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If These are the Galaxy S8 On-Screen Buttons…πŸ’©


Earlier today, a bunch of photos of a live Samsung Galaxy S8 showed up on Twitter, one of which gave us a first look at how Samsung may implement on-screen buttons for the first time. We only got a single look at the back button, not the other two buttons, so the shot left open some questions. Shortly after, though, the folks at Android Police got their hands on what they believe to be images from a system dump from the upcoming Galaxy Tab S3 thatΒ may back-up the previous report.Β 

In the images below that were pulled from this Tab S3 dump, we see cropped images of a phone that matches up to previous leaks and reports of the Galaxy S8. In the image directly below, you’ll see what we believe to be a first look at the full set of on-screen buttons from Samsung. They sure are…something.

Here, take a look.

For one, the order of them is still wrong, but that isn’t going to surprise anyone. Samsung has screwed up their button order for years and doesn’t seem to care that Google has turned almost every other OEM onto the back button being on the left.

Outside of the order, the appearance is, well, it’s an appearance. Like, is Samsung just not quite done working on them? Here, let’s fix them with some amateur Photoshop work.

Better? Better.

Other than that potential mess, the system dump gave us images of the top back of the phone, which could be showing that terribly oddly placed fingerprint reader. See it there to the right of the camera? Woof.

And finally, the dump also gave us a shot of DEX, which is said to be Samsung’s desktop experience when a Galaxy S8 is docked. Think of it like you would the DROID Bionic and its Lapdock. OK, no, don’t; that was a terrible experience. Think of it like Microsoft Continuum, but likely running Android. In other words, you’ll drop your phone onto a dock that is hooked up to a monitor (and maybe keyboard and mouse too) through HDMI to give you a desktop experience full of big desktop apps and that sort of desktop thing. It could be good, but really, most of these experiences haven’t been in the past. We’ll try to withhold full judgement until Samsung tells us and shows us it all.

galaxy s8 dex dock

And yeah, that’s pretty much it in terms of this leak. We get to see the questionable on-screen button design, what may be a second confirmation of the badly placed fingerprint reader, and a look at how the Galaxy S8 desktop experience could look. Mmmhmm, them bezels, though.


Via: Android Police
  • Jawad Khan
  • Scott Ricketts


  • Brett Wcislo βœ“α΅›α΅‰Κ³αΆ¦αΆ αΆ¦α΅‰α΅ˆ

    Ewww, gross.

  • A pewp emoji in the title of the article? #winning

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  • chris_johns

    i dont have a fingerprint reader, nor would i use one, so thats pretty irrelevant to me…i dont need my bio-metrics anywhere more than the government already has

  • Ralph Macchio

    Any time I have a rough day at work I always come here to read the bitching and moaning complaints about something so trivial as where the back button is. Use your tears as lubricant and hit puberty already.

  • Robertatbier

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  • sgtguthrie

    That fingerprint sensor location though… The camera lens will be dirty as hell, always!

    • chris_johns

      wash your dirty little hands

      • sgtguthrie

        ⬆️⬆️⬆️Watch out, we’ve got a Samsung fanboy here…

        • chris_johns

          i actually have owned one sammy device and it was the galaxy nexus (terrible)…i dislike sammy devices until recent…and if anything im a moto fanboy…but moto is now dead…so its sammy or pixel my next phone this year after my turbo 2

          • sgtguthrie

            I love my Pixel XL.

          • chris_johns

            going to wait for the pixel 2 and then make my decision…hopefully by then this phone wont be 900 bucks if i choose it

    • Naibas

      Agreed. This will be the first Samsung phone I will seriously consider since the gnex. I can get used to the reversed on-screen buttons or possibly a root and mod to fix it if annoys me that much, but the fingerprint reader location…if it turns out true it will likely make me wait to see other 2017 phone options or hold on to my moto xpe another year.

  • Christopher Robert

    It all comes down to DEX. If the dock OS is good and runs fast it could be cool. Remix OS runs great and is a way better large screen experience than stock Android on a tablet.

  • Caveman

    I hold the phone right handed and have short dinosaur thumbs. It’s more comfortable to use the bottom right than the bottom left. Since the back button is used most often it just proves that the Samsung designers also have dinosaur thumbs. Mystery solved.

