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Google Product Lead Requesting Customer Feedback for the Pixel, Ideas to Improve

Over on Google’s product forum, a product lead for the Pixel team is requesting honest feedback. More precisely, Krishna Kumar wants to hear what folks like about the Pixel’s design (hardware), as well as what folks don’t like. 

To cap it off, Kumar is also looking for ideas on how they can improve upon the Pixel. If you ever thought you could have your voice heard directly by the folks at Google, now would be the time. If you want water resistance, say it. If you want dual stereo speakers, yell it. Whatever you want to see, let your opinion be heard.

So far, looking through a bit of the feedback, it appears many wanted a water resistant Pixel. Who can blame them? Additionally, folks want improved availability (LOL, good luck), better speakers, more color options, and smaller bezels.

Have anything you want to add to the list? Follow the via link below.

Via: Google
  • Spock1701

    Things to add to Pixel and XL to make them perfect –
    *Front facing speakers (Louder and better sounding!)
    *High quality audio DAC (like the V20, G6, HTC10, etc.)
    *Front facing finger print scanner (So I don’t have to pick up the phone to unlock it!)
    *Bottom headphone jack
    *IR blaster
    *Android needs built in theme engine
    *More stylish design (I always put a case on my phone so this optional but would be nice!)
    *Wireless charging
    *Should come in 64gb and 256gb storage options (or better)
    *SD card slot would be a nice bonus!

  • Thaddeus Brown

    Produce enough product to meet the demand.

  • Shreyas Pandit

    On the pixel XL…
    – the antenna lines on the bottom run from the edge across the back to the other edge. the top antenna lines don’t do this, they are only on the edge. Why not make it more symmetrical and have the top antenna lines run across the back.
    -you also have an antenna line above the camera, I would add another placed where the headphone jack is, and both these antenna lines I would have run across the back to the bottom.
    – this would create a rectangle in the back middle, have that be the glass part. It would be bordered by the antenna lines.
    – in the glass part have a camera in the center of the top third with a flash ring around it
    -in the middle of the glass part have the three dots (currently by the camera) configured in a triangle position
    – in the bottom of the glass part is the G logo

    -dual front fire speakers
    -fingerprint reader embedded in the front display
    -no headphone jack, supply us with Bluetooth ear buds like the dash. Maybe make your own version of it so you can tap on the G bud and get the Google Assistant.

  • Alex gomez

    Great phone…… One bad thing, after about 2 months of having the pixel, finger print unlocking feature started acting up. I have 3 finger prints programed and only one will unlock…. Most of the time none will work or it alternates. I have deleted my finger prints and reprogrammed but after a couple of unlocks it starts to act up again. I really love that feature when it works. Hope there’s a fix

  • Robster

    How about $100-$200 cheaper and with Nexus branding?

  • Alex Condie

    My wishlist:
    -typically yearly spec bump
    -front speakers
    -slim the bezels
    -make it look like a pixel (pixel c and chromebook pixel design language. led bar would help)
    -wireless charging

    I’d pay over 1k for that.

  • Frank

    I wish my GPS would work on the next one…

  • trevorsalienarms

    Maybe start by making it look like a cool piece of tech people “have to have” instead of the current plain jane bezelfest it is now. It’s in no way compelling enough to buy over another device that looks better, has more features and costs the same or less. Unless all Google ever plans to sell to are the people that read sites like this one, then by all means carry on.

  • Zabih Cino

    Make it cheaper and give it either knock on feature or have the power button bigger in the top

  • Orion

    It’s not like they’re going to listen. Anyway, I would like an actual phablet…Like 5.7 and up. Preferably 6″ would be to my liking. The Pixels were too small which is why I passed on them.

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    Front facing speakers
    Dual sim card
    Expandable storage
    Qi wireless fast charging
    Headphone jack
    5.7″-6.2″ screen
    Dual cameras
    Bigger battery or removable battery
    Edgeless screen
    Better finger print sensor
    Headphone jack

  • Fred

    Small bezel , waterproof and massive battery

  • Rod

    Pixel 4.8″
    Pixel XL 5.8″

    Both with minimum bezels.

