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This New Batch of Android Wear Devices is Not Good Enough

tag heuer connected

Let’s talk for a minute about Android Wear devices, particularly those that are new and should be feature-packed, checking all of the boxes of a 2017 smartwatch. And why are we doing this? Because as I was putting together all of the details of the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 this morning, I was reminded of a post I wrote up back in 2015 where I asked a simple question: Why do all of these new phones still contain a “but?” The “but” being a critical flaw, of course.

While phones – the topic of that post – have all but fixed the issues I pointed out two years ago, smartwatches, now that they are going through a 2nd attempt at life following the Android Wear 2.0 update, still can’t seem to get it all right. Like phones of years past, why do all of the new Android Wear watches seem to have a “but?” 

If we walk through the latest releases, I think you’ll see what I’m talking about.

lg watch style

LG Watch Sport: This watch is absolutely packed full of every single specification one could ask for in a modern smartwatch. It has LTE, NFC for mobile payments, GPS, a big and beautiful OLED display, fun-to-use rotating crown, the newest Snapdragon Wear processor, lots of RAM, IP68 water and dust resistance, wireless charging, Android Wear 2.0, and a pretty damn sexy design. BUT, it’s battery life is mostly atrocious, the overall size of the case is so ridiculously large I can’t even begin to describe how silly it looks on everyone’s wrist, and you can’t even change the damn watch strap on it.

LG Watch Style: This watch sports a clean, minimal case design that isn’t offensive, along with swappable 18mm bands, a good-looking OLED display, latest Snapdragon Wear processor, wireless charging, IP67 water and dust resistance, Android Wear 2.0, and a bunch of color choices at a decent price. BUT, it’s battery is small, one could argue that it’s not the most attractive watch ever made, and it doesn’t have GPS or NFC, which means it’ll always need to be tethered to your phone and won’t ever be able to make mobile payments.

Huawei Watch 2 and Classic: These watches were arguably the most anticipated of the year when announced at MWC after the copious amounts of praise given to the original and they deliver for the most part. They feature decent-sized 45mm cases that aren’t too thick, LTE, NFC, GPS, the latest Snapdragon Wear processor, 768MB of RAM, heart rate sensor, Android Wear 2.0, and solid 420mAh batteries. BUT, they certainly feature questionable design choices that have strayed way too far from the original Huawei Watch, along with materials that won’t be classified as premium any time soon, according to some early reviews. At $300+, neither watch is cheap either.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45: This watch might be the best Android Wear watch on the market, which doesn’t surprise me since I dubbed the first one the best. It features an Intel chipset, big 1.39-inch AMOLED display, GPS and NFC, 5ATM water resistance, Android Wear 2.0, and is modular, so you can fully customize it depending on your budget. Sure, it has a striking design that won’t be for everyone, though I’d argue that’s part of its draw. BUT, it’s completely out of reach for most people because it starts at $1,650 and goes up from there. While I’m sure that most would love a Connected Modular 45 on wrist, it’s not a watch built for most on purpose and that’s really too bad.

Verizon Wear24: When this watch launches, it might be the best value and best option for most of us. it features a 1.39-inch AMOLED display, NFC, 42mm case, classic design, LTE, IP67 dust and water resistance, Android Wear 2.0, and a sizable 450mAh battery. BUT, we don’t know when it’s coming, how much it costs off-contract (it’s $299 on a 2-year deal), or if Verizon will offer much support to it. After all, they hired an ODM to make it, so it’s not exactly a name brand here that gives us much history.

New Balance RunIQ: The watch “made for runners by runners,” has been on my wrist during runs for the past few weeks and it’s OK. It features a 1.39-inch AMOLED display, nice-sized 45mm case, 22mm swappable bands, GPS, heart rate sensor, 410mAh battery, 5ATM water resistance, and a minimal sporty design that won’t offend anyone. BUT, it doesn’t have NFC for mobile payments even as a watch that is barely a month old in 2017, it’s not yet running Android Wear 2.0, plus the software and performance have been pretty bad in my testing (more on that in soon-to-be-posted review), leaving me wondering if this watch has much of a chance as a product from a company not known for making electronics.

