This Week in the Life of DROID: 9/19/2014

Another week has come and gone, but it has left us with a lot to look back and reflect on. If you were standing in line this morning for an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you may have missed a few of the top stories, so be sure to catch up on all of the Android hotness that took place this week, just in case.

This week was highlighted by the posting of our Moto X (2nd gen.) and Moto 360 reviews, as well as Microsoft’s announcement for the purchase of Minecraft for $2.5 billion. In addition, Punit Soni announced he would be departing Motorola, we learned that the new Moto X won’t make its way to Sprint, and we reported that WiFi calling will make its way to Verizon’s network sometime next year.

Here are the highlights should you have missed any of the action.  (more…)

Friday App Sales: Pirates and Traders: Gold, Wayward Souls, Little Stars for Little Wars 2, and More

It’s Friday, which means it is that time of the week where we round up the current deals taking place on Google Play for you to enjoy over the glorious weekend.

This week, games such as Pirates and Traders: Gold (it just so happens to be Talk Like a Pirate Day), Wayward Souls, and Little Stars for Little Wars are currently on sale, all of which can lead to tons of fun if you end up not having any plans this weekend.

If you are interested in checking out a few apps and games, the list is below.  (more…)

Friday Poll: Buying the New Moto X?

Not that the release of our review should mean that you can finally decide whether or not you are buying the new Moto X, but we would love to know your thoughts after reading not only ours, but others’ as well. The Moto X review units have been in the hands of press for a couple of weeks, which means several outlets have weighed in. Some are calling it the best Android phone ever made, others are calling it a solid option. We think it fits somewhere in the middle of those two categories, as a device that is better than last year’s Moto X, but still needs improvements in a couple of key areas.

So, when the Moto X finally arrives (more than likely before the end of the month), are you buying one?

Buying the New Moto X?

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Contest: Win a Moto 360 From Droid Life (Day 5 of 5)!

Day 5! The final chance to win!

No need for an introduction at this point, since we have already given away four Moto 360s. So here we go.

It is the same deal as the first three four days – simply fill out however many entries you would like in the Rafflecopter widget below, sit back in your chair, and wait for Monday morning at 9:00am Pacific to see if you are winning a brand new Moto 360 in silver/grey.

Let’s do this (again, again, again, again).  (more…)

Star Wars: Commander Released to Google Play, Choose Your Side of the Force

In the new Star Wars: Commander game, published by Disney onto Google Play, you must choose to fight for either the Rebel Alliance or team with Darth Vader and the Empire. Even though you just enlisted, no matter what side you choose, you are made a commander of an entire army. To relate the gameplay to another popular title, it is much like Clash of Clans, but Star Wars themed.  (more…)