    Front-facing speakers
    3,000 / 3,600 battery

  • Johny Merg

    Please!!! Front facing speakers!!!

  • Chris Hannan

    Make it less ugly.

  • Sharrief Ibn Kamal Shabazz

    I don’t think most people are considering that front-facing speakers + iP68 will probably make the speakers sound like doodoo. The Xperia series tried front facing + waterproofing and the sound was bad. May as well not even bothered with front facing.

  • That Screen to Body ratio. Yikes.

  • Ajmobileguru

    This is just a technique to show to the world that they requested customer feedback and acted on it. I wouldn’t hold my breath for any of our feedback to be taken seriously. They can easily get tons of feedback by visiting tech sites like DL, AP etc. Bezels, waterproofing, Price etc.

  • Ben

    I am gonna be all over the Pixel 2 or whatever it’s called this fall. I’ll pay off the rest of my S7 at that point just to jump on it day one.

  • Josh Oberg

    Keep with the smaller style phone, remove bezel, add wireless charging, use color all the way through phone (front) or black front to hide sensors and camera . Auto brighness is terrible an unresponsive. Front facing speakers, headphone and charger same side…. That is all

  • RazorSky

    Headphone and charging holes on the same side! My number one complaint.

  • Michael Pahl

    Auto Brightness….. adaptive brightness does not suffice.

  • Thomas Jensen

    There needs to be a bigger screen size than 5.5″ XL. It’s is too similar to the 5″ regular Pixel. Coming from the Nexus 6, it needs to be 6″ +.. Make the bezels small and add a little size and it would be perfect

  • ShadyBrady

    Front facing speakers
    Less bezels
    Wireless charging
    Headphone jack on the bottom
    Updated fingerprint sensor
    Better power/ volume buttons (mostly the volume rocker)
    And somehow, make it not so slippery

  • Jérôme Besnard

    What would be really cool from a design stand point of view is that Google light bar that you find on the Pixel Chromebook and tablet. Double tap for battery level.

  • yungqb7

    The bezels on my pixel xl do not bother me. The speaker is on the weak side and I do prefer the headphone jack to be at the bottom. Out of sight, out of mind. OIS and ip67.

  • CoolSilver

    Wireless Charging.
    Front Speakers
    Bezels like Nexus 6
    No humps or chins
    Removable battery.

    I’d even be happy if you slap a landscape hardware sliding keyboard. I don’t even care if it’s the height of two Newest Samsung phones, that is still slimmer than the OG Droids

  • ddevito

    Don’t make an iPhone

    • NexusMan

      They never would.

  • Tim Welton

    BRIGHTER screen!

    About the only thing I miss from my Note 7 versus the Pixel XL is that the screen on the former was MUCH brighter. In fact, it was pretty much the first AMOLED screen that I could easily read in bright sunlight; not so with the Pixel XL.

    • SonofaButch

      Are you sure you have your screen brightness turned up? I don’t have any issues in bright sunlight at the max setting.

  • Ismail Akram

    IP68, Stereo Speakers, Powerful AMP/DAC also new design like S8 or G6 or iPhone 8 with one of better screen to body ratio.

    • Me

      A HiFi DAC is what I forgot to mention. Would actually prefer that over IP68.

  • Steven


  • DER

    It says follow the link to give your feedback….not post it below.

    • VAVAMk_2

      We are talking about what we posted there.

      • ShadyBrady

        You took the words right out of my mouth.

    • We can always forward this comments section to the good folks at Google. Someone will see it! 😀

  • needa

    “I can tell you why I didn’t buy it. Sound quaulity/loudness. I’d rather have a plastic back also. But not cheap feeling. Do it right… Like Oneplus Sandstone or rubbery. The theme I am trying to convey is non-slip.
    Thanks for listening.”

  • rebretz000

    Hopefully they listen to the good ideas.

  • Genkidama

    It would be nice if their software development team would create a forum so every single person on this site and all the other tech sites could spam, “Integrate Allo, Messenger, Hangouts, and Voice into one messaging app.” Hopefully making the site overload to let it sink into their heads that they are failing at this.

