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Wednesday Poll: Are You Buying the Watch Sport or Watch Style?

We have two new smartwatches from LG hitting the market this week, the Watch Sport and Watch Style. Both come with Android Wear 2.0, but each carries quite a different design — one is more sporty (hence the Sport name), while one is, forgive my choice of words, but generic looking.

The Sport is rather large, featuring a 1.38″ Circle POLED display with silicone band, while the Watch Style is a tad smaller, measuring in with a 1.2″ Circle POLED display and also coming with a range of different silicone and leather bands. Unlike the Sport, though, users can swap bands very easily on the Style, thanks to Google’s MODE bands.

Both watches feature a Snapdragon Wear processor, with the Sport coming with 768MB of RAM and the Style having 512MB. Battery sizes also differ – Sport features a 430mAh battery and the Style features a 240mAh battery. Also of note, the Sport comes with NFC and LTE connectivity, while the Style does not. A full list of specs can be viewed here.

For price, the Sport will cost you $349 through Google (varies at carrier stores), while the Style is $249.

So, which one are you picking up?

Buying a LG Watch Sport or Watch Style?

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  • Biga173rd

    Way over priced I do like big watches but the UI is too simple.

  • tabguy2

    I have an Asus Zenwatch 3. It’s beautiful. The LG’s aren’t.

  • LJay

    Just buy a Gear S3 or Apple Watch (Series 2) & keep it moving…

    • LJay

      I personally have a Gear S3 Frontier because I love using the MST for Samsung Pay & swapping bands on the regular. I know there’s other options out there but there’s really no comparison to these watches right now…

  • Seriously! They’re both so ugly!! So thick, awful bands, DAT BEZEL! …give me something like the Huawei Watch 2.0. (for the record I’m still rockin my over 2 year old OG 360 with a solid 12hr battery).

  • ajftl250

    So. Does the gear s3 have all the features the new Android wear 2.0 ? Although the LG sport is cute. To me the gear s3 is the coolest looking smartwatch. That’s just my opinion

  • kirko77

    Style has horrid dead screen circle before bezel begins. This is unacceptable by today’s standards.
    I’m still waiting for a watch WITHOUT heart rate sensor for with everything else that Sport has. and better look where i can swap bands

  • RazorSky

    I’m voting Swiss Automatic.

  • bogy25

    LG staff views DL poll in dismay……”guess that answers that question…”

  • Brushrop03

    This is really DOA. I’m not sure what they were thinking when not including NFC in the Style. And let’s not even talk about the looks; i know looks are subjective, but these look like cheap toys imo. Only people with cash to burn will buy these and even they may wait to see what other manufacturers are bringing out.

  • MJ

    Nope… The was the best Google/LG could come up with? Two fugly watches? One which is a ladies watch and a Sport watch that has no LTE-less option with replaceable bands. DOA

  • JT3

    I’d have to see the Sport in person first, and it’d have to work on Fi (even data-only would be okay). Even then, I’ll probably wait for it to go on sale, or see what the Huawei 2 looks like first.

  • rickneworleansla

    I don’t need LTE and the added thickness of the sport but I do want NFC and a speaker that the style is missing. LG / Google should have made a third option in the middle. It would have sold the most IMO.

  • Nosrac Yendis

    Haven’t been able to find a good source for this: do I HAVE to have the Sport connected to my LTE plan? Or can I forego that and just use it like a regular smartwatch, a la bluetooth and wi-fi?

    • ali jawad

      You can buy it off-contract and disable the LTE radio, leaving the rest of the stuff (Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC) enabled. I think I read somewhere the off-contract price is $380 (USD).

  • Paul Pottle

    Just picked up a Huaweii watch around Christmas so I am set for atleast a while.

  • Chris

    The Sport would be interesting if it supported all of the bands necessary for Project Fi and wasn’t absurdly thick. Obviously the tech isn’t there yet to include cellular connectivity in an acceptable form factor. The Style doesn’t offer much of anything over my Huawei Watch. So neither for me.

  • Brian Himes

    Nah. I prefer real watches to these.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Sticking with my Fenix 3.

  • say592

    I would have bought the Style if it had NFC and LTE. For now, Im sticking with my Huawei.

  • Daeshaun

    Maybe. I havent seriously used Android wear since my short run with the Moto 360. I just wanna touch the new software. Don’t know if It will be one of these since they don’t appeal to me online. In person maybe.

  • Bed Flannel

    i wanted to get the watch sport. Not convinced by the pics. Holding onto my OG 360 a little bit longer.