    • rodney11ride

      Agree on the Thumbs… But I actually use the recents button more 😲

  • Cuidadzero

    If it’s possible to change the order of those buttons like the other android phones. I’ll be so grateful

    • mac103

      Yes, Nova Launcher

  • Mike Dye

    Awful. Not getting the phone because of fingerprint location. Awful, awful, awful. It’s too high on the device, next to camera that will get touched all the time, and too small to hit accurately. Awful!

  • B!

    “For one, the order of them is still wrong…”

    Still waiting on that document from Google where they state: “This is the order that on-screen/capacitive buttons should be in” vs it being wrong because it’s not how Google has it on their phones.

  • Defenestratus

    Samsung just gotta be Samsung. Ugh. I want this phone to be great but I don’t want to have to deal with Samsung’s bull sheit to get it.

  • trevorsalienarms


  • friguy3

    Everyone is arguing over the back/recent placement which you get used to…But this finger print reader is potentially a deal breaker since you can’t “get used to it”. It’s all the way up to the side. Feels like to one side I have to bend my finger back to it. The other side, I reach across. Praying they don’t screw up the note with this crap.

  • Skipp Thompson

    I can deal with some poor design choices. What concerns me most of all is the possible price point. I have been a Galaxy fan since the Note 3, and with T-Mobile JUMP, I can justify every upgrade because each new iteration has been close enough in per month pricing. But I read that the S8 and S8 plus could be $1,000-1,100, which if true, means I am sticking with my S7 Edge until the next Pixel comes out.

    • Scott Ricketts

      That’s where I am. Just paid off my S7 and using my work Pixel. I freaking love this thing and Sammy needs to do something serious to get my money again.

  • ChrisI

    Woof. LOL.

    Reminds me of Home Alone.

  • Me

    I don’t think this FP placement is going to make it to the Note 8

  • Drummer62

    His finger appears to be touching the flash not the finger print reader, that makes no sense, LMAO!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      It’s actually the Heart Rate Sensor. It’s still back there.

  • Cakefish

    “For one, the order of them is still wrong, but that isn’t going to surprise anyone. Samsung has screwed up their button order for years and doesn’t seem to care that Google has turned almost every other OEM onto the back button being on the left.”

    Neither method is objectively superior. Just all depends on subjective preferences. But yeah, I do strongly hope that Samsung gives a choice so that people can decide for themselves which they prefer.

  • Peter Stover

    I prefer the girl doing yoga!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I think Kellen was immediately in a fighting mood right after writing this article… Just dove down into the comments for an afternoon brawl lol

    • Hah yeah, it’s a fun conversation. The little things we are all so passionate about. It’s funny too, because on at least a few phones now, the OEM just lets you decide which way you want them.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Lol funny thing is with all those features Samsung throws at you, the last thing I think they would do is allow nav button customization. Which should be simple enough to do.

        • 2kool4skool

          Judging from Samsung having one of the most customizable ui in android business, it’s very probable they would include nav button customization in their software.

  • seattle tech

    Who in the real world complains about samsungs buttons? No one beside a small google phone geek group

    • YouNex

      Certainly not you

      • seattle tech

        Says You”Nex” .. Proving my point

    • needa

      A buddy of mine three days ago was complaining about them. He is the furthest thing from a geek. I had him buy the s7 active. He complained about the button placement on his s5. Asked if these would be dif

    • This is 100% true. πŸ˜›

      Edit: Just read comment below. It’s 99.98% true.

  • Shadowstare


  • Derek Ant

    I don’t get the big deal about the Back button and Recent Apps button placement being different on Samsung phones. In the past two years I’ve had 3 Samsung devices, 4 from LG and 2 Nexus devices and it really only takes a matter of hours to get used to it on each in my experience. I mean the buttons are lit up so it’s not like it’s a deal breaker or a cardinal sin.

  • bydavidrosen

    I feel like I’m gonna get murdered for this but I kind of like the button design…

    Fingerprint reader location is ridiculous though. If it’s gonna be on the back it should be right UNDER the camera which is where your pointer finger rests when holding the phone in one hand.

    • Treeeeees

      No one’s going to murder you. Scroll down, it’s obviously most people like Samsung’s button placement and this is the author’s battle to tell everyone they are wrong.

      • cadtek91

        He said the design of the buttons not the order of them.