I think it’s safe to say that almost all of these watches have plenty of good features and highlights. But again, none are the complete smartwatch. We might make fun of the Apple Watch for its boring square case and terrible software experience, but it’s got the features you want in a smartwatch (powerful processor, GPS, heart rate sensor, mobile payments, swappable bands, 5ATM water resistance, proper case sizes, etc.). And Apple was able to get the watch to that standard by gen 2, which Android Wear manufacturers are showing they are incapable of.

I wanted to get excited about this new wave of Android Wear watches, I really did. Yet here I am once again making a real life shrug emoji (¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and hoping gen 3 will get it right.

  • apsley

    I could not agree more with this article. The root of the problem in my opinion is the 28 nanometer process being used in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 “System on a Chip” (SoC) which runs most of the new AW watches. This process is apparently at least two generations behind the processes being used in the latest phone SoCs from Qualcomm. There is an opportunity there for Intel or anyone else who wants to come up with something better.

  • Yep, as an OG Moto 360 user, I don’t see myself upgrading any time soon, nothing really ticks all the boxes and feels like a worthy upgrade for the 200-400 dollars I’d have to spend on it.

  • M4rk0

    I’ll likely just get a Garmin Fenix 5.

  • drcaveman

    I went Gear S3 and I have to say, its awesome. Its got LTE, NFC, MST, GPS, Heart Rate, Wireless Charging, Wi-FI beautiful Amoled screen, and goes about 2 days. I loved my Huwawei and OG Moto 360, but all the latest round of Android watches were such let downs. Now that Watchmaker and Facer support the Tinzen Platform I have no issues with most of the faces I want or need. I hate to sound liek such a Fanboy, and I am not in the Samsung Camp by any means, but really wish someone would make and Android wear watch that was as good as the S3

  • Steve Hendricks

    Gear S2, based almost solely on the fact that if I forget to charge it, still gets me through a second day, and I hear the S3 has even better battery life. Plus Samsung Pay really is so good.

  • SA_NYC

    Stop. Just stop. Connected wristwatches for anything beyond basic fitness stuff are simply not a technologically-viable use case at this point in time. Check back in five years. And until then, can we all please stop discussing?!

  • freeper

    First … admit the real problem with Android Wear. I can get a Moto G Play, a phone that is good enough to meet the needs of 95% of the population – based on the fact that it is more powerful and capable than the iPhone and flagship Android phones like the Galaxy S3 (i.e. Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 and 1 GB of RAM versus 2 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 410) were in 2013 – for $99. Meanwhile the cheapest Android Wear option on this list costs nearly 3 times as much?

    Instead of creating Android Wear as a tablet bluetooth extension for your phone (seriously, that is how it was initially designed, and Google kept manufacturers from adding more code to it in order to make it better and useful … the way Samsung did with TouchWiz, which is why it took Android Wear 2 years to catch up with Samsung Tizen devices that were released in 2015, which is when they first had 3G and mobile payments capability) Google should have made Android Wear a minimalist platform to compete with Fitbit, something like the Fitbit Charge 2 that could have been sold for $69 – $99. A couple of companies actually did try to make an Android Wear device for as little as $69 but gave up; the requirements for smartwatch SOC and display made it impossible. One of them eventually came out with a far more expensive smartwatch that did not sell, the other, Xiaomi, never came out with an Android Wear device at all, and instead went with their own wearable platform which is cheaper and far more successful.

    The amazing thing is that Google never did need to come out with a separate OS for Android Wear, since Android Wear has the same memory and CPU requirements as, say, Android Jellybean did. (Even now, the requirements for Android One is 512 MB of RAM and a Qualcomm 200 SOC; some of the watches above surpass that.) Sony and Samsung already had smartwatches running tablet Android. Google should have come out with a minimalist platform, like they did with Chrome OS for the Chromecast (successful precisely because it cost $35) like their IoT platform (first Brillo now Android Things). Because here is the deal: people will pay for a device that hangs off another device only if it is cheap. Chromecast? Without a phone or tablet or at least a PC with a Chrome browser it is a paperweight. Android Wear similarly is just another watch, no better than a $25 Casio, without a smartphone to pair with it, so charging more for it than a pretty good smartphone like the Asus Zenfone 3 makes no sense.

