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3 Months Later: It’s Still the Google Pixel for Me

google pixel review 3 months

The few months in between the end of the holiday season and the end of February the following year are some of my favorites. Because new flagship phone releases almost always come to a stand still during these times, we often get to settle in to a phone and truly get to know it. Instead of jumping from one phone to the next to get the next review out, this is a time where we get to become somewhat of a consumer. It’s kind of fun, actually!

As you can tell from the title, the Google Pixel (the regular, smaller one) has been in my pocket, by my side since I reviewed it back at the end of October. This is the phone that most fits my needs. 

In the video review below, I dive into those needs, what I still like about the Pixel, and why it’s the phone for me at this time. Things like the size, software experience, camera, and ability to use it on any carrier are the highlights. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some issues. For example, the design isn’t impressing me yet, the choice to go with 32GB storage was probably a bad one, and the rapid charging just isn’t as good as the solutions from companies like OnePlus.

How about you? How has the Pixel or Pixel XL held up for you the past few months?

  • casbone

    Thanks for the updated review. Very well done. I was on the fence between the normal size or the XL and also the 128gb option being worth it. Thanks again!

  • gpzbc

    Has the crackling speaker issue been a deal-breaker for anyone? I stopped in the Verizon store and the entire staff was carrying on about the crackling speaker issue and how almost every Pixel they sell comes back as a result.

  • The Doctor

    No Pixel XL has ever been in a brick-and-mortar Verizon Wireless store, and it’s been over three months since the damn things were released. This is inexcusable on Google’s part. Even the jet black 256GB iPhone 7 Pluses were available everywhere by the end of November.

  • Bill Somers

    Best phone I have ever had

  • tmenke88

    All I wanted was a PixelXL 128GB… But the wait became unbearable. I didn’t want to settle for 32GB(The cloud storage would’ve been tested) because I had to settle for the same size when I got the original Moto X. It just puts added stress about how many videos,pictures,apps, and songs you have on your phone.

    I instead took a tip from DL and snagged a Moto Droid Play+many accessories off Swappa for 1/3 of the price of a Pixel. So far I haven’t had any problems. Performance-wise it runs smoother than my previous phone(Droid Turbo) and the battery life is incredible. I don’t think I could go back to a phone without comparable battery life..HEAVY usage throughout the entire day and I’m at 40% when I go to bed. Most days I’m sitting at 60-70% when I’m ready for bed…it’s incredible.

    Also to note..I’m STILL technically on the wait list for a Pixel…and STILL nothing..that’s incredibly disappointing.

  • Chris Bailey

    I had an XL since November until a week ago. From day one I had connectivity issues around my house (where no other phone I’ve owned since living there, Nexus 6, 6P, or my wife’s iPhone) have ever had issues. Bizarre too, because it would have good indicated signal strength, then go to ‘hollow bar’ and INSERT SIM errors if I tried to use it. Dropped calls constantly and would completely drop data connection. While 90% of the time I could be on Wi-Fi, sure and could use Wi-Fi calling it aggravated me to no end. Call someone just as leaving my house – dropped call. Try to navigate somewhere while leaving my house – no data connection. Advanced calling was also dicey – more than half the time it would turn off my data when on a call meaning no navigation while talking. So, was it a gamebreaker? At first I didn’t think so – figured it would get fixed eventually. Finally after the first round of updates didn’t cure it, I started working w/ Verizon and with Google. Went through three phones, and four SIM cards. Verizon blamed Google claiming it was a software bug – Google blamed Verizon claiming it was a network issue. I don’t know why, but it seems like it just doesn’t play nice with certain towers – I saw a bunch of people on the Google forums in the Indianapolis area complaining of the same thing. So after two months and countless calls to customer service and factory resetting my phone a bunch I finally threw in the towel and ended up getting my first iPhone. No issues whatsoever now. Loved the phone, but couldn’t deal with whatever the hell was going on isolated in my area.

    • Chris Bailey

      Also Verizon was (as expected) no f’ing help on anything. After the usual factory reset and ‘safe mode’ things they sent out a team that ‘couldn’t recreate my issue’ and that was that. Wasn’t until I went in to the store to pay off the Pixel XL after selling it on swappa that the clerk at the store said ‘oh yeah, they’re working on a fix – that’s why they are all backordered through Verizon’. Their only other suggested fix was disabling Advanced calling. Even though I complained about this since the first day of owning the device, they would not let me trade it in on something else – apparently content to keep shipping me phones under warranty. What a joke.

  • Jaymus Lonestar

    Oh how I miss a good old fashion written review. I mean, if it ain’t broke…

  • Joe Gigliotti

    Perfect phone works flawlessly!

