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Is Google Home Finally Getting Reminder Controls?

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With Google I/O shenanigans going down this week, we fully expect to get some sort of big update to Google Home. After initially announcing the platform at last year’s I/O, it only makes sense that Google take some time to talk about what they have planned going forward. According to XDA, who dove into a recent update to the Google Home app, we may finally get reminder controls, as well as some other key goodies. 

An update to the Google Home app (v2.3) has provided a bunch of hints at upcoming features for Home. The most important – at least to those of us who think a smart home assistant speaker should be able to remind us of things – might be in the app’s future ability to list reminders. Now, according to a string in the app’s update, we should soon see an item in the slideout menu of the Home app for “Reminders,” similarly to how see Home Control, Music, and Shopping List.

Of course, this isn’t a full confirmation that we’ll be able to tell Google Home to set reminders by voice, but you have to imagine that’s the point. All of the other items in that list are Google Home features that you can control via voice, so this is likely a clear sign that you’ll soon be able to say, “Hey, Google, remind me to order Amazon’s Alexa in an hour, when I once again realize it took you 9 months to be able to set reminders.”

As for other goodies possibly coming to Google Home in the near future, something called “cloudcast” showed up, which could be a hint at a new feature that allows you to cast to a Home without being on the same network. That’s a pretty soft explanation, but we should hear more in a couple of days. The app update is also listing possible Google Assistant integration from third party companies, assuming the string, “device_type_google_assistant_speaker” is the giveaway. That would mean third party hardware that can include Google Assistant, like other speakers, NVIDIA’s Spot, etc.

The Google I/O keynote kicks off Wednesday morning!

Via: XDA
  • Goolge Home needs to add calling, texting, and reminders. I was honestly upset it did not have these basic features. I know you can do some things with IFTTT but it’s limited. If IFTTT has these features than Google could easily add them. You should be able to use your Google Voice number as a home phone with your Google Home.

  • “Hey Google, find my phone.” PLLEAAAASSSEEE? So my wife can find her own phone without asking me to make it ring. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for Android Device Manager and all but come on, that one should have been way ahead of half of these other useless integrations.

  • kirko77

    I need this:
    – Send messages (sms or at least Allo/Hangouts).
    – Make calls.
    – Access my work calendar that’s linked to my Google Calendar.. it’s ridiculous that it doesn’t!

  • PeacedOut

    I’m fully expecting I/O to confirm that it’s time to jump to Alexa…

    For a reminder to everyone, here is last years I/O Demo for Google Home… and the list of things it does in the video but still doesn’t do in real life, in order of the video…..


    (1) Play a predefined playlist
    (2) Ability to cast to multiple speakers via voice command mid song
    (3) Travel notifications, or really any notification
    (4) Carry a conversation with varying tasks, not having to say “okay google” every time
    (5) Dinner reservations? Might do this, but IDK it’s going on the list
    (6) Send text messages
    (7) Package tracking
    (8) Carry a conversation
    (9) Cast using natural conversation “Cast on the TV”
    (10) Push notifications to your phone / Voice recognition (until recently)

    I’m guessing they are going to resuse this video.

    • rslh

      GH does play my pre-defined playlists. Alexa does as well but GPM lets me upload up to 50,000 songs vs 250 on Amazon, unless I pay extra.

      • PeacedOut

        Please tell me the command because every time I say “Play my thumbs up playlist” is say’s, “I can’t do that”

        • rslh

          I have a playlist named “Ambient” set up and I ask “Ok/hey Google, play my ambient playlist.” OP Michael below also confirmed. I don’t utilize the thumbs up feature myself. I think naming your playlists is the key to voice recognition.

  • Ryan

    It will probably work for 6 months and then Google will decide they need to do more to push the flagging “Google Express” and break all useful functionality and move them to a Google Express web page with 1/5th the functionality.

  • bretjutras

    The Echo doesn’t support reminders and has been out for 2.5 years. Getting this feature after 6 months doesn’t seem all that awful to me.

  • Michael

    Hopefully, we can expect GH to be able to play music from my own library without having to put them all in a play list.

    • And cast a slideshow from everything I have uploaded in Google Photos instead of having to be in an album!

  • Ever since they sent my grocery list to the Home app, the only thing I ask my Google Home is what the weather is like.

    Other than that, not really helpful.

    • jstew182

      Yeah I am annoyed they pulled the list from Keep. It makes it so much less useful in my opinion…I feel like it could show in both places.

    • TurtlePowah

      Agreed. It used to be so easy to share the list with my wife and now it’s just a PITA

    • Ryan

      Honestly when they broke that I tell everyone its only worth the $75 I got it for, and that is WITH the smartthings integration. Breaking that makes it nothing more than a google search and music player, which is hardly worth over $100.

      Hell, you still cant cast from Google Play movies with it.

    • Bryan

      I hated that as well. We used Keep extensively, so when they did this I searched for another grocery app that worked with Google Home.

      I found OurGroceries works really well. The app is actually much better for shopping lists than Keep, but accessing via Google Home does have an extra step. Instead of saying “Hey Google, add milk to my shopping list”, I now have to say “Hey Google, ask OurGroceries to add milk to my Costco list.” The best thing is that you can have multiple lists (we have Costco, Fry’s, Sam’s Club, Walmart lists) and it can add and read back any list to you.

      Honestly, even if they went back to Keep, I’d probably still use OurGroceries for the ability to have multiple lists and have it read back any of the lists to you.

      But I use my Google Home for both SmartThings integration with my lighting (family loves this) but also for my entertainment center with a Harmony Companion and Hub. My wife now knows how to turn the TV on and off by just saying “Hey Google, ask Harmony to turn on the TV”. No more fiddling with the remote and keeping it pointed at the TV while the “macro” fires. Plus my kids use it for music listening like crazy, and casting youtube videos to the TV.

      • DUUUDE thanks so much Bryan for the tip! OurGroceries is kick-a**. Just set it all up. Was a breeze and works like a charm. Upgraded to premium in a heartbeat.

  • Hmmm, now I wonder which version of Reminders will this link to…? Inbox? Keep? Google App? Calendar? I say Google App. What say you?

    • I’d ask Google, but it probably can’t even figure that out.

  • mcdonsco

    Is Google home actually useful yet?

    • RyanT

      If you have a bunch of smart home products, yes.
      If you just want a cast enabled speaker , yes.
      If you are lonely and want a robot telling you that you’re pretty or telling you jokes, yes.

      Otherwise, no.

    • kirko77

      What do you use Echo for?
      I use GH daily for:
      – music playback (actually somewhat decent speakers for background music)
      – timers
      – checking traffic in morning
      – asking for latest news in morning

      Best part? Multi-user support via voice recognition. I don’t want my Google account preference stats be polluted by my wife’s and kid’s requests.

      This is enough for me. I mean, even if it just played music, it’s already a good enough device IMO… everything is a cherry.

      • J. Carter

        Yeah it works for my Hue lights, Nest, and a couple of plugs without any issues. The casting to multiple speakers can be flaky though. The shopping list move was just weird and pointless, might as well kill Google Keep. But as I add hue lights it is weird to hear her reel off like 6 lights when I ask her to turn on a scene.