    Everything that Google has done with Android Wear since it’s launch has been to tack on new features to try to compete with the more successful Samsung Gear and Apple Watch devices by adding features like Wi-Fi, NFC and a better UI, but since the original design for Android Wear was to make the thing a voice controlled remote for your phone, it is putting lipstick on a pig. Google hasn’t even made Wear-specific Hangouts, Voice, Messenger etc. apps for the platform or real support for tablets or PCs (i.e. using the Chrome browser) because again the original design was as a phone’s voice remote.

    Google had an opportunity to relaunch Android Wear, at least for entry level devices, as a Fitbit/Garmin type competitor with Android Things as an OS when they could have bought Jawbone for two slices of bread and some butter. They could have pushed Android Things out to existing Jawbone devices (which includes speakers by the way) as an update and inherited their existing hardware designs. Instead, they decided to double down on a failed strategy by “updating” the platform to compete with Apple. Google’s real problem: they are not a consumer products company whose main thing is designing products that actual people want to use and buy. They are an ad company, which is why they came up with an expensive product with no practical uses for the average person, one that they did not even really advertise. They are able to do this because it doesn’t cost them anything. LG, Motorola, Asus and the rest are the ones who lose money by manufacturing and selling these product failures that no one buys. Now that Motorola is owned by Lenovo, who is actually trying to make money instead of having their losses subsidized by Google, they have made it clear that no more Android Wear devices are forthcoming.

    Evidence that Google is serious about competing in the wearables space would be their buying Jawbone – still on their last legs, now they have totally given up on making and selling or even licensing hardware – and relaunching Android Wear as a cheap device that pairs with your phone over Bluetooth, NFC or WiFi, collects fitness and GPS data, etc. And not just watch type devices … smart bluetooth headphones that can do everything that a Fitbit can do would be an even better idea. They can still have the “tablet on a wrist” devices for whoever wants them. But unless they do something in that area, it will show that Google is just willing to have other people lose money on their bad ideas rather than committing themselves to creating a successful product.

    • #Note5 IsBoss

      TL:DR. I dont even know your angle, all I know is that you typed way too much and are a buffoon.

      • Stabby McKnifington

        It might be loquacious but he actually has some solid points

        • #Note5 IsBoss

          its too much reading. there is no time, or room for that horseshit.

          • Stabby McKnifington

            Words are hard. Maybe stick to tweets.

          • #Note5 IsBoss

            um, hey if you dont like it, dont respond to people dipshlt.

          • D in B

            watch your back, stabby is after you. he will cry you to sleep.

          • Stabby McKnifington

            ha ha. Says the guy replying to someones post and complaining.

          • #Note5 IsBoss

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          • Stabby McKnifington

            Perfect. That looks more like a tweet. Good job. You’ll get there buddy!

          • Stabby McKnifington

            Perfect. That looks more like a tweet. Good job. You’ll get there buddy!

          • #Note5 IsBoss

            no one tweets anymore. keep on posting the same comment twice tho. hard to use a keyboard correctly while typing on that iphone, ay moron?

          • Stabby McKnifington

            ahh, name calling. The last vestige of the damned.

          • #Note5 IsBoss
          • Stabby McKnifington

            now a meme stolen from below and name calling. You really are a class A troll. Have not ran into one like you in a long time.

          • #Note5 IsBoss

            hehe i love you so much stabbymcstabberson. its just all in good fun.

          • #Note5 IsBoss

            hehe I love you stabby, dont kill me bro

      • D in B

        agreed, wTF? dudes writing a novel. who cares what points he is making.

