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Friday Poll: Headphone Jack on Top, Bottom, or Courage?

5 years ago on May 2, we asked if headphone jacks belonged on the top or bottom of a device. As you might’ve noticed, things have changed a bit in 5 years, with some companies finding the courage to completely remove the jack, opting for Bluetooth and 3.5mm dongles for jamming out. Regardless of how I feel about it (opinion: courage is stupid!), let’s see how things have changed in your mind.

Back then, the majority of folks said the headphone jack belongs on the top with 52% of the vote. Bottom wasn’t far behind at 48%. It’s entirely possible some people like the removal of the headphone jack, so courage may come in and steal a few votes from both sides this time around.

Note, if you do vote for “courage,” you’re voting for the removal of the headphone jack entirely. This is no joke, people, courage takes guts.

Let’s vote!

Headphone jack on top or bottom?

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  • ZxyLady

    I just want to mention that something people seem to forget is on the iPhone 7 they actually blocked out the space for the headphone jack, it could have been used but it wasn’t used for anything they just didn’t put it in. There are advantages to having a wired headphone option in a pinch. Not to mention that some phones are actually useful,, having wired headphones such as with the LG V20 with the FM radio available. You have to have headphones that are wired in order to utilize the FM radio on the v20 and I absolutely love that option especially since earbuds are so small and can be easily thrown into a pocket or a purse… as someone else had said,,, change for the sake of change is pointless.
    Its like when Samsung removed the IR BLASTER. Some people didn’t notice it but those of us who love it, miss it!

  • Alan Paone

    either bottom or leave it out and bring on the usb-c headphones!

  • Terrance Steiner

    I voted for bottom but my current phone (Moto Z Force) is very courageous.

  • Higher_Ground

    This poll is dripping with innuendo…

  • Steve Hendricks

    I vote for courage as one of the funniest options to ever grace a Droid-Life poll.

  • Theo Queiroz

    Bottom is better when you’re holding the device. Top is better if you put in your pocket. Since that’s where your phone stays most of the time you’re listening music, one should consider the best place to put the jack.

  • jaydub110

    Problem solved….. You make a phone with a 3.5mm jack on top & bottom.this makes everyone happy along with having the option to use both where needed.

  • s_man

    Actually found out it depends on what phone you started with. Had the port on top on my first phone, switched to a phone with it on the bottom and it felt odd

  • xgrinder911

    Is there anyone else who agrees with me in saying that, yes, maybe it is inconvenient at the time to remove the headphone jack, but it is a better audio experience (usb-3), universal port, and more room for other goodies without it?

    Come on guys. Are we just hating because it’s different?

    • middlehead

      Universal port is a Negative toward the idea of removing the headphone jack. Until manufacturers start including splitters so you can plug in power and an accessory, it’s not acceptable.

    • Higher_Ground

      I will defend my usage of 19th century technology ’til the day we stop using phones. /s

  • Emily

    My headphones are all bluetooth, what the hell do I need a headphone jack for?

  • Gustavo Guiscem Soares

    In the same side as the USB port. It is awful to use Moto x pure with a headphone on top and charging cable at the other side.

  • zarxic

    As long as those Moto Germans sing a song about it, I don’t care.

  • Aleciajeaton

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  • bottom, but i got used to it on the top on my nexus 6p. except for when charging.

  • Andrexx

    I voted “bottom,” but it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s on the same end as the charging port. My Turbo has them opposite, and it’s the one design cue I detest.

  • Courage. Only because I think if we remove it then we can start innovating and pushing the boundaries of BT and wireless audio and video further and faster. I know most here might not have tried it but an iPhone 7 with the new AirPods as a matter of convenience is amazing. Just flip open the case and before you put both AirPods in your ears they are paired and ready to go. Yes Apple messed up making a one size fits all and right now they are as great as a pair of wired Sony or Audio Technica’s but that is because we are at the beginning stages. Image focusing on wireless to the point that something like the AirPods has 8 hours of charge, pairs instantly, fits 99% of people, and sound better than a pair of Sennheisers? Kick the crutch and lets move forward at a better pace.

