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Galaxy S8 is Super Cool, But…

galaxy s8 vs pixel

I’m still using the regular Google Pixel on that daily grind.

Samsung made a phone that I just told you was the best phone you could buy today. The Galaxy S8 (and S8+) still is, in my opinion. Nothing has changed on that front. It’s just not the phone for me. Even as iPhone-ish as this small Google Pixel is, with its ugly face and weird backside, it’s the Android phone that does the things I need it to in the best possible way. 

Credit Google for their take on their own operating system (How silly does that sound?), but nothing beats Google’s version of Android. And to me, even with the prettiest pieces of tech on the planet staring me in the face, like what Samsung just delivered, those aren’t enough to get me to give up the cleanest, leanest, most efficient and up-to-date version of Android that is paired with a heck of a camera.

NOTE: Prepare for nitpicky criticism. I said the S8 is the best phone for most of you because it is. However, I critique phones for a living and so I notice all the little annoying things that each manufacturer does and then share thoughts on those. This is a post about that and why the Pixel is still the phone I turn to because it gets some basic things right. If you aren’t prepared for an over-anal analysis of why Samsung’s software still mostly sucks, you might want to call it a day and skip this one.

galaxy s8 vs pixel

I touched on this a bit in my video review of the Galaxy S8, but there is a combination of things I do almost every time I pickup a phone that Samsung gets wrong, in my opinion. Yes, it starts with the fingerprint reader in many ways. I know, I know, here we go again on the fingerprint reader placement. But here’s the thing, I have to use it almost every time I grab a phone in order to get into my phone. If it’s in a terrible location that I still can’t find every single time after two weeks of use, I don’t think I’m overblowing this.

So with the Galaxy S8, I’ve found that as I pickup my phone, I now have to think about how I’m going to unlock it, because the fingerprint reader is out of the question. That’s a sh*tty position to be in after spending 2-3 years using nothing but fingerprint readers on all phones, including those from Samsung. I just want to grab a phone and go without having to pause before getting to work. But my brain does all of the following: Is my Smart Lock working? Maybe, if I’m at home. Do I want to even attempt to line up my eyes or face to see if those slow unlock methods work? Hah, god no. Do I just give up on all of that and enter my damn pattern? Probably. But wait, is that a fingerprint reader I feel? Which. One. Do. I. Do.

On the flip side, with my Google Pixel, I have a perfectly centered fingerprint reader on the back of the phone that unlocks my phone every time without the need for a sequence of thoughts over how the hell I’m going to check my email. Two steps: 1) grab phone; and 2) use conveniently placed fingerprint reader. That’s it!

It doesn’t end there, though. The Always-on Display on the S8 is pretty worthless in terms of providing interactivity with the information it presents. While I like the little icons that tell me if I have notifications to take care of, they don’t do anything. If I want to see what they are, I can precisely double tap on the little virtual home button or squeeze the side button of the phone to wake the lock screen. That will at least show me some of their contents. However, if I want to then dive into a notification, with a secure lock screen enabled, Samsung then asks me for another “Swipe screen to open” gesture. Wtf is that?

On my Pixel, as notifications roll in, I get a black-and-white preview of them that I can interact with through a single touch. If I miss that happening, a double tap anywhere (not just on a single button) on the screen then brings that UI back, which again, allows me easy interaction. From there, if I want to, I can get into notifications with a double tap (without an extra swipe up) and take care of my business. There are no extra barriers or swipes or precise taps or icons that tell me nothing.

And of course Bixby is there. I’m not here to sh*t on Bixby because we don’t even know if it’ll be good or not until it gets voices capabilities, but Samsung, at least give me a toggle to turn it off if I don’t want to use it. That’s it! Keep killing all the legitimate remapping workarounds you want. That doesn’t bother me. But at least let me disable the button, so that accidental presses aren’t firing it up when I don’t want it to.

galaxy s8 vs pixel

Moving on and into the S8, there are other issues like that “Block Notifications” button that permanently sits right next to the “Clear All” button in the notification shade. Why on Earth is that there? I don’t even know what happens if I press it because it scares the hell out of me. I’m just assuming that if I do, I’ll have to hunt through the 1,027 settings on this phone to unblock the most important software piece of Android.

Or what about the app switcher? Have you tried scrolling through it? It jumps from app-to-app by sliding the front-most app half off the screen. It’s impossible to figure out which app the system is trying to highlight or which one you are supposed to be touching. On my Pixel, Google drops down the app you were in (which makes sense because why would you want access to it in the app switcher?) and then lets you control the scroll to decide which app you want. It’s a free scroll from Google, while Samsung put in this jumpy thing that’s too sensitive to swipes and a pain to figure out.

What I’m getting at, even if I’m being ridiculously nitpicky and precise, is that Samsung is overthinking all of this. Be advanced in cameras and audio and in the details you provide for battery life. But unlocking a phone shouldn’t take this much effort. I shouldn’t be presented with scary ass “BLOCK ALL THE THINGS” buttons in my notification area at all times. Stop messing with system functions that work fine, like the app switcher and how it scrolls. Don’t force Bixby on me. Give me a damn opt-out if I want.

galaxy s8 vs pixel

Finally, the Galaxy S8 certainly crushes the Google Pixel in terms of overall design and number of features. I’m not here to deny that at all. But I do have to admit that a part of me wonders how fragile the S8 is. It’s so pretty with all of that glass, that even as water and dust resistant as it is, I worry about drops and banging it on this or that. Not that the Pixel is by any means tough, it’s just that with its traditional bezel amount, my mind is a bit more at ease. Call that a weak excuse, but it’s what I immediately think when looking at the two side-by-side.

In the end, when I compare the Galaxy S8 to the Pixel, those software items I mentioned drive me nuts, for sure. But the Pixel also still has a camera that is equally as good as the S8’s, battery life that’s basically on-par, and I know it’ll get updates every single month, along with the bigger software releases without having to wait 5 or 6 or 7 months. Phones these days are so good, that these little things actually make a difference now. They might not have in 2010, where we all just looked forward to the next powerhouse and dealt with the garbage software experience. Now, everyone’s camera is good, as are the performance and battery lives and designs, for the most part. The little things matter. Google’s Pixel gets them right for me.

  • Chris_K

    Any other location than than the front face of a phone is a weird location for the fingerprint scanner. The back side is the 2nd best and the only 2nd option.
    That said, your opinion is perfectly legitimate. It shouldn’t be this hard to get into your phone and yes, a fraction of a second longer IS TOO LONG.

  • JustNiz

    I need a new phone and I want to love the pixel, I really do, but “No SD slot” directly translates to “No Sale” for me. Also paying $750 for a phone that looks just like a 10 year old iPhone is nuts. I guess I’ll buy the S8 then, but even thats not perfect either since it doesn’t have a user-replaceable battery. I truly wish I hadn’t given my old Samsung S3 to my sister. It had everything I wanted.

  • John S

    Kind of ironic reading this. I agree that Samsung over-thinks things and adds more then it has to on the software side. But I specifically remember you were one of the ones saying you didn’t trust fingerprint readers when I was saying I thought it was the future and an awesome idea. You said you felt more secure sticking to your code or pattern. You also have been one of the most vocal critics of Samsung’s large bezels and the home button. Now they get rid of bezels and you think it might be too fragile lol.

  • Wylecyot

    I was desperately anxious for the S8’s arrival. My Droid Turbo 2 is dying, and neither Motorola nor Verizon will honor the extended warranty since I ordered my phone with the custom design colors (that’s another story). After holding the S8 for a few minutes, I had many of the concerns Kellex mentioned. It’s a beautiful phone to be sure…just may not be the one for me! Does anyone know if there will be a Pixle 2 on the horizon, and if so when it may be launched?

  • ROB

    Imagine if Samsung actually provided timely updates?

  • |KOBALT| ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I’m literally upgrading today and am torn between the two phones. Coming from a 6P that I sold my s7 Edge for.

  • PoisonApple31

    This read was entertaining – over exaggeration. I have an S8+ and after one week I can touch the fingerprint sensor no problems with either index finger. The AOD and lock screen with a secure lockscreen enabled can be quickly handled with the iris scanner or fingerprint sensor. If you aren’t using the iris scanner because of some health issue, than disclose that – either option is super fast and hell on the little S8 it can’t be that hard to reach the fingerprint sensor lol.

    App switcher is a pain on S8/S8+, really? I barely notice a difference between the Pixel and my S8+ – doesn’t hinder me one bit.

    No argument on the smoothness of the Pixel and the amazing camera. Sure, the experience is nice – but the S8 experience isn’t as bad as you make it out to be. I mean ripping on unfinished Bixby just goes to show that you had a hard time even writing this piece.

  • melrakki

    Why are the phones placed on the ground in this review…? Rather than being artsy, isn’t that just asking for them to be scratched or dirtied…

  • nemosfate

    I quit using fingerprint unlock after Virginia made it ok to force someone to unlock their phone with it.

    • AvalancheRyder

      Just reboot your phone if the police are closing in on you. Most devices will require a pin code after reboot.

    • PoisonApple31

      Pro tip – don’t keep incriminating evidence on your phone. Outside of that you aren’t going to be interesting to law enforcement anyway.

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    I think it’s pretty fun watching the differences in opinions in here. Last year was the Gs7. Would I agree, nope! Hands down the note 7. But you could melt your face off with that device…. Don’t Care, still loved it. Have owned several Nexus/pixel devices. Nexus 4,6,6p & pixel XL. Chose note 5 over Nexus 6p. Was using 2 phones at that time and went to one. Have also owned note 2,3,4,5, Gs7 edge, note 7 and now Galaxy S8+. All as Dailey drivers. For me the screen burn and the crap Bluetooth issues with the pixel XL made me run away fast. Still a damn good device! Crazy awesome what Google did this year with the camera! Have been buying and selling phones for years. So play with pretty much everything out there. At this point I’m thinking I’ll stick with Samsung. But I said that last year too… Ready for the 6.5″ note 8 to rule supreme this year!!!

  • instrument

    I really hope the next pixel catches up in design so i can throw this iphone 7+ into a field.

    • David Martrano

      Make it a big field. I had the iphone7 plus for 1 week. I couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. Not a fan of IOS & Siri!

  • geocab

    I’m still patiently waiting for the next Note. I want to upgrade from my N4.

  • Monique Borruso

    My HTC One M9 took a dump last week, so I immediately ran to the Verizon store to look at all the pretty new offerings. I wanted a bigger phone so I looked at the iPhone 7+, but never been an apple fan. The Galaxy S8+ looked ungainly…it’s so tall and narrow. It would probably snap in half if I put it in my back pocket. But the Google Pixel XL looked just right, so I went with it. And am I glad I did! I LOVE the fast response, amazing camera and Google Assistant, which cracks me up with funny if a bit lame, jokes!!! And the fingertip scanner is in the perfect place. The only thing I could possibly miss from my old phone is the boomsound dual stereo speakers. The Pixels sound quality isn’t up to par with that, but I’ll live with it. Happy with my choice!

  • RichHomieGuan

    it’s a 2 sided story and I get both ends of it
    in an ecosystem like Android, in order to stand out as a manufacture you’ll have to bring something different to the table which is exactly the basis of TouchWiz, HTC Sense etc. because then how the hell do you know that you’re using a particular brand? So I get it why Samsung gotta bake in their software and this Bixby thingy… but then again who are we kidding in terms of build and material when it comes to the S8? hands down that thing is straight up sexy, only if they released a Google play version of the S8 I think that’ll fly off the shelves in seconds. So far the only people who seem to be doing this or at least in this particular direction is OnePlus, they stepped their build quality with their third iteration and they still kept the system clean almost stock and to be honest some of the added features are actually quite nice as well

  • Regarding that camera….


  • Brian Diva Cox

    my iris unlocking is pretty fast. sometimes its so fast the eye line up screen dont even get to show up..

  • AvalancheRyder

    “Not that the Pixel is by any means tough, it’s just that with its traditional bezel amount, my mind is a bit more at ease. Call that a weak excuse, but it’s what I immediately think when looking at the two side-by-side.”

    Interesting comment, considering you laughed at a picture of a iPhone next to an S8 just a couple of months ago, yet they both have near identical bezel sizes.


    So the bezels on the iPhone are laughable, yet on the Pixel they’re reassuring? Got it…

  • Xchris

    This nails it for me. I’m not going to slate the S8 because it is a great phone. When I first saw it in a store before launch I just thought wow, that’s cool. If I could afford it I would have it as my ‘play at home’ phone but I would always take the pixel XL out with me because it just feels so right and unfussy. I can never really explain to people why I love the pixel, I just do.

