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Thanks to Partnership, Galaxy S8 and S8+ Owners Get Special Treatment in Google Play Music

With the launch of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ now here, Google and Samsung have announced a partnership to benefit new Galaxy owners inside of Google Play Music

With this partnership, Play Music becomes the default music app and music service for Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices (plus all Samsung other phones and tablets), but the fun doesn’t stop there. On top of being the go-to music service, new Galaxy owners will receive three months of trial access to Play Music. Additionally, exclusive to S8 and S8+ owners, you can upload and stream up to 100,000 songs for free, a doubling of the standard 50,000 that Google offers everyone else.

Later this spring, once Bixby is ready for its real debut, direct integration with Play Music will be available. At that point, a Bixby user can speak to Bixby and play music or find a track using the voice-powered feature.

Galaxy S8 owners, go grab the latest version of Play Music and enjoy your tunes.

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Via: Google
  • richkoos

    My one gripe with the s8 and music experience is that the lockscreen doesn’t show full screen album art. Unless there’s a setting I haven’t discovered, but I miss that from my 6p.

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  • lara137
    • Cory S


  • lara137

    Galaxy S8 camera makes better pictures than the iPhone 7 Plus

  • Wait, now Google does 50k for most users?? Man, when did this happen, I thought it was still 20k lololol

  • Mike O

    WOW! Such an exclusive! You get 3 months free for S8 owners. Amazing!!!
    … BUT you can get 4 months free for anyone else! LOL!!!

  • CabbageHeadCat.

    Ok Google, listen to… Same thing right?

    The 100,000 song limit is great, but exclusives are bad. Who paid whom?

    • It seems unlikely that anyone paid anything. Google knows that Samsung is the biggest player in Android, and with Samsung agreeing to use Play Music as default, Samsung owners get the best music service experience for Android (subjective, but I think its accurate), while Google gets the biggest chunk of Android users in the world (Samsung users). It’s a win-win and Samsung can go promote that their devices get double the amount of cloud storage over other Android OEMs.

      • sinfoman

        I’ll argue that the stock Samsung music player (at least through my N4, I can’t speak to after that) IS BETTER than Play Music for one thing: it doesn’t keep defaulting to Playlist View. I don’t give a rip about playlists. If it’s on my phone, I want to hear it. If I don’t want to hear it right then, I can skip it. The stock player HAS playlists (if I so choose to use them) but doesn’t keep going back to them EVERY. DANG. TIME. I close the app.

        • BobButtons

          Then use an app like Music Mate to save Play Music tracks in a way that can be played in any music app.

          • sinfoman

            Let me explore this for a minute. The GP app is native. It defaults to Playlists. *ALL* (yes, ALL) of my music is in .MP3 files on my phone’s SD card. Yes, I could download a 3rd party app to avoid the issue I have with GP, but at that point, Sammy could have just left their music player (a third party app, if you will) on the phone and given me the choice. I don’t like the SM player, I uninstall it. I don’t like the GP, I uninstall it. But now I have to go find another app (which will more than likely have ads, or I’ll have to pay for it, grrrr…) to do what the stock one has done all along. Just annoying, that’s all. C’est la vie.

          • BobButtons

            Not that you should have to download one, I get your point, but there are some great music player apps that are free and don’t have ads. Phonograph for one. There are others.

          • sinfoman

            I’ll check out phonograph. Thanks!

    • Yeah, I’m not happy about that, as someone who’s been using Play Music since it was in beta and was still called Google Music.

      I wonder if the 100,000 limit sticks, if you change phones, or if you can even get it with an existing account.

  • trevorsalienarms

    just lol at “Twenty One Pilots”

    • TylerCameron

      They’re a good band lol.

  • Rezin

    That would be a sweet deal of Google music didn’t replace my entire archive with censored versions of each song or lower quality versions of each…and also destroy my curated info

    • Stabby McKnifington

      I’ve heard others talk about that but never experienced it myself.

      • I’ve noticed it a lot less in recent years, I was largely immune, listening to smaller and more obscure artists helped dodge the matching garbage. It was really frustrating, though, they should have an option to always favor uncensored songs, at the very least.

    • Prototype

      Yeah, they really need a fix for it. You have to go song by song and tell it that it has the wrong version to get the original for censorship. More than a pain.

  • nivek31

    What about current Google Play subscribers but new to the Galaxy family?

    • Averix

      Screwed. Google Play free 3 month deals never work if you’re already a subscriber.

      • Shane Meininger

        Thanks for your comment thats why I was reading them to try and find out how to redeem the 3 free months .. but of course since I have an acct allready I figured we would be ou t of luck… BOOOOO

    • lara137

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  • steadymobb

    I already pay for it. But I like the idea of it interacting with Bixby I guess.