  • CosmicMJ

    No headphone jack. Dual USB-C…

  • jrbmed08

    Bottom is my preferred spot, but top isn’t a deal breaker. Lack of a headphone jack IS a deal breaker for sure.

  • Bottom, but anything’s better than no jack.

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    For the people who voted “courage,” please stop. Ditching the jack is stupid. There’s nothing wrong with having a jack. There are only downsides for getting rid of it. I don’t want to be forced into using expensive BT headphones or an adapter. Get out of here with that

  • yummy

    Musicians always go bottoms up.

  • The Doctor

    I had an iPhone 7 Plus for months before I got my S8+ and I hated that it didn’t have a headphone jack. Give me a bottom jack!

  • Chris W

    On the top. Wish the charging port was on the top as well. My old Samsung Fascinate was like this and it was awesome.

  • evltwn

    Sounds like 1st world problems to me….who really cares?

  • BoFiS

    I like the top for when I’m usually using it, which is to plug into a stereo or my car with a tape adapter, and then I’ll want to still be able to use it with the cord going out the top and not the bottom like some Dreamcast controller

  • Rick_Diesel

    i would say the only knock against the LG G6 is the headphone jack being on top

  • Orion

    Bottom no question.

  • Harold Goldner

    There are great USB-C earphones out there. Within 5 years we aren’t going to see that jack on any device.

    • LionStone

      Yep, probably less than that the jack will be gone for good on most all flagships…don’t see why this is still a topic here and only here? Even then if some do, they’ll put it wherever makes sense for them to manufacturer, not because some tech enthusiasts like it one way or the other.

    • BobButtons

      Perhaps if a splitter is included. Would be annoying if that’s how my tablet was because I use that thing 99% for media consumption at a desk so power and headphones are used simultaneously. Don’t care to go wireless because they wouldn’t last nearly all day requiring me to either use multiple pairs, which is dumb, or not be able to use them for a while waiting for them to recharge.

    • Higher_Ground

      I use my jack exclusively for connecting to speaker (at home or in the car). I’m sure at some point I’ll upgrade to bluetooth but the lifespan of cars and speakers is still a lot longer than most phones.

      I should add that it’s a technology that’s been in use since the 19th century. That’s some lasting power right there – sad to see it go in a way.

  • paul_cus

    Bottom, no courage.

  • RazorSky

    It doesn’t matter what side its on, as long as it’s on the same side as the charging port, so not what the pixel has going on.

  • DanG

    With BT5.0 out, we can finally put HJ to rest.

    • needa

      Not when there is a story for a blog to get advert hits from.

  • markneezy

    This looks like those Ziosks at Chili’s.

  • needa

    Courage. Could care less about a headphone jack. That’s what bt is for.

    • BobButtons

      BT is there even in phones with a headphone jack. Getting rid of it just for the sake of ‘courage’ is ridiculous. At least wait til there’s a benefit to doing so.

  • Defenestratus

    Top. So when its sitting on the exercise bike console I don’t have to stick my phone upside down.

    Edit: who am I kidding – I use BT headphones exclusively anyways.

  • Will S.

    Top – not only because my current phone has it at the top but it prevents me from constantly touching the wire accidently when I’m holding my phone from the bottom part or when I put my phone down on a table…If that makes sense…

  • cobjones

    I changed my vote from 5 years ago. It should be on the bottom

  • broken42

    Bottom, the one thing I really don’t like about my Pixel is that top positioned headphone jack.

  • I don’t really have much preference, but I definitely want it to be there. I see advantages to both, on top, it works because I like having my phone right-side-up in my pocket, but with it on the bottom, I can run both cords to the same spot and it looks nicer.

