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DEAL: Save $50 and Buy the HTC U11 for $599 With Coupon Code

htc u11

Announced this morning, the HTC U11 comes with a pre-order price of $649. However, thanks to a coupon code circulating around, you can score HTC’s latest for $599, saving you $50. For this particular phone, that doesn’t seem too bad. 

If you haven’t caught our coverage already, the U11 comes with a 5.5″ QHD display, Snapdragon 835 processor, 64GB storage, 4GB RAM, 3,000mAh battery, a pair of high resolution front and rear-facing cameras, and Android 7.1+ with Sense on top. For all intents and purposes, this is HTC’s big bang for 2017.

To take advantage of this promotion, simply enter the code ONLY4U11 at checkout. You’ll see the $50 discount applied immediately. We have no idea how long this will last, so if you’re interested, get on it.

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Via: reddit
  • Great..!

  • deskjob

    Talked to a friend in Taiwan – looks like the current promo is NT $19900 (about $660.79 USD) for the 4G/64G version and NT $21900 ($727.20 USD) for the 6G/128G. Man I really want the latter, but since i am here and also on Verizon… curse you, damn grandfathered unlimited 😛

  • M3D1T8R

    Hmm. At $600, I might buy this.. if it had a much larger battery (like 5Ah), headphone jack, OLED display, rear fingerprint reader, and wireless charging.

    As is, I’ll stick with my Zenfone 3 Zoom, which while obviously lesser on some other areas, has all of the above except wireless charging. For about half the price at $329.

    I just refuse to go back to multiple charges in a day. On its first day today since taken off the charger at 100% 19 hours ago, I currently hit 9 hours screen on time, with the battery still at 50%.

    • droidbeat

      On mostly wi-fi?

      • M3D1T8R

        All WiFi. I’m using at as a WiFi only device.

        I ended up with just over 17 hours 15 minutes screen on time before the phone finally died today.

        38 and a half hours total uptime since taken off the charger.

        Brightness mostly set low but used the phone how I normally would with the exception of very little gaming on this first charge.

        Obviously cell use, gaming, and higher brightness is going to produce a less amazing result, but this is by far the best battery life of any phone ever, as I had hoped.

        • droidbeat


    • It’s unfortunate that the Zenfone 3 Zoom doesn’t support 5GHz WiFi or LTE band 12.

  • deskjob

    Got some amazon gift cards from Christmas… if Amazon can match, done deal!

  • shamatuu

    how long will it get Android O though? Like next year in June/July?

  • LionStone

    $599…”For this particular phone, that doesn’t seem too bad”… haha! wow, I mean to me, that’s a smoking deal, $651.41 shipped, which includes tax and insurance. Or Unlocked S8 from BestBuy for comparison is $725. with no insurance or + $160 for coverage??

  • jmcalli

    Promotion codes don’t work.

    • LionStone

      I don’t know, try again…just did it, it worked for me.

      • droidbeat

        Wonder if it only doesn’t work for the Verizon version?

        • Chris Kupsco

          it’s not working for the verizon version. If you add all 3 to your cart the discounts only show on the sprint and unlocked. Something is odd with this whole thing. On my phone I don’t even see an option to order VZW. It says that the unlocked version supports verizon but i know it doesn’t.

          • joyride1031

            I talked with HTC last night. They’re aware of the issue. They told me to just order the unlocked version because the Verizon version is the unlocked version and the code works for that one. Phone ordered. Not sure why they even had a separate Verizon spot. Maybe Verizon paid a couple of bucks for them to use their logo?

          • markwebb

            Thanks but doesn’t inspire confidence as their website clearly states unlocked is for TMO and Att

          • joyride1031

            See above changed comment

          • Chris Kupsco

            I think they fixed it. I was able to order an amazing silver Verizon model for $599 with the loveu11 team HTC code

        • LionStone

          Hmm, yea I don’t know about that. I guess there’s a couple out there..

    • markwebb

      Yeah just tried the VZW version and code doesn’t work: only on unlocked version.

  • ajftl250

    where is the white one?

    • paul_cus

      Not available in the US.

  • I’m really tempted… I have JOD with T-Mobile, but it doesn’t look like they will get this phone. I miss being able to take advantage of these deals.

  • Aaron

    Pre-ordered! Thanks for the code. I’ve had the HTC 10 for a year now. Purchased it based on reviews from this site and others, and it’s been an excellent phone. HTC’s failure with the 10 was its utter lack of marketing in the US. Let’s hope for their sake that they actually make an effort this time.

  • steadymobb

    Not bad.

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  • Eric

    If it’s anything like the HTC 10, this discount should come and go pretty regularly. On HTC’s site, it always seemed like the HTC 10 spent more time discounted than at its MSRP.

  • Wish Amazon matched the offer, got a ton of points and a giftcard there an extra $50 off would be awesome

  • Orlando aka Pixel XL

    Squeeze the HTC BBC 11

  • I’m glad HTC is slowly getting competitive in pricing. $599 for this phone is quite good.

    • Cael

      They don’t have a choice.

    • Asif Hasan

      Welcome back to reality, HTC.

      • droidbeat

        Bargain-ville, actually.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Tim… This is the device you’ve been waiting for a Smaller more powerful U Ultra with the same design. Waiting for Tim’s review and ignoring all others.

    • MJ

      Tim doesn’t like headphone jacks?

      • droidbeat

        Adapter in the box. Headphones still work just fine.

        • MJ

          No one cares about the adapter for the 100th time today.

          • droidbeat

            Other than not being able to charge and listen to headphones at the same time, the adapter solves the problem of not having a 3.5mm jack. And it has a DAC. So, I’d say most everyone with good headphones cares about it.

          • MJ

            Holy crap! Why are you still talking about this? It has already discussed numerous times. I will break it down another way for you.

            Problem: I want a phone to use with my wired headphone that may be really good or not.

            Solution: Buy a phone with a built-in headphone packing a high end DAC (or not).

            Not a solution: Buy a really mediocre HTC U11 that has NO headphone jack built-in so requires an adapter (that can be lost) that sticks out making the user look stupid when using said headphones.

            it’s all irrelevant anyway as this phone wouldn’t even be in consideration for purchase even with a headphone jack.

          • droidbeat

            Just plug your headphone cord into it and never unplug it. Not sure “looking” stupid is your issue. HTC U11 rocks. Best mobile audio, and does it with water resistance. My pre-order is in.