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Galaxy S8 Pre-Orders: Don’t Forget to Claim Your Free Gear VR With Controller

galaxy s8 free gear vr

If you pre-ordered a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ and you now have your phone, it’s time to claim that free Gear VR with Controller that Samsung promised you.

Alternatively, Samsung will sell you a $99 bundle of goodies instead, once you show proof of purchase that includes that Gear VR with Controller, along with a pair of “premium” AKG headphones (Y50BT) and a 256GB microSD card. Samsung says this pack has a $500 value. In case you were wondering those AKG headphones are on-ear Bluetooth headphones (reviews), while the 256GB card is one of Samsung’s EVO+ models (obviously). 

Hit up the link below to get started. You’ll need your phone’s IMEI, WiFi MAC, and receipt that shows proof of purchase (email confirmations work).

Samsung Promotions Link

  • bobptak

    Just submitted mine but they are sold out of the extra $99. deal. This is one reason I got this phone early. Maybe we should start returning these S8s unless they restore the offer.

  • PoisonApple31

    Printed my Best Buy online order details as PDF and uploaded. Shows my pre-order of 3/31 and my pick up of 4/21. Register on 4/22, accepted today. Piece of cake!

    • Dave

      Bitch shut up

  • jgheld

    So no chance if I bought it the day after that I’ll get it, right?

    • JimmyHACK

      Edit the date and enjoy the freebie.

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    Does anyone find this weird that they would offer AKG headphones. Samsung just bought JBL. Am I missing something?

    • Yeezu$

      Lol yea they bought harmon kardon which markets jbl and other brands, now if anyone on here ever used AKG head phones you know these that samsung put in the box are NOT AKG come on they sound horrible i guess now that they own the company they can get away with regular ol samsung earbud and just put whatever name they want on em watch the note 8 come with jbl earbuds lol

      • Jeff “BIG RED”

        That’d be awesome if note 8 came with JBL earbuds. Never touched AKG headphones, glad I haven’t by your comment.

        • Lawrence C

          And you seriously believed that comment. These headphone sound great for a $99 price tag. Unless you are expecting a bose sound quality. Please test it for yourself and don’t listen to trolls. And by the way I have bose home theatre, ear plugs and their over the ear noise cancellation so I know what I’m talking about.

    • JimmyHACK

      They bought Harmon a while back which is the parent company of AKG… so they own AKG as well.

      • Jeff “BIG RED”

        Thanks for that info. Didn’t know.

  • DrScrubs

    So, the receipt from Best Buy says 4/21. How would Samsung know we pre-ordered the S8 based on the receipt? Anyone else submitted a receipt that is dated after 4/20 and got the gift?

    • ChargedUp

      My Best Buy receipt shows my actual order date of 4/17 on the top right.

    • DrScrubs

      Well I pre ordered mine on 3/31, but when I picked it up, the receipt showed the pick up date. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • brownrr1

      so i talked to the promotions team. they said send them the email you received from best buy showing the pre-order date

      • Futbolrunner

        Are you to the pre-order agreement email? Have you been approved yet?

        • EK

          Yes, I attached pre-order agreement email and notification for my phone is ready for pick up together with my receipt, and my request has been approved next day.

    • Futbolrunner

      I’m still trying to figure this out. I preordered April 9 but my receipt says 4/21 from when I picked it up in store. Samsung denied my receipt for the Samsung promo and only have 1 more chance to send in a receipt

      • Dave

        Same. I’ve been on hold trying to figure out what i need to do for over an hour

        • Futbolrunner

          Please let me know what they say! I don’t want to mess up my last shot.

          • Dave

            I was on hold for over 2 hours. I was about to hang up. Dude said a lot of customers have been calling in about this, and he said to just send in the preorder email, like the other guy said up top. I asked how to verify it’ll work, he said it will, but just hold on to my call reference number in case. I’d say you’ll probably be ok if you just send that. not sure if waiting on hold forever would be worth it to you but yeah. you can always call back and fight it in my opinion. good luck. i’ll see what happens when i submit.

