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T-Mobile Rolls Out Nougat Update to Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

galaxy s7 nougat update

T-Mobile issued a sweet treat to owners of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge this morning in the form of an update to Android Nougat. The update may have actually begun rolling out last night to those participating in the Nougat beta, but it now seems to be rolling out to non-beta testers.

The update arrives as software build UVU4BQB1 and weighs in at a cool 1.5GB. If you are wanting to download this bad boy right away, make sure you have plenty of battery juice.Β 

Once updated, you’ll actually get a fresh new interface in many areas. The notification shade is cleaner, the settings menu is completely re-done, and you’ll even get to choose the screen resolution displayed (Tip: It likely defaults after updating to FHD, so be sure to bump to QHD if that’s how you roll.). If you owned the Note 7 at any point during its short life, then this UI will be very familiar. It’s Samsung’s best ever, in my opinion.

Outside of the new UI changes, this is Android 7.0 Nougat, so you get Nougat fun like responding to notifications from within notifications, improved multi window functionality, quicker system updates, and more.

To check for the update, head into Settings>Software update.

Cheers Mark!
  • Omar Alkurwee

    Hey guys…did anyone try installing a t-mobile version of android 7 on a Verizon galaxy s7? I’m sick of waiting and I though someone might’ve

  • T

    What about the color on your contacts in people edge? Is that gone permanantley? I loved knowing who txt me based in color.


    This is horrible, the notifications pull down menu is so painful on the eyes and the text is really hard to read and click on. I am miserable

  • TylerCameron

    Really is unfortunate how it defaults to upscaling and looking like garbage. Now everyone is gonna wonder why “Android looks ugly and fuzzy”

  • Brad Miller

    My AT&T S7 Edge finally got the 7.0 update!!!!

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    Just updated checking it out now…

  • Justin

    Word on the streets is that AT&T is pushing the Nougat update to the S7 and S7 Edge. Anyone on AT&T with either device, could you confirm?

    • Mike Story

      Yes downloading now

      • Brad Miller


  • json405

    The best thing about this update for me is that the app drawer actually automatically list the apps in alphabetical order when you choose that option on the stock launcher. Thank you!!! I absolutely hated that it wouldn’t automatically adjust the apps in alpha order when you download new apps.

  • Bobby Wright

    Got it this morning. T-Mo!

  • Brandon Haines

    Fuuuukkkkkkkk vzn

    • Bobby Wright


  • Jason Frisbee

    Perfect timing – I picked up my S7 Edge on Wednesday, as my LG V10 died for the 2nd time. Downloading the update now.

  • Miguel

    It’s about time T-Mobile

  • Johnny Hernandez

    Got it!! YAY!!

  • json405

    Wooo hooo! First the PokΓ©mon Gen 2 update…now this? Great week for me. lol. Now if they push Android Wear 2.0 to my LG U2E, that would complete the trifecta of updates.

  • Dallas Milem

    30 minutes to download on Wifi. 1563.03MB. Cant wait.

  • John

    So if you have a VZ S7 flashed to a Tmo firmware, will you get the update still?

    • According to the S7 subreddit, yes. But don’t quote me.

      • Dom Evans

        Have a VZW S7 Edge flashed to T-Mobile and I did.

  • darensdorff

    I just got the update. I was on the Nougat Beta so it was only a 116MB download.

    Beta was pretty smooth, so can only imagine how the final product is going to operate! Thanks T-Mo!

    • Bobby Wright

      I was running the beta and had some issues with it freezing. I’ve been running the final version since this morning and its been great so far!

  • Supraman21

    This update finally fixed the power button wake lag. I’m really happy T-Mobile was able to push this out so soon.

  • Justin

    Hopefully this really is a release candidate from Verizon. Hopefully they will push Nougat out to the beta testers soon and the full roll out. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ff954c3eeee6cdd24e0251128adec05b4f16b67f3c1e98803c8c940006a352c7.png

    • tu3218

      Were you in the beta? Its my understanding that verizon bailed on the beta after version 2 months ago. What was updated Feb 9?

      • Justin

        Yeah I was in the Verizon beta for Nougat on the S7 Edge. They did bail after the original Nougat beta update, there was a Facebook hot fix that was sent to us too. I’m not sure why they bailed though. That pic is supposedly the Verizon Official Nougat OTA build that some tester had received. He said it was super stable. Hopefully it’s true and it gets pushed soon.

        • tu3218

          Ohh I see. Jeez I hope so. So sock of waiting. I know to expect this with Verizon and normally updates aren’t that big of a deal. But this one is pretty big and comes with a lot of changes.

          • Justin

            Yeah nothing new from Verizon. From what I’ve read around the web within the past few hours, the reddit AT&T S7 forum is saying that they’re receiving Nougat OTA. AT&T wasn’t even involved in the beta lol, beating Big Red…..smh πŸ˜žπŸ˜’

  • Jake Montague

    OMG damn you verizon!!!!!!

    • Murphy’s Magnet

      Isn’t that part of their new Unlimited plan? Unlimited wait for updates.

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