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Super Mario Run Hits Android on March 23

All the way back in September, Nintendo stated Super Mario Run would come to Android in the future. It’s the future now, and finally, we have a confirmed launched date for the game, not just a rough timeframe. 

According to a recent tweet from Nintendo America, Super Mario Run will launch on March 23, available for all Android users through Google Play. Up to this point, you’ve been able to pre-register for the game, an option that went live back in December.

While some people may consider this game old news (it is), I’m still excited to try it out. Collecting coins and hopping on Goombas is what life is all about.

March 23, folks.

Play Link

Via: @NintendoAmerica
  • BoFiS

    Would be nice if it worked offline….like my Switch 😉

  • Biga173rd

    You imagine if Nintendo would ever make a Mario game look like this photo in real time.

  • The Doctor

    This has been on my 7+ for awhile now and I must say, the novelty wore off after like two hours.

  • stanley

    If it’s anything like the iPhones version (automatic), it sucks. It would probably be really good game if we could control Mario ourselves.

  • I’ve seen this game bashed all over the web today about how the game is poorly done and not worth the 10 dollars. I am a bit of a nintendo fanboy but trying to look at this objectively, it is still an excellent game. It plays smooth (on an iPhone 5S even. which is a relic at this point) and the control method is tight and responsive. There’s plenty of gameplay and ffs people $10 dollars isn’t some huge amount of money. Just because temple run and flappy bird were free doesn’t mean everything has to be. I played the free levels on my 5S when it first came out and have been patiently waiting for the release on android so I can buy the full version. None of the “endless runners” i’ve played have been as fun to me as mario run. The sonic runner game was the closest thing to it but didn’t have the replay value I feel exists with mario run. I’ve been hunched over my Switch playing Zelda since that released so it’ll be nice to have another game to distract me from work.

    • JMonkeYJ

      I agree on every point, except that I am definitely not a Nintendo fanboy. My last Nintendo system was the DS Lite (GOAT). I’m counting the days to Thursday.

      • Teresamcook

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  • T4rd

    Nintendo is worse than Apple on their pricing nowadays. The Switch is OK itself, but their accessories for it are ridiculously priced.

    • JLV90

      well at least you can buy the accessories

    • Paul Craven

      Yeah, they are very expensive…But the Switch Pro Controller is the best controller I’ve ever used – it feels so good, it’s perfectly responsive, etc. I thought the price was highway robbery at first, but it turns out it’s actually worth the high price.

  • BobButtons

    No offline play even after paying? Pass.

  • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I get both sides of this argument. its overpriced. and its real easy and short at such a price. but its fun to me. beat it on the iphone so they arent getting another 10 bucks of mine. greedy monkeyfuckers.

  • Murphy
    • Mike

      Had no problem what so ever preregistering it with my V20.

      Just unregistered and repreregistered to be sure and it worked fine.

  • tnt

    I hate to be the cynical guy, but short of some nostalgic sounds/sights, the game is pretty “meh”. It’s basically Flappy Bird set in Super Mario World…

    • Adam Neighbors

      Yeah. And nobody enjoyed Flappy Bird

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        People enjoyed a FREE flappy bird just fine

        • RDPaPa-G

          Whatever happened to flappy bird guy…

      • tnt

        A valid point, but Flappy Bird didn’t cost $10 and allowed you to play offline.

  • bjcroteau

    Finally been waiting to use those play credits from surveys