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Pioneer Intros New Lineup of NEX Units With Android Auto

Pioneer announced a new lineup of NEX receivers this morning, five in total, with three designed to bring Android Auto straight to your vehicle at an affordable price. 

The latest models with Android Auto are the AVH-3300NEX, AVH-2330NEX, and AVH-2300NEX. If that might confuse you, just focus on the numbers, with the 3300 being the most expensive of the trio. 

Each model features a redesigned user interface, making for navigation through settings and audio equalizers a breeze. Additionally, Pioneer has built in Waze compatibility, adding access to more traffic and road data to potential owners.

Like the previous NEX models, a user needs to hook their device up to the unit to power the Android Auto experience. However, you are charging your phone simultaneously during connection, with each model having “Quick Charge” built-in. So long as your Android phone is running Lollipop, it will support Android Auto.

According to Pioneer, the newest NEX receivers will be available starting in July. The AVH-3300NEX will cost $600, while the AVH-2330NEX and AVH-2300NEX will be $500.

Via: Pioneer
  • Skittlez

    i like that they did a single din with a pop out display so i can throw it in the skyline when i get it 😀

  • mum89

    7″ 800*480 resistive, really crap

    lot of Android chinese unit can do lot better for 300$ (8core 1024*600, capacitive touchscreen etc…

  • David

    I’m currently looking for an aftermarket unit for Android auto. I was leaning towards the Sony one but I heard you lose aux inputs and other various things. So I’m hoping when these come out they are better in that regard. I need to look into getting either an aftermarket steering wheel with Bluetooth controls or buy an adapter for that.

  • Ilya Kolodiychik

    Sometimes I wish I was still rockin my old 99 Nissan Maxima. I’d be all over this. My current car (2011 Infiniti M56) is so integrated within itself that if I took out the head unit I’d lose 90% function of my electronics. If not more. Damn manufacturers. This thing blows my stock system away…even on a car that retailed in the high 50/low 60k range 7 years ago.

  • Godzilla

    Nice. I’ll be looking to do this.

  • matti861

    Hopefully they enhanced the screen itself. The resolution was some doo doo

  • PeacedOut

    “affordable” seems to be relative

    • TylerCameron

      I paid $650 for my Android auto head unit. It pays for itself the first time you say “okay Google” instead of taking your eyes off the road or crashing. Makes the car more valuable, and, in my case, added a lot of functionality they my car didn’t have before

      • gboybama

        Does this type of unit integrate with or mimic a car’s existing on screen functions or do you lose a bunch of native functions if you switch your stock unit out? I have tire pressure info, gas mileage and phone controls through my Toyota head unit. It’s all easily controlled by buttons on my steering wheel. Will I lose all this if I switch to an Android auto unit? I guess it would probably depend on the unit, but still, I wonder if anyone can shed some light.

        • MaddHatterr

          I would sooner think you would lose that functionality. Car manufacturers don’t like to communicate the same, so they don’t typically build that kind of thing directly into the HU. There may be a 3rd party adapter module offered, or even by Pioneer, that would connect to the car and HU to give those back at an additional cost. This kind of thing has been done for steering wheel mounted media controls so I could see it being done for vehicle info, they aren’t too dissimilar.

          • gboybama

            Wow, very helpful response. Thanks!

    • Nick

      Yes, relative to other AA head units that are $1k+. Sony is really the only other OEM building a $500 HU that can run carplay/AA, so yes this is relatively affordable given the alternatives

  • Daniel Thomas

    I haven’t upgraded a car’s stereo headunit for almost 10+ years now. I didn’t know this was still a thing. With so many controls being on the steering wheel, and other car controls being integrated into the head unit (AC, heated seats, ect) aftermarket headunits has to be limited to cars pre 2007-ish, right? $500-600 seems like a lot to spend when my android-auto on my Pixel does at the same thing.

    • Plenty of modern cars still come with standard cd player stereos, which is disappointing. My 2012 Impreza has a standard receiver but I’m looking to replace it.

      • Daniel Thomas

        But by replacing it, don’t you lose a lot of steering wheel controls? Wouldn’t it just be better to bluetooth your phone to your car, and use Android Auto from your phone?

        • I already use Auto on my Pixel, and have it connected by Bluetooth for calls only (I don’t trust audio streaming). My steering wheel can only pick up calls and control volume, and there are adapters that can retain that functionality with a new head unit

        • Michael Chadwick

          You do not. I just replaced the factory head unit in my 2012 F-150 and retained Sync and all steering wheel controls. You will need to by additional parts but it can be done. Checkout Crutchfield.com, it will show everything you need based on make and model. Love Android Auto by the way.

          • Daniel Thomas

            How would i retain access to my seat heaters, and rear AC control. I can only access that through the touchscreen on MyScyn? I think just running android-auto on my phone connected to my car via bluetooth is just as good.

          • Michael Chadwick

            You would need to get the correct iDataLink module for your particular vehicle. My Kenwood head unit supports it but since I didn’t have MyFord Touch, just Sync, I can’t use them. I retained my physical A/C controls. http://www.idatalink.com/

          • Daniel Thomas

            Interesting. Yeah there are no physical controls for my heated seats and rear AC. Something i need to research again.

          • Michael Chadwick

            Crutchfield will tell you everything you need.

          • Daniel Thomas

            Yep. Crutchfield just confirmed exactly what I thought. I put in my car and the response i got was

            “Nothing in this category fits your vehicle. Radio replacement is not recommended in this vehicle because the climate controls are integrated into the factory radio panel.”