  • Drewzilla

    Meh. I have an S8 because of Samsung Pay. Nobody else is paying me $50 every few months just to use NFC payments. I’ve already made $150 back since it launched. I don’t see the Pixel fronting that.

  • Avinash Jha

    How much did Apple pay you to write this article ? Or Google pay you?

    1) Have you tried iris scanner ? I don’t know how it asks you to align your face/eyes ? My iris scanner works so fast that I haven’t even tried fingerprint sensor even once? It unlocks the phone without having me to align. Get your unit replaced. It’s faulty. Only time iris scanner fails is when I am out in bright sunlight. Then how many times do u just stand in sun ? Is it so painful to use pin or fingerprint (How much awkward it might be placed) for 1 in 50 times ?

    2) Do u even know that you can set up the phone to unlock without having to swipe ? You simply have to press home/tap home/tap notification on AOD and go straight in? Spend more time knowing the customisation options rather than nit-picking for the sake of it. I prefer to swipe and then unlock.U want to go straight to app after unlock. Samsung catered us both. U just need to look at the settings.

    3) why do people criticise Samsung’s long settings menu. Isn’t Android all about customisation option?

    4) what you are saying about Samsung recent app system doesn’t even make sense. And I hope people do not forget that these multi app window which they hail in Nougat or iOS for iPad was 1st implemented by Samsung around 3 years back. Samsung perhaps left it the way it is to make the customers coming from Samsung phones at home. And I belong to the category.

    5) Software update issue. Yes. I agree on it. But again, Samsung has a great great contribution to shape Android the way it is I Nougat. Samsung brought all these options way back. If that takes time to develop, I am okay with it. But again, yes Samsung should update fast.

    6) BIXBY isn’t developed yet fully. Is it so difficult to disable it and live with the phone ?

    7) Camera May not be as good as Pixel. But it’s a great camera. Not everyone has to write reviews and test the camera. For most users, the camera does a great job.

  • I am planing to buy a new phone can anyone suggest me which is better in pixel and s8 . really confused.

    • Flying_Timbus

      wait for the pixel 2 and then decide.

    • PoisonApple31

      go with a flip phone, super cool these days

      • Can u suggest me any model

        • PoisonApple31

          Kyocera DuraXV Plus, Samsung Convoy 4, hell maybe you can activate an LG Scoop from yesteryear.

  • WK

    “On my Pixel, as notifications roll in, I get a black-and-white preview
    of them that I can interact with through a single touch. If I miss that
    happening, a double tap anywhere (not just on a single button) on the
    screen then brings that UI back, which again, allows me easy
    interaction. From there, if I want to, I can get into notifications with
    a double tap (without an extra swipe up) and take care of my business.
    There are no extra barriers or swipes or precise taps or icons that tell
    me nothing.”

    Pretty sure this only applies to people that are using one of the Smart Lock features though. You should probably mention that. I don’t use any of those so I need to use my fingerprint or pattern to unlock my phone every time. What you described does not happen for me on my Pixel XL. When I double-tap my screen to wake, then tap on a notification to open, it will ask me for my pattern or fingerprint before I can get into the app. Super annoying but I’ve learned to deal with it.

  • Alfu Conteh

    Correct, If Google can get their design right in Pixel 2. They could get the best android phone in the market but they will still not sell as much are Samsung does. It will take them years to get to that level.

    • dblock

      Even if they made a phone that would sell as much as a Samsung phone, they clearly don’t have near the stock for that anyways. Google could probably sell more of its phones if it actually had phones to sell.

      • Alfu Conteh

        Haha shots fired. True tho

  • I would’ve gone with the Pixel if not for its greatest flaw: it’s only on Verizon.

    • Stabby McKnifington

      Not sure why you think that. Mine runs on AT&T just fine

      • Well, shucks.
        When did that happen?
        I swear the last time I read about the Pixel, it was Verizon-only.

        • Stabby McKnifington

          It was only sold directly at Verizon. It works on all carriers

        • guest

          how long you have been living in a cave?

      • You’re right.
        After a quick Google search, the Pixel can be bought unlocked from Google and activated on AT&T.
        Wish I had known that earlier so that I could’ve actually made the choice between the two.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the S8+, it’s the best Android phone I’ve ever owned, I just would’ve liked to have been able to know all of my options before going in.
        30 months from now, I’ll be sure to do some more research before committing to a new phone.

        • Stabby McKnifington

          I own a pixel and an s7. I mostly use my s7 as the daily driver. To me, it’s just a preference thing that’s going to be different for everyone.
          I use the S7 mostly because its waterproof (I’m a cyclist in the pacific northwest) and for the camera.

  • Danny R.


  • illregal

    Everyone save the date. Just 5 days to go, May 16th. HTC is gonna blow all ya’ll minds.

  • R. M. H.

    I preordered the Galaxy S8+ Orchid Gray model with T-Mobile. I received it 48 hours before the official release. I had the highest hopes for the device as a longstanding Samsung fan. It severely let me down. I went back to my Google Store purchased Pixel XL. Nothing matches the back end optimization that Google brings to the table. Google makes the most out of slightly aging hardware, whereas Samsung has an entire new frontier of top shelf specs and makes the absolute worst use out of the hardware with their badly optimized software. Between the frame loss, the wonky performance stutters, and frankly a lot of stuff that simply doesn’t work right at this point. They can’t touch the efficiency of the Pixel XL. The XL is a muscle car designed to do one thing and one thing only. Go fast and go REALLY fast, where as the S8+ is more of a luxury sedan that doesn’t necessarily specialize in anything in particular, but does everything to a lesser extent. Pick your poison. To each their own.

    • Pixelfan

      very well said

    • PoisonApple31

      Yes, the Pixel is the smoothest Android phone ever, however the way you describe the S8+, it seems like you really bought an S4. The S8+ is really not that bad. The smoothness of the Pixel is great – but every update brought wonkiness to the Pixel – I mean the thing really is an old iPhone clone. Hold a Pixel near the top of the phone and watch your Bluetooth and whatever other signal weaken like you’ve never seen before – except in an iPhone. It is pathetic. What’s the benefit of running the latest and great software? Apps that aren’t optimized for it that force close all the time. Having apps crash on my Pixel was hilarious – I haven’t seen that since Gingerbread.

      My only point here is that don’t be fooled by the Pixel name and the focus on a “premium line.” They are still test devices with test software just like the Nexus devices were. S8+ – bluetooth works with whatever I throw at it, Pixel – your mileage will vary…

      The only thing that doesn’t work right with the S8+ is Bixby – and who the hell cares about it anyway? No one…

  • Brian Cruz

    My work got me the S8+ and I have had it now for 11 days, this article hit every single nitpicky complaint I had about the S8+ also, its funny it is almost worded the exact same way I explained to my wife. I have really considered returning for the G6 or even the regular Pixel…

  • Mushy Waffle

    I agree, I Love my Pixel, even though it has an ugly face. The pure google experience is for me.

  • Mike Korth

    You can actually disable Bixby pretty easily

  • Angel G Febles

    Notice how in all this that the OnePlus 3/3T isn’t mentioned here. Sorry but the best Android experience for me is OnePlus 3. Pixel doesn’t touch it.

    • Mike

      Let me know when the 3T gets a top tier camera. Hopefully the OnePlus 5 gets it right but until then it doesn’t hit flagship status.

  • Synacks

    Here’s to the Pixel 2 being water resistant and having wireless charging.

    • hkklife

      Pixel 2 predictions:
      -Same storage configurations
      -No Qi
      -No headphone jack
      -Continue the Pixel tradition of great cameras

      I think it’ll essentially be an U 11 without the squeezy stuff and slightly smaller bezels and maybe a small bump in screen size but still 16:9 FF.

  • Sergiy Slobodyan

    Why author doesnt mention that in order to use his favorite Pixel he is forced to get it in the hand. It cant rest on the table or be in car mount? He always has to grab it in order to unlock.

    • illregal

      or he could ya know.. just speak. or double tap the screen…

  • shelooga

    the software is making me miss my nexus 6. but with a little luck we’ll get root on the verizon one and I can tinker all I want

  • Drew5150

    Who cares about finger print reader… They all suck and are unreliable on all phones including apple. Who cares about recent apps, I haven’t ever really needed to bother with them since I set my home screens up in a convienent way. Block notifications… agree but it’s Google’s fault for dumping so many unneeded and unwanted notifications in the first place… too much information… but I agree Samsung’s software isn’t the best and way too bloated. Never been a big fan of stock Android either… it’s missing too much … lol. What was the point of this again?

    • Boomdizzle

      My Pixel XL is the first phone I’ve had with a fingerprint reader and I don’t think I could ever have a phone without it again. Not having to swipe the screen, enter a pattern or a password bc I can just put my finger on the reader that’s perfectly placed on the back is awesome. I almost hate using my wife’s GS7E b/c I have to pick up the phone completely different than mine to use the fingerprint reader. Plus, being able to unlock with the reader and swipe down to pull down the notification drawer is a nice touch so that I’m limiting a few touches on the top and middle of the screen each time which helps it stay a bit cleaner by the end of the day.

  • Jess

    Learn to write without profanity, it requires more thought, and skill. It’s incredibly unprofessional. I’ve lost lots of respect for Droid Life. I won’t be reading anymore.

    • Boomdizzle

      Writing the way he and Tim probably talk is what I like most about DL. It feels like they’re actually telling me about something or talking to me about it instead of just reading a press release from the company. Just my opinion though.

  • Justin Signa

    I like the position of the sensor now.

  • Idon’tknow

    What I like about Droid-Life is that the Tim, Kellen, and Ron all take different stances. They can agree on the undeniably good phones, but they still hold their preferences. For me, Kellen and I share several similar preferences. I actually like a smaller, bare-bones phone with convenient software innovations. The flashlight chop has been sooo convenient. I’ve been a Motorola guy since the beginning of time. I love Lenovo computers, but I started looking around when the moto buyout happened. Still, I bought a droid turbo 2…. I felt like it was trending in the right direction. We carry our phones everywhere. Might as well make them as indestructible as possible. Sure, I get it, it’s not a solid business model to make a product that will last forever because then people won’t have a reason to buy more. There is a need for those types of phones, though. I admit that the droid turbo 2 shattershield technology isn’t great. I fell for the gimmick, but I felt like it came from a good place and I thought the next effort could only be better. I don’t need moto mods, I need waterproof, I need stereo speakers, I need battery life, I need durability, and simplicity. Since I’m on Verizon, I have never had the opportunity to own a Samsung galaxy S# active, but I hope that will change because I can’t find a phone that checks all of these boxes. Sure, the galaxy is waterproof, but these new ones apparently cant take a drop… If you’re going to give me a soap bar, at least make it durable, if you’re going to give me a big phone, don’t make me buy a case to protect it and subsequently make it bigger. Where am I supposed to put these things? A shoulder bag? Anyway, Kellen made some of the same points I have made to my Samsung-using roommate. The stories and photos of shattered S8s doesn’t bode well for me. I’m careful, but accidents happen (first big cell-phone related one for me in over 10 years- a few seconds in water and my droid turbo 2 is toast). I have heard the slightest of rumblings that Verizon is vying for the S8 Active, but I will believe it when I see it. I’m a creature of habit and I’m hesitant to jump into the Samsung software fold… my roommates gps is the worst ever, by the way. You cant always get what you want… moto has always given me what I need. So, until further notice, I’m rocking a 2013 Droid Maxx, loving the size, and going caseless.

    • Boomdizzle

      I’d love one of the Actives as well. I’ve contemplated switching to ATT bc I can get a bundled discount with my U-verse cable and would be able to get an Active, but still haven’t pulled the trigger to leave VZW.

      • idon’tknow

        Verizon has the best coverage in my area or I would be tempted to do the same. Already have AT&T/Directv/U-verse.

  • illregal

    All of these points can be carried over to why every HTC device is better than every samsuck device.

  • disastrousrainbow

    Imo, the S8 nails what Samsung has been trying to do since they started taking the line seriously, which is melding a great design with great software. I’m usually incredibly critical of Samsung software (just look at my comment history), and for good reason, but I can honestly say the S8 is the first Samsung phone that hasn’t made me long for an iPhone or a pure Android experience because it has managed to meet the expectations set by those phones while managing to set itself apart thanks to the redesigned UX.

    I know I’m only nearing a month in, but the phone still feels snappy and responsive, and little details like the animation of the AoD showing up after turning off the screen, edge lighting, and other similar effects just add that dash of fun that Samsung’s been gunning for since the original iPhone came out…and what’s been missing from the previous lineup tbh. The durability of the phone is definitely a cause for concern (having cracked mine already), but the unfortunate truth is that any drop for any phone that’s not a Moto Z Force is a game of Russian Roulette when it comes down to it.