      • My name is Kellen, btw. πŸ˜›

      • bydavidrosen

        This author is SO mad about this haha. It’s sort of scary. haha

  • Asa Thomas

    To everyone correcting Kellen about Samsung’s button order as “not wrong” … Kellen can state something is wrong, AND have it be his opinion without the need for additional clarification.

    In short, it’s a more concise, stronger way of making a point.

    • YouDon’tMakeSense

      No one is saying Kellen can’t his own opinion. If you can accept that Kellen can have his own opinion, why can’t you accept people in the comment section can have their own too and tell Kellen that they think his opinion is wrong?

      • Asa Thomas

        Where in my comment did I say I can’t accept people having their own opinions?

        My point is you can’t correct an opinion … though you can have fun arguing the other side. Also, when an author states something as trivial as button placement as being “right or wrong,” I’d think it’d be understood as being an opinion. Or at least a fact stated in a joking way.

        Oh, and people need to chill out.

    • mcdonsco

      No, actually stating ones PREFERENCE as right or wrong as though it is a fact is dogmatic at best, self righteous at worst.

      Facts are facts…There is no fact that proves one order of the buttons is wrong and one is right. There is only preference and opinion on that subject; right and wrong doesn’t exist there.

      As such, saying it’s wrong DOES NOT strengthen his OPINION, it WEAKENS IT and his credibility in general as it suggests he genuinely feels his PREFERENCE on something is right and different PREFERENCES on that something is wrong.

      • Asa Thomas

        It’s self righteous if you’re having a casual conversation with folks. But when you’re writing a piece, it’s understood as the author’s opinion.

        At least it used to be.

        These days people take stuff like this way too seriously. I’m sure Kellen knows, and wrote it that way to gain clicks and spark the discussion everyone is having here. I don’t fault him for that.

        I’m just poking fun at everyone who thinks Kellen believes with fervor the back button should be on the left, and that he believes everyone else is objectively wrong. Maybe he does. But the way it’s written tells me he’s having a bit of fun with this piece. He’s poking fun at those who think it should be on the right.

        It’s in jest. It’s humor.

        Loosen up.

        • mcdonsco

          I will agree these days people take everything too seriously and are far too aggressive in their responses to “absolutes”.

          IMO, we see this because people’s courage skyrockets when they can hide behind a screen name and a keyboard.

          With that said, DL has been VERY clear over years now about their opinions on this subject and what the right way is and what the wrong way is. It’s still opinion, but to them, seems to be fact sometimes as is evident via more comments on this subject that I could possibly count.

  • rainbow_barf.gif

  • JSo

    I don’t think they are that bad. I’ve seen worse. They are just backwards to me.

  • sincityjohn44

    I like this because kellen is already throwing a fit about it ;3

    • Solid choice. In a month, you can laugh at me when I write an opinion about how awesome the buttons are hah.

      • I miss Ron.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Never Heard of Her

          • patimekemi

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          • Robertatbier

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        • ChrisI

          Ya dun fuc*ed up now, eh-eh-ron!

        • Thanasswipe Kuminmymouthabunch

          You are such an apex dooooosh.

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          As do I. I’d prefer he write a piece a month than quitting altogether, but I understand :/

      • Rod


    • Samsungs gonna samsung

  • Duffman
  • HollowLog

    Quick question, and forgive me if this is dumb….if the fingerprint reader is to the right of the camera, why is the finger positioned over whatever is to the left of the camera (I am guessing the flash)?

    • Heart rate sensor.

      • HollowLog

        Thanks, sir!

  • Dan Churco

    Really wish they kept the home button.

  • mcdonsco

    “the order of them is still wrong, but that isn’t going to surprise anyone. Samsung has screwed up their button order for years and doesn’t seem to care that Google has turned almost every other OEM onto the back button being on the left”

    I understand Google and probably most peeps here feel this way, but that doesn’t make Samsung’s order of the buttons “wrong” and in many people’s opinion, mine included, Samsung’s order makes FAR MORE sense than Google’s.

    It’s a preference thing, not a right or wrong thing.

    • Chris M

      how does it make FAR MORE sense?

      • Miguel A.

        If you’re right handed, it just makes more sense to go back with your right hand. The menu button isn’t needed as often anymore. And with phones getting that much bigger, reaching across the device to move back is cumbersome (for right handed people anyway)

        • Chris M

          im right handed and find it akward. i use a samsung for work and pixel for personal. I dont think it flows in the every day use of the phone. I catch myself looking at the Samsung to hit the button to go back where on my Pixel its just natural.