    • dsDoan

      Google has a product forum; it’s linked at the end of the article. Spam away. 🙂

    • ClikFire _

      You do realize Allo is meant for a different market right? Hangouts is more for work and businesses, Allo is an IM solution and messenger is an SMS app. Combing them into one would be a disaster.

      • eli

        Actually no, they’re just all failed attempts to make good messaging apps, there’s no hiding that. It’s a disaster and it’s not getting better in the foreseeable future.

  • Defenestratus

    Wireless charging, wireless charging, wireless charging

    Bigger screen.


    Front facing speakers.

  • We wanted to get Pixels (to replace our MXPs), but the lack of availability really made it unpalatable to spend that much money when you know newer versions would be coming in 2017. Never mind that when we examined a friend’s Pixel, the odd speaker placement made it sound like the phone was under a pillow when it was just being held in your hand.

    We went with gently used Nexus 6p phones instead, spending a lot le$$, and upgrading our Android experience while buying enough time to see what happens in 2017.

  • Me

    Kinda surprised lower price isn’t scattered throughout the comments. I’d say an increased battery size, IP68, and a more color accurate & brighter display would be my improvement requests. Everything else should be incremental anyway.

    • dsDoan

      With proper improvements, the current price would be acceptable.

      Also, have you tried disabling Adaptive Brightness, then maxing screen brightness? The screen almost becomes blindingly bright.

      • Me

        Only played with the ones that have came into my store. Didn’t seem as bright as an S7 or my iPhone.

        • dsDoan

          Adaptive Brightness is enabled by default. Disabling it allows the display to become much brighter.

  • Asa Thomas

    I’ve not heard anyone else say this (although I barely perused the replies in that discussion), but I want Google’s next Pixel phone to LOOK like a Pixel branded device. Currently it looks like an HTC product (which it is—but that was then, this is now), and is far removed from everything else that’s been designed in house at Google.

    Give the next Pixel phone that iconic dark titanium finish. Push the corners out more so it’s more rectangular, and less (iPhone) rounded off. And for Pete’s sake, add the lightbar!

    • ShadyBrady

      The only way I’d like a light bar is if can be turned off and not be noticable at that point. I personally wouldn’t mind it, but I’m sure there are tons of peeps that would be turned off by it.

    • ClikFire _

      Besides the light bar ( which I think would look cheesy on a phone) I completely agree. Make it resemble the Pixel C and the 2015 Pixel Chromebook.

      Apple seems to be the only tech company that cares about a Uniform hardware experience.

      • Asa Thomas

        I went ahead and posted in that Google discussion my thoughts above. I amended my statement so as to say it should have “some form of the lightbar.”

        I agree, a direct transplant of the Chromebook lightbar wouldn’t work on the Pixel phone, but it could be done differently. Maybe four dots of color instead of four lines. How ever they decide to implement this would go a long way to producing that “uniform hardware experience.”

      • Pedro

        You don’t need a 2+” light bar, but maybe 0.5″. I tap the Pixel C daily to see where the battery is, without waking it up.
        Maybe it’s more useful on a device that may not need daily charging, but it could make for a helluva more useful notification LED.

  • Myrdrid

    They should start making the Pixels now and have 1 million by the time they’re ready to sell honestly.

    • Me

      LOL. They’re still deciding on water proofing & whether they should increase the price or not.

  • disastrousrainbow

    I made a request for stereo speakers (either two on the front or a combination of front and bottom), water resistance, 64GB base storage, and smaller bezels. That’s really all that it would have taken to make the first one the near-perfect phone.

    • VAVAMk_2

      Same here.

  • Suicide_Note

    I love my Pixel XL as it is, but the following additional features would make it even more amazing, easily beating any other device out there.

    1. Dual front facing speakers

    2. A 6.0″ or larger display

    3. Smaller bezels, which would allow for the previous spec to be easily achieved.

    4. IP68 certification

    5. Improving upon the already wonderful camera and software

    • chris_johns

      6.0 screen…are you blind?

      • Me

        Lol. I think he might just be a entertainment nut like me.

        • Synacks

          There are other cheaper devices to help out with that. Laptops, tablets, TV’s…

          • Me

            I agree. The convenience factor is a lot better with a device you keep on you 18/7 tho

          • Synacks

            Most manufacturers won’t go that big because they run the risk of making a niche device with low sales. Also why they are scared to go under 5″ as well. The “Plus” sized devices will take care of most people’s entertainment needs, the with exception of a few people like this guy.