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Wow an apple biased article if there ever was one. So apple watches are gold for what they are… but of course for android watches “good for what they are” does not apply, they have to be better and stand out than the rest. Sorry Mr. Apple Fanboy all but the Tag android watches are cheaper and more affordable than the apple watches. Apple watches are filled with outdated tech and cost more. Apple’s goal with watches is clearly for people to switch to new watch every year or so (which seems same as android) but they cost more. For the higher cost of Apple watches they don’t offer anything more, actually they are riddled with performance problems. Having said that I think Apple watch UI is cool and with the right performance, missing features of the android watches and lower price would be better buy than they are now.

  • RavnosCC

    The SmartPhone has set a high bar…

  • #Note5 IsBoss

    I got the S3 when it came out. It overheated, started melting and took off my left hand. I cannot lift those garbage cans anymore up here in NYC to pay the bills.

  • Godzilla

    Totally agree. Nothing beats the gear s 3 right now.

    • #Note5 IsBoss

      i’m not saying you’re trolling, but you’re trolling

  • tiger

    Here’s an additional problem for Wear 2.0…why is heart rate monitor being left out of some of the new devices???!!!! Tag Connect….$1600 and not a damn heart rate sensor?!

    Look around…heart rate sensors is a MUST have…Fitbit & Garmin are racing to add HR sensors to their existing line…they even went in-house development for them…that shows you how important it is!!

    Apple Watch has the best wearable heart rate sensor and their software is increasingly making it even more accurate.

    And without heart rate monitoring, calories, fitness, and exercise measurements are USELESS. Pedometer alone are not good enough.

    What does Wear 2.0 devices do? Oh, lets leave it out despite having thick ass cases!

  • Is it possible to accept phone call on the android wear device? Do you hear and talk into your watch or not?

  • Scr-U-gle

    So it looks like we all agree then, the Apple Watch is the standard that all dronewear is floundering to follow.

    Easy to change straps, at least two days of battery, performance, physical interface, tokenised payments system are essential.

    • 🇦🇺Marshall

      Smartwear in general is a bucket of turds. Being the biggest turd in said bucket is no honour.

      • Scr-U-gle

        Apple Watch has a ridiculous customer satisfaction rating, well above 90%.

        I suggest you scroll down and read the comments by self confessed drone fanbois.

        I think we can all agree, even tizen is better than dronewear.

        • 🇦🇺Marshall

          What? iFappers are crowing about the iWatch? Shocking!

          A 10% dissatisfaction level among rabid sheep is hideously high.

          • tiger

            Considering that it selling by the MILLIONS every damn 3 months and having 90+ satisfaction rate, Android Wear and Tizen would crap in their pants for 1/2 that sales!

          • Scr-U-gle

            That’s why dronewear is floundering…

            …because you can’t comprehend simple maths!

            Have another go simpleton, no wonder you can only afford a Samboom

      • tiger

        Didn’t Apple Watch sales reach 6 millions over last 3 months?

        Heck, even smartphones not named Apple or Samsung cannot even reach that amount in 6-12 months! How many LG G5 sold? HTC 10? Pixel?

        Think about that for a moment…literally speaking, IF Apple Watch was made by a separate company, those sales figures would put it among the Fortune 500 companies in profits and sales.

  • Kevin Davis

    You’re absolutely right. Hell no, they’re not good enough. You can have either regular sized without features, and garbage battery life, or, you can have gigantic, feature filled hockey pucks, still with garbage battery life.

    It’s absolutely no wonder that the Apple watch and the Gear S3 chew this garbage up and spit it out.

    Obviously, it was way too much to expect a good AW2 watch to compliment my pixel xl.

    • Ismail Akram

      If S3 was really that great I would have it. it don’t get the basic right IMO that is notifications.
      In S3 favor, battery was really good, display was pixilated though I got to used to it.

      I sold S3 for LG Watch sports which IMO is best watch except for that size.. BTW I didn’t buy Watch Sports cuz
      my wrist is small and I’ve seen verge review it don’t fit them so well so I left it. If it wasn’t for size and fit Watch Sports would have nailed everything.

  • Joel Crane

    Can we just have Pebble back?

    • Cody Lemley

      This! This guy gets it!