          • Clearly you and I are alone in this thinking. πŸ™

            We need to get everyone onto a Pixel heh.

          • Nah- I’m with you Kellen. Google’s standard order makes more sense for a right-handed user, but hopefully they just let everyone change it to their preference in the software settings.

            Back button should be on the left, headphone jack should be on the bottom (and on the phone to begin with) lol

          • Cakefish

            I’m right handed and have no preference either way. I hold my phones in both hands equally.

          • needa

            I’ll send you my address, or should I send it to Steve?

          • Gary Hicks

            I have the Huawei Mate 9 and it has the NORMAL setup with the back button on the left. It’s much more comfortable and a normal reaction to slightly bring my fingers inward to press the back button. Samsung is wrong.

          • Miguel A.

            I could see how that could be a problem. At work we use Windows and scrolling is regular, at home I use a Mac and it’s natural scrolling. It’s….annoying.

          • Emily

            @kellex:disqus @disqus_e0mD8u8rXB:disqus I’m a left handed user and it still makes more sense to be on the left side of the phone.
            When you turn a book back a page do you reach to the left or the right side of the book? Look at your browser’s back button is it on the left or right side. Does it point to the left or right? Western books are read from left to right. Everything is designed starting on the left moving to the right. So moving to the left naturally feels moving backward. The only time it would make more sense being on the right side is Japan, but then the arrow should be pointing the other way…
            @disqus_VZSomLi1DB:disqus you must have really tiny fingers? When I hold my phone in my right hand, naturally my thumb reaches across the device. I would have to contract my finger to reach a Samsung back button and if it was on the left side (like my current phone and all others) it would sit directly under my thumb.
            @disqus_mUDNVKFhAz:disqus You must have really long or fat fingers because I use my non-Samsung phone in my left hand exclusively and have no cramping or carpal tunnel.

          • michael arazan

            I used a Samsung for a year, and in that year I couldn’t retrain my muscle memory to use Samsung versions of the key layout. One thing after another with annoyance that led me to never use a Samsung again.

        • Daniel Thomas

          cramping my right-handed thumb to get to the back button on the samsung left me with carpal tunnel

        • OligarchyAmbulance

          Lets use this logic then.

          In a web browser, you go back more often than you go forward. Also, your mouse stays closer to the center of the screen the majority of the time (as the content is in the center, not the top corners). Using your logic, the Back button on a browser should be on the right, and the forward button should be on the left (the reverse of what we currently have).

          But of course that would be utterly idiotic and nonsensical, so we keep the button facing left, further towards the left. As we should do with left-facing back buttons on phones.

          • mcdonsco

            Personal preference and comfort cannot be decided one way or the other to be right or wrong with logic.

            That’s just stupid.

            That’s like saying, logically someone is wrong to like chocolate. Makes ZERO sense.

          • OligarchyAmbulance

            Except my argument isn’t based on emotions or feelings, just simple logic.

          • mcdonsco

            Where’s that damn downvote count?!?!

            But, I’ll assume you’re being sarcastic πŸ€”

          • Daistaar
          • Miguel A.

            But on a phone it’s ergonomics right? Of course it wouldn’t make sense on a computer – you can just glide a mouse over and click. It’s hardly the same.

          • OligarchyAmbulance

            How is the computer argument not ergonomics? Currently we have to move our hand farther to reach the back button, so (according to the back-button-on-the-right folks), the back button on your computer should be on the right for the same reason.

            The reason we don’t put a left-facing arrow on the right is because it’s confusing and awkwardly placed, and not pleasant for your brain.

            “You can just glide a mouse/finger over and click.” It’s exactly the same.

          • Aaron Albert

            This guy took the time to type out what I was thinking, and he’s correct.

      • I’m with you, I have no idea.

        It may be poll time!

        • C Shwizzel

          I hit the back button more often than any other button so it makes sense to me (being right-handed) that the back button is closer to my right thumb. I actually like Samsung’s button positions. And I think this new style is BOSS. Just my opinion πŸ™‚

    • Steve

      I completely agree! I feel the order Samsung put them in makes more sense. However, you’re right… this is a preference thing, and not a right/wrong thing. With them being onscreen there is no reason they shouldn’t make them configurable. Just my opinion πŸ™‚

    • Definitely gotta disagree on it making more sense. I’d rather keep my outstretched thumb and slide it effortlessly down to the back button on the left (if I’m holding with my right hand), then cramp my thumb back up to touch a right positioned one. Thumb is already outstretched to use the phone, so it just slides down onto back button on the left. If it’s on the right, I have to retract my thumb to press a button. That’s not an action I love.