    But I definitely prefer that it’s there. It’s not an absolute necessity, but I don’t really see any real reason to remove it. (Don’t want thin phones, I’m going to put a big case on it anyway…)

    • Armaced

      Ah, the voice of reason!

      • I’ve always thought A vs B is generally pretty stupid in contexts as these, there’s usually advantages to both. I know it’s supposed to be fun/a joke, but the whole waffle versus pancakes debate is a prime example of what I’m talking about. While I generally prefer waffles, it’s not a one or the other sort of thing, sometimes you want pancakes, sometimes you want waffles, they are not mutually exclusive. Now while obviously the orientation (or presence) of a headphone jack is a bit more of a commitment, it’s still not permanent, and really, there’s not much debate to be had.

  • SefQuiN

    Bottom?! Savages…. 😅

  • PuttsMoBilesiCit

    Bottom, because when it’s raining out I don’t need my phone getting fried due to a few drops getting in there.

  • Me

    Who voted top?

    • Armaced

      Me. I don’t like my phone upside-down in my pocket where the camera can rub up against my keys.

      • Synacks

        If your phone is in the same pocket as your keys, you’re already doing it wrong.

        • PuttsMoBilesiCit

          one pocket for wallet, one pocket for phone. Choose a back pocket for rest.

          • Armaced

            I don’t put anything in my back pocket. I’m sitting down all day and don’t want to be sitting on anything like a wallet. Also, ever since gorilla glass, I have never had a problem with keys scratching my screen.

          • Synacks

            I sit all day too. I use a slim wallet with the essentials. ID, debit card, credit card, a handful of other cards, and cash.

            Keys on my left pocket. Phone on my right.

            Perfect dispersion.

          • SlyKrysis

            left pocket = phone
            right pocket = keys
            back pocket = wallet

            When I’m sitting for long periods, I take everything out and put it on my desk/table.

          • MJ

            I don’t get why anyone would put anything in their back pocket especially a phone. Wallet and keys in one pocket and the phone in the other. Which side up to the individual. It’s not rocket science…

          • maverick7526

            I put my phone in my right rear pocket all the time. I’ve never sat on it for however long I’ve been doing it that way. Wallet and keys up front, phone in the back.

          • MJ

            Ummmm Good job? Regardless. you would have to take your phone out every time you sit down…

          • maverick7526

            What’s the problem with that? When I sit down in my car, phone goes​ in the cupholder. When I’m at work phone goes on my desk. If I’m at home on the couch it goes on the coffee table. There isn’t really a scenario that I can think of where I would leave my phone in my front pocket to sit down. Whenever I’m sitting my phone is usually on the table/desk/couch/etc next to me.

          • MJ

            There is plenty of times when I am sitting down and don’t have my phone out… Restaurants, movie theater, etc. My phone normally doesn’t come out when in my car unless I need it for driving directions.

          • maverick7526

            To each his own I guess. I always just leave my phone on the table next to me wherever I end up going. If I’m driving just toss it in the cup holder, problem solved.

        • Armaced

          How do you do it? I have my wallet on the left (I don’t like to sit on my wallet, bad for the back) and phone/keys on the right. Sometimes I get these pants made by “Wrangler” that have a “Tech Pocket”, but they are kind of hard to find.

          • PuttsMoBilesiCit

            one pocket for wallet, one pocket for phone. Choose a back pocket for rest.

          • Armaced

            Wait… I missed something… Keys in the back pocket? Ouch. It must not be as painful as it sounds.

          • MJ

            Why can’t your keys go in the same pocket as your wallet again?

          • Armaced

            The wallets a little thick, so the pocket gets a bit crowded. I suppose this would work fine if I thinned the herd a bit on my wallet contents. I haven’t done an inventory in a while.

          • Higher_Ground

            a bit off topic but my wife just carries her DL, credit card, and a few bills in one of those wallet cases. Eliminates the need to keep a wallet unless you’ve got a bunch of other stuff you need in there. Or, go even further and use apps to pay (something I personally don’t find any more useful than just paying with a card).

