39.2%), while Jelly Bean (37.4% to 33.6%), Ice Cream Sandwich (5.1% to 4.1%), and Gingerbread (5.6% to 4.6%) all dropped.  (more…)