    As for the rest, well, honestly to me some of the stuff Kellex mentioned as “issues” or “nitpicks” sounds more like someone who just hasn’t gotten used to Samsung’s way of doing things. The app switcher is a good example of this. It’s only the fingerprint reader that’s definitely not a good way of doing things. However, this has been alleviated a great deal ever since I got a case that has an individual cutout for it like Samsung’s Protective Covers. Ever since I put that case on my phone, I’ve yet to hit the camera sensor because my finger knows where to go in general, and the case being slightly raised means my finger doesn’t touch the camera lens but rather slides into the fingerprint readers area.

    However, all of this is moot if what you want is a clean, pure Android experience, because the Samsung Experience is not that. But honestly, I can’t say that’s a bad thing, not when the S8 gets so many, many, many things right.

  • DKowalsky2

    Perhaps I should have given the Pixel a try, but for now, I feel like I made the right decision on the S8. I’ve been #TeamGoogle for some time now, but after the fiasco with the Nexus 5x (two bootlooped for me), I had a bad taste left in my mouth with Google having found that product fit to release. Even if it was LG’s fault, it’s on Google to take responsibility for devices sold through their store.

    I’ve always been the tinkerer with ROMs and modifications to the phone, up to and including the recent 5x, but this GS8 is the first time I feel entirely comfortable using the features as they came out of the box and better appreciating great hardware/design over software control. Might the Pixel have slightly better touch latency than the GS8? Sure. Will the new Android features and frequent security updates be a benefit, ensuring you’re on the latest core version of the base software? Undoubtedly. Is the pure Android experience still my favorite, if asked honestly? I’d probably say yes.

    But with the Pixels, Google jumped into the next tier and is no longer the enthusiast’s budget phone, with modest-but-acceptable hardware and a great software experience at a reasonable price point. All things the same price-wise, the added benefit of features like water/dust proofing, wireless charging and Samsung Pay (which is, admittedly, awesome) plus that gorgeous screen are enough to put up with some of Sammy’s idiosyncrasies. Now, if they put out an update that tanks battery life or phone performance and I’m powerless as a user to modify the device accordingly to fix it, I may have a different opinion. Time will tell.

  • Boomdizzle

    Is anyone interested in a free Very Blue Peel case for a regular Pixel? I ordered a Pixel XL case and they shipped me the wrong one and told me to gift the regular Pixel case to a friend, but I literally don’t know a single other person with a regular Pixel. I’ll even ship it to you! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8571280e864fef43d9a3805dccb13d8be1b7e24a27e26b84461a252faafbcd85.png


    The Pixel is no tank, but it definitely isn’t fragile. I dropped mine from the jetbridge to the tarmac (10+ feet from plane door to runway) and, while it was seriously damaged, it still worked. Did I mention that it wasn’t in a case?

  • J

    The curved screens are fragile and expensive to fix, and although they were cool when they first came out, they offer no benefit. Two cracked screens in 18 months on an S6 with the curved screen and I was done. Add to that the junk software that Samsung puts on top of Android (and seems to get slower over time), and I was done. I now have a Pixel, and it does everything I need fast and efficiently. Yes, I miss wireless charging and wish it was waterproof, but that is more than offset by a fast, efficient phone. And I almost didn’t get the pixel because of the fingerprint reader placement, but now I’m a believer and don’t want to go back to a sensor on the front.

    • Cigar Don

      You could add wireless charging to the Pixel with the use of a wireless charging receiver and a case.

    • PoisonApple31

      Two cracked screens in 18 months is wreckless. Why wouldn’t you have gone with a ruggedized device if you are accident prone, seems like a no brainer? The glass on the top of the back of the Pixel is just as fragile as any other glass…

  • schlanz

    Droid Force is still the best phone.

    Clean software
    Great performance
    Great camera
    Great battery
    Best fingerprint scanner I’ve used (others being Note 5 and Pixel)
    Shatterproof mostly justifies not having a case
    Mods are legit- Mophie and car mount are great. Projector is awesome even if it’s more gee whiz than practical.

    Only negative imo is the size.

    • hkklife

      What’s wrong with the size? Too large or too small?

  • vedant kasliwal

    Where can I find the wallpaper on the google pixel in this photo

  • Jay Da Costa

    I’m going to start off by saying I’ve never had a device with a fingerprint reader before my s8+. That said, I don’t understand the fuss about the placement. I find it right away every time without having to search and find it extremely convenient. Maybe that’s because I’m not used to having one anywhere else?

    As for the Bixby button, I’ve remapped it to google maps and it works great. I don’t have to ever see Bixby.

    I do agree with the app switcher, though, it’s too fussy.

  • ” However, if I want to then dive into a notification, with a secure lock screen enabled, Samsung then asks me for another “Swipe screen to open” gesture. Wtf is that?”

    THIS. THIS. This is my biggest (and primary) issue with the S8+. Why can’t I double tap on the notification and it go to the app? That swipe again feature on the lockscreen is pretty damn annoying. And I agree about the always on display is kinda useless. I turned it off.

    As for the fingerprint reader, it’s not that bad being up there, I just had to re-learn with finger/hand. It is annoying when you pick it up with your left hand though, since my index finger has to move over at a weird angle. Come to think of it, didn’t the S5 have a biometric reader integrated with the flash right next to the camera? I wonder if they figured, “hey, let’s just put the FP reader right there!”

    • Aaron T

      It’s a security decision. I’d like the option to change as well though.

  • Trash Trashisfree

    Pixel fails epically. How Google refuses to put a MicroSD card in there phone is beyond me. The 256 Gig micro SD card I have packed full of music is priceless. I have a pixel c tablet which is an awesome device. But in a phone I absolutely have to have Micro SD.

  • Mickey89

    Totally agree! Nothing beats the clean, lean Google version of Android.

    • PoisonApple31

      With bugs galore…because everything is Beta with Google. Or maybe as Apple says – you are just holding it wrong.

  • Barney Frank

    Here are my two cents, pixel is cool but just not quite there yet. S8 is cool, but just as the writer states there are a lot of annoying querky things wrong. The LG G6 I think smacks it right in the sweet spot. It doesn’t have any of the querky issues (specifically bloatware) the S8 does and it’s so much nicer looking than the Pixel while still keeping the true android feel with an awesome camera.

  • Kevin Chaos

    Yeah… what is up the swipe screen to open gesture after tapping on the notification from your lock screen? That is annoying and an unnecessary step. Is there a setting I’m missing?

  • bhillegass

    I agree with the post too. Doesn’t make the S8/+ a bad phone by any means. However, after using both, I longed for the experience on the Pixel. Also, I actually prefer the design of the Pixel! I need a little bezel in my life, and I haven’t found a need for a curved display yet.

  • chris_johns

    Will the verizon version of the s8 get unlocked? I havent flashed a rom in forever (good ol days), but if i do buy this phone, i would like to know if i can throw a nice good old rom to get rid of the samsung nonsense…any input would be lovely (i havent had a sammy since the gnex, woof).

    • PoisonApple31

      go home you’re drunk

  • Harold Asmis

    Thanks for this review.

  • Johnny Clausen

    I just got an S8+ and it’s hands down the greatest hardware I’ve ever held. The fingerprint scanner placement isn’t optimal, but that’s literally all I don’t like. It’s also the first Samsung phone that doesn’t feel like a Samsung phone in the software department. I installed Nova, put a darker, material design theme, and all of a sudden, Touchwiz is gone.

  • Brian Mills

    We live in a day where all flagship phones are only marginally better than another, and that opinion of the best phone is usually based on the functional prioritization of the one who uses it. I use both an iPhone 7 Plus and a Moto Z Force, iPhone because of simplicity, the way it works with AirPods, Car Play, MacBook etc… I use Moto Z Force because of the software and it is built like a tank. I don’t even really use the mods. I actually have a Gear S2 paired to it because Moto is my work phone and I don’t always like carrying 2 phones. That doesn’t make me a fan boy, these devices just work well in my digital world. I don’t get all the arguing that people do in these sites, it reads quite juvenile. My next phone will probably be the Pixel 2, based on software and speed of phone. I just didn’t like the design this time around, always scared of a first generation product.

  • Dan

    I hated Pixel personally.

    • Dan

      Besides Voice Rec.. Sammy still sucks at that.

  • Armorthane

    Switched from a Pixel XL 128 to an S8+ and couldn’t be happier. I use my phone for work first and foremost and then personal stuff. With my Pixel I bet 95% or more of my phone calls would be answered by my Bluetooth headset and then IMMEDIATELY transfer back to the phone so I had to take the phone out of my pocket and switch it back to Bluetooth. The S8+ has the battery extender which I always use. I work outside and really tell the difference between 720P and 1440P. I also turn the processor down 30% and notice no difference. Little stuff like that is what makes the S8+ a better choice for me. Sure I’ll turn the resolution and performance back up when I’m not working but for work, battery life is KEY and not much else.

  • Cakefish

    Interesting, I get NOTI. SETTINGS and CLEAR instead of the BLOCK NOTIFICATIONS and CLEAR ALL that you get. I have an unlocked UK Galaxy S7, so either it’s an S8 thing or a US carrier thing. I’m personally betting on the latter.

    I have no trouble navigating the app switcher UI at all. I agree with the rest of your points though.

  • Flojd

    I can tell you first hand how incredibly fragile S8 is. Mine slid off the couch armrest onto the floor and the bottom right of the screen completely shattered. This was with a supposedly shock absorbing case on, and only a day after I got it. Beautiful phone, super fast and full of features but the built quality is very disappointing. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/67c6ea7bcc258c5323d08848f17752d22f8b406d5f5b65a2b616d673706c25bb.jpg

    • Douglass Price

      That’s going to cost a fortune to get fixed.

      • Flojd

        It did……IMV, if it breaks so easily it’s a defective unit, but Samsung didn’t care.

    • PoisonApple31

      I had a similar situation, although my S8+ was fine – no cracks at all. It did make me invest in a Spigen Liquid Armor case after that incident though.

  • Tim

    You know, you can change the ui from Sam’s too googles clean ver

  • AWiOS

    This half baked articl. Editor did not understand always on cconcep and confused comparison with pixel lock screen. As per as swipe , that is to avoid accidental touches ….i hate them on my pixel and glad s8 had some if not perfect solution.

  • Ismail Akram

    I have S8+ and I’m also facing same issues like fingerprint sensor placement, AOD I turned off cuz it was pretty useless for me, when quiet replying to message send icon/button is so small and mostly it gets cleared instead of sending. that is not only my issue. I feel like phone is dragging the UI especially when I even I unlock the phone and scroll on my Pixel I see what I’m missing, BTW even S8 takes great pictures but I still prefer Pixel over S8 especially for picture of people. Also Animations are slow on S8 so I’ve to increase speed. S8 stutters on daily bases for me. and often keyboard delay when you tap on input. Well I love the design, Display, Feel and vibration motor, even black theme looks so dope but when I use, I feels I’m not getting the performance or experience I got from Pixel. and before buying S8+ I had iPhone 7+ and Pixel XL and I’ve sold iPhone 7+ for S8

    • hkklife

      S8+ here. Overall, the formfactor and hardware have wildly exceeded my expectations.

      I agree that the fingerprint sensor placement is absolutely horrendous. My V20 was *PERFECT* with it speed, accuracy, and placement on the rear.

      I think the Pixel’s camera is still superior to the S8. The S8’s camera is great, yes, but it’s not the leap forward like I was hoping for. It’s a lot faster to launch and shot to shot than my past 2 LGs which is a huge plus for me. A lot of the changes made to the native PIM apps (calendar, contacts etc) seem like they were changes made for the sake of altering something and not improving usability.

      I hate all of the feature-creep and bloat Samsung is forcing on us like Bixby Vision in the camera app. And Samsung relaced Flipboard Magazine on the home screen with the only that could be more annoying and invasive (Hello Bixby). I think the S8 line is one or two software updates away from absolute greatness. Whether or Samsung is committed to making those changes is up to them.

      • PoisonApple31

        Other than a pop up the first time I used the Camera app – Bixby hasn’t bothered me at all. I bumped the Bixby button in the first couple of days, but that never happens anymore – I don’t even realize it is there now.

    • PoisonApple31

      Keyboard delay? Why the hell are you using the stock keyboard? I thought that was a no brainer with any Samsung device. Love Gboard on the my S8+.

  • Leonid

    Good for you then keep using Google pixel…. Thanks for letting me know what’s annoying for you on daily basis… You made my day brighter…. Thanks

  • ATAVU5

    Totally agree with your assessment. Nice touch on the disclaimer at the beginning too.