  • Ben Harris

    There is nothing in the ‘article’ that can’t be gleaned from the title, so I ask: what was the point of that?

  • Kevin Davis

    Pixel xl 128gb black, still love it. Very much looking forward to the pixel 2’s.

    If they can up the battery life on the regular size pixel 2 just a bit, I’ll give it a try for some easy, one handed goodness. I haven’t had a small phone since the iPhone 4.

  • Kyle Dykstra

    I picked up my Pixel XL 32GB at the end of October as most people were opting to wait on the 128GB version. At the time, there were plenty of the smaller memory model available. I am glad I decided to pick up this phone! Storage has not once been an issue, despite the fact that I take many photos and videos every day! The unlimited online storage is wonderful for photos/videos!

    I can not imagine using another phone at this point as this is hands down, the best Android device that I have ever used!

  • charniw

    Had the pixel for several months and absolutely love it. Perfect phone for me. Fingerprint reader is well positioned and fast! Battery life is better than any other phone I have had. Phone is fast with a crystal clear display. And the camera is as good or better than the iPhone 7 in side by side comparisons.

  • kevdog

    Kind of interested, however when debating between this an lets say an iPhone — I really need iMessage. Google sucks big time on unified platform messanger — sucks big time. How long have they tried for a solution and they constantly F**k it up.

    • thereasoner

      Most all people have Facebook messenger or use WhatsApp, over a billion on each platform.

      Only those with iPhones have access to iMessage and that’s likely around only 10%- 12% of the smartphone market as per word wide market share numbers.

      • Kevin Davis

        Unless you’re in the US, then the iPhone, and therefore iMessage, is well over 40% of the market.

        Full disclosure, I have a pixel xl and a 7plus, and I like the hell out of both.

        • thereasoner

          True, here in Canada as well but I’m willing to bet that most of them have a Facebook account hence Facebook’s numbers. Not to mention that still leaves quite a lot of people without access to iMessage while everyone has access to Facebook regardless.

      • chris_johns

        i would say most of us text…i dont use any of those, besides sparingly…Google NEEDS to step up and have RCS as standard….we need a cross platform messenger and we need it now

        • thereasoner

          I don’t know about Google but the carriers are already working on RCS for their stock text message apps here in Canada.

        • RichieRich

          Google Jibe: Coming to an Android near you in 2020. Still won’t be encrypted end-to-end though. You need iMessage for that. Oh.. hey.. that’s available now!

    • RichieRich

      Stick with iMessage. Google has proven that they can’t get messaging right.

  • thereasoner

    Wow, the positive responses to the Pixels simply drown out the small anti-Pixel crowd on here. I’m very happy with mine as well, it’s been an excellent performer so far.

  • Andye82

    3 months later and no word yet when it would be available in Scandinavia. Anyway, gave up already and went for mate 9 pro, haven’t regret at all

  • CF542

    I opted for the basic Pixel 32GB and it came really fast plus I pre ordered so I got that worthless VR unit for free.
    Despite a few glitches here and there, the Pixel has been the best Android phone I’ve owned.

  • G5

    Phone is awesome period. I have zero of these problems some speak of. Batt life unbelievable. The speed not slowing one bit is unreal. I like the looks. Nothing wrong with the looks. It’s grasping for straws when you say the looks suck. Nothing wrong with this thing. Best phone on market. And price ain’t bad either. You get what u pay for. All good phones are expensive. S8 will slow after weeks and have the same bad radios that you can’t make calls on. XL looks like going ro be the phone for a while.

    • trevorsalienarms

      Not “grasping for straws” because you want your ~800 dollar piece of consumer electronics that is going to literally be right next to you for at least the next year to look good.

      Grasping for straws is rationalizing “the pure experience” as some quantum leap forward to excuse the complete and total lack of any sort of truly engaging feature set. “It’s fast and had a good camera” isn’t enough.

      Android rots. All software does. And we need to stop pretending that unique app and settings profiles make no difference in terms of performance and battery life from device to device.

      And just lol at “bad radios”. The Galaxy Nexus stopped being a thing a number of years ago.

      • G5

        Ummm “looks” have nothing to do with that other stuff. It look great. Just because some of you say the chin thing doesn’t mean your right. The phone looks good. so sorry but saying the looks suck is grasping. Period!! And umm had 5 samdungs since the Gnex. Couldn’t make a call from any of them. Trust me when i tell you samsung phones are the worst “phones” on the market. My usual 3 to 4 dead spots all of a sudden dropped to zero once i got a different brand. Coincidence??

        but again, wasn’t talking about “the pure android experience”(don’t know where that came from honestly). was replying to “looks”. You write well. But may need a refresher on your reading skills

        • trevorsalienarms

          Clearly, because I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Gabriel Estrada

    I have finally found the phone and service with Project Fi that will stay with me for a very long time. I’m extremely happy.