            There has to be some other adjustment that can be made to help entertainment nuts besides just a larger screen.

          • Me

            Moto mods is prob the closest to a solution.

          • ClikFire _

            For me it wasn’t even about entertainment but typing up emails and editing documents on the fly on my Nexus 6 was so pleasant trying to do that on my now S7 Edge is not…I would of loved to see Moto make an uodated Nexus 6 before Nexus died off…

          • Suicide_Note

            A laptop/tablet/TV does not fit in my pants pocket. A phone with a 6″ display does.

      • Walter Partlo

        He could just like a big screen. I like my Nexus 6.

      • Suicide_Note

        Not at all. In fact, my vision is fantastic. However, if we use your logic, we should all be happy with 20″ TV

    • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      6 inches is a BIT big, but i am all about the 5.7 displays. agree with the rest 100%

      • brkshr

        What if it was a 6″ screen in a 5.7″ screen sized device like the 6P? If they make the bezels smaller, I think they could make a 6″ screen fit in the body of a 6P and it would be my perfect phone.

        • Josh Oberg

          After seeing a 5.7″ G6 in the body of the small pixel it can be done

          • Ben

            don’t forget that the 5.7″ G6 display is a wider aspect ratio so the width of the screen is naturally smaller than 16:9 5.7″ devices. The top and bottom bezels are always the biggest waste of space, so shrinking those should be a no-brainer.

          • Josh Oberg

            True but will most devices switch to the 18:9 ratio?

        • Suicide_Note

          You got it! Shrink the bezels, and you can have a bigger screen without changing the overall size of the phone.

          People seem to think that a big screen men’s having a huge phone.

      • VAVAMk_2

        Agreed. I basically want a remake of my 6P with water resistance, smaller bezels, and 64 GB starting option. Not too much to ask for.

        • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          baam , exactly how i wanted it too. i dont think it should have been as tall as it was. it was an annoyance to me to be honest.

        • Josh Oberg

          Yes 64GB !

      • ClikFire _

        Suite yourself the Nexus 6 was my favorite Nexus and probably favorite phone of the 14+ Android phones I’ve used since 2009. And I’m typing this on an S7 Edge.

        • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          i loved it but it was just too big at times. when i hit up a theme park, i switched out to another phone for the trip so i could have something a bit more usable. its all about user experience though so nothing wrong wrong with how you feel about it 🙂 glad to see you over here from techblowbuffalo

      • Suicide_Note

        Not when you shrink the bezels it isn’t. 😀

      • Shatko

        6″ is perfect. 5.7″ should be the ABSOLUTE minimum for something called an XL. (ba ba boey)

  • JC

    While it’s nice that they are formally giving the opportunity for people to voice their opinions, Google has given almost zero indication over the years that they are actually listening to consumers.

  • Johny Bravo

    make dual-sim option

    • Synacks

      Can’t stress this enough. I have a personal phone on Verizon and a work phone on AT&T and I’d rather just have… one phone. Pop both SIMs in and go.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    STOCK AVAILABILITY! What does anything else matter if people can’t buy it!

    • cbn4forums

      Exactly what I was about to comment with…add Water resistance, better design (not use that weird glass design on the back…go back to front speakers

    • RazorSky

      They’re still not available? I’ve had mine since November.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        They’re available depending on what style you want but it’s very off and on and sometimes goes for long stretches with a lot of them being out of stock. I just want them to be consistent.

    • I_haz_root_beer

      How come no one realizes you can buy one from Project Fi with no wait time? Different stock inventories. Seems like they held some aside just for Fi.
      Just don’t activate the Fi sim card, and slip your current sim card in.
      I’ve had mine since the week it was released.

    • NexusMan

      People were and still continue to be able to buy it.

    • alexz

      No need. All three people who wanted to buy it, bought it.

  • Christian Trevor Clauss

    How about freaking keeping a steady amount of stock in the Google Store, Google? Every time I check stock, one model/variant will be Out of Stock, but if it is in stock, it takes weeks to ship. How does Google expect to compete with Apple and Samsung in the high tier smartphone market if customers have to play this game? Pretty much don’t want this phone anymore.