  • Atoqir

    Well tastes differ. I have nougat on my s6 with all the s8 stock apps except camera and for me it is the most pretty and most functional Android version I ever used. Everything is consistent looking and the addition by Samsung are very good. Also apps are very well optimizes. Chrome is really bad when you have used samsung browser with and adblock and PIP extension.

  • Walka

    I don’t know why US phone users are obsessed with Google pixel blablabla. I wasted my money on the pixel and had to sell it for cheap. I’m in Africa. The phone looks damn ugly expecially from the front. On the software side it’s just stock Android and the display of ambient notification is just plain stupid compared to other Moto and the 1+3 I currently use. I always missed the ambient display on pixel cos there was no wave gesture ( WTF?). Samsung overdo things , yes, and that’s why the note 4 was my last Sammy phone. But if Google was Korean and Samsung American or any Western, you guys will be hailing the INNOVATION like how the iPhones are overhyped and the pixel wouldn’t have been a match at all. The s8 is the best phone on planet Earth now. Deal with it

  • samster11

    Agree 100%. Pixel (XL) is the best phone I’ve ever used. Excellent camera, battery and slick smooth UI.

    And Samsung continue to fragment the Android area with [email protected] like Bixby.

  • Ryan Batty

    The GS8 is “the phone of things.” Samsung threw in the kitchen sink, but none of the features for me are must haves. Many of the features I don’t see as enhancing the user experience.
    The Pixel XL is a great phone that love using day to day. It does stuff without lag, I know I’m going to have the latest and greatest Android has to offer, and the camera is great. I honestly don’t need “stuff and things.” The biggest deal breaker for the S8 is the gimmick known as edge display. No reason for the curves.

  • Keith Champion

    Scheduling a text is gone. One of my favorite features from Note 5.

    • PoisonApple31

      Which texting app are you using? Because it is on the stock Samsung Messenging app…perhaps you don’t know where to find it?

  • Cruiserdude

    I agree with this, nothing beats clean, “stock” Google Android from a performance and usability standpoint, and personally I find the aesthetic much more pleasing and cohesive as well. Ever since my first Android phone, a Samsung Droid Charge, got an experimental build of AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich, I have been hooked. Since then, on every device I have purchased I have immediately removed the manufacturer software and installed an available AOSP based rom of various origins.

    There was a time when I could choose top of the line hardware that I liked the best, which happened to be the Samsung Galaxy S line, and put something much closer to stock Google Android on it without issue. Since the S4s later updates, this has not been possible with Samsung devices since, and each one has been an increasingly beautiful slab until you unlock it, at which point it’s myriad redundant features, confusing UI, and disappointing performance immediately kill any desire the hardware may have incited.

    Last year I finally gave up my G3 and got a Nexus 5X, and despite its weaker specs on paper in every way, and numerous reports of slow performance, I have never been happier with a device. Finally I can just pick it up and use it, and it’s already setup exactly how I want it. The comparison to the iPhone is not a bad thing, it’s accurate. Many may not like the fruity device, but its simple, easy to use, almost never lags, provides an optimized, cohesive experience as the manufacturer intended, and is updated immediately to the latest versions. The Pixel only needs to make up ground in product lifespan (Apple devices are 5 years) while staying true to the Android ethos. Here’s hoping for a new Pixel with slimmer bezels, a better battery, and waterproof design by the time my Nexus5X finally kicks it.

  • Major Sceptic

    Regarding durability of either device in a drop , glass by it’s very nature is always going to be a matter of luck whether it survives or not .
    I saw a reviewer stand a pixel xl up on a table …….. The device fell over on the perfectly flat table top on its back , not even being dropped but just falling over in its own height , and the glass on the back cracked in a big way .
    If your silly enough to not have a case or urethane skin on a device with delicate glass on it and drop it ……. well it’s all on you.

  • Jer

    Having been a huge fan and loved every Note since the Note, it was with plenty of angst I had to move to a Pixel XL. Since then my better half got the S8+, so I have plenty of data to support my opinion. Begin by saying I use every productivity application to its fullest on these devices. I’m not out there tweedle beetling or instasnapping, but I am running a business on G suite, coordinating calendars, projects, tasks and singing /executing contracts while collaborating on all of the above in real time when I’m not in a position to use a laptop or equivalent. I have found that there is no comparison between the raw efficiencies of the Pixel and the lumbering mass of duplicative software on a Samsung. I can’t vouch for how devices compare with respect to many social networking apps, but I can say that for business and productivity the Pixel is remarkably responsive and efficient. There are a few bells and whistles I miss (e.g., scroll capture for easy copy and paste into a proposal is one among them), and I can’t stand the Pixel’s gargantuan bezels, but I’ve used the S8+ enough to decide I’m sticking with the Pixel… At least until the Note 8 arrives when we’ll also know more about the Pixel 2.

  • Lee French

    Totally agree. I bought the S8 but sent it back after 3 days because my pixel XL was much better to use

    • Ismail Akram

      User Experience is better on Pixel but Design and Hardware experience is superior on S8+.

  • Arthur

    My biggest gripe is “Okay Google” not working with screen off on the s8. It really grinds my gears.

  • Doomsday

    Samsung’s Os is fine. I don’t understand the hate besides the Bixby button. The main feature for me that gravitated me to the s8 versus the pixel is samsung pay. I love it.

  • Kevin M.

    Great Article!!! As a prior owner of an S7, Note 4 , LG G5 along with my interaction with the S8 I definitely agree with this article. Both phones are great but some people don’t like to hear why someone hasn’t chosen the phone they have but each phone isn’t for everyone. Until getting my Lg G5 I never realized how convenient it was to have the fingerprint scanner on the back middle of the phone …it just feels natural. I think the S8 is a great looking phone and as usual it is feature packed. However every year I bought Samsung it was like a science project. I rooted some to enhance the Samsung bloat/ user experience. I bragged about many features however I realized that I only utilized a few. I was going to buy the note 7 and thought the iris scanner/ face unlock was so cool but after owning my Pixel all I need is my convienant placed fingerprint scanner and voice unlock with “ok Google”. I actually do a lot on my phone and the Google Pixel XL just seems to work well consistently. I never thought I would choose a phone without an SD slot but it has not been missed at all. Water resistance would be my only real complaint but Google user experience has won me over at this point.

  • Jinxed

    The Samsung S8 is a total disappointment. Upgraded 5 phones in our household to S8’s only to have 2 cracked screens within 2 weeks! Incidental drops of less than 2 feet…thats all it took. Contacted Samsung to have the rep tell me some people have bad luck. Nothing wrong with my luck…they have a new product with defects beyond belief and agreed…the fingerprint scanner is useless! Stick with what you have people!

    • trevorsalienarms

      User name checks out.

    • PoisonApple31

      lol – defects? No, you knew what you were buying into – that’s on you and your household.

  • Jon Langevin

    I’ve had the s8+ since launch, love it. I had trouble with fingerprint reader, but with a cover installed, I find the reader easily now.

    Also, iris detection works quite well. And I’m guessing you’re not using a smart watch? That can be used for smart lock as well…

  • Douglass Price

    Owned an iPhone 6 plus 128gb, owned two Note 7’s. Had no choice but to buy a Pixel XL and I was pissed! Turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The Pixel XL is by far the best device I have ever owned.

  • trevorsalienarms

    Just lol. First rule of comparing products on the internet: anything older and/or more obscure is always better.

    IP68, SD card, Samsung Pay. Those three features alone are worth more than any OCD based obsession over UI. You had to click a different menu? Oh the humanity.

  • yummy

    I thought B+xby LIKED being sh*te on? Yeah, Bixby is a super freak, hes super freaky

  • Inajet

    Same here, I just cannot see my self part with Pixel XL for the s8. I probably will though after the Pixel 2 XL comes out.

  • heldadavid

    Why can’t Kellen just say it… he
    doesn’t like the S8. You’re in good company . The S8 is an unfinished , but stunning concept . Pixel and 3T are just better and smoother to use .

  • Eric

    I love how I said on the DL show that the fingerprint reader on the S8 is in a terrible spot and will ruin the experience compared to the G6 and you guys argued with me. Now you say the same thing I did only with the Pixel instead. Hypocrisy at its best LOL!

  • mac103

    The screen edge distortion drives me nuts, that alone is a no buy for me, among all of your other points.

  • Butane87

    I agree completely. I have both devices. I use the S8 as my daily driver though simply for Samsung pay and the reward I get for using it. If Google would give me free Best buy gift cards for using Android pay then I’d change in a heartbeat.

  • Brock Dawkins

    I agree with some parts, but the battery life plus the design of the s8 is just too good. I get zero lag, zero. browsing and watching videos on the s8 with next to no bezels is amazing. You are right about the app switcher though, Jesus. Pixel camera easily beats it too, even though the s8 camera is great and gets the job more than done.

  • Jacob Svonavec

    My S8+ is cool but had to have the pixel launcher…I prefer stock for sure. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e498a93d9afb871c851f3ffe5e104ebf65cde934e6fa79eceef473179d70edde.png

  • Gekko

    Skins and Bloatware and Slow/No OS Updates kills it for me.

    • MicroNix

      Wow, did you copy that from a 2010 post?

      • Rod

        Still valid.

        • MicroNix

          Maybe with the snapdragon models but not with the Exynos procs.

          • Rod

            How not?

      • Ismail Akram

        Its true, for me weakest part on S8+ is UI, its not smooth, animations are slow(which I’ve increased speed), keyboard delay, I don’t mind bloats, but updates matters, but what matter more than update is UX and after using iPhone 7+ and Pixel XL, S8 is better in most area except for performance (not talking about raw performance but daily use performance and experience)

  • Rick

    Yes you are bitching about minor, very minor shit/issues

    • illregal

      the usability of the device.. Very minor.

      • trevorsalienarms

        “Usability” is a bit of a stretch.

        • illregal

          Trouble holding the device because of its stupid curves. Trouble unlocking device. Trouble seeing the edges of the screen because of previously mentioned curves. Skips and stutters and the inability to keep anything in memory. Doesn’t seem like a stretch in the least.

  • thereasoner

    They’re both great devices with advantages over the other and the best depending on your preferences. I’m loving my Pixel currently but I’d also love the S8, albeit for different reasons.

  • Well, there are several reasons why the Galaxy S8+ (that i have now) is much better than the Pixel XL.

    1. Galaxy S8+ is IP68 certified.
    2. Galaxy S8+ does have a MicroSD card support.
    3. Galaxy S8+ does have Bluetooth 5.0 that let’s you stream to 2 different Bluetooth devices at the same time.
    4. Galaxy S8+ have a 6.2 inch screen while the Pixel XL only have a 5.5 inch screen. The Pixel XL looks like a fat hippo while both phones are in the same size. Galaxy S8+ has 84.0% screen-to-body ratio while the Pixel XL only have 71.2% screen-to-body ratio.
    5. Galaxy S8+ have alot of nifty and nice features. Stock Android are way to barebone and boring.
    6. Galaxy S8+ has an Iris-scanner and facial recognition.
    7. Galaxy S8+ has Dual Pixel autofocus while the Pixel XL have a slow autofocus on the camera compared to the Galaxy S8+.
    8. Galaxy S8+ has Gorilla Glass 5 while Pixel XL only have Gorilla GLass 4.
    9. Galaxy S8+ has a waaaaay better internal DAC for listening to music via the 3.5mm headphone jack over what the Pixel XL has.
    10. Galaxy S8+ has USB 3.1 Type-C while Pixel XL only have USB 3.0 Type-C.
    11. Galaxy S8+ does have Samsung DeX (desktop experience support).
    12. Galaxy S8+ has Qi/PMA fast wireless charging.
    13. Galaxy S8+ has one of the best brightness and sun contrast ratio on the screen.
    14. Galaxy S8+ has way better battery life than the Pixel XL, by far. I have pictures of my battery life on my Galaxy S8+ if you need evidence on that.

    So because of those things, i see no reasons why the Pixel XL would even come close to be as good as the Galaxy S8+ overall.

    • StankyChikin

      I think that he already said that the S8 is better than the Pixel.

      • Yeah he did. But i at least said why i wouldn’t choose the Pixel XL though 🙂

    • Douglass Price

      And the Pixel XL still destroys your phone in terms of operating system and camera, but cool story bro.

      • tnt

        It doesn’t “destroy” the camera and you know that. And I get the operating system argument, but there’s definitely a counter-argument to be made for getting the bugs/kinks worked out (like bluetooth for example).

        • Ismail Akram

          I’ve Pixel XL and S8+ but when it comes to taking photos(people photos) I always prefer Pixel. cuz pictures are not soft as on S8.