      • mcdonsco

        Keep your outstretched thumb? When you use your phone one handed (and right handed), do you keep your thumb as far stretched as possible THE ENTIRE TIME? That’s the only way your comment makes ANY sense.

        I’m using a Note right now, one handed (right) it is BY FAR easier to reach the back button which hopefully you agree is used far more than the multitasks button? It’s just right there. No stretching. No worries about dropping it because of how far you have to stretch your thumb.

        • Well yeah, when you touch the middle of your screen, unless you have Shaq hands, you’d be outstretching your thumb. Then when you need to go from touching middle of phone to button, it’s outstretched. Pretty simple.

          • mcdonsco


            Grab a large display phone, I know you have a ton laying around there…Hold it in your right hand using your pinky under it while it rests against your other fingers. Now, move your thumb to the left side button…Now the right side button.

            Which one of those made your handling of the phone more precarious and more likely to drop it?

            The ONLY right handed people that Google’s order would be more comfortable with ARE people with “Shaq hands”.

          • Neither, but the left button was easier to touch and didn’t require a thumb cramp like the right button.

          • mcdonsco

            All right, I give up. You must have a double jointed thumb or something to allow you to torque it down that way with ease.

            I’m guessing you can probably do the splits with ease too?


          • needa

            I agree with Kellen. Another thing to mention is when you bend your thumb back, ou are ultimately releasing the grip on the phone. Whereas when reaching across to the left, you are pulling it in towards your hand.
            This is of course coming from someone that hasn’t used a Samsung phone since the gs2. I am sure if I were a Samsung user, I would be used to it.

          • mcdonsco

            See, in my experience and use it is COMPLETELY opposite. See my other posts mentioning the stability of the grip on the phone.

            To each their own though AND further proof there is no right or wrong for this, just preferences.

          • steadymobb

            I completely agree with you.

          • There may be some double jointed action here, but definitely no splits from this hot mess.

            One thing I would mention too, is that as someone who jumps between phones all of the time, it’s always the Samsung phones that throw me off, even though we spend a hell of a lot of time with Galaxy S and Note phones. My mind (and thumb) is clearly just more comfortable going left I guess.

          • Wait? You actually use the tip of your thumb to hit the back button on a Samsung? I roll my thumb up and hit it with the pad without having to scrunch up anything. Could be because I use an Otterbox Defender on my Note though.

        • Emily

          Relax you hand. Are your fingers outstretched or contracted back toward the palm?

        • Brett Wcislo βœ“α΅›α΅‰Κ³αΆ¦αΆ αΆ¦α΅‰α΅ˆ

          When using the phone one-handed with my right hand, it’s definitely more difficult to hit the button that’s basically in my palm. My outstretched thumb prefers the left sided back button #ImWithKellen.

      • pseudoswede

        As a person of average size (e.g., I wear medium-sized gloves), it’s difficult for me to stretch my thumb across the bottom of the screen to hit a back button–and this is on a 5.2″ Galaxy S7. I couldn’t even imagine trying this on a 5.5″ or large phone. I much prefer the back button on the right side of the phone (since I’m right-handed).

        And, yes, my opinion may be biased since my line of phone ownership is Galaxy S3 -> Galaxy S4 -> Galaxy S6 -> Galaxy S7.

        • Fred

          I’m with you all, my thumb naturally hovers more to the right side of the screen. Back button on the right is perfect for me.

      • Banglaz Bless

        Isn’t that just like the finger scanner you’re talking about? You bend your index finger to reach it in the middle vs your outstretched finger at the far right corner of the device. You’ve just contradicted yourself.

        • Gary Hicks

          No it’s not what you’re saying at all. In the middle of the back of the phone is a natural resting place. Also, the fingerprint sensor they’re showing isn’t at the far right corner of the device.

          • Banglaz Bless

            Neutral resting place for your small hands and short fingers, not mine. Most normal person would agree with me. Every time I held my phone, the index finger is right at the top left hand corner.