      • Monica Gunn

        Same thing happen to my husband. He just received an email this morning. We pre-ordered April 3, but the receipt says 4/21 that is when the phone was released and that is when you can go get it at the stores. Best Buy said to submit the purchased receipt. I am on the phone and it has been 1 hr and no one has answer the phone. I’ve tried their chat but it says “Unfortunately none of our Agents are available at this time due to high traffic levels.

        Please feel free to use our self-serve options or try our chat services again later. If your problem requires immediate attention, you may call 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864).”

        This is not right SAMSUNG. And you only have 1 more try, what the heck is that all about. We are pretty upset…

        • Futbolrunner

          Glad to know I’m not the only one! Please let me know what they say!

        • Rich Eckert

          Me too! They denied me on the offer be cause the Best Buy reciept said 4-21 even though I pre-ordered on the 1st Then I was on hold with Samsung for and hour and 15 minutes. I gave up without ever speaking to a human. I am so angry.

          • EK

            I pre-ordered it on Apr 8th, pick it up at Apr 21st from Best Buy. When I send a receipt, I saw statement said purchase date should be in between Mar 30th to Apr 20th, but as we all know, Best Buy receipt says Apr 21st for purchase date. So I combine my receipt with pre-order agreement I got on Apr 8th and notification from Best Buy that says my phone is ready to pick up and send them all together, and my request has been approved in next day. I also called to Samsung to make sure I can claim it, I waited 2 hours and 6 min to talk to one of their representative.

    • Rich Eckert

      Best Buy and/or Samsung has dropped the ball and screwed Galaxy S8 lease customers on the “Infinitely Immersive” free gear VR offer. I’ll explain –
      I heard about the offer for a free Gear VR, controller, and content bundle for S8/S8+ pre-orders for purchases and leases online. I lease my phones on the Sprint “Galaxy Forever” plan. I rushed in to Best Buy on the FIRST DAY that pre-ordering was possible (4-1-2017). I was assured by the associate that I would get the free VR kit and a $100 gift card, so I pre-order my silver Galaxy S8+ on that day. I was told that I was the 6th preorder at the store on that first day…right near the front of the line, right?
      I patiently waited for my phone to arrive for pick-up. The night before the phones arrived in store, an associate called to schedule my pick-up. Great! I scheduled an appointment for 3 PM on April 21st (The first day of product availability, right after I get out of work). I went to my appointment where my phone was activated and was given the phone, gift card and a receipt (which was dated the 21st).
      I immediately went home, went online, and registered for the offer as instructed. I entered the info that was requested and uploaded an image of the receipt on the Samsung offer website. I literally could not have done any of this any sooner. I should be golden, right?
      Two days later I received an email from Samsung saying that my purchase did not fall within the designated offer window (4-01-17 thru 4-20-17). They offered no addition info or explanation. I DID EVERYTHING PROPERLY AS INSTRUCTED AND SEEMINGLY MET EVERY REQUIREMENT!
      I imagine that the date on the receipt is the source of the problem, but that is what the website said to upload. It is the only receipt that I was given as I did not have to pay anything when I pre-ordered. And since it is a lease, I paid nothing but the $30 activation in-store.
      So, now I’ve re-submitted the offer application online (they only allow one resubmission). This time I overlayed the receipt on a copy of the pre-order “confirmation sheet” (this document was NOT requested, just the receipt!). I uploaded an image file of those two documents combined (it only allows one upload with a submission).
      After resubmitting the info, I also TRIED to call Samsung’s customer service line about the issue. I never spoke to a human and listened to a loop of their recordings for ONE HOUR, before giving up and going to bed (ridiculous).
      I have yet to receive confirmation, acceptance, or denial of that re-submission.
      These are the type of shenanigans that I have come to expect from rebate submission, which are notorious for it… but from Samsung? On a flagship phone offer? RIDICULOUS!!
      If the resubmission for the offer is denied, Samsung and Best Buy will have permanently lost a customer, and I will do my best to let everyone know about it.

    • Ralph Macchio

      This really isn’t hard. When you pre-ordered, you have a separate receipt date. Verizon charged 80ish or so dollars at the time of pre-order. Send in the original documentation and you get approved within days.