          • Armaced

            I try to pay with my phone whenever I can, just because it is fun and I resent the guessing game around the card chip readers. However, there are no where near enough places that take that yet.

          • ZxyLady

            That’s why I LOVE Samsung pay, no guessing games and it literally had worked EVERYWHERE!

          • Huh. I keep my keys and wallet in the same pocket. No issues.

    • Raven ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Me. Mainly because my phone sits most of the work day on a wireless charging stand thus making the bottom inaccessible. Although 99% of the time it doesn’t matter as I am using BT headphones anyway, but I just don’t see the sense in eliminating it either. Phones don’t need to be any thinner than 1cm, fill them up with battery.

  • litobirdy

    how bout 2 charging ports? top and bottom?

    • ToddAwesome

      insanity! I like it

      • litobirdy

        lol I’d rather top port for car charging and then bottom for everything, whatever, sometimes you need top or bottom, depends on the situation. ORRRRRR, make the phone’s diplay be able to to flip to any side to be right side up. I know you are able to do that but its kinda boot leg, unless it’s baked into android for any app etc etc

        • Higher_Ground

          it should really be baked into android completely. I think they don’t do it because of the speaker/mic location for phone calls, but again, double up on that and make a phone without a top/bottom side!

    • RazorSky

      Now that is some apple level courage there!

    • Emily

      And one on the side, just in case I want to mount my phone in my dock sideways to watch video

  • mcdonsco

    Use it so rarely I couldn’t care less, but I would imagine for those who commute via public transit etc (or otherwise) that use them a lot, bottom probably makes more sense?

  • JSo

    It’s a hard one. I used to want it on the top because I would put my phone in my cup holder in my car and plug the aux cord in which would have my phone right side up. Not I have a phone holder use bluetooth so it doesn’t really matter anymore. I guess I don’t really care about the headphone jack because I don’t use it anyway. So I’m fine with courage.

  • Sumanji


  • Kylie Summerlyn

    Top. because i always put the phone into my pocket bottom first so it’s easier to pull out and read.

    • ToddAwesome

      But, if the port is on the bottom, then when you stick your hand in your pocket to get the phone, the phone is already correctly positioned in your hand? See, it works both ways! haha

      • Kylie Summerlyn


        when i pull it out of my pocket if it’s on the bottom, then I keep the phone upside down and don’t realize it’s upside down until I go to press the home button at the bottom.

        Sorry, Todd, but this wasn’t awesome.

        • ToddAwesome

          Ah, there’s your problem, your phone has a home button! 🙂

          • Kylie Summerlyn

            yeah, well, not all of us can afford to buy the latest and greatest. my galaxy s4 has kept me and served me well.

          • ToddAwesome

            I think we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot, this is a nonsensical poll question, let’s lighten things up around here!

  • Chris

    I put my phone in my pocket upside-down, so it’s right-side-up in my hand. If it’s on my desk, I don’t generally have it upside-down. So for either use case, having the headphone jack on the bottom works better. Sadly, few phones I’ve owned have had it there.

  • Grahaman27

    Bottom because it makes it natural to pull out of your pocket when plugged in.

  • Mushy Waffle

    I could care less, i never use headphones with my phone. Home, Car, Office, all support me just connecting with speakers via BT. All support Google Play instantly. I just can’t stand using headphones/earbuds. But if I had to chose, definitely at the top. I dont’ like the feeling of the cable on the bottom and feel the cables get bent much easier. My phone lasts all day and night and still barely cracks 50%, so I never have to charge while listening.

  • mark555055d

    Bottom. even though i use my headphone jack 0-1 time per quarter.

  • disastrousrainbow

    As I am in real life, I’m pretty versatile but prefer bottom simply because the phone fits better when it’s in my pocket. Plus, having it a cable jutting out from the top when you’re holding a phone just looks messy. Keep it classy, folks…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    That HTC One is gorgeous. Sad I never owned one.