      • jrbmed08

        I’m with you. Back on the left is easier for me to reach with an outstretched thumb without shifting my grip.

    • YouNex

      IT’S WROOOOOOONG get over it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • “… FAR MORE sense… preference…”


    • Terrance Steiner

      I do not understand why you cannot select the position of the onscreen button to meet your preference. I am right handed so Google’s layout makes far more sense to me; but if I were left handed Samsungs “backwards” layout would make more sense. On screen buttons are software. Why is there not a toggle to switch sides?

      I am with Kellex. I used my GFs Galaxy 7 to look something up and it just felt backwards. A lot of that might be muscle memory but as someone with a language that is written from right to left back being to the right feels more natural. If you have a language that is written left to right I could see the opposite being true.

    • Cakefish

      Exactly, it’s a subjective matter of preference rather than being objectively wrong.

    • Me

      Ehh. I went from a Nexus 4 to a S6 & it took literally 3 days to get accustomed to the placement.

    • Jay Ochs

      yeah, right side makes 10x more sense than left, but Kellen has to get his Samsung jab in there somewhere!

  • Eric

    Hopefully they allow us to customize the order of the on-screen buttons within settings, similar to what LG does. I’m not holding my breath though

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Samsung has intentionally NOT followed these basic guidelines… I’m sure they do it on Purpose to be different. But its whatever.

    I’m liking the G6 design better so far. Really wish Samsung was Launching at MWC too.

  • John

    I’ll wait for the Note 8.

  • middlehead

    The button order isn’t wrong, they’re different. Your preference isn’t a universal truth, even if it matches Google’s.

    • Google’s operating system, and it’s the one recommended. LG uses it. HTC does. Motorola does. Huawei does. OnePlus does. Just about everyone outside of Samsung.

      • middlehead

        That doesn’t mean it’s wrong. If Android’s supposed to be about customization and making things your own, blindly saying “Google does it, Samsung’s stupid” is a bad thing.

        • The point is, Google has to set some sort of standards. Like, how you interact with a notification or in this case, how you navigate a phone. If it’s the wild west of buttons, the experience across Android, which is the operating system, becomes a complete mess. You go from one phone to the next and see a completely different experience. Everyone else is onboard with that idea except Samsung.

          Here’s to hoping Samsung lets us change the order to the proper order, since they are on-screen and all. πŸ™‚

          • brian.

            While I prefer the stock android button navigation, I would have to say that I don’t see this as a huge problem as you describe it, “the wild west of buttons.” They are just reversed.

            And to be fair, a good chunk of people know Samsung as Android. For most people, this is the way it “should” be.

          • Chris M

            It makes a huge difference. I jump from a Pixel (personal) to a Samsung (work) constantly and it sill trips me up when i grab the Samsung. It’s stupid to put it bluntly.

          • brian.

            I’m not saying that it doesn’t make a difference. It does make a difference obviously, but it’s a bit of an exaggeration to assume this is just such a crazy thing that Samsung is doing. It’s just reversing the buttons.

            Until Google makes it a standard on all phones, I would think that this variation by Samsung will stay this way. My second point rings true on this one too. Samsung is the top Android smartphone seller. Lots of people associate Android with Samsung. A very large portion of people only know Samsung’s variation of Android. So who really holds the standard the company the makes and then open-sources the software or the market majority holder?

          • Jeremy Turnley

            Heh, not just a huge chunk, it’s the literal majority – Samsung phones account for over 51% of android phones sold.


            So, while Google may disagree, the majority of Android users the world over will think that everyone else is backwards, not Samsung.

          • brian.

            Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t want to overreach and say that Samsung makes the majority when I couldn’t back it up.

          • Steve

            I actually think Samsung’s order makes more sense, but to me the thinking of ‘Google does it this way, so everyone should’ is very Apple like. Apple tells you how it’s going to be. Either live with it, or move on. I’ve always liked Android better because you have options to configure things to your liking. Google has a preloaded background too… do you always keep that because Google set it that way? No, you use what you want. Google has preloaded widgets on the home screen. Doesn’t mean you need to keep them there! More options is always better to me than less.

          • Miguel A.

