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SanDisk Introduces Even Faster 256GB Extreme A1 Rated MicroSD Card

sandisk extreme 256gb microsd

In January, SanDisk introduced us to one of the first A1 rated microSD cards, the Ultra 256GB beast of a card that’s A1 rating meant it was able to run apps properly. Today, SanDisk is taking their 256GB offering up a notch by introducing the Extreme version of the same card. 

With the new Extreme 256GB A1 rated card, you get transfer speeds of up to 100MB/s, instead of the 95MB/s we saw in the previous card. The big deal is the A1 Application Performance Class rating, though, as the card should work quite well for those who wish to take advantage of Android’s Adoptable Storage. This card was built to run apps and will probably be a great match for your new LG G6 or Galaxy S8.

The new Extreme 256GB microSD card from SanDisk will cost $199.99 when it arrives in March. If you need a 256GB A1 rated card today, you can order the Ultra 256GB from SanDisk over at Amazon for a newly discounted price of $149.99.

Via:  BusinessWire
  • Brian (TwiZteD)

    Does anyone know where I can get the extreme A1 card? I having trouble finding it

  • D’Artagnan the Deplorable


  • hmm… steak sauce…

  • montclairdad

    Link DOES NOT take you to the A1 card on Amazon. It’s the regular 256 Ultra.

  • MastermindDrew

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  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Give me 64GB and I won’t need this. Bring on the S8

  • The Doctor

    Ugh. Why is storage so damn expensive these days?

    • h4rr4r

      You mean cheaper than it has ever been?

    • Christopher Moore

      Dude, you must be a kid.

      Back in my day (mid 90’s) we had Iomega Zip drives with sizes from 100MB to 750MB. The drive alone was $200 with 100MB “cartridges” costing $20 each. A 500MB hard drive back then cost $200 so spending $20 for 100MB was a bargain. Hell, I spent $400 for 4MB of ram when I was 18 years old. As you can see everything back then was in megabytes; not gigabytes or terabytes. Don’t even get me started on those huge crappy 15″ CRT monitors.

      • DanSan

        ahh zip drives. miss those.

      • Daistaar

        You ever use the old Jazz drives?! LOL Talk about a throw back!

        • cdm283813

          Never owned one because of SCSI. I just remember that SCSI cost so much and I avoided it. When I eventually got a SCSI card it was already dying.

      • disastrousrainbow

        I was thinking the exact same thing, although my day was more towards the late 90’s early 00’s when I used zip drives. It’s also my school of thought when people complain about data and cellular plans these days. It’s like, are you being serious right now? My parents used to pay like $30 for just my texting plan alone back when I was rocking a Nokia 3330 and when I had a phone that could do data I remember plans for data alone being north of $60. It was crazy and I’m sure they were more expensive than I can remember.

    • Big EZ

      You do realize you can get much cheaper solutions if you just don’t need the latest and greatest, right? Storage is dirt cheap now compared to any other time in history.

  • denlem

    Since Samsung decided I didn’t need adoptable storage on my S7, this is something I won’t be buying!

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Google decided that – not using adoptable storage on fast devices is part of their Android guidelines. Samsung just followed those rules rather than ignoring them like some other companies did. Samsung only sold one storage size for the S7, so what advantage do you think they were giving themselves? This isn’t Apple.

    • Taios

      Not everyone are aware of the cons of using adaptable storage.

      If a common person buys a high end phone and then feels many things are slow as hell (because they’re loaded from the SD card), most of them would not be aware that it’s because of the sd card.

      They’d think android/Samsung phones are slow as fudge.

  • Brent Cooper

    Whats the fastest card that a galaxy S7 can take advantage of?