  • rathnakar arjun

    I’ve had the phone since October, it is fantastic. The only problems are occasional hangs and over heating when on GPS or charge

  • Violent Shadow

    Loving my phone so far! Oh and for people still waiting for their Pixel to ship, consider signing up for Project Fi. They get priority. I ordered my 128gb Pixel XL over Thanksgiving weekend and they shipped it the next Monday.

  • Victor Stuber

    It’s the best phone I’ve owned hands down. Normally by this time, my Android phone would be sluggish with poor battery, but the Pixel has never dropped a frame and the batter is still incredible. The camera is my favorite part. I no longer carry my DSLR around like I did when I owned a Moto X.

    • jonah travisano

      Just couldn’t do it for what they were asking.. Price wise/no SD card/external speaker not so good… So I got a unlocked HTC 10 and I have to say it hasn’t slowed down at all… And it got the nougat update at the end of November and I’m on the January security update so… anyway I’m sure the pixel is a much smoother software experience but for anybody that doesn’t want to spend that much money and get a good quality phone the HTC 10 is a good choice

      • tmenke88

        I said the same thing about my Moto Droid Play. Hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down..and the battery life is on a completely different level. The camera isn’t the greatest but it’s good enough for my needs.

  • JonERotn

    I lile my Google Pixel XL, but I miss my Note 7. It was seriously an amazing phone.

  • dk1golf

    Bought one for my wife and she complains that Google Photos crashes all the time. Is this a known problem? Although, she loves the camera.

  • p0k3y

    3 Months later, it’s still iphone 7 plus for me. Traded Nexus 6p for it and glad that I didn’t bother waiting for the Pixel.

    • chris_johns

      good for you…time to move on to an apple fanboy site

  • Mail carrier

    Wife got her 128 gb XL about a month ago right after Christmas. Phone is definitely worth the wait. I need water resistance and like wireless charging so I’ll stick w my s7 for now even though the wait for 7.0 Nougat is getting ridiculous. Maybe the Pixel 2 will meet my needs.

    • chris_johns

      thsi is my upgrade year….its either the new edge or pixel 2 for me

      • Mail carrier

        I’m a little disenchanted w Samsung. SD won’t expand the storage as I had expected. I want real phone storage, but I also want the water resistance, wireless charging, etc. I’ve grown quite attached to the always on display as well. All of those kind of offset the disappointing storage and OS updates.

  • Rockdocta

    I’d hope after 3 months you’d still be with it…The damn thing costs $700.

  • klcoll

    On a black Pixel 128gB for about a month now. Love it so far. Only drawback is the screen isn’t quite dense enough to make Daydream View a flawless experience. If I could easily fit an XL in a jersey pocket that would have been the smart buy.

  • markwebb

    Overpriced and lacking. I didn’t buy into the marketing hype. Also nonstop freezes and hard reboots. Google support page has hundreds listing this issue. Returned mine.

  • Tony C

    People aren’t as broke as they pretend to be. You see people on TV protesting that they can’t afford health insurance while holding a $1,500 Pixel or Iphone plus in their hands .

    • SlyKrysis

      mmk, $1500 phones… yeah….

  • steb0ne

    Had mine since day one and still very satisfied.

  • southerndinner

    Mine was alright but I returned it and kept my S7E. I like the software on the Pixel more but that was about it.

    Not a fan of the camera, lack of expandable memory or the fail on water resistance. If they had all 3 of those and a design that wasn’t so ugly (I can live with a non pretty phone but holy cow this thing is ugly) I’d have kept it.

  • Barlog

    Still waiting for my XL I ordered from Verizon back in December, it says I should receive it no later than February 17th….

  • AJ75

    3 months later and I still can’t buy one. At this point I give up. Waiting for the S8 edge.

  • Neel

    Ordered my regular 32gb black last thursday, got it yesterday. 4 days shipping

  • hmz04

    Good you really like it. I liked it too, unfortunately not enough to keep it.

    Huge bezel, average build quality/display, lack of water resistance and more importantly jacked up price. Fine if you ignore these things, but I didn’t. Got OP3 and never looked back.

  • Latex beats nudity

    Wow so much of love for that stupid phone, Unbelievable !! so Google is very successful with this iPhone Clone mockery & Proprietary SysUI, Dual Partition, Overpriced, HW flawed Rushed product with HUGE Bezels… has more love over a Nexus type phones (OP3/3T) RIP Nexus we have a sad future because of the Androidsheeple !!