    • Will S.

      I used that phone (HTC One X) for 6 weeks – trust me you could fry eggs on it…

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Lol yea? Even with the plastic back?

        • Will S.

          Yep – thanks to the amazing Tegra 3, it even kept me warm during the winter lol

  • Suicide_Note

    I voted Courage, though if a headphone jack is present, I’d prefer it on the bottom.

    Still, headphone jacks are on their way out. Get used to it and adapt, people.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Adapt is right… adapters everywhere.

      • Suicide_Note

        Bluetooth or bust, baby. Or some other new wireless tech. 🙂

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Funny thing is I don’t mind Bluetooth….until I have to charge another thing just to charge another thing.

          • That’s why I have yet to buy BT headphones. Pplus, going back to micro USB wont do it for me. Type C or bust!

          • Me

            Once you go BT you won’t want to go back

          • Armaced

            I have gone BT and back many times. The inadvertent activation gets me every time. Also, my behavior is not predictable, so I might go a month or more without needing headphones, and then suddenly need them, but they aren’t charged.

          • Me

            Good point. Depends on your usage. I’d prefer cords if I wasn’t active 70% I listen to music.

        • Kylie Summerlyn

          sure, except when it rains. i’ve always had problems with my blue tooth when it rains.

          • CapnShiner

            most sport-style Bluetooth headphones are water(sweat)-resistant. Maybe you should look into that.

        • Armaced

          Bluetooth is great… except when my headphones run out of batteries, or when my headphones turn on inadvertently in my pocket/backpack and now I can’t hear my phone and my audiobook has been playing for hours, draining my battery and losing my place.

          I don’t know how to improve it, but the simplicity of wired headphones does remove those problems. As soon as I get them untangled…

          • Emily

            Sounds like user error.

          • Armaced

            This is certainly user error, as the power button gets inadvertently pressed while it is in my pocket. I find it an easy mistake to make, and an argument for wired headphones, at least for me.

        • Victor Stuber

          Bluetooth is great except it’s incredibly annoying to have to pair and manage that connection all the time just to play a song. Wires are annoying but it just works.

          • Higher_Ground

            yeah my wife’s subaru won’t recognize my pixel and I’m pretty sure it’s an issue with their software. It will also pick up her phone when if I’m driving and she’s in a vehicle nearby, switching to her phone call when I’m trying to listen to music.

            Wires “just work” 99% of the time and when they break you just go get a new one.

        • Latex beats nudity

          Ever heard of Hybrid driver earphones or perhaps something called balanced armatures or let’s have something simple called FLAC in your life ? Idiots BT can be had anytime with or without jack for that you don’t need to drop this..

    • brian.

      I don’t mind not having a headphone jack. It would be nice to have it, but I moved to BT after getting the iPhone 7 Plus, it took no time to adjust.

      • EdubE24

        iPhone 7 plus user and don’t miss the headphone jack at all. I bought an extra headphone adapter to keep in my car in case I would ever need it. It hasn’t been touched. I don’t agree with taking it completely away though. If I wasn’t set up for it already that would be have been crazy expensive!

        • UniBroW

          Have to say, as an iPhone 7 plus user, I’ve only missed it a few times but I’m almost always using my Sol Republic Track airs or my Megaboom so the cord doesn’t really serve a purpose for me though it wouldn’t have been nice to have in the car those few times and I voted bottom because every phone should have the ability to use the Aux cord without adapters

    • Synacks

      I use both wired and wireless equally. Options are good, removal of useful features is bad.

      Remind me again what “useful” purpose removing the jack has?

      • CapnShiner

        Came here to ask that. I’m all for removing the headphone jack as long as an adapter with a USB pass-through is included for free and there is a significant advantage in doing so. So far, I haven’t seen a compelling reason to remove it.