          • tnt

            In some scenarios, yes. But the Pixel also tends to struggle a bit with focusing on the right subject in the photo. So six in one, half a dozen in the other…

          • Ismail Akram

            I was very specific about people photos and mostly Pixel will be supervisor in that

          • tnt

            My personal experience for photos (mainly of my kids) has been different. Don’t get me wrong, the Pixel takes some great shots. But it’s auto-focus isn’t near as “smart” as the S8’s (which isn’t perfect either).

          • Ismail Akram

            Do you know S8 takes pictures slower than Pixel. With Pixel Everytime you hit shutter button it takes pictures but on S8 there is delay

          • tnt

            Yes I’m aware of that. Though I’d be willing to bet the difference is minimal at best as the S8 has been instantaneous for me. The S8 also auto-focuses faster.
            I’m not trying to say the Pixel is a bad camera – it’s an awesome camera. I’m just saying they both have their strengths and both have weaknesses as well. One is not significantly better than the other.

          • Ismail Akram

            It depends per person like I can feel S8+ plus is slow and far from smooth. S8 camera shutter have delay but many can’t so it matters to me and when good picture comes from both phone of my kids it’s Pixel I like to keep cuz they have details

        • illregal

          Yes. it does.

          • tnt

            Ok. *eye roll*

          • illregal

            Even the g6 destroys the s8.

          • tnt

            I don’t disagree that they’re (S6 / Pixel) better in some scenarios, I just take issue with the use of the word “destroy”.

      • The camera on the Galaxy S8+ is better at something while the Pixel XL is better at something else again. It depends on what you prefer of the good and bad sides of each phones in the camera.

        When it comes to the OS itself, then a stock Android is to barebone and boring. And being first on getting the latest Android version is something i call for being a big beta tester for Google. I’m just glad i can avoid getting those million bugs a new ANdroid version usually comes with in the beginning.

        • cyberb0b

          How is stock android boring? I though the point of android was that everything was customizable? Do you think is easier to customize a Samsung decide than a Pixel?

          • Yeah, it’s in fact easier to customize a Samsung device, specially when you think about theming. Samsung have the best theming engine between all of the other brands who sells Android phones.

        • David Martrano

          I think we’re talking the two best camera’s in the marketplace. Both with pros & cons. You can’t go wrong with either or. It’s just a matter of preference!

    • Rod

      So, when does it get Android O?

      • billy routh

        Android O will be just like every other version of Android. Adding features that was already available on a skinned version of Android.

        • Rod

          You mean, native features that will work better than an OEM’s quick fix? I agree.

      • Ismail Akram

        its 6.2″ inches display is actually something like 5.9″ display(if ratio are altered to 16/9) so actually its big but not area of 6.2″ phone

        • Rod

          I think you’ve responded to the wrong person, mate.

      • When it’s ready. I’m not the kind of person who are looking to get the latest Android version right away, because Android N is extremely good to begin with so we can wait some few months extra on it. We wont miss out on much in those extra months we are waiting anyways.

        I’ll rarher wait 4-6 months extra to get the extra awesome features Samsung gives us on their firmwares over getting something right away that is barebone and boring and probably have a billion bugs.

        • Rod

          Meanwhile, iPhone owners don’t need to come up with an excuse for not being ignored by the OEM who got their hard earned cash.

          • Who cares about the updates for iPhones?

            iOS is stripped of the most basic features Android have had for years. So why does it matter that iPhone users gets their update right away when they are like 3-4 years behind Android in features anyways?

          • Rod

            Those who care about having an updated file system, updated kernel, updated drivers, up-to-date security and APIs?

          • Updated security is something we with Android gets outside of the actual OS updates. Samsung gets updates both via a seperate security update process and security updates via Google Play-services.

            And when it comes to updaing the rest of the smaller things, then Samsung have released 2 normal updates to my Galaxy S8+ so far since it came out with updates to the performance and other things.

            So Samsung is good at doing those kind of updates. It’s just the updates when there is a new Android version out that they might be a bit slow. But i’ll rather have things slow with tons of nice features over having an update like that right away that can contain a million bugs and missing alot of features.

          • Rod

            It’s good when your phone is the latest flagship. Are the S6/7 getting monthly security patches?

      • trevorsalienarms

        Who cares?

        • cyberb0b

          Only tech savvy people who are on android for reasons other than it was the cheapest phone they could get on their carrier.

        • Rod

          Those who pay a significant amount of cash for a phone, expect it to be well supported, just like the iPhones do.

          • trevorsalienarms

            “well supported”

    • illregal

      All ruined by a laggy piece of junk.

      • It’s pretty obvious that you have never used a Galaxy S8 / S8+, EVER.

        • illregal

          I use everything. Which is why I can have a valid opinion. Never used a samsung as a daily driver though, because i have taste and requirements.

          • Well, when that’s said, i have been using Samsungs best phones every year since 2011. So i think i have the better experience and i think i have more to say about how the Samsung Experience is today compared to how TouchWiz, or even Grace UX has been before.

          • illregal

            No, since you only use samsungs you have no valid opinion because you have nothing to compare it to. You don’t see lag, because you’re so used to it. You basically don’t know what you’re missing.

          • So you are saying i don’t know what i’m talking about and don’t have experience when it comes to Samsung phones when i have been using their best high-end smartphones constantly since 2011?

            I would rather say i’m highly experienced in that field because of exactly that.

          • illregal

            That’s not at all what I said. I would say you don’t notice the issues. Because that’s the only thing you’ve used. Whereas everyone who has used superior devices, can instantly pick one up and list off the problems.

          • Well, every phones have it’s own problems, so no matter what phone you are using, you will come over issues no matter what.

          • MicroNix

            Your weekly reboots to keep the phone operating “fast” amuse me.

          • illregal

            Have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • MicroNix

            Absolutely. Do you?

          • illregal

            drugs are bad mmkay.

          • MicroNix

            Of course you do. Really, we believe you (wink wink)

        • deadpenguins

          Just wait until the honeymoon period is over. Between my 4 close friends who have owned Samsung phones since the s3, they all constantly complain about how laggy and buggy it gets after 6-12 months. Every. Single. Time. I really thought this was going to change with the S7, but my fiance has had her’s for 8 months and it already needs to be rebooted multiple times a week and freezes all the time (as well as losing 10% battery an hour sitting on a desk).

          These things may not happen to you, however unlikely, but you can’t deny that there is a very serious flaw in Samsung software.

  • James

    I love Samsung Pay as well, which is why I just had to get at Gear S3 Frontier to go along with my Pixel.

  • StankyChikin

    Would love to see the Pixel 2 have the G6 form factor.

  • eric messenger

    This is the same argument that has been made against Samsung for years. Samsung makes great hardware but most of their software is just garbage, over engineered or complete unnecessary and redundant. I know Samsung pay is good and the camera app is good but get rid of everything else.

  • Chris

    I had an S4 (work) and Nexus 5 (personal) at the same time, and I pretty much decided then that I’d never purchase a Samsung phone for myself if they kept going the same direction with their software. I’ve played with newer models (though not the S8 yet) and I have yet to change my mind. I was pretty upset with Google for the pricing of the Pixel XL, but I simply couldn’t find anything else that was as appealing software-wise. Sure, it’s got enormous bezels and is kind of weird looking, but I generally spend my time using the phone, not critiquing its design. And if an extra few hundred is what it takes to have a phone that doesn’t bend, boot loop, or have a battery that only lasts a year (see Nexus 6P, though mine only had one of those 3 issues), I guess it’s money well spent.

  • SimplytheBest

    I went from a Nexus 6 to a S8+ (although I’ve been anti-Samsung since the S4) and I’m impressed. My only issue besides being scared to look at it too harshly, lest it shatter into 1000 pieces is that I didn’t get any type of promotional offer having spent nearly $850. I was a week late for the free Gear Vr and a week early for the current Netflix/64 gb memory card promotion and Samsung won’t relent. Therefore I have to return the phone to my carrier, reactivate my Nexus and repurchase the S8+ to be eligible. I’m not asking for a free phone, just something to ease the sting of the price tag. All that aside though the phone is amazing, I used Google Now as a launcher but switched to Nova Prime to recreate the look and feel of the Nexus 6, running stock Android (unlocked and rooted of course) and the S8+ looks and feels nearly identical, although much, much faster and smoother. The fingerprint sensor had me worried at first but having used a large phone like the Nexus has made the transition painless. I’ve registered 4 fingerprints (index and middle on both hands) and it feels almost natural after having the Nexus for so long. If you’re on the fence because of this, don’t let it dissuade you especially if you’re used to a super-sized phone. It’s become easier and easier the more I use it and honestly doesn’t require advanced finger gymnastics.

  • roberthenderson

    Too expensive
    Should have a free extended warrant due to last year’s $hit show
    Not enough camera upgrade for the price
    Should have front speakers
    Screen ratio is too extreme (17:9 or even 18:9 would be less jarring)
    TouchWiz lag will hit within a couple of months & there won’t be a [email protected] thing you can do about it EXCEPT buy their next phone

    • KleenDroid

      You are uninformed in your statement that there is nothing you can do about lag.

      Maybe what you meant to say is that there isn’t anything “you” know how to do to fix it.

      • Ismail Akram

        Well S8+ lags for sure, which I calls stutter, its UI is far from smooth and I can bet it won’t come in top 5 of smoothest phones.

    • trevorsalienarms

      Pixel just as costly, but with a ton less features.

  • Angryman82

    To each his own. I had so many Bluetooth issues using a Pixel in my Ford that I simply gave up. The S8 is an awesome piece of tech, even with a few short comings. The Bluetooth is flawless. It’s lightning quick. Great battery life. Yeah, the fingerprint sensor sucks, but the iris scanner and facial recognition work fine. IMO, could not go back to a Pixel.

    • Douglass Price

      It’s not because of the Pixel, it’s because you bought a Ford.

      • Angryman82

        Ha, nice. Could be. Although I’ve used three Galaxy devices, Pixel, several Nexus devices with their cars and there’s definitely a pattern — the Google phones have bluetooth issues. Now, whether that’s because Ford doesn’t put effort into their code for Google, or because Google has bluetooth issues, I don’t know. What I do know is that the last 3 Galaxy phones have been night and day better than Nexus and Pixel for me in this department.

    • jbprice

      I’ve had zero BT issues with my car, but wasn’t an early adopter of the Pixel. If not mistaken, Google pushed out an update to address the BT issue.

  • Justin Martin

    Totally agree, and now that I have my LG Watch Sport, it’s the perfect match. I’m set on tech for a while.

  • Defenestratus

    Funny – I’m the exact opposite. I was 100% on board the nexus train up until the Pixel dropped. For the price they were charging for that phone I just didn’t see the value proposition argument they were trying to make. Assistant was, and still is – a largely useless tool compared to the utility of google now – and the form factor, ridiculously small screensize, lack of key competitor features kept me away from the Pixel.

    I picked up an S8+ on release day and couldn’t be happier. Whereas my Nexus 6P couldn’t make it through the day without shutting itself down – my S8+ lasts 2 solid days before needing to be charged. The form factor is amazing – and when I pickup a another phone it just feels *old fashioned*. I’ve disabled some of the annoying samsung software features with package disabler and I’ve put the google launcher (not the stupid pixel one) on it so all is good.

    In the end, unlike on my Nexus 6P – things just *work* on the S8+. I don’t get stupid error messages saying “can’t connect to camera” anymore like I did on my nexus. My phone doesn’t randomly shut down. I get consistently amazing signal and download speeds that are unreal. Finally – I got my FREE Gear VR in the mail yesterday – and while it’s not a huge feature, its cool enough that I’ll be using it for plane trips and such.

    All in all I couldn’t be more pleased leaving the Google hardware ecosystem. Their software experience is never as smooth and polished as people proclaim it to be – and I’m honestly a bit tired of being a beta tester for Android. I’d rather wait for the bugs to get worked out and QA tested by Verizon for months before my phone is updated – I just want it to work. I realized that I just *didn’t care* about being on the latest version when the Nougat update came out with the fingerprint swipe gesture. I thought I had to have it. Then I got it on my 6P…. and then proceeded to never use it. Just like app shortcuts. Nifty little gimmick but totally not worthwhile sacrificing having a stable software experience to get.

    • MicroNix

      How refreshing!

      I’d pit my S7 Edge against any Pixel or Nexus for up time without slow downs or issues. And my BT just works. Every time. I have NEVER experienced a random reboot, a shutdown at 20% battery, etc. This thing is bulletproof. Any time there is an article about a bug fix for a Nexus or Pixel you see everyone come out of the woodwork with their issues but any other article, especially ones that pit the Google phone against Samsung, Nexus/Pixel owners will swear up and down that they don’t experience any of the rampant issues….until the next bug fix article 🙂

    • trevorsalienarms

      This x1000. People love to claim that stock Android is this utopian world in which everything is always perfect all the time, but that’s just *not* the case.

