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Video: LG G6 Review!


Just in case you happened to skip our written LG G6 review because you prefer the video format, we’ve got something for you today. Our LG G6 video review is here!

In this video, we cover the same general thoughts as the written, but you will get my slightly tweaked opinion over Tim’s. Overall, though, we both view this phone very similarly. We both think LG did a heck of a job by building an ultra-premium smartphone with solid cameras and few (if any) gimmicks. This is a redemption story after last year’s G5 disaster, that’s for sure.

As Tim noted in the written portion, the Galaxy S8’s arrival is going to make it tough on LG once again, but I’d argue that you should still give this some serious consideration. This phone doesn’t really have any weaknesses, plus you get some added bonuses (dual cameras).


  • Trina

    Does anyone know of an app that will allow me to record with the front and back cameras simultaneously? Basically, picture in picture. On the Samsung S7, it’s called Dual Camera in the Mode section. I really miss this feature.

  • The Doctor

    I love the G6, but I had to return my Verizon version after five days because the camera (and only the camera!) got scratched all to hell, and I didn’t introduce it to sand, metal (keys), or anything else. I have never had a phone camera get scratched up, ever. Apparently it’s quite an issue and it’s being discussed on Android Central: http://forums.androidcentral.com/lg-g6/786629-camera-scratches.html

  • bogy25

    Waiting for the S8 review to pull the trigger – then selling my G3 on Ebay

  • Chris

    I laughed at the demonstration of the G6’s display on YouTube….with a video of the S8 lolol

  • Kanoosh

    freaking love your reviews agent K .. i do wish they were in 60fps like before so i can get a better idea of how smooth the phone is, but not a big deal.. still love watching in 4k though on my 4K monitor.

  • Kenneth B.

    32Gb on-board storage with expandable memory up to 2TB. I have a 128gig and a 256gig sd card, so this is just fine with me. I argue that the G6 will have better protection options compared to the awkwardness of the S8. Did you guys see the bikini-ish case Samsung introduced with the phone?? Dear God…

    • B!

      You do realize that’s not the only case that’ll be available for the phone, right?

  • B!

    🎙I keep lookin over my shoulder & peepin around corners…🎙

    Great review! I’m trying to figure out why this phone only looks good to me in pics & videos but when I saw it in person it looked dated. I’ll check it out again.

  • mcdonsco

    I have this phone now and I really like it for the most part but I think I’m going to relegate it to vacations and out-of-town excursions only for the camera quality as my Moto Z play Droid is just a much better daily workhorse with Incredible battery life.

    In what led me to that today actually, was the LCD vs AMOLED and wireless charging, which has some irony to it. My G6 on my tylt wireless charger last night was really freaking annoying with the entire screen being lit up even on minimum brightness in night mode in the clock screensaver. On AMOLED screens that’s just not a problem. The irony is that my Moto Z play Droid doesn’t have wireless charging so that wouldn’t even be an issue because it wouldn’t be sitting upright while charging at night 🙁

    Sure I can get one of the wireless charging Moto mods for it but they all have battery packs in them which makes the phone super thick and this phone already has outstanding battery life I don’t need that extra battery and thickness I just want one of the shells with built-in wireless charging… I’m still completely baffled as to why this was not a launch accessory for the Moto Z line? And I am also completely baffled as to why the only third party accessories that give you wireless charging for this all have battery packs built in Comet which I suppose on the non Play version might be a good thing but on the Play version it’s absolutely useless it just makes the phone. I know there are some Kickstarter and indigo goes making wireless charging shells but those all have a date of the end of this year and I probably won’t even have the phone anymore by then.

  • feztheforeigner

    Thanks for posting this but can you include a TL;DW?

  • DER

    Great review Joe Dirte.

  • Me

    In related news, if you have Sprint (I know) wait till tomorrow the G6 is half off instantly. $354 + taxes ain too shabby. Also if you preordered call back and complain if you didn’t want the TV. You can pick either or

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Great Review as usual!

    I really like the design of the G6, even more than the S8 – – – But I can’t justify it’s cost when the S8 just offers more out of the box – like 64GB Base. If LG gave me 64GB, and the Quad Dac along with wireless charging…. I’d get it over the S8. I can’t see why they couldn’t do that.

  • Cogito

    “This phone really doesn’t have any weaknesses”

    Except the piddly storage. I still can’t fathom why, if my 2.5 year old Turbo had 64gb, a 2017 flagship still has only 32. I probably would’ve bought this thing by now if it weren’t for that.

    • LANCE

      64 should be base , for all devices by now

      • Especially when your competitor, iOS offers even a stock 128 GB option for ☎..

  • UK189

    I am actually really liking my G6. I was concerned about the lack of front speakers and the smaller screen real estate, since I am switching from the Nexus 6, but I am pleasantly surprised. I may still get the new Pixel, but the wait isn’t going to be unpleasant.

  • D P

    I tried it. It’s, eh… On the att version, storage is low. Coming in at nearly half used before I installed the apps I would use. Everything else is ok. Keep in mind, my daily driver is a Pixel XL. The camera, in the same light taking photos of the same object, the pixels looked better but, surprisingly there was slightly more detail in the g6 photo. That alone would make it a strong contender for me if it had more storage space. The SD card can only do so much when it comes to big apps.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I feel the same about the Storage. Does the G6 offer adoptable storage?

      • JOKER

        I was going to ask the same thing. Not surpised bout the camera. Nothing beats Pixel XL’s camera at the moment (it’s my daily driver as well).

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    • Sandradsamons

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    • illregal

      The sd card can only do so much, such as containing those big apps.. Mine is at 13gb left after its all setup.

  • Luke Townsend

    I pre-ordered the G6 on Verizon and received it on the 30th. I have previously had the G2 and G4. I do not regret getting the G6 at all!

  • The Doctor

    I love the G6. I picked one up on Saturday and I am surprised with how much I really like it. I love the 5.7″ screen on a phone that’s much smaller than my iPhone 7 Plus with a 5.5″ screen. I love the dual cameras. My only wish is that LG used newer sensors with OIS on the wide angle camera. I also noticed that the glass protecting the camera has scratches on it. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic phone.

    • seattle tech

      Imagine using the iphone 7 plus with 2 hands for a year and then holding the G6.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      How much storage out of the box?

      • >>

        …………………………….. http://goldenchancemega4.blogspot.com

      • Brad

        It’s the 2nd result on a Google search.

        Just a little over 21GB on the T-Mobile version.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          How do you think Google search works? Think about it.

          • foghorn67

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      • The Doctor


  • Michael Bassett

    It looks like it seen the S8 coming.

    • seattle tech

      I totally see the back of the phone going O!!!!!!