  • trevorsalienarms

    My opinion of the Pixel remains exactly the same as when it came out.

    Not interested. Seems like a vehicle for Assistant, which is where Google’s true interest is anyway.

  • J.Lynn

    I’m loving my Really Blue 32gb Pixel, I got lucky and just walked into a Verizon store to check out the display units and they had it in stock. Because of the lack of bloatware 32gb is plenty so far, I have just about 15gb used most of the time (depending on cached items and offline music)

    Trying to dismiss a call without answering it is my only problem so far, I usually end up having to do it from my watch instead of the phone

  • Bradley Melnyk

    I love the phone, but I’m having camera issues, it seems to have trouble focusing, and when i tap on the screen where i want it to focus, it lags big time, anyone else experiencing this?

    • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I was when I first got the phone. they updated it and the focus issues went away. have you checked your updates? mine went from trying to focus…to focusing super effing fast.

    • ShadyBrady

      That sucks. I know a lot of peeps had problems with a certain types of cases or a skin misaligned. Just throwing this at you in case.

  • Acer

    But…I thought the OnePlus 3T was the best phone of the year? Why aren’t you still using that (Sorry, I had to) 😛 ?

    • D in B
      • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        think he was just making a point….

        • Acer

          Yep, I was just making a point (No harm intended). I just find it interesting that Kellen isn’t using the phone he nominated “The best phone of the year.” Don’t get me wrong, I think the OnePlus 3T is a great phone and worthy of its award. I just find his choice interesting.

          • D in B

            agreed, deleted my comment

          • himynameisricky

            personal preference probably, you can acknowledge that the OnePlus 3T was probably the best phone that came out last year, while still enjoying the Android experience on a Pixel better.

  • stevesill

    I have the Really Blue 32GB XL, and it is my favorite phone ever (Droid Maxx was the previous favorite). Its smooth, no hangups, the memory savings on bloat-wear, over the S7 Edge, is astounding. S7 Edge gave me fits with its memory management, and apps that could not be un-installed, hiccups all the time, slow camera response after a while. The Pixel XL is easy to hold, believe it or not, the “Jay Leno Chin” makes it easier to play games without pressing the home button on accident. Couldn’t be happier with my decision to purchase.

    • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      good point….I agree with the chin. are you getting rebooting issues?? since the last update, mine is rebooting and the battery life seems a bit worse. Not drastically. I would normally get home from work with 40-50%. I’ve been in the 30s pretty consistently over the past month.

      • stevesill

        I haven’t had any reboot issues (looking for some wood to knock on). Battery life still incredible, with charging in the car to and from work.

        • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          haha, knock knock! battery life is better than any other phone i’ve had….maybe I dont have room to complain. I just noticed more of a drain. I might have a rogue app/game that is causing the issue. I’m going to start uninstalling 1by1 to see whats up.

          • tmenke88

            I’m still amazed with the battery life on my Moto droid play..easily the best battery life of any smartphone I’ve ever used.

  • seattle tech

    Still end up choosing my s7 edge with custom nougat rom over my pixel. Just too many advantages. T-mobile had a great deal where they bill credit you $325 off the pixel.

  • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I have the very blue XL….I like it and all. But i’ve been pretty bored with it. Battery life is very inconsistent, speaker is just meh and i’ve been getting rebooting. Its blazing fast though. I just look at that bottom chin every day and literally hate google left it looking like Jay Lenos chin without utilizing that real estate.

  • Mike McGuire

    First…really loving the production quality on the DL videos lately…real pleasure to watch. My Pixel XL 128 GB is also three months old. It’s simply the best experience I have had with a phone. I really don’t care about the design because the phone works so well no matter how many apps I have open or what I try to do with it. Doesn’t have to look pretty – just needs to work. The best technology experience is when you forget about the hardware and software and it just does what you need without thinking about it. The Pixel is that experience. Since it is on Project Fi, the phone and data service has been flawless. The regular updates from Google have kept it speedy. I agree that the “rapid charging” could be faster and there still seems to be a bluetooth glitch that pops up occasionally but I’ll take those small issues.

  • deskjob

    Kellex, did you ever encounter the extraneous lens flair issue with any of your photos on the Pixel?

    I am really tempted to go for a 128GB Pixel right now, but part of me is thinking I should hold out for Pixel 2. What do you all think?

  • ayellen

    With the exception of the Trusted Voice turning itself off issue, I’ve been very happy with my Pixel.