      And as for getting updates first…it will never, ever be as important to me as having a device I actually like looking at and using. Ever.

    • tnt

      “MY BLUETOOTH ACTUALLY FREAKIN WORKS IN MY CAR” – this alone has kept me away from the Pixel and other stock Android devices and likely won’t be going back any time soon. I would have to completely turn off/on my car to get it working right again when I had the Pixel as it would lock up the entire system – and this was three different Pixels and after a couple of updates that supposedly fixed them. We bitch and moan about carrier and oem delays on Android updates, but carriers and oems make basic functionality work when stock Android can’t.

      • Boomdizzle

        Lucky for me my car is old enough that it only has a 3.5mm aux in and no bluetooth so I haven’t had to deal with the BT issues. I think the only hiccup it has ever had was on vacation I drove my wife’s grandpa’s Subaru down there and back and had my Pixel connected to it. One day it was connected but would not play any sound until I restarted the phone and it worked the rest of the time. I’m sure that is the issue everyone has been having but lucky for me I don’t have to deal with it a whole lot. It also connects to my Moto360 and bluetooth phone thing on my visor every time without issue, so I’ve had basically no issues.

        • tnt

          Yeah I think I had exceptionally bad luck (though my car is pretty common), but unfortunately for the Pixel, a phone is much easier to change than a car. 🙂

    • Alex O’Brien

      I too came from the Nexus 6p. I actually bought the first Nexus from HTC when it came out. I love stock Android. But, Pixel not coming with IP68 and the iPhone look alike design was a deal breaker. Couldn’t be happier with the S8+ and I’m surprised at how many features I use that aren’t included in stock Android.

      • Alex O’Brien

        Also, the fingerprint reader is not at all hard to use. I’m coming from Nexus 6p where it’s right in the back middle of the phone. Maybe the reviewers who ALL complained about it have small hands?

    • PoisonApple31

      Finally someone gets it!

  • it’s me tim-cock.

    This article is shark bait for the pure android sharks of whom this site is infested with. Outside of here The difference is astonishing! And it’s not in the favor of the pixel.

    • southerndinner

      I don’t think so. I like the S8 a lot more than Pixel but I still appreciate articles like this, he had detailed reasons and it was compelling enough to read the whole thing.

  • Kregstrong

    Bought a Gs8+ on vzw,. Used it for a week, sent it back and back on my pixel XL one of the biggest things that bothered me that I never see mentioned is the scrolling on Galaxy phones, I think they tried to copy iPhone or something cause it just keeps gliding and most the time it semi chops, pixel has a nice brake in scrolling that I love, not sure why but that’s one of my biggest problems, and the unlock thing

  • droidbeat

    Bravo! Well said.

  • Matthew

    Yes, Kellex. I’m 100% with you Google makes the best version of Android. I had a S7 edge for about a week and went absolutely crazy with the TouchWiz OS. Why does Samsung feel the need to create every app that Google already has? Samsung pay = Google pay, Bixie = Google Assistant, Samsung messenger = Google messenger the list goes on and on… Development tools did not work properly on TouchWiz either, I use Bluetooth in the car a lot and the absolute Volume notification is a PITA! Most Android phones you can disable this feature by the simple click in development tools. But not on Samsung, the S7 totally ignored this feature and wouldn’t stick between reboots. Give me AOSP or give me death.

    • Turb0wned

      Samsung pay does not equal “Google pay.” Samsung pay is by far the best model payment system in the world.

      • Matthew

        Meh, I don’t use any NFC payment from my phone. Would rather have the protection from my actual card, read your terms and agreement most don’t coverage fraud if a third party app/system is used, plus I get 1% cash back on everything with my card and if I used Google pay or Samsung pay I don’t get this either. 0 for 2

        • luis yunda

          I get my 3x points on my chase card when I use Samsung Pay on the vending machines.

        • PoisonApple31

          Then problem lies with your card, not Samsung Pay.

  • mcdonsco

    Really looking forward to the next pixel and I hear it’s supposed to be released earlier than last year’s so before October?

  • I went from a Nexus 6P to an S8, I really don’t know what the fuss is all about with the fingerprint reader. I now move my finger slightly more to the left… it’s still just as easy to use.

    • Turb0wned

      Samsung Haters find anything at all to cry about. They became worst than the hardcore iPhone users.

      • 30014

        Pixel Haters find anything at all to cry about. They became worst than the hardcore iPhone users. There, fixed it for you.

      • illregal

        Samsung apologist, wearing blinders.

    • Defenestratus

      I went from the 6P to the S8+ and the fingerprint reader issue is only a problem for people who use a different phone every week. Within the first few tries my muscle memory had figured out where it was.

      • Brian M Gray

        i wish the s8+ could be used on project fi

      • It works perfect for me. I m tall. Placement dream.

  • Alex S

    I totally made a reddit post that featured the SAME complaint about the lock screen! How did they think it was passable to stick in a BLANK SCREEN that just says “swipe to unlock”. Samsung has come a long way but geezus if they aren’t dumb about UX sometimes.

    • Defenestratus

      just turn off the always on screen.

      Bam. Fixed.

  • Turb0wned

    Boy, if Samsung would have made a phone with no ip68, no SD Card, ugly design, no wireless charging, huge pointless bezels droidlife would have murdered them.

    If Apple didn’t have ip67 but the Pixel did, people would have murdered the iPhone.

    It’s all ok though, the Pixel gets a pass.

    • Gjorgi Lazarovski

      Because Google did good with the software and the camera. Sometimes hardware just doesn’t matter if you want a great UX. The iPhone and the Pixel are a proof of that. Their hardware is downright boring compared to other phones out there.

    • MicroNix

      Its the same story every year. No matter how ugly or problematic the Google phone may be, it always wins over Samsung at DL.

      • Not for everyone here. I’m S8 > Pixel all day at this point.

    • StankyChikin

      Form over Function FTW!!!

    • cadtek91

      Sure Samsung can do good hardware (worthwhile hardware now that the hardware navigation is gone) but they still cannot get the software right.

      • MicroNix

        To the contrary the software has been right since the S7.

        • illregal

          To the double contrary no it hasn’t. And never will be.

          • MicroNix

            That statement just shows your ignorance. Move along now.

          • illregal

            No it proves your willingness to accept mediocre.

          • MicroNix

            Going 61 days without a reboot or slow down is hardly mediocre troll. Try that with your phone once and tell me if you make it past 6.1 DAYS!

          • Pixelfan

            may be you are used to the mediocre Touchwiz and don’t see it as mediocre.

          • malcmilli

            im not doubting your preference, i used to have Nexus 4 and now have the GS7 Edge. I dont really notice much of a difference between using a stock theme/launcher on the s7 vs using the nexus 4, besides specs of course.

  • Robert Schuman

    I seriously considered the G6 and the S8, but ended up sticking with my Pixel for pretty much the same reasons.

  • OU812

    Moto Z Play FTW!

    • Steve Yobs

      yup! the best all around phone. camera is not a big deal for me

  • coldcc

    Ha ha I sold my brother the Pixel XL to get the s8+. A week later he’s at a pool party got pushed in and bam RIP Pixel XL. He then realized why I said in these days why the hell didn’t Google make this damn Pixel water proof(resistant if you want to be literal).

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Yes yes heard it before… a Samsung flagship is the best phone going but. It does everything right but small problem of being drastically slower than other flagships. It’s super fast but has slight annoying lags at times. It is only phone with smart pen that works but it blows up occasionally. Thanks reviewer for giving another braindead nonsensical review.

    • Addison

      Seriously, “braindead”? “Nonsensical”? Have you read your comment?

    • it’s me tim-cock.

      What an idiot.

  • seattle tech

    The smart lock and iris mixed with fingerprint was causing issues. Turn it all off and just use fingerprint for a few days while remembering the location is around 11pm on the phone. Now it is second nature to me. Nova Launcher

  • Orion

    I totally agree with all your points. Stock Android is the best by far. But this year I may change it up. I have a N6 and I just can’t go to a smaller screen. Note 8 is at the top of the list as of right now. Hopefully the rumors of Google making a third and even larger phone are true. I truly don’t want to leave stock… Google do something! Lol

  • Orlando aka Pixel XL

    I downloaded pixel launcher, disabled samsung apps and I am loving life including my great better life…Overall, I have no regret at all with my decision buying the s8+ and I really like how light it is…

  • CDavisyo

    I couldn’t agree more. Biometrics is a mess. I just wish the Bluetooth didn’t suck so badly on the pixel. Still a much better overall experience for me.

  • Eric

    The Pixel is the phone I always wanted, but never got the opportunity to buy due to supply. I was ready to jump on it after returning my second Note 7, but it was out of stock then. I then moved on to other devices (phone whore), regularly keeping an eye on Pixel stock to get in on it. However, time passed and at this point, I just can’t justify paying full price for a phone that is now over 6 months old and buying used doesn’t interest me.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I actually like the AOD because it looks good lol, especially with some color on my clock. They should add a raise to waake though, or an option for the AOD to display for a short period of time when a new new notification comes in….

    AND steal the Moto way of previewing Notifications… Then I’d be perfect

    • It does look pretty, but it needs some interactivity with icons and stuff that isn’t double tapping on mini icons and requiring extra swipes. Because it does look the best of all implementations.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Off Topic: I find it weird that people in the Facebook comments come read the article…then go back to comment on Facebook lol.

    • Honestly, never look at the FB comments. Maybe we should!

  • Bane✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    The fingerprint scanner has no impact on me. I don’t use a secure lock screen. With the home button showing, I get double-tap-to-wake, the only thing missing for me on previous Samsung phones.

    Also, with adhell, I have an adblocking solution that I used to only be able to get with root and Adaway. I have a Pixel XL and I miss lift-to-wake and I agree on some of the software annoyances, but I still think the GS8 is the superior phone. Better screen, Samsung Pay, better ram management (barely). They are both great phones, but I won’t be putting my GS8+ down any time soon. At least not until Android O is released.

  • JSo

    I was really close to getting an S8. But I think I’m just going to continue to wait for the next Pixel. The Android Beta program will help me get through the summer on my Nexus 5X

    • Mr Mofo

      I’m still on my 6p and haven’t seen a phone compelling enough to jump ship. The One Plus 5 looks interesting

  • Richter Atmosphere

    I think it’s interesting that Kellen and Tim named the OnePlus 3/T phone of the year, but they don’t seem to be using it anymore. Seems like they mention they use the Pixel more as daily drivers. I wasn’t one of the people who were upset that OnePlus won phone of the year. I’m just making an observation.

    • Have no regrets on that decision at all. Combination of software, hardware, and value there isn’t beat by anyone. But the camera on the Pixel is better (and I take a lot of photos) and I happen to own one or two, since I kind of need to for work heh. Might as well.

  • NooSH

    i agree , despite the pixels flaws, at the end of the day it’s the software that the user interacts with the most , not the hardware.. and google own software on the pixels is unparalleled in user experience.

    • In a way, it’s like how iPhone users for years have said, “It just works.” I sort of feel that way about the Pixel.

      • Justin Martin

        Totally agree

  • Julian Coronado

    So as someone who is probably going to upgrade my smartphone in the next month, should I choose the S8 or Pixel? I know the Galaxy is brand new and my god the display is gorgeous, but I can’t get the Pixel experience out of my mind because it seems SO fluid coming from Google. I just hate how the Pixel is so expensive. But I really want it.

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      Get the OnePlus 5. I think it’s being released next month.

    • That’s a tough call. New Pixel will be 5 months from now, but there is a OnePlus phone coming soon. And honestly, the S8 is a hell of a phone, it just has a bunch of little things that drive me nuts vs. the Pixel and its simpler approach.

    • Alex S

      Moto Z Play! I bought that, then I’m gonna see what the offerings are like in a few months.

    • Douglass Price

      Best phone I have ever owned.

  • Suicide_Note

    The S8 is a better looking phone than the Pixel by a wife margin. No doubt about that. However, for me, the software trumps design, and Google nails it while Samsung can’t seem to get it quite right, even after all this time, such is why i stayed with my XL and didn’t grab an S8+.

    • tnt

      Wife margin – I believe that’s a typo, but has some good buried meaning somewhere in there… 😉

      • Bane✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I guess it depends on how big your wife is.

        • DanG

          very wide…lol

  • Buck

    Well in that case, I’ll just keep on using my old one plus 3!