            The standard they should set is a proper messaging app. They can keep their damn button order. (I know it has nothing to do with anything but there’s bigger fish to fry if Google’s looking at standardizing anything)

          • TeeHee

            The back button being on the right is the correct way πŸ™‚

            Don’t worry, this isn’t the first time Samsung went alone on something then made everyone else change their design to match Samsung’s πŸ™‚

          • mcdonsco

            Agree and disagree. The success of iOS is in part due to the uniform deployment of the OS across all devices.

            But, iOS is completely locked down; there’s a reason Android has what’s called “root” and on iOS it’s called “jail break”.

            I like that Android is open source, but I also hate that it’s open source. For me 90% of the reason for that statement is SKINS.

            I really love Samsung’s hardware as of late and if it weren’t for TouchWiz, I would be 100% Samsung as long as they keep up the good work. Instead, I bounce back and forth a lot from mainly Sammy phones and phones running stock.

            If Sammy’s flagships ran stock, or we were at least given an official option to run stock with things like Samsung Pay and s pen functionality on top, I’d stick with them as long as they continue to be benchmark for Android hardware.

          • Jaymus Lonestar

            “If it’s the wild west of buttons, the experience across Android, which is the operating system, becomes a complete mess. You go from one phone to the next and see a completely different experience”.

            Using that logic, a case could be made that it already is a mess with all the different skins and/or system tweaks some of those other manufacturers put on their phones. The nav button layout is more of a polarizing issue because it is such an intrical part of most system functioning.

            However, an unbiased view of it should recognize that the nav button positioning is no different than any other system software or setting tweak. Some are alike and some are different.

      • Samsung’s button order has been wrong since they started making Android devices. Thanks for recognizing the wrongness!

      • shelooga

        I always switch my back and recent apps button to the samsung configuration. I use back more than recent so it makes sense to have it closer to my thumb. I also skew the home button closer to the right as well. #Nexus6problems

      • Fitim

        Well since they are on screen buttons there might be an option to switch the recent and back button

        • Hoping so! Then everyone can be happy.

          • See my links above. No reason why the button switcher apps won’t be accessible to the S8 variants. My S7 has been made to feel like a Google Experience phone.

        • Eric R.

          You already can switch them on the S7 and prior devices without root

      • DanielMena9

        As they are on screen, just wait to see if they are customizable !

        • Even if they’re not, I’m sure some 3rd party non-root app will fix it. Have done it to my S7 since day 1. #TeamGoogleButSamsungCamerasAreBetter

      • Miguel A.

        I mean….sort of? That’s coming from the perspective of someone who changes phones often. I doubt the average consumer will have to keep getting used to button changes considering how often they change phones. Besides, this is not unlike moving around the fingerprint reader or anything else. It’s not wrong, just different.

      • mcdonsco

        Sorry Kellen, still doesn’t make it wrong AND OnePlus obviously recognizes that themselves since they allow users to switch it for the soft buttons and capacitive ones.

        I know I am not alone when I say that I prefer Samsung’s order. Google’s order makes it more difficult to use a phone one handed if your right handed and right handed people make up the overwhelming majority (by something like 70+% by most studies).

        You can hate that all you like, but it doesn’t make it wrong.

        Sorry bubs.

        • I’m just glad that companies are giving us the option to switch them around, since you all do it the wrong way. πŸ™‚

          • mcdonsco

            That is one thing I really like about OnePlus, having the option.

            I just know in my own use even with the note I’m using now, when I’m using it one/right handed and I go to touch the back button on the right, the phone is VERY stable in my hand, pretty much little to no chance of dropping it.

            But when I go for the menu button on the far left, the way I have to contort my Thumb (and thus hand as well) to get to it makes the phone position in my hand far LESS stable and more likely to drop.

        • Chris M

          completely disagree

      • Roby

        You’re annoying, honestly. I’ve seen plenty of phones with the same layout as Samsung’s. An to me it’s way more practical on a large device.

        • Well damn, that settles the argument in the most legitimately professional adult manner. When I hit “annoying,” it’s over. Good night, folks!

      • sj0808

        you forgot that it’s an open source OS lol

    • Taios

      The idea with having the back button on the left seems to be based on the fact that the back button on apps is usually to the (top)left as well

    • Daniel Thomas

      I’m sure you’d say the same thing if the enter key on a keyboard was all of a sudden moved from the right to the left side of a keyboard.

      • Murphy’s Magnet

        That is like comparing basketballs and narwhals.