  • jrbmed08

    I was hoping someone would make AW 2.0 device that can be a good replacement for my aging Pebble Time, since Pebble is no more. Sadly, nothing has all the features I love about the Pebble.

  • Cody Lemley

    Android Wear 2.0 was my last hope after Pebble was purchased by Fitbit. But it seems like they’re only wanting the software and not the hardware, which for me was the best part of the Pebble. 7 day battery, simple clean design, and Android Wear support. But I’m waiting for a Smartwatch with at least a few days in battery life, NFC, LTE, Water and Dust Resistance so I never have to take it off when swimming/etc. I could careless if it’s huge and bulky like The Mission. I just want to be able to wear it when I sleep and work outdoors. RIP PEBBLE TIME!

    • lartmander

      Its really unfortunate that Pebble collapsed. I’ve been a longtime Pebble user (still rocking my Pebble Time) and feel saddened that Pebble just couldn’t make it work. I wish more people had the chance to try Pebble, and realize that everything Pebble had feature wise (battery life, software) was perfect for what a smartwatch was needed.

      Drives me nuts to see vendors try to push smartphone features into a watch, totally defeats the purpose of why you wear a watch tethered to a phone.

      Seriously, RIP Pebble. Still waiting for a better alternative!

  • NexusMan

    First off, how does “the overall size of the (LG Watch Sport) case is so ridiculously large I can’t even begin to describe how silly it looks on everyone’s wrist, and you can’t even change the damn watch strap on it,” equal “a pretty damn sexy design?” There is nothing sexy about that clunky, uncomfortable mess.

    Secondly, the Apple Watch’s 2 big BUTS are it looks terrible unless you’re into calculator watches, which I haven’t been since I was a child, AND it only works with the iPhone.

    I really like the new Tag watch, and would buy it if dropping that kind of dime on it didn’t matter to me (especially since I would customize it above the base model), but it does, so I won’t.

    It seems all smartwatches AND all smartphones still have BUTS for someone.

  • paul_cus

    Well said. One day, Kellen.

  • Guruna Neung

    I​ just​ want​ notification, nfc, heart​rate, great​ battery​ life​

    • Ismail Akram

      S3 have all of those things but I don’t like notifications on S3, you can only read as much you can read on your mobile notification where AW shines IMO

  • LionStone

    As long as these “smart” watches can only last a few days on a charge, it’ll stay a niche market. I have a Suunto Traverse and the thing lasted 3 weeks! Granted I wasn’t using the GPS a lot for tracking etc. But to get my notifications and outdoor activities it’s perfect.

  • Famousamos_man

    Bought gear S2 3G version at Verizon for $150 the other day. GPS, 3G, Speaker, Quality round display, tactile buttons and rotating bezel. Semi-customizable bands, only thing is it’s not running Android Wear! Apps are horrific in Samsung Land.

  • zapote21

    I totally agree. I have a Gear S3. Not impressed with only NFC, as I used Samsung Pay everywhere. None of these watches fso far would make me give that up

  • mcdonsco

    Can’t really fault OEMs though. Smart watches I don’t think hold anywhere remotely close to the interest for most people as phones do (similar to tablets).

    I think things like wearables and tablets, even for enthusiasts, are more “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

    I’m an idiot when it comes to phones, switch far too often, but zip, zero, zilch desire to replace my gen 2 360 or my tab S2 8…To get me to do so they would have to die, get lost / stolen or destroyed or something truly AMAZING would have to tempt me and I don’t see that happening in those categories.

  • Orlando aka Pixel XL

    I love my LG watch sport..

    • Ismail Akram

      I wish it can fit my wrist, I love the look and features of it as well. but wrists are way too small, even though S3 fitted well but I sold S3 for Watch Sports but didn’t buy cuz of my wrist size.

    • Taye

      Diddo Bro. The LG Sport is now my daily driver.

  • Eric

    Phones still have a “but” and smartwatches are just a complete flop!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    They’re all feature rich but Big, Thick and Ugly. Or a decent size and absolutely featureless like the Style.

    I was excited about the last generation of the devices now I’m definitely not buying any of them.

