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Video: Android O Beta First Look and Tour!

With the Android O Developer Preview 2 up and running on our Pixel phones here at Google I/O, we noticed some new goodies right away that needed to be filmed. So, we bring you a first look and tour of the first Android O Beta! 

In this clip, we walk through some of the new stuff that carried over from the first Developer Preview, but then show off the new notification badges (dots), icon shape changes, the re-arranged notification shade, long-pressing on app icons to access widgets and other info, picture-in-picture mode through YouTube, and more.

Android O seems pretty sweet so far. What other stuff have you found?

  • 2swae

    Been using it on my Pixel, working great. Few glitches with apps crashing (Instagram) but nothing major or annoying.

    Also noticed a some black and white lines appearing when transitioning to Instagram after I opened it up at first.

    Other than that, Bluetooth, WiFi and other services up and running…

  • Boomdizzle

    Runs so much better than DP1. I couldn’t open Maps or books and Google app kept crashing. All have been resolved.

    Not sure how I feel about the white-ish notification pull-down though. I generally prefer darker menus.

  • bulldoggolfer74

    Been running O beta since yesterday afternoon. For me, everything is running very smooth. Only bugs thus far are either app related (not compatible) or visual- Option to disable certain notifications within Android System notification channel, WiFi icon in status bar even when it is disabled, and no battery quick settings tile. Assistant, Play Music, Gmail, etc. working just fine for me. Enabled PIP in UI Tuner, and have option in Facebook & YouTube video to pop out, works pretty slick.

    • Flying_Timbus

      what apps are you seeing that are not compatible? Also are you running preview 2 over the beta or still preview 1?

      • bulldoggolfer74

        Running Preview 2 from 7.1.2. Android Pay & Pebble so far, which I believe are both well known as not working at this point.

        • Flying_Timbus

          so you signed up for the beta and were updated to preview 2? Sorry, I just needed a bit of clarity as I have been wrestling with the idea of joining the beta.

          • bulldoggolfer74


  • mcdonsco

    Off topic question. Is there any difference at all between the Verizon pixel and Google pixel?

    Just want to make sure that if I get it from Google instead of Verizon I won’t have any goofy unexpected issues like mms being funky, or no hd voice, hotspot issues etc?

    • No difference.

    • Marilynjwilder

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    • Justin Martin

      You mean other than the bootloader being locked.

    • CapnShiner

      No bugs like you describe, but there are differences. The biggest one is that you cannot unlock the bootloader on the Verizon version unless it has not been updated since March. The Verizon version also has a little bloat ware.

    • Yes there is, the Verizon Pixel can’t have the bootloader unlocked. There is no reason at all to get the Verizon version over the Google version, unless you absolutely want to buy it on your carriers device payment plan. Personally though, I would not buy a Pixel right now. They are way overpriced for what you get now that the 2017 flagships are out.

      • needa

        Best camera. Best Android experience. No doubt they are high, but it’s the best phone available.

        • I disagree. It’s really only the best phone if your #1 priority is stock Android. It’s a good phone, but the camera is better in the HTC U11, the hardware/specs are better in the S8 and U11, the speakers are better in the U11, the display is better in the S8 or G6, and the U11 and S8 start at 64GB of storage with a MicroSD slot and are water resistant.

          • MKader17

            I wanted to come in waving my disagreement flag, but you’re right. Even on the used market the Pixel is still expensive. Unless you have to have a 5″ screen or the purest of Android (both of which are valid points), then the S8 and U11 are worth looking at.

          • needa

            Haven’t seen pics from u 11 yet. It has the same sensor as the ultra right? Don’t want to split hairs with yah over trivial stuff. But just because David ruddock says it’s too expensive… Doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the money. Non compressed pics and 4k vid makes the pixel worth the money all day long. And then some. But I put importance on that kind of stuff. Others probably don’t… Until the day they need it.

          • synplex

            ^ And this is why I just ordered the unlocked HTC U11 for $599 to finally replace my Google Pixel XL! Cant wait for a review from DL

      • |KOBALT| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        You can unlock the Verizon pixel…

        • Unfortunately that was patched a long time ago.

          • |KOBALT| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            Well that’s depressing. Appreciate the update.

    • rodney11ride

      I have a verizon pixel and a google pixel both with locked bootloaders….

      however with the developer program they do now… no need for unlocked bootloader unless you want to “flash” something or root.

  • Kai

    The Wi-Fi and cellular service icons are switched. Not sure how I feel about that.

  • zzz525

    Love the “Free up space” in the storage setting. Can delete old files, or uninstall infrequently used apps!

  • Bizziet

    Anyone know how to get Chrome bookmarks widget 1×1 back??

  • Droid 1967

    since installing android O i cant accept calls, ive factory reset and done everything i can think of. very wierd i could build sourcery so that it was constant force closes , but the phone still rang 🙂 guess im back to N.

  • StankyChikin

    Why is my Nexus 6P now a Nexus P?

  • W. Clark

    Is Android Pay working on either the DP2 or beta?

    • ozzyager

      From what I’ve been reading it is not working yet

    • zzz525

      Unfortunately not. I always forget those don’t work on developer/beta releases.

  • Joshua Seeley

    Got the beta on my 6P, but out of all the things you showed in the video, literally the only one showing up is the Auto-Fill.

  • AndroidOMG

    Well…I downloaded beta at work – bluetooth didnt work in my car on the way home so unenrolled. Took 15 minutes to reinstall Nougat, thought my phone got bricked. Factory settings reset…. redownloading all my apps now…fk Beta don’t download imho.

    • ozzyager

      I totally jumped in too soon, too. I’m waiting for 7.1.2 to install on my 6P. Maybe next go-round!

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    • Kevin

      The point of beta is to discover/report these issues. If you’re looking for a polished experience, beta isn’t for you.

      • AndroidOMG

        Yea I’m aware of this well known fact thanks for the unecessary information derp derp – and for assuming I am complaining about not receiving an un polished experience in Beta herp derp – just relating my experience to the community for others to check if their bluetooth works accordingly and to warn that their factory settings might get reset if they roll back to Nougat – You’re welcome pissant.

        • Kevin

          Haha thanks!

        • C-Law

          You certainly seemed to be complaining in your first post trying to tell others not to download in your opinion. It’s a beta. Of course it will be rough as your daily driver. And switching between beta and final builds clearly states it will wipe your device. I dunno how you were surprised by that.

      • Marievcrowe

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  • trext

    I don’t have the option to change icons on the Verizon pixel

  • yeah right

    Is there any way to get the notification dots and notifications on long press on the Nexus 5x

    • bulldoggolfer74

      Are you using Pixel launcher?

  • ozzyager

    From what I was able to do/use on my 6P it seems like a nice update. Unfortunately all of the Google apps kept force closing, which I thought was odd. I was due for a factory reset on 7.1.2 anyway…or something.