  • enigmaco

    Big mistake not including nfc in the style. That is why I avoided those watches and bought a huawaii, with the chainlink bands its very nice. Also can’t justify paying over $300 for a watch, had to really justify paying $200 for this one.

  • good420
  • good420
  • enaybee

    Not buying any smart watches. Still dont get this smart watch thing.

  • bull3946

    Neither. I don’t think LTE is a good tradeoff for not having interchangable bands. It’s too massively thick.

    I don’t need NFC on a smartwatch at this time since NFC payment terminals are still few and far between.

    My Moto 360 2 will soldier on for quite awhile still.

  • tomgillotti

    Still need to see more of Android Wear 2.0 to convince me it’s better than Tizen. The Gear S3 still seems like the device to beat.

  • cbn4forums

    Voted for neither… the Style doesn’t have the features that I want such as NFC and LTE and the look is just boring. The Sport is way to thick. Seriously, what were they thinking designing these two watches?

  • Jay

    My G Watch R still works just fine (for the most part). I don’t need another smartwatch unless it totally bests what I have now in almost every degree.

    On the topic, my microphone seems to have trouble picking me up as of late. Is there any proper way to clean out the mic? I know it’s waterproof, so perhaps dipping it in something?

  • Orlando aka Pixel XL

    I might go for LG watch sport but I gotta see it in person..SHOOOP ahhhh

  • Qbancelli

    No. Keeping my OG Moto 360 for another 5 years.

  • razerlite

    I’ll stick with my Pebble Time until something better comes along. I just need a simple/inexpensive smart watch and these don’t fit that bill. These are too cheap looking for the price. i might consider if they looked like a $350 or $250 watch, but these do not.

  • Mr.Bean

    If the style had NFC, then I would’ve purchased it

  • peelabrownie

    Apple Watch

  • HotRodJohnson

    Fitbit support?

  • Me
  • atc-tech

    Not just no, but…. HELL NO!

  • BoFiS

    I’m just awaiting the Wear 2.0 update for my 42mm 2nd Gen Moto 360, which is way smaller and nicer looking than the LG watches, and has better battery life and a heart rate monitor

  • AZ ✓Clinton

    I really want to get the Sport to replace my Hwatch as it has everything I’ve been waiting for in a smartwatch. I’m a happy T-Mobile customer though and I’m not sure if or how the LTE would work with them. If I could buy the watch from T-Mo or through Google and have number sync or whatever for an extra $5-$10 a month this would be an instant purchase for me. I guess I have to wait though until it, or something like it, becomes available through TMo.

  • AJC1973

    why are you comparing the sport with fashion models when the real comparison for a gps watch would be either the Casio or the Nixon..

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Are these the official Google smart watches that were rumored for so long?

    • AJC1973


  • tu3218

    Ughhh really wanted to switch to AW 2.0 from my gear s2 3g. But damn, the more I see the sport, the more I’m unsure due to its thickness. Gonna have to play with it first I think.

    That new exclusive Verizon LTE watch is probably the reason Verizon failed to carry the Gear s3 LTE.

  • Complain complain. I love the look of both. Thinking of the Sport. Never really thought about paying with my watch, might be nice though.

  • Kyle Brabender

    The sport is WAY TOO BIG! I was eyeing the style but i can’t help but think it looks cheap and boring. I was sold on smartwatches as soon as i heard about them, but now nothing keeps my attention. I have sold them all and gone back to regular mechanical watches. I hope somebody changes my mind this year.

  • Duffman

    Already reviews up! Where is yours Kellen? And I don’t even like engadged anymore. Lol


  • GeekOfNature

    I’m still enjoying my ZenWatch 2. Not looking to upgrade any time soon.

  • Wear24 from Verizon looks promising. Maybe.

  • Raven

    Neither. I am looking for a replacement for my trusty OG Moto 360 but these 2 are too massive or too gimped.
    Eyeing the ZenWatch 3, but waiting to hear more about the rumored Huawei Watch 2.

    • Walter Partlo

      I recently replaced my OG 360 with a 2nd gen 360, and love it. I’d recommend it, unless the flat tire really bothers you.

      • Raven

        No, the flat tire has never bothered me. But, at this point, I would not buy less than a Snapdragon Wear 2100 based watch.

        • Walter Partlo

          Fair enough. I bought a like new used 2nd gen off of Swappa for $160, and am happy with that purchase. It was an upgrade, but I am not so invested that I would not buy another watch if I found one that was appealing enough.

  • Neither, they are not available in my country… Again…

  • BuckNut614

    Needs to have a better fitness application to rival Fitbit to get me to drop that much on a new watch.