    • Me

      I think they should be better prepared this go round. Then again, this is Google so…. they’ll prob stick to making 10,000 for launch week.

    • droidbeat

      Nobody thought a $900 Android would have that much demand. The truth is out. They’ll be ready next time.

      • Steve

        Samsung’s phone is the same price range. Samsung and apple don’t have stocking problems. Idiots at Google expect us to tell them how to improve, how about stop making phones if you can’t supply them. Xl 128 has been out of stock in Canada since November. Incompetence, glad I didn’t buy that.

        • Steve Wright

          I love how there are two groups of people out there. First, the people who say “Google is so stupid! The phone is too expensive for what it is! Nobody should pay that much for it! Gosh!” Second are the people who say “Google is so stupid! Why didn’t they know that the phones would be popular and make enough of them? Gosh!”

          • MadMartigan

            You forgot the third group, that believes enough time has gone by that demand/supply issues should easily have been worked out by now and the fourth group who will blindly defend Google no matter how ridiculously they fail.

        • droidbeat

          I did buy the 128 XL in November, and it only took 3 weeks to get it. Glad I bought it. Just put your order in, or watch closely each day for it to be available to order, then push the button. Estimated ship times are generally longer than it turns out to be. It’s just that popular.

  • Ivo Shandor

    IP68, OIS and Front Facing Stereo Speakers and I would be getting a Pixel 2 without a doubt. Another cool thing that I would personally like; front screen fingerprint reader (the whole screen, but also keep the one on the back)

  • BobButtons

    Drop the chin.

  • Me

    “We appreciate your feedback, and after a lot of consideration, we’re going to do what we were originally going to do anyway. Thank you.”

    • PrivacyDisaster

      crowdsourcing of feedback (ideas) by the world’s largest advertising company sounds pathetic.
      Google should have more than enough DATA to understand what people like.

      • NexusMan

        Except “people” like different things…especially after using a certain product for a significant time. Daily usage and experience changes people’s ideas.

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        • Monicajkoon

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        • Joangsiggers

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  • I can’t get a pixel

    Here’s an idea… Make enough units to meet demand or raise the price so high that people who really want one can get one. You know, all that supply and demand stuff Google executives were supposed to learn in economics 101.

  • SD

  • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    i completed this like an hour ago. make sure you do not subscribe to the feed. I was like the 50th person and I received over 100 email alerts afterwards haha.

    anyways, front facing speakers, smaller bezels, availibility is a huge thing and IP rating.

    • VAVAMk_2

      Haha I had to unsubscribe immediately

      • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        i know! every time i hit delete, ANOTHER email. for an hour. then i finally got smart. lmao

  • Aaron

    Water resistance, front facing stereo speakers, and a smaller chin and forehead pretty much sum it up for me. Otherwise I really like my Pixel.

    • Me

      I actually dont mind the 10/iP7 stereo setup or the bezels

      • Aaron

        Bezels are probably the smallest complaint for me. But whichever configuration the speakers are in, I definitely wish they were louder.

        • Me

          And crisper. 100% agree.

    • Daishi

      Yep. Super AMOLED screen no larger than 5.5″. Front Facing stereo speakers, lots of RAM, lots of storage and a big battery. Basically, just make another Moto X Pure Edition with up to date innards and I’ll buy it on day 1.

  • Alec Bernard

    Do you guys remember the Nexus 6…The bottom bezel is smaller than the top bezel. However, when you turn the screen on, the added height of the navigation bar made the bottom equal to the top. Now that’s some genius design.

    • chris_johns

      good ol moto 360 style…legit the perfect front build…except needed front speakers

    • ClikFire _

      Nexus 6 till this day is my favorite Nexus. Also the Design of the whole device was very pleasing to use. I wish Moto could of made a another Nexus before they killed it off..😔

  • Raul Salas

    Yeah, how about paint that doesn’t chip. Other than that I love the phone.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      If it’s painted it will always chip

    • Suicide_Note

      If you don’t want the paint to chip, use a case.

    • Asa Thomas