IKEA’s TRÅDFRI Smart Lighting Will Soon Work With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

IKEA’s new TRÅDFRI smart lighting system was announced back in March as a potentially affordable and more accessible alternative to the expensive Philips Hue products of the world. Unfortunately, at launch, the system didn’t play well with the other smart systems in your home and was controlled only by an app that IKEA released. In the coming months (“summer and early autumn”), IKEA plans to fix that by allowing you to control TRÅDFRI products through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa (Siri too).  (more…)

PayPal Update Brings Android Pay Integration

It has been over a month since Android Pay and PayPal announced together that they would soon be friends. Today, that integration can finally happen, thanks to an update to the PayPal app.

Once you grab the latest PayPal update, should you be interested in adding it as a payment option to Android Pay, you’ll open PayPal, login, and then tap the settings icon in the top right corner. Once in there, you’ll find a new Android Pay option in the list of settings, between Payment Preferences and Personal Info. Tap that to begin setup!  (more…)

Google’s $5K Jamboard is the Toy Your Company Needs…OK, Not Really, But It’s Cool

Back in October of last year, Google introduced a product called Jamboard that we mostly ignored because of its ridiculous price and the fact that it was an invite-only, early adopter thing for companies who need super fancy collaboration tools. Well, today, it’s available for all the business big dogs in the building to consider buying.

Why you would want Jamboard and what is it, you ask? Think of Jamboard as the ultimate whiteboard that your crappy conference room might have, except its not a whiteboard – it’s a cloud-powered 55-inch 4K tablet. Seriously, watch the video above and you’ll get it.  (more…)

LeEco Cuts 70% of US Workforce, Kills That Sweet Smart Bike We Wanted

LeEco, the Chinese tech company that tried to take over the US market overnight without anyone in the US having ever heard of them, is cutting even more of its workforce this week. 70% seems to be the official number, but they do still plan to have a presence in this country going forward.

News of yet another cut at LeEco follows on the heals of CEO Jia Yueting stepping down. Of course, they’ve already cut staff on a couple of other occasions in recent months, while also losing their $2 billion Vizio acquisition. It has not been a good few months for LeEco.  (more…)