    • Suicide_Note

      Same here. There’s just no Android Wear devices on the market that are compelling enough to buy. Sad, really.

      • NexusMan

        Well, it’s only March, and Fossil alone plans to drop 300 watches this year across it’s many brands. And brands like Motorola and Google have traditionally dropped product later in the year…So I’m patiently waiting. I’m glad I currently have AW devices I’m still happy with to hold me over.

      • Ismail Akram

        I think LG Watch Sport is, if only it fit your wrist well. then its better than S3 IMO, battery is also not bad if you use like S3 without LTE.

    • Mark Kendrick

      Totally agree I was really excited for the new versions to launch and have not been impressed at all. I got word today about a Groupon for the Gear S3 at the price of $239 sure it’s manufacturer refurbished but at that price I’m good.

  • Patrick Smithopolis

    I think it’s because these manufacturers are not sure what it will take for consumers to buy these watches. I bought the first Moto 360 mostly because of its design but after a month I stopped using it. I just found it redundant to my phone. Right now I’m not interested in smart watches and I’m not sure what it will take to make me interested.

  • Raven ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    You forgot that Asus ZenWatch 3. It is currently my leading choice to replace my aging OG Moto 360. It is pretty good in the spec department, but I do not like the custom band attachments and the tacky gold bezel ring on all of the models.

    • gboybama

      No NFC, so no mobile payments. That’s an instant veto.

  • rich

    I’d be all over that tag IF it were half the msrp.

  • A Magnet

    I realize this is about Android Wear, but after having the Gear S3, I don’t see the need to go to any of these other options. Samsung Pay is awesome and works with any (android) phone, it’s still water resistant, you can swap bands, the display is pretty incredible for a watch. If it had Google Now, I’d consider the Gear S3 perfect – but even without that feature, I still see it as leagues ahead of these other options.

    • Totally agree. Came from a Moto 360 Gen 1, then the Huawei Watch (which was the better of the two) before recently getting a Gear S3. I actually USE the Gear S3 whereas the other watches were nothing more than an expensive notification screen. I rarely even used Google Now on them, mostly due to responsiveness issues. The Gear S3 could use Google Now (S Voice sucks), and needs a few more apps to be available. The SDK looked decent, so it just needs enough market share for people to spend time on creating apps for it. Battery life on the Gear S3 is fantastic, too. Some days I put it on charge with 75% remaining.

      • Cory S

        Same devices as you…the only thing I miss from the Huawei was the amazing metal mesh band, and the sapphire screen. My Gear S3 already has a nick in the glass. Annoying they they used glass on a 350 dollar watch.

  • Turb0wned

    Only two smart watches with getting are the Gear 3 and Apple Watch.

    • jim

      Apple watch just looks like a giant chiclet to me. Lol

      • Turb0wned

        It ain’t the prettiest, you are right, but it work damn well.

        • NexusMan

          It ain’t the prettiest is a big but.

          • Think it looks good enough, anyway… in a sense it’s honest about what it is (a mobile device on your wrist) rather than pretending it’s a mechanical watch.

          • NexusMan

            I wear jewelery on my wrists. If I’m “wearing” something it has to fit in with my style and be pleasing to my eye. “Good enough,” or something that looks like a “mobile device,” is nothing that I would ever voluntarily wear on my wrist. If you just want to carry around a mobile device, that’s what a smartphone is for, that stays hidden in your pocket. As a tech lover, and a lover of gadgets, I couldn’t imagine how ugly my home would be if everything was designed to be “honest about what it is.” My Google Home, for one, would have just been a giant, clunky, black, square speaker, instead of “pretending to be” a part of my decor.

          • tiger

            Apple Watch is NOT pretending to be anything but an Apple-designed product. Wear and Tizen watches are pretending to be traditional watches with all the limitations of a traditional design.

            This is why Apple Watches sells well. This is why others are failures or lag tremendously in app support.

            As for jewelery on wrist…that’s your call as a guy…nothing wrong with that. Apple Watch is a smart watch, nothing more nothing less. It is an Apple-designed product that looks like nothing else and works as advertised.

