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DEAL: Buy Two Google Home Devices for $229 ($29 Off) – Multiple Retailers

google home deals

Multiple retailers are currently hosting a Google Home deal that will save you close to $30 if you buy two. That’s the thing, though – you have to buy two in order to get the discount. Best Buy, Verizon, and the Google Store are all hosting buy 2, save $29 promos at the moment.

Why would you need two Google Home units? Because until NVIDIA releases their Spot, this is your only way to have Google Home and Assistant spread about your house to multiple rooms. For example, I have one in my living room, one in my office, and another in my master bedroom. That way, I have access to Home in the rooms I frequent the most.

If you are new to Google Home, our review is there to catch you up.

Deal Links: Best Buy | Verizon | Google Store

  • T_Dizzle

    So I can pay for double the ads, sweet!

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  • Drummer62

    Or you could just use google assistant on your phone when you are in a different room and skip additional home units.

    • illregal

      why have one in the first place then. Could just use assistant on the phone to begin with. I’ve really enjoyed mine. Home automation and whole home audio is enough of a reason to have them for me.

      • Clevenger23

        I want them to be able to play music in the whole home. I have two right now, I would love to have at least 4 more, even 6 more would be ideal…. I would love for them to offer a multi pack deal

  • John

    Should be free with the injected ads, unless they want people to pay to listen to their ads.

  • Craig Armstrong

    How are the ads though?

    • illregal

      Haven’t heard one yet.

      • Armaced

        This might be because the adds so far have come at the end of the updates. My updates end with a wealth of news and technology podcasts, and it would take me hours to get through them all, so I would never hear the add.

        • Blake Stanovich

          Idk, if you watch the video from that reddit post the ad played before the news/podcasts. I haven’t heard an ad yet either.

          • Armaced

            Why, so it does. That’ll teach me to skip the video.
            Looks like they removed the adds, but there is an ominous “…for now” tone in this article:

          • Blake Stanovich

            Btw, what news and podcasts do you have playing besides the NPR update/technology podcast? Thanks

          • Armaced

            Well, I just set these up this weekend. Let’s see… I have:
            NPR News Summary
            CNN News Briefing
            NPR Technology
            New York times – The Daily
            Gadgets & Tech – Spoken Edition
            Wired News – Spoken Edition
            Tech News Today
            BBC Minute
            Wired Science – Spoken Edition

    • DeniseHernandez1111

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    • blackbird2150

      Yeah, before I buy more, I need clarification on this. Either say there will be ads, or conclusively say not. None of their other hardware has ads (chromecast, pixel, etc.)… But it is Google, so just an answer would be nice. Also an update on multiple user accounts would be nice too, thought that’s reaching I’m sure.

      • Clevenger23

        up to 6 accounts can be used. What I have set up is one master account and everyone can use that for streaming music and what not so i only pay once for that, then you can have up to 6 accounts and make it learn the voices of those people. so you and your wife can have different reminders, shopping lists, alarms, calendar, whatever.