      • Prototype

        It does actually free up space within the phone. Not a huge amount, but some. We’ll see what happens. As tech improves it will be less and less of an issue, but would be nice not to have to turn on Bluetooth and power up the headphones for pairing each time. I’m okay with either way, just not surprised that companies are moving away from headphone jacks.

    • MJ

      It’s NOT a matter of adapting so please stop with that nonsense… There is absolutely no reason for an OEM to not include a headphone jack. Most people still prefer it and it’s not hurting people who have no use for it. I don’t understand people who don’t like options.

    • BobButtons

      Bluetooth’s already an option for phones with a headphone jack. Change simply for the sake of change is dumb. At least wait to get rid of it ’til there’s a beneficial reason to do so.

      • ZxyLady

        100% perfectly said!

    • Miguel A.

      I mean we’re getting to a point where cars can drive themselves. A but of a non-sequitur to be sure but in that world,wires should stop being a thing. Damn it, if the lack of a 3.5mm jack pushes Bluetooth in the direction of having substantial battery life and advances in audio quality over Bluetooth, I say bring on the courage.

    • cogkinetics

      in the past when one company would add a feature, the others would rush to add it to their phones as well. im not so sure the same rule applies for taking away features.
      im still using a phone from 3 years ago because there isnt anything worth upgrading to. if companies are stupid enough to remove the headphone jack then they definitely wont be getting my money.

    • Just an FYI, you can use bluetooth headphones regardless of if you have a headphone jack or not. There’s no con in having one.

      • Suicide_Note

        It’s another port for water/dirt/debris to get into, and another thing to potentially malfunction.

        • Higher_Ground

          get you a press-it or w/e they were called and add some functionality to your life 🙂

  • Dustin Casper

    Should be on the bottom next to the charing port. MANDATORY! It’s so annoying, especially in a car, to have cords sticking out of both ends of a phone.

    • Armaced

      Good argument. Now, I don’t usually use my headphones in the car (I’m far too courageous for that), but I was wondering why anybody would pick “bottom” over “top”, and this is a good reason. I’m still voting “top”, though, as I don’t like having my phone upside down in my pocket where the camera can rub up against my keys.

      • JSo

        You put your keys and phone in the same pocket? Crazy

        • Armaced

          Yup. Wallet on the left, keys and phone on the right.

          • JSo

            My wallet goes in my back pocket. Phone and keys in opposite front pockets. I don’t even like the thought of keys and phone in the same pocket. lol

          • Armaced

            Fair enough. I don’t like sitting on the stuff in my pocket, and ever since gorilla glass, I haven’t had any problem with my keys scratching my phone. I do worry about that camera, though…

          • JSo

            They don’t use the same glass for the camera lens? If not, they should.

          • Chris Hannan

            The glass covering the camera should be at least as hard as the glass on your screen, if not harder.

        • needa

          They say keys can’t scratch a screen.

          • JSo

            I still wouldn’t take the chance.

          • needa

            I forgot the /s.

          • Sean Lally

            They can crack a screen though. Different properties.

        • CapnShiner

          So you don’t care about the rest of the phone, that isn’t Gorilla Glass, getting scratched?

      • I don’t use headphones in the car but I do use my aux cord.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Bottom 100%. Its just better to have wires running from the same location when listening to music and charging…. And when charging in the car on a dock (and using an AUX cable if you need to). I just feel like it’s more uniform…

    Then there’s the fact that an upside-down phone in your pocket makes more sense, since you pull it out instantly ready to use. #Done….

  • It needs to be on the same edge as the charger. Otherwise when you’re using earphones AND a portable power source, it’s just too cumbersome.

  • Brock Dawkins

    Headphone jack and charging port should be at the top. Pinky gets in the way on bottom.

  • rebretz000

    The only phone I’ve ever owned that had the headphone jack on the bottom was the Galaxy Nexus and I loved it.

  • I prefer at the bottom. Sadly the Pixel XL has it on the top and drives me inside most of the time.