          • NexusMan

            I never said Apple Watch was. I actually, agreed to the exact opposite. I don’t agree, however, that that is the reason Apple Watch sells. No one I know who has an Apple Watch thinks it looks fantastic, at the best, they say “it actually doesn’t look that bad.” Apple watches sell because they are made by Apple. Period. The people I know who have Apple Watches don’t even use and or know about most of it’s functionality. They are simply in the Apple ecosystem, and feel it only makes sense to purchase what Apple tells them is their next great thing, because after all, Apple knows best.

          • tiger

            You mean they don’t use it for notifications and activity tracking??

            So they bought it for no damn good reason other than it is an Apple product????

            They spend $300++ for nothing???

            That’s interesting….

          • Think you misunderstood what I meant. “Honest” means that it’s not bending over backwards to imitate something else, not that it’s reduced to its constituent parts. This doesn’t mean you can’t have watch-like features (such as circular displays), but many smartwatches feel like they’re trying too hard to be something they’re not, like a computer keyboard built to resemble an old-school typewriter. And they frequently make sacrifices (screen area, battery life, thickness/case size) to achieve that imitation.

            Google Home is a good example of how to do this well, actually: it’s clearly not a table lamp, but it still looks good on your end table in the right circumstances. Taste is subjective, of course, but I think the Apple Watch matches what Home is doing if you have the right case and band combo.

          • NexusMan

            No, I understood you. I didn’t take what you said in any type of negative way, I think we just fundamentally have different taste/opinion toward wrist wear. I, personally, don’t like the Apple Watch’s design approach. Yes a smartwatch has tech inside, but it is also a watch. It is a real watch. no, it is not a mechanical watch, but it is a real watch. And as someone, who likes the appearance of traditional real watches not only as a way to tell the time, but also as a piece of jewelry or an accessory, I would never replace that look that I like for something that looks like the Apple Watch, which is why I like something like Tag’s approach better as it gives me the best of both worlds…the functionality I want AND the look that I want. I actually think the 1st gen Moto 360 accomplished the tech merged with classic watch design much better than Apple, without “bending over backwards.”

        • Comk4ver

          Anything said before the word but doesn’t count

  • WAldenIV

    I like my ForeRunner 235 more than my Moto 360 as a smart watch because it lasts over a week on a charge and I could run without my phone.

  • Jonathan Berry

    This. As a Moto 360 Gen1 owner, I have been keeping an eye out for a replacement that has AW 2.0 support. I was hoping to get a new model that is launching with 2.0, but nothing really appeals to me so far. I may have settle on an older 360 Gen2 (flat tire, no speaker, no NFC) or Huawei Watch (no NFC, no wireless charging, smaller) at this rate as I’m not sure my 360 will hold out for another generation. My ideal watch would be something like a Gen2 360 without flat tire and add a speaker and NFC.

    • yep, I ended up getting a 360 Sport just for 2.0 and the price ($110). Its sad that all these watches and they are either absent of many features or the price is WAY high.

    • sr20s13

      Yeah my 1st gen 360 died awhile ago I just wish they would make the same watch just updated specs

      • Walter Partlo

        You don’t like the 2nd gen 360? I got mine when my first gen died, and love it.

    • mcdonsco

      Kind of surprised anyone stuck with a gen 1 that long. I sold my gen 1 shortly after gen 2 came out mostly due to battery life. Gen 1 couldn’t make it a full day, even when minimal screen on time. Gen 2, even when I set the screen to always on with my chosen face fully lit, can go about two days before dying.

      • Cindydcastillo

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      • marcusmarcus2

        I still have my gen 1 and don’t plan on replacing it anytime soon. It works fine for all I need. I end my day with about 40% battery, too (I wear it from 7am to 11pm). It’s not spectacular, but does all I need it to. As long as it keeps doing what it does now, I don’t plan on replacing it.

      • Violet Fleming

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      • Jonathan Berry

        I was really tempted to upgrade to the Gen2, but given that I bought the Gen1 early on (read: I spent $350 on it), spending more money on Gen2 wasn’t something I wanted to do financially. I can generally get through a day with Gen1, but I have to turn off some features that I would like to have. And sometimes it still inexplicably dies before the day is done (though not often at least).