  • I think this is kinda good news.

  • mcdonsco

    So, they finally give up on their own music app and adopt Google’s, but only after trying AGAIN to replace Google now/assistant with Bixby?

    What planet are Samsung exec’s living on?

    One step forward met with one step back.

    • DanSan

      cocaine is a hell of a drug.

      • Mirnawwetzel

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      • Debrachood

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      • Jorpeyton

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      • Nancymgonzalez

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    • mcdontunderstandbusiness

      Or, you know, Samsung is providing something to countries that either banned Google or Google isn’t available.

      You know, markets that are more important then even the US, like China. Russia is starting to ban certain Google apps, most Arab countries have banned Google, etc.

      Seems like a perfectly fine business strategy to me.

      • mcdonsco

        You seriously created a username here just to criticize me? Wow, your life must be amazing.

        • Pedro

          And yours must be just as fascinating.

          A user offered an absolutely reasonable reply to your ‘I know more than Samsung does, why don’t they follow my advice” post. Instead of a “Oops, forgot about the global thing, good point”, you attack him.


          • I don’t know if making a username just to criticize one person can really be considered “reasonable”. That’s more than a little petty and childish.

            He has a point, Samsung has a long, storied history of thinking they can do Android better than Google. Google has way more patience with their nonsense than I do.

          • Pedro

            If you look at Disqus closely, you’ll see that there are many anonymous users. Privacy, trolls, etc. Folks got reasons. This is just another example.

          • It’s still childish and petty.

          • thereasoner

            Agree that the user name was unnecessary but other than that he is right, Google services are blocked in major markets like China making Samsung creating their own a wise move. Besides that as an obvious reason for Samsung offering alternatives of their own there is also the Tizen angle with Samsung wanting to use Android to help develop their own services for their own Tizen OS with an eye perhaps on using Tizen primarily in the future.

            I also don’t see Samsung thinking that they’re “better than Google”, even though they are often ahead of Google in introducing new features that Google eventually adopts for stock Android, if anything it’s Samsung trying to catch up to Google with things like AI Assistants imo.

          • Prototype

            Thanks to someone else I actually looked into how Tizen is coded. It is a nightmare. No one will be adopting that platform. Besides being garbage, it has innate security flaws out the wazoo. No thanks.

          • thereasoner

            Samsung has a lot of work to do if they plan on using it for all their devices some day, no doubt. That said, they use it instead of Android Wear on their Smartwatch devices and came up with a much better UI than Google.

          • mcdonsco

            Not obvious ehh? I didn’t care to comment on it, I just found it amusing they bothered with a guest username directed at me, hence my reply.

            What’s REALLY amazing to me is that folks around here as of late seem to be increasing their tendencies to assume they know a posters intentions/motivations etc and/or respond with a chip on their shoulder for what I can only guess is a trolling addiction.

            DL is becoming infested.

    • whqhdrbs

      didn’t you read the article? it supports Bixby meaning they are more in partnership than rivals now, Google is big but not in every categories, Spotify is much more used than Google Music and Google needs Samsung to counter that since it’ll be also default music player on Samsung’s other gadgets most importantly smart tvs, Samsung Tv has more than 30% market share around the world, at this point Google’s best shot is through Samsung’s appliances..
      and I’m sure bixby on Samsung tv will also support Youtube red too.
      so in that regards Google needs Bixby to succeed just like Amazon needs Bixby vision to succeed, which will give Amazon an easy great access to other parts of the world and there are still many markets Amazon needs to crack especially emerging markets…..what Samsung is doing is very smart…its partnership with various companies like Amazon, MS, Google and Facebook give reasons to those companies to help Samsung in order to get help

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Google trying their best to keep Samsung in house. Samsung not helping themselves with Trash like the Milk Music failure though.

    • Cakefish

      Milk Music was never available outside the US, we’ve always had Google Play Music pre-installed instead. Bullet dodged!

      • Me

        Lucky you

      • I’ve never even heard of Milk Music, after looking it up, wow. I’m glad I’ve never owned a Samsung device.

        Why does Samsung feel the need to try and replace every stock Android/Google app and service with their own homegrown turd?

    • whqhdrbs

      no Google and Samsung agreed to further strengthen their partnership, it’s actually Google that let Samsung block the remapping of Bixby, Google wants Bixby to succeed

  • TS50

    can you upload straight from the app or only on the computer?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • tu3218

    It’s weird. Samsung and Google do get along. This, Samsung Chromebook. I think Samsung just likes making their own apps.

    • Me

      They wanna keep you in their ecosystem