        • Daniel Thomas

          Not so much, really. Everyone hits the Enter key on their keyboard out of muscle memory and repetition after doing it a million times. What if you bought a new keyboard, and the Enter key was now on the other side and you had to re-teach yourself how to press it. It’s annoying.

          • Murphy’s Magnet

            The qwerty keyboard is, more or less, an international standard. Google’s button layout is just their idea. It doesn’t make it a standard and even if you view it as such, they’ve screwed with that standard a bunch. When they changed form physical buttons to capacitive buttons to on Screen buttons it changed their standard. When they dropped the search button, it changed their standard too. Each time they’ve changed the look of the buttons with an OS update is has also changed the standard.

            Samsung has had this layout since the beginning. If you don’t like it, don’t use/buy a Samsung. If you do use/buy a Samsung then find some other crysis to be upset about. They aren’t going to change it any time soon, but they may offer you the option so everyone can complain about that too and call it bloat.

          • Daniel Thomas

            So, qwerty was never just an idea that transformed into a modern standard? And you don’t think that Google’s changes to the layout is based on feedback that can evolve to form an industry standard just like QWERTY?

            Oh, look! There were many different versions of the qwerty layout, until the modern version was adopted as a “standard”. That can’t be anything like Google has done with the layout of their buttons.

            I’m sure you are going to be too lazy to read the wiki page, just like you were too lazy to research any of this before you wrote your ignorant post. So let me sum it up for you.

            – 1867, Christopher Sholes (a newspaper editor) filed a patent for a writing machine, which had the first keyboard layout consisting of 2 rows.
            – Letters that often followed each other were strategically moved to prevent keys from being jammed.
            – 1870, after moving letters around, Sholes arrived at 4 row arrangement.
            – 1873, Sholes sold his machine to a Remington and Sons,
            – 1878 Remington and Sons changed the order of some keys again, including switching the the “R” key with the “.” key, and finally arriving on a layout that was used int the successful Remington No.2 typewriter.

            I bet people who bought typewriters from different manufacturers were frustrated at different layouts. And even, people that bought different models of Remington typewriters must have been frustrated at how they changed the layout various times until finally arriving on a consistent layout (which thankfully was adopted by all manufacturers of typewriters)

            You know what, I agree with you now. There is no way this is comparable to the development and eventual standardization of android’s navigation button layout. My mind is not open enough to see the correlation between the two.


    • michael arazan

      Maybe now that Samsung has on screen buttons they will allow customization of the buttons, since Samsung started the customization thing to begin with with their skinned OS. Maybe by the S9

  • Jessica Durden

    Love it, and love the buttons #Slay

  • Tim Massing βœ”α΅›α΅‰Κ³αΆ¦αΆ αΆ¦α΅‰α΅ˆ

    They’re still switched, but at least they’ve moved to on-screen.

  • WiscoNative

    That fingerprint reader is in the worst possible location. Sure, let me smudge my finger oil all over the camera every time I try to unlock my phone. Brilliant.

    • Ihavenewnike

      And potentially scratch the camera glass while at it? Not a big deal at all.

      • My camera glass has never gotten scratched, and I the heart rate monitor on my S6E every day.

      • Harley

        Scratch the camera glass with your finger? lol

        • Ihavenewnike

          Yes I have done it more than once.

          • JC

            Is your finger made of dog poo and knives?

          • Ihavenewnike

            Dog poo no, knives just about.

      • lsh99

        Because that couldn’t possibly happen any other time you put your finger to the back of your phone. What the hell is on your fingers?

        • Ihavenewnike

          More likely to happen now that it is a requirement to put a finger in that general area. And what ever material is on my hand at the time, be it aluminum, steel, carbide, sand, whatever it may be.

          • Andrew Collins

            Yes because I always have steel and aluminum covering my fingertips. It’s such a hassle

          • Ihavenewnike

            Maybe not you but others, everyone’s life is different. And you will have dirt on your fingers at some point that can be hazardous to the health of your glass. Haha.

    • Harley

      I mean I’m not a huge fan of it, but put our finger in that position and you’ll realize that it’s not the worst thing in the world. I know you’re not being literal but it’s not in “the worst possible location.” but maybe the worst location we’ve seen a fingerprint scanner

  • BoFiS

    Ugh, why are they reversed from how EVERYONE else does it, stop it Samsung. Dropping the home button is good, but at least adopt the Android-standard of back on the LEFT >:o