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Thursday Poll: Which App Do You Use for Twitter?

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It’s 2017 and there’s still no shortage of 3rd-party apps for Twitter on Google Play. Leading up to this point, there has been drama, with some apps falling victim to the services’s old hostility for 3rd-party development. Remember the finite amount of user tokens and all that crap? Yeah, thankfully, that all seems to be fading away.

As for the choices, there are plenty of good ones, and we’ve written about pretty much all of them. You have the stock Twitter app (which has improved vastly over the years), Fenix, Flamingo, Falcon, Talon, and many others. Each has their own set of features, and you can’t exactly go wrong with any of them. It’s all user preference.

So, the question is, which do you use? And before you go say, “I’m so cool, I don’t use Twitter,” get outta here with that. Twitter is amazing and if you aren’t already, follow us, duh!

Which app do you use for Twitter?

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  • DJ Lawless One™

    I used to use Fenix thanks to MKBHD but I never could get it to install on my HTC 10 so I switched to flamingo at random. I’ll stick with flamingo as it has no issue refreshing like Fenix used to.

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  • DJ Woozie Beats

    I bounce back between talon, flamingo, and Fenix. Using Fenix now. I’d definitely use Flamingo if it could get it’s syncing and notification services down. It lags behind the other two so hard.

    Talon slows down after heavy use. Forgets users.

    Fenix isn’t as feature rich..

  • Jonathan Williams

    I use Plume. It works for me.

  • lost_limey

    I use the official Twiter app, I’m just lazy and it’s usually the most up to date leverager of any Twitter APIs

  • drcaveman

    Use the mobile website

  • needa

    I used the Twitter app leading up to the election, so I could keep up with what was going on. It used the crap out of my battery. Uninstalling it got me from having to charge at 8 or 9, to charging the next day around noon.
    Are there Twitter apps that are better on the battery and background usage?

  • dsignori


  • Armaan Modi

    There are plenty of nice apps for Twitter and Reddit.I wish there were few for Facebook as well.Wish Facebook allowed devs to do that.

  • Gordon Spurgeon Spooner

    I use the Twitter service only occasionally, but when I do, it’s through the open source Folio app, which is primarily a Facebook app, but also provides an interface for Instagram, G+, Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit.

    • Armaan Modi

      yeah… It’s just an app that lets you use the browser version.(basically a browser is what it is).

  • paul_cus

    Really like how far the standard Twitter app has come, but I’d like to give Flamingo a look.

  • Me

    When I had android, flamingo was my go to. Really underrated app.

  • Arian

    I am a power Twitter user so I switch between both the Twitter stock app and Fenix. Fenix is great because the timeline is so fluid and beautiful. It’s just so clean. The stock Twitter timeline is awful and has too many ads and extra stuff, plus the useless Explore tab.

    However, stock Twitter is good because of DMs (can send pics, vids, etc), responding privately to tweets, and push notifs. I really wish Fenix would get better DM functionality.

  • Rimtu Kahn

    I’ve only used TweetCaster on my android phones. On other phones I’ve used official app. I much prefer the TweetCaster app, love the UI and several additional features not available on the official version.

  • Bamzilla

    I use Talon and really like it. I still use the official Twitter App for some other accounts I run for work and for notifications. Seeing the love of Flamingo on here I might have to reinstall it as well. I liked it when I tried it but I’m just so used to everything about Talon and have enjoyed it.

  • rfranken

    I can’t speak for fenix as I’ve never tried it, but for the other options Talon is the best. If you haven’t tried it, you should. It maximizes your viewing area way better than Flamingo and the color options are very nice. Falcon was very nice but has fallen behind as the dev has moved on.

  • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I was using Flamingo for a while but deleted Twitter a while back.


    TweetCaster Pro works well for me.

  • Nick V

    Until Twitter removes the cap, I will never pay for another Twitter app again. But as for the official Twitter app, it has come a long way, and does everything I like it to do

  • I used Fenix for a long long time until Twitter’s update last year that basically caught up to the third party apps. At this point I find Twitter’s official app to be the most reliable.

  • Droid Ronin

    Just curious, but do people also use the desktop web apps? Not just the main Twitter site, but also Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Buffer?

  • Droid Ronin

    I have actually used all of the apps listed above. I’ve also used Carbon, Tweetcaster, and Plume. My daily driver right now is Flamingo as the smooth transitions and Material Design interface just can’t be beat!

  • Alfu Conteh

    Hands down Flamingo the best customisable Twitter app. Try it everyone you gonna love the experience

  • Jeffrey Spiers

    I use Metal Pro as it combines Facebook and Twitter into one app.

  • Abdullah

    I’m fenix die hard since beta, but it had some bugs in the past few months and there’s no updates yet to fix them. Delevoper says V2.0 is coming soon. Maybe it’ll be a new paid app!

