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HTC is Teasing Some Mystery Fun for March 20

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HTC’s Taiwan Facebook page posted a teaser late last night that told us to prepare for an “unexpected surprise” on March 20. We aren’t sure what exactly that could mean, but an accompanying image with the text “Spring is coming” might give us another clue. Actually, it doesn’t at all. I’m fully confused. 

So we’ve got an unexpected surprise, plus Spring is coming. OK! Does that mean an HTC 11 (even though that line is supposedly mostly dead) will arrive out of no where? Does that mean the Snapdragon 835 powered phone that HTC already told us was coming is ready? I have no idea.


2017.03.20HTC 將給你意想不到的驚喜

Posted by HTC Taiwan on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

  • Christopher Zoellner

    Maybe they’re finally going to announce they are going bankrupt.

  • Daishi

    Maddow beat them to it and was a total bust.

  • Shadowstare

    Also, I hope this is a device for the US. I’m a little nervous that nothing official has come out of HTC USA yet.

  • Jb

    A new Chainsmokers Album?

  • Me

    What if it’s a tablet or new color for the Ultra 😂

  • dblock

    How’d HTC know when my birthday is, and why are they announcing it to the world…?

  • Suicide_Note

    HTC and fun don’t belong in the same sentence.

  • Shadowstare

    *Crosses Fingers* Please be a Pixel XL clone with an SD slot, the Pixel Camera, and headphone jack.

  • jshep23

    They are probably letting everyone know that literally Spring is coming, followed by Summer

  • John

    For some reason I keep thinking they went bankrupt already.

    • illregal

      because you are unintelligent.

  • Scott Ricketts

    You guys totally called this on the Podcast. As soon as I saw the headline i was all “Tim and Kellen are like Nostradamus! HTC 11 with a Snapdragon 835!”

    • Guess we’ll find out on March 20!

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I mean it has to be the HTC 11 right? They already said their flagship is coming when the 835 is available… And they’re announcing a week before the S8… Intentionally. It can’t be anything else….

        Damn now I need to put my bandwagon leader cap back on!

  • Tim Buchanan

    Spoiler: We’re going to hate it.

    • sc0rch3d

      ….and trash it vigorously early and often in the DL comments

  • HollowLog

    Has the HTC Spring been ruled out?

  • cromo8

    Just here to see the HTC hate.

    HTC still is the best hardware I have ever had.

    HTC One
    Nexus One
    HTC M7
    HTC M8
    HTC Sensation
    HTC One S
    HTC Amaze

    • #Note5 IsBoss

      no one buys their horseshit. fact.

    • The thing with HTC is they always have at least 1-2 deal breakers. Usually a poor camera, small batteries, or large bezels. Most of the phones you listed had at least 1 of those deal breakers.

    • primarchlion

      I just want a re-release of the M8/M9 with more modern hardware. Or the M7 with a microSD (and more modern hardware). Just moved to a Moto Z but very tempted to repair the broken screen on my M8.

  • Ryan N

    Doesn’t telling us about an “unexpected surprise” in effect make it expected?

    Just sayin…

  • D in B

    HTC is garbage, so its probably a garbage can that can tell you about the features it is stealing from everyone.

    • glimmerman76

      now now there are the oem that cant keep up with pixel and pixel xl demand

      • D in B

        thats because they arent used to ACTUALLY SELLING PHONES BLAHAHAHAHAHA

        • #Note5 IsBoss

          damn right, they arent used to selling phones. and its showing since they forgot how to actually build a phone on time! haha hilarious fail

      • The Doctor

        It’s not that they can’t keep up with demand, it’s that their manufacturing process is incredibly slow.

  • needa

    More interested in what OnePlus is releasing in a few minutes. Though probably just a blue phone, still better than the U Ulta.

    • #Note5 IsBoss

      OnePlus outsells HTC. They make better phones by a lightyear.

      • glimmerman76

        I doubt one plus has sold more than the pixel and pixel xl that htc makes.

        • #Note5 IsBoss

          haters gon’ doubt

          • glimmerman76

            when you show proof there is no doubt. But than again your name says it all.

          • #Note5 IsBoss

            note 5 sold more than all HTC phones combined. need proof?? google it doofus

          • glimmerman76

            you said oneplus not the note 5 doofus…… And actually if you look at the note 7 recall numbers the note 5 may not have sold as well as you think…. But that is only a small sampling of months.

  • #Note5 IsBoss

    nothing HTC teases is fun. nor a mystery. since we all know it will be fun to see the mystery of the 5 phones that will be sold.

  • Josh Oberg

    New VR

  • MJ

    They wouldn’t announce another flagship phone after just releasing one (granted it was DOA) would they? Sure why not… It’s HTC!

  • santy83

    Definitely not a phone.

    Maybe a Google Home/ Alexa competitor or 360* camera

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    March 20th? Maybe they’ll also be at the House Intelligence Committee public hearing? Maybe they’ll warm up the crowd for Comey.

    That’s my guess. And I’m sticking to it.

  • brian.

    HTC, the boy who cried wolf.

    I love you HTC, but I don’t believe you.

    • MJ

      You don’t believe they are going to announce something on March 20th?

    • #Note5 IsBoss

      HTC doesnt care. Hence high prices with stupid designs.

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