  • MrGulio

    Sounds to me like you want a Galaxy S7 running stock.

    • redskins59rocs .

      The only pro in the whole video was it runs smooth with its stock experience, everything else was all the sacrifices made with the phone to get that

  • himynameisricky

    I thought I would really miss my 6P when I jumped into a regular Pixel, but Ive been pleasantly surprised at how quickly I’ve adjusted to having a smaller screen. Every day operation after 3 months for me has still been buttery smooth. I love the software experience and I havent had the need to re-download Nova launcher

    • vzwuser76

      Same here. While I managed with my 6p, the regular Pixel is so much easier to use, especially one handed.

    • seattle tech

      I was the same way choosing pixel launcher over nova but nova 5.0 brought me back. It provides the same experience with gestures.

      • himynameisricky

        Does the newest Nova offer the ability to slide into the Google Now page like the Pixel launcher does?

        • seattle tech

          It doesn’t. I think that is native but since you swipe up for app drawer I have my center icon as the google now page

        • T4rd

          No, Google won’t open the API up for other devs to integrate that into their launchers. Given that Nova lets you launch Now or other apps with gestures though, I don’t see how that’s a deal breaker.

          • Suicide_Note

            That’s what I’ve done. A double tap on the screen opens Google Now for me.

  • Bane✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    That’s all cool and everything, but no one can even buy an XL, so I’m not sure that it matters. I certainly wouldn’t wait until March for one, even if I wanted one.

    • vzwuser76

      Elesewhere in this thread Pinnochio linked an app in the Playstore that sends you real time updates for when devices becomes available. IIRC it’s called Google Store checker. And it works for most any devices sold through the Google Store, like Pixels, Google Home, Google WiFi, OnHub, etc. It’s the same app I used to get my 6p when it was in and out of stock early on. It works.

      • Bane✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        I’m aware of it and used it for a while. The XL never came in stock. Not once. I’m not going to play games with Google to buy a mediocre, overpriced smartphone. I have purchased 3 other phones since the Pixel was announced and I didn’t have to play games to get any of them.

        • vzwuser76

          Yes it has, because there were times I even considered getting it before I decided to go with the regular Pixel. Some were right after the first shipments started and apparently some cancelled their orders.

          But if your opinion is that it’s mediocre and overpriced, why would you have wanted to get it in the first place?

          • Bane✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            I didn’t. I never intended to order one. But I still watched the stock out of morbid curiosity.

          • vzwuser76


  • JSo

    I have a 5X but am really looking forward to the second generation Pixel. I’ll most likely be upgrading then. Hopefully the design is a little better. But I’ll probably get it regardless.

  • Godzilla

    To me its the best phone ever made. The camera cant be surpassed, maybe tied by samsung, but not surpassed. The snapiness and user experience is the fastest ever and most consistent. Ive lost NO speed with this phone. Also knowing that i am on top of the android updates is a huge win and also participating in the BETA program. This phone has convinced me to never touch samsung again (unless they make a pixel) and to only buy unlocked phones from google for now on. Even if you have to wait forever.

  • Orlando aka Pixel XL
    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Hmm… They’ll change the back color for you? Interesting. I’d take a black with a blue back plate

      • Suicide_Note

        That’s exactly what i would have gone with if Google had that combo available.

    • seattle tech

      That is a lot bright colors there.

  • AxemRed

    I’m mostly happy with the Pixel. The performance is fantastic, but there are two bugs that are killing me. One is that band 4 issue that was reported early on. Would you be surprised to know that it isn’t fixed yet? Because it’s not. There’s an area near my house where my phone is unusable unless I’m on Wifi. The phone constantly establishes a signal and then drops to nothing. The February release will supposedly fix it, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. The other issue is with bluetooth, specifically with car syncing. My mom can’t make calls through her car’s system. It’s not something obscure or outdated either, it’s a 2016 Accord. There is a thread on the Google Product forums hundreds of posts long of people losing their minds. That too will supposedly be fixed this month. After dealing with this since launch, I’ve come to the conclusion the monthly updates still make Google no more speedy at fixing bugs than Samsung.

    • ayellen

      I haven’t had the Band 4 issue. And SignalSpy (I’m on Fi) has shown me on Band 4 with no problems. But I understand I am in the minority and very lucky.

      The issue that I have that bothers me is that Trusted Voice keeps turning itself off.

    • DanG

      I have none of those issues you mentioned. I have 2012 Camry and 2014 Accord. The BT works just fine on both cars.
      What are other 2 other issues you have?

