This Week in the Life of DROID: 8/1/2014

It’s August, folks. This year is flying by, as another week has come and gone. This week, we were busy with another Droid Life Show, Flappy Bird is now back and live on the Amazon Appstore, Google Now Launcher is now available for all Android users, and we posted our full NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Controller review.

In addition, reports point to Motorola creating a Nexus device codenamed Shamu, OnePlus might be making a smartwatch called OneWatch, Samsung set a date for the Galaxy Note 4 unveiling, and a whole lot more.

Here are the highlights just in case you missed anything.  (more…)

Dropcam Tabs Put on Hold, Pre-orders Canceled, as the Company Begins Work With Nest

Dropcam Tabs, sticky movement sensors that can be placed anywhere around your house and used to send notifications when things like doors, gates or windows open, have been put on hold by the IP cam company, thanks to their recent acquisition by Nest.

The products were first introduced back in May, going up immediately for pre-order. Unfortunately for those who pre-ordered, your order will never be fulfilled. This afternoon, Dropcam sent out status updates on pre-orders, stating that they are excited to begin “collaborating closely with Nest,” but that because of the acquisition, they are reassessing future product plans and canceling pre-orders. Those who ordered will receive full refunds within the next couple of weeks.  (more…)

The Droid Life Show Episode 65 is Your Weekend Sunscreen

The crew returned this week for episode 65 of the Droid Life Show, a gathering that included review recaps of the G3, OnePlus One, and new members of NVIDIA’s SHIELD family. If you already had a chance to read through those, know that we also talked the latest in Motorola rumors, from the Nexus whale to some of the first leaked pictures of the Moto X+1. To wrap up the show, we dove into Verizon’s plan to throttle unlimited LTE data users, why you all love SD card slots so much, net neutrality, and our favorite apps and games of the last couple of weeks.

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Friday App Sales: Assassin’s Creed Pirates, Rayman Fiesta Run, Rabbids Big Bang, and More

Here is a fresh list of app and game sales to keep you occupied this weekend, plenty of which are great titles. We hope that many of you already own a couple of these titles, as we promote them here on DL all of the time.

A few of the top apps included are Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Rayman Fiesta Run, Rayman Jungle Run, Assassin’s Creed Pirates (for 10 freakin’ cents), as well as the great Monument Valley.

Check out the full list of app sales below.  (more…)

Flappy Bird Makes Triumphant Return, Available as “Flappy Birds Family” Exclusively on Amazon Appstore

You were really missing Flappy Bird, weren’t you? Well don’t worry, because it is now available to anyone who owns a Fire TV through the Amazon Appstore, titled Flappy Birds Family.

It is the same Flappy Bird as it was before, but as reported previously, it now features a multiplayer function. If you have two game controllers for your Fire TV, you can take on your friends, seeing who can get the furthest through the tubes. It’s just as addicting, and just as cute as the last version.  (more…)

Google Now Launcher Now Available to All Android 4.1+ Devices

A new update is rolling out to the Google Now Launcher, making it available to just about all devices running Android 4.1+. That’s right, if you have been frustrated at the lack of compatibility for Google’s own launcher with top devices, you can finally relax.

For those new to the Google Now Launcher, think of it as the name suggests, a simple launcher that allows you to easily access Google Now. With the GNL as your launcher, Google Now can be accessed with a swipe from left-to-right. It’s also buttery smooth, gives that stock Android look, and has extra large icons for those needing a pixel explosion. To see it in action, check out Google’s new promo video for the launcher below.

The update just went live for all today, so go grab it.  (more…)

Google Planning Workshop Through Play Store, Create Custom Cases for Your Nexus 5

It appears as though Google will soon be making the Nexus 5 a bit more customizable, at least, according to the newest leak from Android Police. In screenshots reportedly ripped from a dog food version of the Play Store, Google is working on a Workshop, which will allow consumers to create and customize their very own Nexus 5 covers, as well as custom live wallpapers to go along with their exterior theme.  (more…)