  • Yeezu$

    Hey guys try submitting your $99 immerse package with the samsung shop app i just tried mine and the offer was there i guess with all the complaints they open it back up. But website still showing sold out though https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1d3f3199bdb5827610141e8fb6beacaecf51db04dac69eb159925598905f4d5e.png

  • xc1097
  • Teresa Michelleaa

    I pre ordered thru tmobile and it was delivered on 4/19 …registered for vr gift last night and was approved within few minutes…I had screenshot my receipt also and it was fine

    • Monica Gunn

      Yours got approved because the deadline was 4.20. So you were within the right dates.

  • mcmi11ions

    I took a screen shot of the receipt i got in my email, and used the expand screenshot feature to capture the whole thing. Submitted it last night, got a message this morning it was rejected for being “too blurry”. WTF Samsung!?!? I used YOUR DEVICE TO TAKE THE PICTURE. I called Samsung about it and was on hold on the phone and with the website chat for 45 minutes. Finally the chat answers, and tells me that they can’t help and I have to call a different number. So I hung up, now i’ve been on hold for 1hr and 11 minutes… listening to the same hold music and recording I did the first time…


    • KonnivingKiwi

      Add your email to gmail and print to PDF. Uploaded and approved same day.

    • Vello Elon

      Been transfered multiple times, chat said they could not help, told to call 4 different numbers and now been on hold for over 2 hours. This is ridiculous…. I am Samsung fan but their customers service sucks…..

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      • Nancymgonzalez

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    • Elsa Vizcaino

      dont feel bad.. they forgot to ship me a phone ordered two and only go one! So now there is an investigation trying to find out where my missing phone is and it can take up to 15 days

  • Yeezu$

    Dorn it $99 package sold out

    • mcmi11ions

      you’re joking right? I went for that one last night, and on my wifes phone this morning…. I’m gonna raise hell.

      • Yeezu$

        Yea its a killer deal i really wanted it. I went on to redeem earlier and nope all gone

        • mcmi11ions

          on phone with Samsung now. THey said that the bundle link is broken. that might be what is happening.

    • debonu

      Calling Samsung now to see if they can do anything… Gggrrr how can they be sold out already??

      • Bryan

        Any luck? Thinking of calling as well.

        • debonu

          No, they just said they are sold out. So ridiculous, most of us didn’t even have our phones and the deal is gone…

    • Rob Miller

      Samsung twitter support says its sold out. I haven’t even gotten my f’ing phone yet thanks to best buy screwing up the pre-order. What a disaster.

    • Yup. Really pissed me off on a Friday night.

    • Yeezu$

      Just a heads up guys i think the link is working again just claim mine.. even though the site says its sold out i was able to submit my claim through the samsung shop app https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1d3f3199bdb5827610141e8fb6beacaecf51db04dac69eb159925598905f4d5e.png

    • Elsa Vizcaino

      Yea, I believe they only had about 50000 units to sell.. If you would have ordered directly from Samsung when you preordered the phone you would have received the Gear VR Bundle if purchased with your Phone as well.

  • steadymobb

    I did mine on Wednesday …got an email saying they are reviewing within 2 weeks

  • TS50

    Already approved. Did it on the Samsung shop app.

    • DJ

      Did you do it just now? Like, in the last 30 minutes?

      • TS50

        No, yesterday. Tmo shipped me my phone 3 days ago.

        • Lgg

          What receipt did you use, I don’t remember getting one in email for the pre order?

          • TS50

            EIP agreement with tmobile

  • DJ

    Says my promo code is invalid!

  • Butane87

    Opted for the $99 package. It’s worth it for just the sd card alone.

  • shelooga

    on my PC it keeps telling my my IMEI and WiMac dont match, so i d/l the Shop Samsung app. That keeps crashing saying no network connection when I try to upload my receipt. dumb

    • Defenestratus

      I had to try a couple times to get it to work as well.

  • DanSan

    only good thing of purchasing directly from samsung, they sent the VR along with my phone yesterday

  • GregDubya

    Can somebody make a VR Duck Hunt that allow me to use this handheld remote like a light zapper? 🙂 I’m eager to see if this will allow you to look in one direction and shoot in another. Everything I’ve done with my previous Gear VRs requires you to look where you want the crosshairs to be. I think this would be a cool upgrade.

  • Francisco Peña

    I’ll pass. I want the bogo deal better that I know will come (at least via TMo)

  • ChargedUp

    *starts building VR p0rn library*