    • vzwuser76

      The Bluetooth issue is kind of puzzling. Some have it and others don’t. I’ve had people say that it doesn’t sync with the Chevy MyLink system, but it works fine on my 2016 Silverado. I wonder if there’s an issue with either personal settings or apps installed.

    • Chris Bailey

      I must have a band 4 tower near my house, because like you said it’s still not fixed. In and near my house it would constantly drop data/voice. I thought I could live with it, but finally i was about ready to throw it out the window (see my post on this thread if interested). Anyway – i finally offloaded it on swappa and got an iphone. I was tired of waiting for a fix and could never get an answer from verizon or google if they were even looking into it. All that being said FWIW – I never had BT connectivity issues (and I have a 2016 Accord!).

  • Guest

    I want a pixel XL and will probably get one later in the year when the price drops. Not sure about anyone else but these prices are nuts for a phone. I got a mint S7E for cheeeeap (first non Nexus in ever) for Verizon and flashed the U software to get hotspot for my UDP.

    • DanG

      XL is still hard to get, especially 128gb version. Even if you can order one, it still takes 5~8 weeks for delivery.

    • vzwuser76

      Picked my regular 128GB Pixel up on BF. Total cost was $360 (but has to be through a device payment plan). The 2 year payment sucks but that’s pretty cheap for one of these, or any flagship for that matter. Plus I’ve got 4 lines I can draw from to make upgrades so the 2 year thing isn’t really an issue.

    • guest

      Before responding, I did a quick search trying to find the “U software to get hotspot for my UDP” that you mentioned. Can you give me a more complete name for the software or a link. thanks

  • The Pixel and XL are simply a great first foray for Google into the hardware game. They got right what people want most (battery life, camera, screen) and the niggles are things (like water resistance) that can be solved in other ways (w/cases) – really looking forward to Pixel 2 rumors and launch.

    Happy Pixel XL owner here.

    • tmenke88

      With how things are going maybe I’ll finally get an email that the Pixel XL’s are in stock by the time the Pixel 2 launches

  • Justin Martin

    Bullet proof from day one.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Also for folks looking for a device now… Are you willing to wait for LG and Samsung (almost 3 months away for Samsung) or are you pulling the trigger on a Pixel now?

    • Josh LaCelle

      Waiting for the S8. I can’t bring myself to buy the Pixel. It looks so outdated!

      • seattle tech

        The design is and when the S8 comes out it will look 4 years outdated. It does feel good in the hand though.

        • Josh LaCelle

          Not sure what your talking about.

          • seattle tech

            Meaning that I agree that the pixel design is so boring and iphone like. Which is an old design.

          • Josh LaCelle

            Oh lol Sorry! I understand now! I misread. I thought you were saying Samsungs designs were old! I was going to say!

    • Godzilla

      I will never consider a none google phone again. Unless its pure stock android with a proven update consistency.

    • DanSan

      Still using my N6, decided to skip the N6P and see what got released after. I was very much disappointed with the Pixel and won’t pay the price google is asking. As much as I hate to say it, im grabbing a GS8 when it gets released.

      my first non-google phone in a long long time.

      • dustin h.

        you’ll be back i bet.

        • DanSan

          i dont doubt it but for now the pixels don’t do anything for me. i dont see the pixel 2 changing that either.

          • Orion

            Yeah I’m thinking Google is just going to go to the same footprint as the previous phones. I’m just coming to the realization that I may not get another Google phone for a long time lol.

      • Suicide_Note

        I’m a Nexus/Pixel guy, but the S8 is shaping up to be an incredible phone.

        • Orion

          Yeah Samsung looks to have a real winner.

      • Orion

        Wow you and I are on the same boat. I’ve been rocking with Google for a long time. I still have my Nexus 6 and was looking to “upgrade” to the Pixels but they’re just too small. So disappointed. Never thought that I was going to Samsung but it looks like it’s going to happen this year. I’m waiting for the Note 8…I’m thinking Samsung is going to go all out for it.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    What’s up with the Bluetooth issues I keep hearing about? And did 7.1.2 fix it?

    And is that the only chronic issue folks are having?

    • Godzilla

      No issues here so far

    • vzwuser76

      It seems hit or miss on the BT issue. Some were saying they couldn’t connect to a 2016 Chevy with MyLink, but I haven’t had an issue.

      There are quite a few issues that people mention (like lens flare or bad battery life) but I haven’t had any of them. In fact the Pixel beats the battery life of my 6p. I’ve never been able to get better that 3hrs SOT with my 6p, and then only once in the entire year I’ve had it. My Pixel will regularly get over 4hrs SOT.