  • tztex

    I tried S8 for a half day and went back to my op3t. The fingerprint placement is so so bad that until you try it, you don’t realize how bad it is. Yea, I could use facial recognition, but that won’t help with my home security, bank, etc., that all use a fingerprint. That is a big miss in my opinion. To me, the main feature that impacts the majority of users is the awesomeness of the Samsung camera. The water resistant IP68 or whatever is a feature that vast majority of people care a less about, but it is a great Marketing gimmick.

    I went to Spurs game last night with someone who had S7 and was embarrassed about the quality of my pictures. Yes, we can nick pick all the geek stats, but the camera is the differentiator to the average bear, as it sure isn’t the bloated software.
    Maybe I have been running stock like ROMS for too long, but the amount of crap that immediately downloads is ridiculous. Oh and throw in a useless button for Bixby. Yes, it can be remapped but more hardware buttons in 2017…..

    The moved to the Apple model beginning with S4 and the company has done well.

    • MANU! Little turn back the clock action last night. Jealous you were there.

    • Actually l like bezels

      Does facial recognition have its own secure enclave?

  • joshua p.

    All good points…S8 plus screen and Samsung pay got me.

  • Aaron T

    To each his own. I think you’re spot on with most of these complaint except always on display. Thing is, I could write just as lengthy a post on the things Samsung seems to do better than stock Android.

    For instance: closing all recent applications, why on stock do I have to scroll through all the open apps to get to “close all”? Why is there no battery percentage in the status bar without swiping down. Yes I know about the janky hard to see developer option. Why have to swipe down again to change brightness. Samsung let’s you put it there on 1 swipe. Stock finally has split window multi tasking but still prefer Samsung’s take on it with usability. On my pixel I couldn’t directly take a video without swiping the viewfinder. S8 is by no means perfect but it’s both better and worse just in different areas.

    • Suicide_Note

      I have battery percentage in the status bar on my XL. No root, custom ROM, or flashing anything required.

    • 100% spot on with those complaints too heh. In fact, those thing drives me nuts about the Pixel as well, I guess just not as much as the Samsung stuff.

    • Chris

      I literally never close all my recent applications. Why would you? It just means that they’re slower to start the next time, and it decreases your battery life because they have to load from scratch. Android manages running apps just fine. Let it. Also, you can swipe down with two fingers instead of swiping down twice.

      • Cigar Don

        Nice! I forgot that existed (two finger swipe). I installed “edge gesture” from the play store to pull down the menu (something I miss from Nova’s launcher). 😎

    • JoYu

      Closing Recent Apps – Shouldn’t need to do this as Chris says. With Samsung you may need to because of their tweaks.
      Brightness – Samsung sucks with auto brightness so you need easy access.
      Battery percentage – 100% agree.
      Split window – Do people use this on a phone, everything is so small 🙁 I will try it on my Wife’s Sammy later.

      Sounds like you like Samsung’s way of doing things, I prefer stock. But keep rocking the Samsung. Have fun!

  • bobukcat

    Now if Motolovo would just make an unlocked flagship phone that isn’t so damned ugly I’d gladly go back to them.

    • Suicide_Note

      Yeah, that’s not happening. Lenovo buying Moto was the penultimate nail in the coffin.

    • Moto is too busy ruining the Moto Z Play for round 2 by killing its best feature, battery life.

      • bobukcat

        What can I say, I’m a dreamer!

  • Jared Gauthier

    I wholeheartedly agree with this. While the S8 destroys the Pixel in terms of design, I spend my time actually using the phone and OS rather than staring at the shell. The overall user experience on the Pixel is better. That’s where it really counts (to me).

    • Suicide_Note
      • Milliedmcclendon

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    • BSweetness

      Same for me. After using the S8+ for a week, I got rid of it and went back to the Pixel XL.

      • atl3630

        Same here. My s8 plus is going back to Costco in the morning

        • Woodzayyy

          Yea I bought 5 S8 plus’, and they are all going back tomorrow.

          • Dan

            So, basically, you realized you just coughed up $5k on an impulse and went, “Oh $#@^!”

      • Major Sceptic

        We all like what we like , I’m not a pixel fan , but I do have a 6p ,g5, Galaxy note , and they all bring something to the table I like .
        The new trendy tall narrow form of the s8 and g6 does nothing for me though ,
        I’m sure I could get used to it , be but I’d rather a full sized phone (g5 was my first littleun …… And last).

    • Paul Hansen

      Bring back google play editions and omg the S8/S8+ would be utter magic. Don’t think Kellen would argue with me here 🙂

      • Jared Gauthier

        Except Samsung would still be in charge up the software. Even though it would be soft. They certainly wouldn’t optimize it like Google does with the Pixel.

      • CapnShiner

        Then get the unlocked version, root it, and put an AOSP ROM on it.

        • Officer sweetchuck

          Shouldn’t have to root to get good software

          • mrmessma

            As someone that roots, and uses LineageOS (and love by the way) I wholeheartedly agree! (That being said, it can be done in about half an hr, but yes, the average user doesn’t want/know how/ shouldn’t have to)

          • CapnShiner

            I agree that you shouldn’t have to, but at least there’s an option. Nice username, BTW.

        • Duder12

          Pixel is not aosp. It has optimizations beyond it.

          • CapnShiner

            First of all, I know that. Second, I was replying to the OP. Third, ROMs based on AOSP are still the closest thing to a pure stock Android experience available outside of a Nexus device or maybe the Pixel. Motorola is pretty close too. I loved my MXPE until the battery went bad.

        • Loghorn

          But won’t rooting the phone void Samsung Pay or something? That’s my main concern.

          • CapnShiner

            I’m guessing Samsung Pay uses SafetyNet, just like Android Pay. If SafetyNet detects root, the app won’t work. There are ways to hide root, but not all devices are supported. I rooted my Pixel XL anyway, knowing that I won’t be able to use Android Pay or Pokemon Go on it. I’ve heard Snapchat won’t work on rooted devices either, but I haven’t had any trouble. That might be because I restored it from Titanium Backup.

          • Loghorn

            I think Samsung Pay uses Knox for it.

    • M. Luciano

      I wouldn’t even agree that the Pixel loses in design – flat screen, metal > glass, 16:9 display, fingerprint sensor location, headphone jack location, no extra bixby button, no weird home button, etc. Pixel to me seems to be a better design and better user experience.

      • Jared Gauthier

        I actually do agree with you. Other than the bezels. I do prefer metal, the sensor placement, and the aspect ratio. If the bezels were smaller, it would be perfect. I want the bezels shrunk, not the screen extended.

        I actually only like the front of the S8. Just to look at. The screen is too tall. But I hate the back. I don’t like the feeling of glass and the camera design, the rounded square, has always been ugly to me.

  • Josh LaCelle

    I’ll keep my Samsung S8 plus with superior battery life and design over the outdated Pixel.

    • Suicide_Note

      Don’t forget to mention the outdated software you have on your S8+.

      Battery life is a wash between the two phones, though the S8 kills the Pixel in the design department.

      • Josh LaCelle

        Hardly outdated… Pixel software is boring. Only thing going for pure Android is smoothness and speed. And it is not that much of a difference to get an outdated device for it.

        • Just curious, but what is it specifically about Samsung’s software you prefer? (Serious question too, not being a d*ck)

          • Josh LaCelle

            Did I say I liked Samsung’s software? I just said pure Android is boring. But that is just my opinion. I like Samsung because they are the only ones offering the complete package right now – great battery, awesome camera, expandable storage, best display on any phone, Samsung Pay, and IP68. Those things trump the slight improvement in performance from a pure Android (ie. pixel) phone.

          • Richard-Dina Bullard

            Don’t you drop it

          • Josh LaCelle

            Don’t you drop yours in water!

          • illregal

            it would be fine.

          • Zac S

            samsung pay >>>>>>>>>>> that alone is why I can’t convince myself to get any other type of phone

          • it’s me tim-cock.

            Samsung pay>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>android pay any day. Plus there’s a bunch of Samsung app that I prefer and find more superior to Google’s. Performance and smoothness is a wash.

          • Nate

            Does it come with a grammar check because damn….

          • calvin35

            Samsung Pay, the Samsung browser, which in my opinion has the best UI of any browser, and the display are the main reasons why I only buy Samsung phones. Samsung pay is the main one though, I’ll never buy a phone that doesn’t have MST. I can’t imagine having to pull out my wallet every time I want to pay for something again. Android pay is completely inferior.

          • Mike-Mike

            Samsung Browser is incredible

          • MicroNix

            Samsung makes phones with features that people can use in their every day lives. Samsung Pay, Samsung Health (unless you live in a basement and don’t take care of yourself), themes to match any occasion, best displays, great battery life and yeah, you can use it around water without fear. I’ll admit, my S7 Edge only has the April security patch on it, but I absolutely like the way they wait before a patch goes out. After seeing what quick updates do to Nexus and Pixel phones sometimes, it makes me glad Samsung isn’t reckless like Google sometimes is and just shove something out there for the sake of keeping a schedule.

          • southerndinner

            Not having Samsung Pay is a Pixel deal breaker for me. It’s so, so much better than Android Pay

          • Justin Martin

            How is it better, seriously asking? I never used it, and I can’t imagine how different it could be?

          • twiz0r

            because with MST you can use your phone to pay ALMOST everywhere you can swipe a card. I love it when someone says “oh we don’t have that here”….and then MAJIK – the look on people’s faces is priceless every….single…..time…..

          • Justin Martin

            I get that a lot with Android because not many people are using it.

          • tnt

            You can use Samsung Pay at a normal debit/credit card reader thanks to MST: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00043865/

          • Josh LaCelle
          • Justin Martin

            Yeah, that’s cute. I was talking about Samsung Pay.

          • Josh LaCelle

            Oh lol Seriously!? It is quite obvious! A payment service that works almost everywhere vs. one that works almost nowhere. Yea, no comparison!

          • illregal

            Good to know that all phones this year will do just fine in the battery department.

          • Mike-Mike

            I love the Samsung calendar. I love how it looks in a full month view, and i love that when I get an appointment reminder it lights up the full screen, so I’m definitely not going to miss it.

            i like their Keyboard a lot, and I think the Messages app is pretty good. And I love Google Photos for allowing me to save everything, I still like having a dedicated Gallery app

        • EP_2012

          And if you watch the Phone buff speed tests the Pixel isn’t even a contender. Smoke and mirrors.

        • Rod

          “Only thing”


        • ithehappy

          Good, you don’t care for smoothness and speed then. Obviously like to be one of them attention seekers who finds pleasure using a glossy gimmicky crap like S8 so other people will say oh look guy’s using an S8 or something like that.

          Its a hilarious thing to even compare S8 to Pixel. The *only* thing S8 has over the Pixel is the display quality, and obviously much less bezel, but S8 isn’t alone there, so yeah.


          • Josh LaCelle

            You are the idiot… I am not typically rude but you seem like a jerk. “Good, you don’t care for smoothness and speed then.” Did I say that? No! The difference is so minimal, it would be plain stupid to give up all the stuff Samsung offers for such negligible speed improvement. I actually don’t care what people think of my phone. I have the S8 because I use my phone like a phone should be used. Go back to using your Pixel, lighten up, and enjoy life man!

          • MicroNix

            Smoothness and speed? Like when it’s not at 20% battery and powering off? Or like not when the week is up and a reboot is needed to fix the jank? Get real man. The jig is up. Nexus and Pixel aren’t these perfect speed machines the Google apologists say they are. Oh btw, let me know when your BT works every time too!

      • roberthenderson

        Lemme know how that TouchWiz lag works out for you after a couple of months. My Nexus 6p camera (& all apps) still open without hesitation

        • Matthew

          My Nexus 6 Shamu was snappier than the S7 edge.

        • TouchWiz doesn’t exists anylonger as a UI or UX. When the Galaxy S7 phones got the Android 7.0 update, they got the Grace UX. Same with the Galaxy S6 phones later. So there was Grace UX up until Galaxy S8 and S8+ came out that has Samsung Experience.

          The only thing left with the TouchWiz name is the TouchWiz launcher itself.

          • Duffman

            Who cares what it called when it sucks?

          • It’s far far away from being bad. Samsung Experience on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ is actually one of the best UI / UX out there now between the different brands.

            Samsung have gone from mediocre UI / UX over to be the best at that now.

          • Duffman

            Thanks for the morning laugh, I needed that 🙂 Samsung will never be #1 at UI.

          • Why?

            Alot of the serious reviewers out there actually agrees that the new UI / UX to Samsung has now become some of the best one out there.

            TouchWiz as it once was is far from what we have now.

          • MicroNix

            Do you really don’t know what you are talking about?

          • Duffman

            English… do you speak it?

          • MicroNix

            Sometimes. Or I fax it.

          • steb0ne

            Tell that to the people on XDA and Reddit threads complaining about it lol!

