OnePlus 2: Software Tour!

We’re continuing on here with this massive barrage of OnePlus 2 posts by taking a look at the phone’s software. As we mentioned in our hardware tour video, the OnePlus 2 runs OnePlus’ new OxygenOS 2.0, which has all sorts of upgrades over the 1.0 version that came on the OnePlus One. We actually joked a bit about v1.0 not really being much of a skin, but this 2.0 has plenty of goodies to help it stand out.

Think of the way Motorola does Android and you will have a pretty good idea of how OnePlus approached Android with this phone and v2.0. The skin comes off as almost pure stock Android, but OnePlus added in gestures, all sorts of controls over the phone’s navigation buttons (like long presses and double taps), icon pack support, a dark theme, a home page called Shelf (with recently used apps and contacts), and more.

Give the video a quick look and then let us know if you like this approach to Android better or Motorola’s.  (more…)

OnePlus 2 vs. OnePlus One: Quick Comparison

This day wouldn’t be complete without a quick comparison of the OnePlus 2 to the original OnePlus One, would it? We have that for you below.

In this short video, we didn’t spend time running through benchmarks or showing you the major software differences (we’ll save that for our review) from one phone to the next. Instead, we really just wanted to show you a side-by-side hardware and design comparison to get the ball rolling.

You can see that these phones still look very similar, but the OnePlus 2 has been given the premium treatment with a metal frame, some added weight, an upgraded camera, and a fingerprint scanner that doubles as a home button. Next to each other, the untrained eye may not be able to tell the difference, but there are indeed plenty of changes for this year’s OnePlus phone.

OnePlus One owners, is this enough of an upgrade?  (more…)

OnePlus 2 Specs (Official)

For those obsessed with the little details about new phones, like the OnePlus 2, we have the full specifications list for you below.

These are the exact details given to us directly from OnePlus, so there shouldn’t be any errors here. You’ll find the dimensions, all supported wireless bands, specifics on the cameras, supported video and audio types, pixel density in the display, weight of the phone, and the goodies you’ll get in the retail box when your phone arrives.

Yep, these are the official OnePlus 2 specs.  (more…)

OnePlus 2 and USB Type-C: We All Need This Now

USB Type-C, get used to hearing us talk a lot about it. This is more than likely going to be the new standard for charging, transferring data, and adding accessories to phones for the foreseeable future. OnePlus and the OnePlus 2 are one of the first to adopt it in a smartphone, and that my friends, is a big deal. I say that because I want this now. Now now.

In my time with the device, I couldn’t help but spend a couple of minutes just plugging the OnePlus 2’s cable into its USB Type-C port, then pulling it out and flipping it over so that I could plug it in again before flipping it over, and plugging it in again. I seriously did it 25 times and had the silliest grin on my face the entire time. REVERSIBLE CABLES, PEOPLE.

Oh, OnePlus also told me that they plan to sell these cables at cost, so you should be able to buy them for around $5.

Check it out. (more…)

OnePlus 2: Hardware Tour!

Now that you have seen the OnePlus 2 unveiling event come to a close and probably read through our announcement post and official specs list, it’s time to see the phone in action. We had a chance to play with the device for a lengthy period of time today and have put together all sorts of videos for you to feast your eyes upon. Our OnePlus 2 coverage is here.

In the video below, we walk through the hardware in hand, talk specs, how it feels with that sturdy metal frame, and preview the next post, which is our software tour.

If you want the short version of the video, I’ll just say this – OnePlus seems to have made a really, really nice phone here at an incredible price. I can’t wait to get more time with it.  (more…)

OnePlus 2 Styleswap Covers: Here are Your 5 Options

With last year’s OnePlus One, OnePlus wanted to make the phone somewhat personal by selling StyleSwap covers that could be hot-swapped onto the back of the phone. Unfortunately, the design of the phone didn’t exactly make that the simplest or safest process, so the idea didn’t fully pan out. With the OnePlus 2, OnePlus is ready to make StyleSwaps right and is giving you five different choices in materials to choose from.

The StyleSwap covers, which will be sold separately ($26.99 a piece), include material choices of Sandstone Black (like last year’s One), Kevlar, Black Apricot, Rosewood, and Bamboo.

You can see a clean shot of each below.  (more…)