        • [email protected]

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    • Nw_adventure

      Zen watch 3 is worth a look

      • Milly

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    • Raven ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I think that the Asus ZenWatch 3 is currently the best smartwatch choice available. It has the Wear 2100 processor, high quality metal build, is much thinner than the LG sport, has a nice round screen and reportedly great battery life and fast charging. Unfortunately, it is not perfect. The custom band attachment and the tacky gold tone ring really turn me off because I want an all black watch with a steel link band like my current Moto 360.

      • Nw_adventure

        I folded and order the ZW3- OG360 working fine but display is going out again when using a light colored watchface.

  • I believe the biggest obstacle isn’t new tech, but less.

    People like me love watches. We like mechanical movements.

    What people like me want is a device that attaches to my current watch and can measure my steps and hopefully heart rate as well. It would be great for a small vibrate notification setting too.

    I do not need a screen and I do not need another antenna. Something small and discrete that you have to look for in order to notice. Very minimalist.

    • J. Carter

      Have you not heard of Chronos? it does exactly this. https://wearchronos.com/

      It isnt perfect but it is a 1st gen product. I actually was on the kickstarter program and it came true.

      • What are your thoughts?

        • J. Carter

          Well it is promising, lol. I dont think it has android support yet. I have iOS and it didnt seem to want to notify me until I opened the app on iOS in the morning. After that, it worked pretty well. They just recently sent out a firmware update that improved the battery life making it last easily over a day. The light effect is cool too.

          Some of the bad stuff was one time it started vibrating during a phone call and never stopped until the battery ran out. The app is very minimal and the steps go directly into the Apple Health app. The tap gestures are pretty garbage. any kind of serious movement can trigger them so I turned them all off. I’m on my second device and have had the same issue, the back plate of it has come off. It stuck to my skin or something and completely came off the device. They promptly sent me my first replacement but have been fumbling around with emails this second one.

          I would stay away until the 2nd generation at this point but that said, as a minimalist device that sends notifications and tracks steps, it’s a great first start. I have swapped it onto a couple of different watches without problems and once it’s on there it’s pretty tough to notice if you dont already know it’s there.

    • flowens
  • Michael Bassett

    Samsung with the save once again #GearS3

    • Jim Morrison

      Agreed! I love my Gear S3, and wouldn’t even consider using a different smart watch. I don’t feel it gets all the love it deserves.

      • Brandon Sobotta

        So ugly and big.

        • Jim Morrison

          That’s not what she said.

  • Guest

    For me smart watches help me get notifications. I leave my phone on vibrate and check my wrist. I had a moto 360 for ever since launch but got tired of the flat tire and not having Android wear 2.0. Also the battery was a joke. I bought a G watch R on CL for $60. New battery for $20 and it works great. I don’t want NFC or LTE just a watch. I like the design of the G Watch R and the TAG for the bezel but new watches haven’t changed enough to warrant the watch.

  • Suicide_Note
  • AndrewScottRox

    This whole conversation just reminds me of Pee Wee Herman.

    • Suicide_Note

      Same here.

      • Pretty great that you both went right to Pee Wee.

  • Ryan N

    This is my battery life on the Watch Sport which includes a workout. It settled down after the first couple of days (similar to a new smart phone).

    I have zero issue with the comfort.

    The size has yet to bother me.

    And considering that the alternate to antennae straps is a plastic (or ceramic) case like the Huawei Watch 2 (Sport), I’ll take the steel case and rubber straps.

    Just my two cents of course since we’re talking about it….


    • Using LTE or just tethered to phone? I’d guess battery life is much better when it’s not LTE at all. And that’s great news if the battery life is only getting better!

      • Ryan N

        This was not with cellular. But even so, it included a workout and a considerable amount of messaging.

        I have yet to get a sim for mine but what I have seen others do is set data preference to “3G Only” which is more than adequate for what a watch demands and it is dramatically easier on the battery than 4G.