          • Mike-Mike

            i love XDA and Reddit, but c’mon… you could cure cancer and they would have threads about how you suck

          • cadtek91

            Changing the name doesn’t mean anything.

          • They have changed name because the UI / UX is totally different now from what it was under TouchWiz a couple of years ago. So it would be bad to use the same TouchWiz name (because of bad repuration) on the new UI / UX now as the new UI / UX is a million times better than what TouchWiz was.

        • Jon Langevin

          My Nexus 6 got laggy as well after 6 months…

    • Douglass Price

      I’ll put my 6 month old Pixel XL up against your S8 plus any day of the week.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I agree 100% with the app switcher, they broke it. And even the double tap the switch button isn’t as smooth as any other device I’ve used this year (not just the pixel)….

    I really Agee with most of what you’re saying…but for a sensible amout of storage the S8 is 100$ less than a pixel…without the latest hardware, most importantly zero IP rating. I thought about it but I just couldn’t justify it right now.

    I’ll put up with Samsung and the upsides if the S8 until the fall because it’s simply a cheaper buyin right now. Then I’ll wait for an IP68 Pixel from Google.

    • I should almost add a note to the post that says, “I’m still using the Pixel…until I run out of storage in a week.”

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        You have a 32GB? lol I couldn’t last 6 months with that

        • Yep 32GB. used 19 of 29GB. 😐

          • Suicide_Note

            I’m assuming there’s a lot of space that could be freed up by having Google Photos delete the pics and vids you have already safely backed up.

          • And kids games heh.

          • Suicide_Note

            I don’t let my kids use my phone, so that’s not an issue for me. I’d suggest giving them a tablet instead. 🙂

  • tnt

    Kellen, where does the G6 fit into this for you? Also, you’re spot on with the unlocking experience on the S8. It simply takes too much thought now as opposed to be thoughtless before…

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      I think you can infer where it fits in by the fact that he’s using the Pixel.

      • tnt

        Definitely, just wanted some additional thoughts on it 🙂

    • I like the G6 still too. Slow camera and the finicky fingerprint reader/power button bugged me. But I may take it for a fresh spin here in a bit, now that the S8 review is done and see if thoughts have changed.

  • RazorSky

    After going Pixel, I can honestly say I don’t think I’ll ever go back to Samsung again. I don’t even care if the battery is better and the camera is better, I think the raw software of the pixel is perfect. I used to use Swiftkey and Textra and all of the awesome 3P stuff because Samsung sucked so bad. Now I use Gboard and Google Messenger because it is as good, but with faster performance.

    I came from a GS5>GS6 so maybe they jaded me against them.

  • MadJoe

    I’d agree, and I see why you think so because you have a Pixel in hand, but because Google keeps playing games with the availability of a phone that’s over 6 months old they can go f’ themselves wrt the Pixel as far as I’m concerned. I don’t play artificial scarcity, and any thinking person wouldn’t either. Not with Apple, and certainly not with Google. Have enough for me to buy it when I want it, or shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    • I actually wonder if Google just doesn’t have enough pull in the supply chain for parts to be able to make enough phones. Report not long ago suggested their issue has been getting enough AMOLED panels. Either way, they screwed up. Pixel availability has been a disaster.

      • MadJoe

        I wish I could believe that, but Google is just too flipping big and has all the resources in the world to get what they need. If there’s a holdup in the supply chain, it’s Google’s own fault for letting it happen in my opinion.

        • Could very well be. But consider that we may be overestimating their pull in phone manufacturing and/or wireless. Carriers still pass on them and their phones, even though they are Google.

          • Audio

            This has been an issue since the Nexus 4 so there’s really no excuse anymore

        • ck125

          Google sucks with phones. It has been this way every time they try with a phone. Google has little pull with manufacturing because they are a services company first and a little hardware manufacturer second.

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    Ever since I bought the Nexus 4 years ago I’ve always had a preference for phones that are close to stock. The S8 is just not for me.

    • malcmilli

      I used to have the nexus 4, now i have the s7 edge, i actually see very little difference in my day to day between “stock experience,” and using a stock theme/launcher.

  • Sirx

    IDC what anyone says, Get-off-my-lawn Kellen = Best Kellen.

  • Guest

    Meh after customer service issues with Google (Nexus 6p and Pixels have defects, Pixel 128 GB stock)

    Crappy Samsung software experience (Updates, notification shade lag/buggy Always on Display, etc)
    The unimpressive soc Snapdragon 835
    *at least on the Samsung S8+

    I wonder what phone should come Q4 2017

  • bobukcat

    If I had been able to actually BUY a Pixel in the many months of trying I wouldn’t have needed to buy the S8 but Google and HTC can’t figure out the supply chain!

    • Yeah, that whole debacle about buying a Pixel has been something. Google seemed like they had a phone people wanted to buy for once, and they screwed up big time.

    • DanG

      If they figured it out, maybe they could dethrone iPhone as the best selling smartphone?

  • bose301s

    I really don’t like the curved screen, Pixel wins for me on that alone, throw in the quick updates etc and it’s not even that hard of a decision.

  • Daniel Garcia

    Ohh Garmin Connect. I wonder if Kellex will be my friend?

    • Been on it for over a year and don’t think I have any Garmin friends yet. 🙁

      • Daniel Garcia

        Well, you always got a friend in me! @crazyfool999

  • alex drum
  • Ryan N
  • Rajarshi Ghosh

    Pixel can be better than S8 in quite a few ways but people need to get into that to decide. Bezels come in the way. S8 takes the cake.

  • Klaus T

    Please join me in a moment of silence for our soon-to-be-departed author.

  • alex drum


    • Lot of Pixel users around here I think. I may survive.

      • Ryan N

        We got your back if sh*t goes down. Ha

  • Michael Bassett

    What’s that ugly, huge bezel phone on the right?

  • mcdonsco

    And….we’re off!

  • daJudge805

    Oh boy. You done did it now.

    • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      We get asked a lot which phone we are using and why. This is why I’m using the Pixel.

      • MicroNix

        This article is the same every year. Google phone wins, everything else loses. Its a default at DL that IMHO will never change.

        • Joshua Rossi

          You can take a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a bull’s ass, but wouldn’t you rather take the butcher’s word for it?

          • Woodzayyy

            And every single butcher knows exactly the same things and has the same experience, so every butches is the same. Right?

          • mrmessma

            You’d get a better look at the Round & Sirloin steak than the T-Bone up there ¯_(ツ)_/¯

          • shelooga

            no, its gotta be your bull

          • jabarri2

            you got it wrong, its, “you can take a look up a butchers ass” hahaha *leaves to go watch tommy boy for the 200th time

          • Monicacthompson

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          • elemeno

            Surprised you didn’t know that.

        • aleubalton

          Last year the S7 was the phone of the year… and probably this year the S8 will be the phone of the year as well… you didn’t get the post right, I guess… it’s an opinion article, and he is telling why he chooses the Pixel over the S8, nothing more, nothing less…

          • MicroNix

            Which is essentially saying the Pixel is the better phone for him. And that likely will never change because this site bases that opinion on only 2 aspects of a smart phone. 1. Quick updates and 2. Stock Android. That means while any other phone could be smart phone of the year, the DL daily driver will forever remain a stock Google phone and will nit pick the smart phone of the year on everything that doesn’t conform to stock. If you are new here you’ll pick up on that soon enough.

        • Google needs to start winning at keeping their phones in stock

          • David Martrano

            I ordered the the XL 128 back in December. Google told me I had to wait 60 days, Huh! So they lost my sale, do they care. No! Me either!

          • Sky Higgins

            I signed up for the waitlist, but never got notified from Google. Instead, I used nowinstock.net for availability alerts. From what I can tell, it’s more reliable than Google’s waitlist. I hear they usually sell out before the waitlist even gets triggered. I got an email from nowinstock after about 2 days to let me know they were available (no idea if that is typical or lucky timing). Google told me it would be 60 days, but I ordered anyway. The following day I got an email with a tracking number. It arrived 3 days after I ordered, not 60.

      • Paul Hansen

        There goes your opportunity at future review units 😛

        • disastrousrainbow

          Good thing they only review devices they actually buy then. 😉

      • John Caputo

        I have both phones, and have exactly the same opinion on these features. The one thing I would add is the launcher. The pixel launcher was good enough. I tried to get use to the S80, couldn’t; installed action launcher instead.

        Oh, bixby can be with package disabler pro.

    • Chilly O

      Shots fired!!

    • Lucky Armpit

      I wouldn’t say “he’s done it now”. Anyone that gets upset at someone else because they like one inanimate object over another needs their head examined. I keep coming back here because of the unfiltered and unbiased reviews. Kellen stated his opinion that while he thinks the S8 is beautiful and well-executed, it’s just not for him as a daily driver. It’s an honest opinion, and if people don’t like it, there are plenty of other biased sites they can go read (I’m looking at you, BGR).

      I switched from a Nexus 6 to the S8. Are there things about stock Android I miss? Well, sure, but nothing that’s got me wanting to return the S8. And just because Kellen’s opinion is different than mine doesn’t make either one of us wrong.

      • JBz007

        I came from the Pixel XL and I enjoy the S8+ more in pretty much every way. People keep saying the Pixel is better but I just don’t see it. But different strokes for different folks.

        • WRX

          I just can’t figure it out. Personally, I get a better signal, the apps are just as fast if not faster and I’ve gotten so use to the S 8 fingerprint sensor that I no longer have any trouble finding it. Some of those fast updates on my pixel actually made it worse for my personal use. Different strokes I guess.
          P. S. – I had terrible keyboard lag out of the box with my pixel

        • Douglass Price

          You downgraded.

          • Korey Deese

            You do realize you can change the “launcher” and essentially have a Pixel again right?
            I have a Pixel, and I may have to switch with my new job, to a company phone, and I could more than likely get the S8 and that is likely what I will do.

          • Lucky Armpit

            That’s exactly what I did… installed the Google Now launcher. I didn’t hate Grace UX but much prefer the functionality of the GN Launcher.

          • JBz007

            I put nova launcher on mine and love it

          • JBz007

            To be fair I put nova on the Pixel too

          • Kong Ki

            Nova launcher FTW.

          • TylerCameron

            I hate it when people say “just get a different launcher” that doesn’t change underlying things about the skin. There’s stock Android skins out there from the theme store, and they make the phone usable, but still won’t change things like the messy looking notification bar, or make the signal bars look like they’re not from 2011.

          • dblock


            Currently have an alarm set, WiFi on, Bluetooth on, NFC on. Couldn’t care less about what the signal bars look like. Status bar looks pretty clean to me. Just gotta put your mind to it and you can get a pretty stock-like experience on any phone.

          • PoisonApple31

            I hate when people say that a different launcher isn’t enough – if you are bothered by the other parts of the UI that the launcher doesn’t cover, than clearly you are spending too much time in the wrong part of the phone…

        • dpeters11

          For me, if a phone gets all security updates quickly, within a month if I’m being generous, I’ll consider it.

        • disastrousrainbow

          The Pixel IS better in the sense that it gets updates fast, and its performance has been consistent months after launch. Those are two things Samsung devices really aren’t known for, but you’re right that it’s all just a matter of personal preference at the end of the day. They’re both phones going at 100 mph, so what if you’re more likely to see the S8 drop to 95 every now and then? At least it makes up for that by looking more like a Ferrari rather than a Camry…

          • David Martrano

            The pixals have sold 5 million in 6 months. Is that due to back ordering or What? Both cameras excel in every area, just a matter of what choice you make. There is no bad on either phone!

    • Dale

      “Samsung is overthinking all of this”

      This is Samsung in a nutshell.

      • Screamin

        Innovation over basic functionality… That should be Samsung’s motto.

      • couldnthinkaone

        It almost as if Samsung was a German company! Lol

    • Boomdizzle

      Since we’re talking about a regular Pixel… Is anyone interested in a free Very Blue Peel case for a regular Pixel? I ordered a Pixel XL case and they shipped me the wrong one and told me to gift the regular Pixel case to a friend, but I literally don’t know a single other person with a regular Pixel. I’ll even ship it to you! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8571280e864fef43d9a3805dccb13d8be1b7e24a27e26b84461a252faafbcd85.png

      • redbar0n11

        Sending someone over now…

        • Boomdizzle

          Send me a twitter DM @alexandrthgr8t

      • James Johnson

        I’m willing to take this off your hands!

        • Boomdizzle

          Send me a twitter DM @alexandrthegr8t

      • PoisonApple31

        I farted. Should I send you a twitter DM too?

        • Boomdizzle

          Why not?

          I was just saying a Twitter DM b/c you can’t send them through Disqus