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Android Wear 2.0 Overview on LG Watch Sport

lg watch sport nfc

Unlike Kellen, I didn’t flash a Developer Preview of Android Wear 2.0 on one of my smartwatches as they were rolling out. I figured I would just wait for it to publicly launch and experience it with a fresh pair of eyes, and I’m happy I did that. 

Android Wear 2.0 is a large change over the last version of Google’s wearable OS, looking more polished and thought out, at least from my 15+ hours of usage. As for a basic list, Google threw in Google Assistant, support for Android Pay (not available on Watch Style), plus this rotating crown design and implementation has me totally mesmerized on the LG Watch Sport.

If you are in the same boat as me and have never laid eyes on Android Wear 2.0, the below video was made with you in mind. During the video, I go over changing watch faces, tweaks to the settings menu, using Google Assistant, as well as customizing actions for the two buttons that flank the crown.

Got any questions about Android Wear 2.0 or the Watch Sport? Hit me up in the comments below.

Software Overview on LG Watch Sport

  • danofiveo

    Have you tried it on T-Mobile yet?

    • Erinjdelarosa

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  • Cprsmrrcr3

    looks nice… also looks alot like Tizen on the gear 3 … but I am looking forward to it on my fossil watch

  • Guest

    Very nice. I might go pick up a G Watch R. I think that is my favorite watch behind the TAG.

  • Jorge Balboa

    Having conflict issues with Android Wear 2.0 and the Lexus Enform App. Android Wear 2.0 prevents the Lexus Enform App to launch automatically therefore rendering the Lexus app useless and no connectivity to the cars infotainment system. Any ideas?

    • Guest

      Ya. Get an Android Auto HU. Simple.

      • Jorge Balboa

        Not in a 2016 Lexus IS200t

    • illregal

      don’t buy a glorified toyota.

  • ckeegan

    How is it that Google didn’t have enough sense to launch a Pixel watch alongside the Pixel phone, Google Assistant, and Wear 2.0?

  • sinfoman

    Is talkback turned off, Tim? It didn’t seem to read anything back? Is that feature disabled on this watch?

  • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    stopped in AT&T and played with this. Its huge. way bigger than my OG 360. a friend of mine has the s3 frontier and it was bigger than that. it just sticks up way too high….unless you are just packing a big wrist, I would not suggest buying this. Its just felt uncomfy and unnatural to have this thing sitting up so high on your wrist.

    AW2.0 though, that is where its at. Wish it would hit my OG 360. I’m thinking of snagging a Zenwatch 3 or waiting for Wahways 2nd.

    • Nw_adventure

      Good to know- My 360 could use an upgrade but not looking install a boat anchor on my wrist 🙂

  • john lens

    But, But, I just bought the Gear S3! One thing I like of the LG wear is that you can install standalone apps. And alos you can reply back on the watch with Hangout app. You cant do that on Gear S3.

    • john lens

      Scratch that: On Gear S3 you can reply to Hangouts messages by installing Android Wear on your phone and it does not need pairing.

  • Shinycanoe

    Will Hangouts work on the watch with a Project Fi data only sim?

  • Daistaar

    How do you answer calls from the watch now? All I see is is the end call button but no answer button? This is on a Huawei Watch.

    • Travis

      When a call comes in there are two buttons on the face. One to hang up or one to answer the call.

      • Daistaar

        Not on the Huawei Watch, Wear 2.0. It only shows the red Decline button on 2.0. If I roll back to Wear 1.5 you get both.

  • Orlando aka Pixel XL

    I love my watch, just a heads up that a*sholes at ATT will try not to sell you the device if your not activating it. They will tell you that’s it out of stock…fyi, can you do a review on LTE and if it’s worth it…

  • Ryan N

    No if only Google could get it back in stock…

  • Gekko

    video needs more baby hand. volume was low too.

    • Tonyagbarks

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  • The Bilderbergers

    Tim, have you tried using Watchmaker or Facer using the new complications? I’m curious as to how those might work.

  • Jason Womack

    Obviously a little early but interested in battery life.

  • mog386

    @Tim My bank’s (Santander) lack of support for Android Pay (as well as Samung and Apple pay) is the exact reason why I’m gonna be switching soon. So you’re not the only one in that boat.

    Also, thanks for the video, My watch should be in soon, and this will help get used to the all the new features.

  • Drew Thompson

    I am hearing people are having trouble activating this watch on the Verizon network when purchased from the Google Store. Anyone else heard that. Had any luck activating it?

    • Roy Berry

      as of now, no one will be able to activate on Verizon; none of the IMEIs (Verizon’s, Nor Google’s, or AT&Ts) are in the database, and are not expected to be until 3/16/17. so, unless you have a Urbane 2 LTE you can switch sims with, you are SOL – tablets are suspected to not work for this, due to no SMS or phone share allowed with their IMEIs(sources : I have been talking with corp and reps for 6 hours)

      • Drew Thompson

        That’s disappointing, but not surprising. Thanks for the info.

      • Drew Thompson

        I was able to get my LG Sport activated on the Verizon network. The staff at the store activated a sim on a returned phone then installed it in the watch. Works great. Only snag is the network sees it as a phone, so it is going to charge me the line access fee ($20) for the next billing cycle. After that, I will be able to adjust it to the $5 fee once the IMEI for this device shows up in the system.