    • Chris Bailey

      I had connectivity problems that finally lead me to ditch it. Tired of waiting for a fix that may or may not come. Guessing it was the ‘band 4’ culprit. I went through 3 phones and 4 SIM cards and all did the same thing. It’s a shame, because I loved it otherwise.

  • Bob Allen

    I didn’t intend on getting the Pixel – I wanted the Pixel XL. But I’ve found myself really happy with the 128 GB model of the Pixel even though it’s smaller than I like some days. It’s still fast and easy and I’ve had no software hiccups with it. I put mine in a case so the bland design doesn’t bother me much and I’m just not seeing anything out there coming up that really beats it in the near future. With Samsung, TouchWhiz is still a deal breaker for me and I liked my Moto Z Force, but the camera just isn’t in the same league.

    • DanG

      I had iPhone 6S Plus and Galaxy S7 Edge prior to Pixel. XL being similar size as 6S Plus, I was very hesitant to get XL. I really missed one hand operation. I contemplated for good 2 months before I order the regular Pixel 128GB. Even though Pixel has much smaller battery than S7 Edge, the battery life is very comparable to it. Pixel is also as smooth/snappy as iPhone.

  • Sakeem

    So far so good with my Pixel XL. No slowdowns, no random reboots……working the same as when I first took it out the box and fired it up for the first time. Bluetooth has been fine so far as well. Best phone i’ve used so far.

  • Francesco Vaccarella

    Same here, using my Pixel XL. Amazing camera, i’m getting 5/6 hours of sot every day. The software experience is so smooth. Best smartphone I’ve ever owned and that’s ever been made. Kudos Google.

  • trixnkix637

    Pixel XL. Best phone I’ve ever had. Beats the love I have for the OG Moto X. Never thought I’d have a Google phone from Verizon again, but never say never.

    Only thing I don’t like is how careful I have to be with it because the backorders for a replacement phone are months out.

    • JRomeo

      I got an RMA on my Pixel XL 2 days ago (monday), and the replacement phone is arriving this friday, I am very happy to get my Pixel XL 128gb replaced using the warranty.

    • J.Lynn

      same, I came from the OG Moto X to the Pixel. I miss the ‘twist’ for the camera, but otherwise loving the Pixel

  • Christian Trevor Clauss

    3 Months Later: Still in back order.

    • I do not understand Google’s fulfillment process. I ordered my 128GB silver XL on 11/28 and it shipped on 11/29. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there were pending orders that were placed weeks earlier that still weren’t fulfilled.

      I feel like it’s just timing. I saw a note that they were back in stock, I ordered one quickly, and it shipped next day.

      I’m sorry you haven’t received yours yet man, I’d be furious.

  • Chad

    3 months later… and i’m still on Google’s waiting list for a XL 128

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


      Worked for the 6P madness. And works just as well for the Pixel. That Google wait list doesn’t work.

      • vzwuser76

        Wait lists never do. Anytime I’ve put myself on a wait list, I find it’s available through some other means and have bought the device a few days before I’m contacted that it’s available. And by that time it isn’t anymore.

        I used the app you linked and it’s the reason I got the 6p I wanted. I had picked up an Aluminum one but wanted the Tungsten model. After the app notified me of the Tungsten’s availability, I ordered it and cancelled the Aluminum order.

      • Dave S.

        I’m hoping to get the XL, but that app only has everything listed under “Pixel”, so there’s no solid way to say which (for my choice) “Silver 128GB” is which.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Just add both bro to be sure. Or just click on it to see which one it is and add that one to the notification list.

          • Dave S.

            Yeah, I’ve added both. Just thought it was a bad choice to not differentiate. They list the different Chromecasts, why not the different Pixels, ya know?

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Everything is in Stock tonight. Hope that app notified you..

          • Dave S.

            It most certainly did not. Ugh.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            It’s definitely been buzzing like crazy for me tonight….And everything still seems to be in stock.

          • Dave S.

            Yeah, I even just refreshed and what I’m looking for is still out of stock. Almost thought about pulling the trigger on the Black XL 128GB, but I’m still holding out for the Silver.

    • Godzilla

      You have to actually log into the store every day and go for it, the wait list e mails are hours behind actual releases

      • WNDRKND

        Ya I watched the shipping dates like a hawk to minimize the amount of wait time…

    • Tim Massing

      Ordered mine on Black Friday. Current ETA is 2/10

      • steadymobb

        Wow that’s awful

        • Barbaracroney

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      • Victor Stuber

        Holy crap. That’s like cancel type of wait

      • WNDRKND

        Luckily, Im not a phablet guy. I ordered my pixel 128 on 12/16 and got it on 12/20. Never looked back. The fact I was even considering an iPhone 7 over this phone makes me laugh… Like, daily.