  • I’ve tried several, but no others match the native Twitter app at push notifications.

  • DJyoSNOW

    Tweetcaster perhaps

  • Trooper311


  • Allyn K C

    Back when I had an HTC device, I used BlinkFeed as my primary Twitter feed. But I haven’t been able to find a widget that worked as well for me (and has a dark theme) – so I just use the Twitter app for now on my newer phones.

  • David Swick

    TweetCaster mofos!

  • GeekOfNature

    I haven’t enjoyed using a Twitter app since BadKitty back on WebOS.

    • gonk24

      Whoa, that brings back memories. I had forgotten BadKitty even existed.

  • watchthesky

    I use the stock Twitter and Echofon beta. I hate that the Twitter one doesn’t do chronological order though.

  • a person in their 20s

    i don’t use twitter. i firmly believe it is part of the reason we have the president we have. i also believe it is also a gigantic waste of time to check for updates on what other people are doing. I understand people like it and it has its uses, but not for me.


    • KleenDroid

      Don’t think Twitter is why we have the President we have.

      I think it’s because we were sick and tired of the direction the country was going. And we didn’t want Mrs. Clinton.

      P.S. I don’t use Twitter either, so we at least agree on that 🙂

      • Guest

        Hahaha agreed. I think the election was more people vs the politically elite.

      • MicroNix


    • Firelight

      Blaming Twitter for selecting our President is like blaming video games for creating violence in youths. It’s SUCH a long stretch and made fully of assumptions all to satisfy a personal bias. But to actually, economically or otherwise, hold an entity directly responsible for your disappointment is ignorant at best and arrogant at worst.

    • Armaan Modi

      That president thing is silly,but I think you mean twitter= time waste. I don’t use twitter everyday,but I think it’s a good way to read the latest news.

  • Gekko

    Chrome Browser. i’m a minimalist and i don’t like extra apps installed. but i don’t tweet and i only follow like 2 entities – CNN and my local news station. i’ll do a search now and then and Chrome is good enough for me. 99% of Twitter activity is noise anyway.

  • Jesse Blacklock

    Wow no choice for tweetings? The only true push notifications

    • gonk24

      I used Tweeting for a long time and held on through various issues due to the push notifications. Finally had enough a few weeks ago and moved to Flamingo. The issue with Tweetings this time was gif search. Long pressing the results to show the gif in action was taking a really long time, even on wifi. If I just chose a gif and it was put into the tweet compose screen, it worked right away so it’s not a connection thing. No other Twitter apps I tested had this problem. This on top of various other issues such as the app being slow and a memory hog were enough to leave.

  • cadtek91

    I used to use Carbon and then I used Fenix. But the push notifications from the official app are just better.

  • I use Fenix, but still keep the official Twitter Alpha build so I can send pics in DMs and do polls and other features unavailable to 3rd party clients.

  • djghettoredneck


  • rebretz000

    Just bought Fenix as I seen someone said MKBHD recommended it. So far I like it better than Twitter.

    • Armaan Modi

      MKBHD still uses it!

  • ShadyBrady

    I primarily​ use Flamingo, but use official for notifications.

  • Rodeojones000

    Falcon Pro 3. Used the previous version before that. I’m sure there are better options, but I’m not a big Twitter guy anyway (just follow others, I don’t tweet) and it works for me.

    • T_Dizzle

      Falcon here too.

  • fartbubbler

    I’m only here because I saw it on Fenix.

  • Arie Hoogendoorn


  • Natty Bee


  • James_75

    Where’s the “I don’t use Twitter” option?

    • jrod3737

      It’s on the page where you don’t vote for what Twitter app you use.

      • James_75

        So much clever..

        • icantremember

          Yeah, pretty sure he out-clevered you.

          • James_75

            I wasn’t trying to be clever, genius. I think it would have been interesting to see those stats and it looks like I’m not the only one either.

          • icantremember

            Genius as an insult… OK, you got me.

          • James_75

            Ok, I take it back then. You’re clearly not a genius.

          • icantremember


  • gchahinian

    No love for Plume??

    • Tiuri Elvander

      I use it.

      • Jonathan Williams

        Me too.

  • ®yan C

    I use Falcon but the app never notifies me when there are interactions

    • Arkitech

      Has always worked fine for me on my N6P.

      • ®yan C

        Well I have Falcon Pro 3 on 3 phones and none of them get notifications when they are supposed to

  • BRIM

    Flamingo is the way to go. Can’t believe I fell Falcon the second time around

  • Tweetytwat

    Why no option for “None?”

  • Murphy

    Fenix! via MKBHD recommendation. 🙌

  • raazman

    Flamingo is such a beautiful app, way more customization than the rest and buttery smooth. Love it.

    • Arkitech

      Does it have a dark theme?

      • raazman

        Yes it does. It supports whatever color you want.

      • BRIM

        And an AMOLED true black theme

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