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Instagram Gets an Offline Mode on Android

new instagram icon

During Facebook’s F8 conference yesterday, the company shared a new feature for Instagram, it’s still-growing-like-crazy image sharing platform, that could allow its continued growth into additional areas of the world, specifically those without proper data connections. Instagram on Android is getting (already has?) an offline mode. 

An Instagram engineer explained that most of its offline functionality is actually already available on Android, but the goal is to allow users to see content in the Instagram feed that has previously loaded, leave comments, like items, save media, and even unfollow people. While none of that would happen in real-time without a connection, it certainly will once the person’s device connects to data again.

Sure, most of the people that visit this site don’t necessarily care about an Instagram offline mode, but this is huge globally for those areas that lack our kinds of connectivity. Or you know, maybe you’ll go camping one day and need to get in some fresh, fresh likes.

Via: TechCrunch
  • good for when on the train. been using the same on FB app

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  • BobButtons

    Until they enable the setting to completely disable autoplay videos (or at least there be a way with root to force them to stop) I’ll pass. Completely ridiculous this isn’t a basic setting. The data saver setting does jack.

  • sinfoman

    “Or you know, maybe you’ll go camping one day and need to get in some fresh, fresh likes.” — and THIS, friends, is why I read D-L. Keep it up guys!