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DEAL: T-Mobile Launches BOGO Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Deal

tmobile galaxy s8 deal

To help you pick-up the ultimate Mother’s Day gift, T-Mobile has opened up a BOGO (buy one, get one free) deal on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ for a limited time.

In order to get the deal, you’ll have to buy two Galaxy S8 or S8+ devices on their no-interest Equipment Installment Plan. T-Mobile will then send you a prepaid card or the value of the second device you got for free (Ex: $750 for a Galaxy S8), which you can then use to pay off the 2nd device. 

As far as pricing, T-Mobile charges you $30 down for the S8 or $130 for the S8+, followed by monthly payments of $30. Depending on how long the prepaid card takes to get to you, it might be a month or so before you can fully pay off the phone. Either way, it’s going to cost you some cash down for both phones. Still, not a bad deal.

T-Mobile Deal Link

Via: T-Mobile
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  • Abraham Pomales

    I just tried to set this up for two lines not exactly free. You have to pay $130 per Galaxy s8+ line, plus $25 sim card activation, plus $95 for sales taxes. It ends up costing you $405 to order on day one. And in the end you only get a gift card for $850. So you pretty much don’t get a free phone, cause you had to pay $130 for the phone that was supposed to be free. Smh

    • Andrew

      Go back and read the fine print, your only getting a 750 gift card Max, regardless of which phone you buy. The wording of the promo should be buy a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, get a Galaxy S8 free, or a Galaxy S8+ for 100 dollars.

  • RXG9

    Just bought 4 phones. 2 Galaxy S8+’s for me and my father and 1 Galaxy S8 for my mother. I activated all of them and pay $160 a month. They told me to finance all of them till I get rebate, then they said I can pay them all off. Also they told me that I have to stay on T-Mobile for 3 months. Not sure why, because they said the rebate card should arrive in 6-8 weeks. Can anyone confirm/deny that this is true/false?

    • Andrew

      They have no contracts, so once you have the cards the only thing holding you back from leaving is paying off the phones, they just don’t want people gaming the system.

      • RXG9


    • Pixelleee

      To help you with that, having a phone for 3 months put you outside of the salesman receiving a “chargeback” (when a customer leaves or cancels or doesn’t pay their bill within the first 3 months of service activation. Try to save themselves by forcing you to stay just outside those guidelines.

      • RXG9

        Thanks for responding! I was wondering why the store rep told me 3 months.

  • Dave S

    Please add to the article that you HAVE to sign up for T-Mobile ONE. If you are on a grandfathered plan you will be forced to upgrade…which could cost more for the plan!

  • Shott3r

    So what if you’re just a single person and don’t have need for a second line? How do you get the best deal on these flagships?

    • SION1771

      “To help you pick-up the ultimate Mother’s Day gift”…

      • Shott3r

        I wish people would simply ignore posts instead of making useless replies. To be clear: I have read and acknowledged that this post is about a great way to get two phones. I am asking a separate question, because I am not interested in buying two phones. Can anyone point me to the best way to get a deal on ONE phone?

        • JSo

          What’s wrong with the installment plans they have?

          • Shott3r

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t installment plans based on the full retail pricing of the device? No savings there if so. Basically, you’d think they would have some sort of incentive on the phone price to entice me to switch carriers and get hooked on their monthly service.

          • Tony E.

            Then get the LG G6, $500 for a brand new top tier phone, or $20/month

          • JSo

            If you don’t go with what the carriers offer, your best bet is to just find it on sale somewhere at a lower price. Which means you’d just have to search.

          • |KOBALT| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            They’re not going to discount a brand new device right away. People like you are not the target audience. They can live without your business.

        • SION1771

          Hit up Johnny Hernandez.

  • patt

    Most important wasn’t mention: when you purchase them both on T-Mobile’s no-interest Equipment Installment Plan and add a line

    • Carolemedina

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  • matthew mascarenas

    When is Verizon going to do some sort of deal? I need 2 s8+ for the wife and I

  • Johnny Hernandez

    Why are they doing this to me? Now I really should get it. 😐

  • Miguel

    This is I was waiting for, also Samsung is offering 6 months of Netflix plus a 64gb card on their website.

  • RyanT

    I’d be down for this, but I don’t want to start a new line nor do I want to switch to their One plan. If they let me do it on my grandfathered plan I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    • TylerCameron

      Add new line, then when you get the card, pay off the phone and port the number to Google voice

      • RyanT

        Interesting…that is one way to game it, and should work. I could cancel the new line that I don’t want then give my wife the second S8 for her line. Curious if they will just add a single new One line or if they would try to convert the whole account (and my 4 existing lines) to a One plan.

        • Cameron Wright

          Just got off the phone with T-Mobile, lady told me I had to convert all 3 of my lines to a One plan and then add an additional line to qualify for this promotion.

          • RyanT

            Yeah that’s what I figured. Makes sense really, I mean that’s a $750 phone they’re giving away, they have to get something out of it.

        • Mike Stout

          When you remove a line, doesn’t T-Mobile have to draw up a new contract? Their representatives won’t be able to draw up a new contract for a grandfathered program.

          • Andrew

            TMobile doesn’t have contracts, and hasn’t for years. They also don’t take away grandfathered plans, at least so far they haven’t.