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NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet, Tablet K1 Receiving Nougat Upgrade

NVIDIA announced big news this morning, the shipment of Upgrade 5.0 (aka Android 7.0 Nougat) out to owners of the SHIELD Tablet and SHIELD Tablet K1

Inside this large update, users will find added support for the new SHIELD Controller (2017), Split-Screen mode (Nougat base feature), a double tap option to return to your last opened app, as well as notification improvements.

Also listed is a SHIELD Rewards Program. Essentially, it’s an exclusive loyalty program for SHIELD owners. Once you have the update booted up, you will see the following message.

As a member, we’ll be providing you the latest news for apps, games, and products for the NVIDIA SHIELD, as well access to premium rewards. Goodies like free games, discounts, chances to win great prizes and more. Stand by for more details to come.

You want the full changelog? You can’t handle the full changelog!

SHIELD Controller (2017) Support

  • Updates to SHIELD controller support

New Multitasking Features

  • Split-screen: Run two apps side by side* in Portrait or Landscape modes
  • Quick switch: Double tap the Overview button to quickly switch back to the last opened app

Improved Notifications

  • Multiple notifications from the same app are now bundled for a streamlined experience
  • Reply to messages directly from within the notification*
  • Tap and hold on a notification to quickly silence or block notifications from the app

Improved Power Consumption

  • Doze on the Go: Doze is now smarter & kicks in even when the device is being carried around


  • Includes all-new Unicode 9 emojis

Usability Improvements

  • Display & Font size can now separately adjustable to improve readability or screenspace
  • Quick Settings can now be customized directly from the menu by tapping “Edit”
  • The top Quick Setting tiles can now be accessed with a downward swipe from the lock screen
  • Settings now includes a Navigation Menu & Suggestions to improve usability
  • The “Clear all” option in Overview have been relocated to the top right

System wide improvements including

  • New Data Saver: when enabled, limits access to Cellular data for background apps
  • New JIT compiler: improves the speed of App & System updates
  • Update to Android Security Patch Level December 1, 2016

SHIELD Rewards Program

  • Introducing SHIELD Rewards, the exclusive loyalty program for SHIELD owners

Have at it, SHIELD Tablet owners!

Via: NVIDIA [2]
  • Chris Wilkey

    I had been thinking about getting a pixel c because I’ve been used to Nougat on my Nexus 5X and my Shield K1 was getting SO laggy. Then I read about this yesterday and got the update this morning and I’ll hold out a bit longer. Installs are so much shorter and it seems to be overall much smoother. I may wipe it too, but so far so good. This is hands down the best Android tablet at this price point.

  • Kevin Talbot

    If the Nvidia Shield can handle Nougat 7.0 why can’t Nexus 7 2013 run it?

  • jeesung

    Dec Security patch?

  • Trevor

    This tablet was great because it was stock Android at an awesome price, but man it slowed down for me after a year’s time or so. I’ve since bought a Pixel C (oiy, so expensive), so I’m curious to know if this update will help things at all.

    • I recently completely wiped and reloaded the tablet (about 3 months ago) and my speeds were back up to where they had been.

      • Trevor

        I never took the time to wipe it, but I should have gone that route. Though then I wouldn’t have had any excuse to buy a new tablet 😛

  • Jim

    Oh man, I’m stuck at work… this is going to be a LOOOOONG day until I can get home and install the update. Still waiting for the update to hit my Galaxy S6 though.

  • Axel Hreinn Bogason

    I’ve lost the update. It had finished downloading it via OTA and then when I was going to install it, the tablet didn’t restart and now I can’t find the update. If I check again in system upgrades it says System up to date. Still on Marshmallow.

    • TomEver

      Yep, several people see the same thing. Maybe the found a bug and pulled it.

  • bionicwaffle

    Got it on my K1! I can’t believe this tablet, and the original version, got Nougat! Great work Nvidia!

  • shamatuu

    is this the last update for those 2? Will it get this year OS update?

  • imronburgundy

    How is the K1 if used for emulation? I already have an iPad that you can’t do that one without jailbreaking and was thinking of picking one of these up. Up to what system is it capable of processing?

    • Michael Bassett

      Some talk in 2014 about how it can run Dolphin and PS1 emulators.

      • Charles Faulkner

        Can emulate up to PS2 I think.. itt plays bordlerands 2 and San Andreas natively as a benchmark for you

  • Raj Bhatt

    Is this thing still worth buying? I need a replacement for my old Nexus 7 2013.

    • MikeD675

      I would say yes, there is no other real alternative for a gaming tablet.

      • Charles Faulkner

        Can confirm it’s brilliant. A tablet that can run bordlerands 2 natively and emulate everything (within reason) is in my eyes ultimate. Check out GameStream too!

    • Michael Bassett

      I just replace my 1st gen Nexus 7 with it, sold the Nexus 7 on ebay. Got this one on Jet.com for $177 (coupon) and am loving how quick it is. With the update (insane this tablet gets nougat) it only gets better, the best you can buy for $200 right now.

    • Absolutely.

  • middlehead

    I’m glad my tablet will be getting it, but I’m kinda sad that my tablet is my first device to get it.

  • K1

    Really really nice!
    Nvidia is the best, the greatest, I love it.

  • BoFiS

    Wake up, take a snow day because yay snow, read Droid Life in my pjs and see that Nvidia updated my tablet, check tablet and see that a 708.54MB update to Nougat is available, score! Thank you, Nvidia, for making my favorite tablet and improving it with frequent updates!

  • jjl207

    Very happy that Nvidia put out Nougat on a tablet that most manufacturers would have let wither on the vine. Just hoping it takes care of Photos constantly crashing.

  • Michael Bassett

    Just got done updating! Going to get a controller when it gets cheap enough, doing other updates now, loving the tablet!

  • NVIDIA is killing it right now. Best tablet and android TV on the market

    • T4rd

      Indeed. This was the spiritual successor to the Nexus 7. Too bad they don’t seem to be making a successor to it now. I would love a larger 3:4 Shield tab.

      • Brendasollis

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  • Hilman in Edmonton

    Nice, just got the notification!!

  • jbworldwide1

    Way to go Nvidia.