    • steadymobb


    • Mspeed311

      I ordered my silver XL 128 from VZ in December. First ship date was 1/20, which passed with no update. Then it changed to “we’ll update you when it ships”, but no estimated date. At this point I called customer service to gripe, was told my new date was 3/10! Then it just showed up yesterday… So who knows what’s going on honestly.

      • Bill Somers

        I got the idea from another to call Verizon and complain. Phone was at my house a few days later. Same for the other person as well.

    • BreadFish64

      Yeah, finally got mine about a week late but it’s absolutely fantastic now that I have it.

      • WNDRKND

        Ya, getting the device in hand had the feeling of being worth the weight. The assistant alone has me hooked

    • Keynote

      I ordered an XL 128GB from Verizon on the release date (10/20?). In mid-December (after numerous missed/postponed ship dates), I gave up and settled for the smaller Pixel 128GB instead.

    • ISeeTanamon

      Best way to get it is be part of the alerting websites. It comes on occasionally and ignores the waiting list.

    • mcdonsco

      As someone else mentioned, you need to check every day. I checked the other day and there were none available. I just checked again today and the 32 gig five inch black is available now.

      You can’t rely on those email notifications because by the time you receive them they’re sold out again.

    • Kyle Esmont

      Yes the wait was crazy, I ordered mine Nov 21, told Jan 8 was my ship date. Didn’t come and got no communication about it. 2 days later got a email from Google telling me my ship date has changed to Mar 3 and Randomly about a week ago it just shows up!!
      I am completely in love with the phone. And I also came really really close to becoming a iPhone user Hahaha
      Glad I waited!!!

    • David Martrano

      Is it really worth the wait, not for me!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Back in Stock right now…. Get it while it’s hot

  • N8dogg

    I like my Pixel XL, but having issues with bluetooth. Doesn’t always connect to Chevy’s Mylink all the time. Anyone else having bluetooth issues?

    • trixnkix637

      *knocks on wood* I never have.

    • Guest

      There’s your problem…Chevy.

      • N8dogg

        Ha! Wifes car and she has a Samsung S7, connects just fine. I am a Ford guy myself… But not much better connecting those either!

    • Godzilla

      probably the car, not the phone.

    • vzwuser76

      Like I said above, I’ve got a 2016 Silverado and haven’t had any BT issues on it. It’s weird that it’s so hot and miss, might explain why they’re having such a hard time nailing down the cause.

  • Jesse

    Which major phone has been released since October that the Pixel has beaten out?

    • PuttsMoBilesiCit

      There hasnt been anything lol…

    • Eric

      With the Note 7 fiasco, it was a pretty stale late 2016 for Android releases. Nobody should be surprised by the Pixel still being the favorite phone.

    • vzwuser76

      The V20 was released around the same time/just after the Pixels.

    • I’ve not tried it but the OnePlus 3T was released at the end of November and it got their phone of the year choice.

    • Tony C

      The note 7 tried to blast its way to the top but then fell off

    • tmenke88

      The “mid-tier” Droid Play I have is incredible. I’m not too disappointed with missing out on the Pixel(Stupid waiting list)

  • gpzbc

    Any thoughts on Pixel vs Pixel XL? I’m in the market and will probably pull the trigger as soon as they are in stock again.

    • PuttsMoBilesiCit

      Same internal specs. Only real difference is size, battery and screen.

    • trixnkix637

      Go with the XL if you don’t mind the size. Bigger battery, better screen, and works best with the Daydream VR set.

    • Bane✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Don’t hold your breath about stock.

    • triangle8

      Well, the biggest difference besides the internals is that you can get a Pixel right now and buy one at a nice discount on a site like swappa. When you factor in the price differential, the discounted Pixel is a screaming buy vs the XL unless you really want/need a larger screen.

    • DanG

      First, you need to be quick about ordering one. As soon as XL is available for order, they are all gone within 5 minutes. Second, expect to wait 5~8 weeks for delivery. If you can do both, go for it.

  • Joey Riz

    Smaller Pixel for me as well. Fits all of my needs completely. Add water resistants next year and I will be all set

  • My Bluetooth randomly shuts off sometimes, but other than that I’m happy with my purchase.

  • NeilOMalley

    Still loving my Pixel XL. Best phone I’ve ever used. Getting great battery life, performance has been outstanding, camera has captured some amazing photos. Overall I have had no issues with it.

    • Suicide_Note

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Boomdizzle

      The only issue I have is that the speaker is pretty terrible after coming from an M8 and N6. Other than that, I love it.