  • himynameisricky

    I’m just glad round smartwatches are becoming the norm for Android Wear. I like having options, but when AW first came out it seemed like the 360 was the only round watch. Hope some cheaper round AW watches come out this year

  • djghettoredneck

    My LG Urbane 2nd Edition is great.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    The Sport? —— Hell no. Look at that THING… The Style doesn’t have NFC….. I’ll wait for Huawei at MWC…then I’ll choose between them and the Gear S3 because I actually do want a watch.


    • Duffman

      And people screamed the OG 360 was too thick.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Then they screamed that the Huawei watch was too thick… I mean in all the reviews.

    • OligarchyAmbulance

      And that photo is why I love my Moto 360.

      • Joanjjohnson

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    • Raven

      They should have named it the eXtreme or something. Sport implies something smaller and plasticy to me. This thing is YUUUGE!!!

    • Banglaz Bless

      The sport Looks like one of em deep China bowl lmao.

    • MrGulio

      Got a Gear S3 and it’s great. Really love Samsung Pay with it.

  • Suicide_Note

    Neither. The Sport is overpriced, and waaaay too massive. Seriously, it looks like it ate a pair of Huawei Watches.

    • atc-tech

      And they didn’t even manage to fit it all in there… They had to stick all the antennas inside the bands, so you can’t even switch out the band for something nicer… How did they not get it all in something that massive?

  • Godzilla

    I’ve seen nothing today that looks better functionality or physically than the gear s3 line.

    • Cliff Keene

      Agreed but since i have the Gear S2 upgrading to anything other than the S3 would be a waste of features and money.

    • Me

      Tizen > AW

    • Killa

      How much functionality do you lose when not partnered with a Samsung phone?

      • Godzilla

        Zero. Because there is the Gear app on the play store which has S health, Samsung pay, and the samsung store all within it.

  • Aaron MacNaughton

    Voting neither since I’m keeping my Moto 360 2nd gen until it dies.

    • Duffman

      You’ve got a long way to go. I still use my first gen every day!

      • TheDrunkenClam

        I love my first gen Moto 360. Although sadly it is starting to show its age a little. The battery is no longer lasting anywhere near as long as it once did.

        • Justin Graeff

          Same with mine. I can still make it a whole day most of the time, but sometimes it dies beforehand. I was waiting for these new LG watches but I am disappointed. At this point, I am either thinking Moto360 2nd gen or the 2nd Huawei watch when it’s released.

        • Duffman

          With ambient screen off, I can still squeeze 2 days out of it. I guess I should consider myself lucky!

      • Walter Partlo

        I upgraded to the 2nd gen when my OG battery started getting wonky (shutting down at 70%). It is a significant upgrade. i get much better battery life on the gen 2, even with the face always on.

        • Brian Menius

          Mine has begun dying at random states of charge. This morning, it was dead above 80%.

          I’ve got to do something, but buying one of these watches probably isn’t it. I guess I need to start shopping Moto Gen 2.

          • Walter Partlo

            Take a look at it with a white screen, and you will probably see dark spots. This is where the battery is swelling and pushing on the back of the display. The hypothesis is that Moto got a bad batch of batteries and after some time, they begin to deform. Any stressful operation that taxes the battery then triggers the safety software, and the device shuts down so that it doesn’t go Note 7 on you. Do you have to also put it on the charger to get it to turn back on? The solution is to either replace the battery (and back plate, because it is nearly impossible to remove without breaking) or get another watch.

          • Brian Menius

            Yep- must hit the charger to power back on.

            I got more than two years out of it… probably time to cut my losses and move on. The blowout sale on the Q Founder is helping me along in that decision.

          • Walter Partlo

            There’s quite a bit on the og 360 battery issues on xda.

          • Evron

            Wow i thought was the only one that had to that issue needing to put it on the charger for it to finish booting and i have screen burn in in the area where the charging circle and another towards the middle

          • Brian Menius

            Yeah, mine’s had burn-in for as long as I can remember… certainly since sometime in the first year.

        • JT3

          My OG 360 started acting wonky like that too… shutting down, sometimes, within minutes after taking it off the charger. I upgraded to the Huawei watch, and love it. I miss the wireless charging (the Huawei dock is infuriating sometimes), but I love that I can connect a data cable for sideloading.

      • Aaron MacNaughton

        Nice to hear! Hope both of ours keeps on chugging.

        • Brendasollis

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    • Jarl

      same here. and I might not even ‘upgrade’ to 2.0 with all that stupid button action

      I don’t WANT a standalone watch, and why would I need a lock screen on my watch?

      Google is going the wrong direction,c at least for watches