          • Michael Chadwick

            Interesting . . . I stand corrected!

          • Daniel Thomas

            Thanks for the info. I guess i’ll stick with Android auto on my Pixel.

          • Boomdizzle

            Crutchfield is where it’s at. I’ve ordered all of my equipment over the last 15+ years for various vehicles and have never been disappointed. They are so good at getting you what you need to make everything work as seamlessly as possible and keep all of your factory controls functional.

      • Boomdizzle

        Same here, I have a ’10 Legacy and want to replace the head unit so that I can actually have bluetooth in my car for a change. This might be right up my alley.

    • Nodnarb

      You’d be surprised by the different adapters and aftermarket kits that makes it so you retain function of all the controls in the far

      • Daniel Thomas

        I’ve done minimal research. I have a Ford Explorer, and wanted to get rid of MySync and put in a headunit with Android-auto. But everything I read lead me to the conclusion that I would loose steering wheel controls (and heated seats, and rear AC controls as they can only be accessed in the touchscreen). I did read that some people have been successful and integrating steering wheel controls in new headunits, but it takes someone with advanced knowledge of electrical engineering and hacking systems.

        I get the same experience with a dash-mount for my Pixel that automatically activates android-auto when it connects to my car’s bluetooth.

        • Jerry Huster

          You don’t lose steering wheel controls if you install the iDatalink Maestro. I have a Ford Escape that I replaced my headunit on with a Pioneer 8100NEX specifically for Android Auto and the buttons all still work. The voice button triggers the “OK Google” command on Android Auto. Works really well and installed everything myself. Saved quite a bit of money doing that.

          • Daniel Thomas

            maybe not the steering wheel controls, but i loose access to AC controls that are integrated into the stock touchscreen. I guess that is what i get for buying a Ford with MyFord Touch

          • Chris Graham

            Actually, the iDatalink Maestro supports integrating AC controls (and many other functions) into aftermarket head units.

          • Jerry Huster

            Correct – was going to say the same thing. Dependent upon vehicle of course. Pioneer doesn’t do as good a job with A/C controls as does Kenwood, for instance. But iDatalink is the hero either way.

          • Daniel Thomas

            They don’t make one for the Ford Explorer with the 8in screen and MyFord Touch. Just seems like Ford put too much into their headunit to make it impossible to upgrade and maintain all the vehicle’s functionality.

          • Jerry Huster

            While they might not make one that’s 8in… they have adapter plates for your car that are often molded EXACTLY like the interior that you also replace to help make the radio install look better. Crutchfield is a great place to start, but even then, there are plenty of other sources for the materials.

        • TylerCameron

          This is why I don’t get why people want giant touchscreens in their cars that do everything, like in the Tesla. It means just to change the air controls, you HAVE to take your eyes off the road. Very unsafe. Very impractical. Not future proof at all.

        • Will Oren

          I installed a Pioner AVH-4200NEX in my friend’s 2013 Subaru Crosstrek and maintained steering controls and stock backup camera. It just takes a little research and adapters. Also, if you are uncomfortable with installs, find a friend that is and give them some beer.

    • Guest

      No I put one in my 2016 4runner. Love the truck but not the small HU with entune. I kept all steering controls and the voice button now triggers Google search.

      • Steven

        I was looking at doing this exact same thing.

    • Morgan Glassco

      It is increasingly rare that a cars head unit can be replaced. Most do not conform to the single or double din sizes, instead opting for some proprietary shape or configuration. Steering wheel controls can be adapted though with some hardware. My car is a 2015 Audi A3 and it has a flip up screen. What is crazy, is there is a full on replacement that makes that screen and android tablet. Still works and looks like stock, but just as easy as changing the Input Source on your TV, one click of a button and boom, android touch screen tablet. I’ve considered it but at $900, its not that cool.

      My phone running Android Auto or Automate is good enough

      • TylerCameron

        What’s an additional $900 on top of a 30+ grand car to make it way cooler?

    • Jérôme Besnard

      And that does not include installation cost by a professional. With the recent Android Auto update I see no reason whatsoever to spend money on a car stereo unit.

      • TylerCameron

        Anyone with basic electronics understanding can put a new head unit in a car.

      • Steven

        The update is for the phone software. The head unit is a passthrough. Updating the phone software is all you need.

    • PeacedOut

      Main reason I want to get a new car is because I want an updated head unit. Currently have a 2011 car. Thus, it’s cheaper for me to just buy a headunit opposed to a new car.

    • TylerCameron

      My 2012 Impala came with a basic radio that had aux, am/fm, and a CD player. Didn’t even support showing the current song name from the radio.

    • MacNificent

      Well it was definitely worth it to me when I purchased my 2016 Honda Fit that didn’t come with Android auto preinstalled. And it was one of the best upgrades that my wife and I made to our car

    • fritzo2162

      They sell pre-wired harness kits that retain all of the steering wheel functions of your current system. The problem is, there’s like 50 wires to deal with, and some of them aren’t always color coded the same way.

      However, I will say that you don’t realize how crappy your built-in system is until you get an aftermarket one in there.

  • fritzo2162

    Hopefully they fixed the memory issues with these units that plagued the earlier ones. The NEX and AVH series had a problem where the memory would blow out, causing your radio to reset to default settings everytime the car was shut off for 20-30 minutes. Just sent mine in for repair, and now my buddy’s is doing the same thing.

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  • Mike Sims

    Mikey likes it!