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Wednesday Poll: Which OEM’s H1 Flagship Are You Most Looking Forward to?

It’s a new year, meaning we have new flagship devices for the first half of 2017 to look forward to! If I’m not mistaken, we should be seeing the next big launches from Samsung, LG, and HTC rather soon, so we’d like to gauge which company’s flagship you’re most looking forward to.

For Samsung, the Galaxy S8 will be the first major launch since the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, so if you ask me, they’ve got to bring the heat. The LG G6 is expected to ditch the G5’s modularity, so that has me interested. And, as you may have seen, I recently posted up what I’d like to see from HTC, but it’s looking like they aren’t listening to me (courage aka headphone jack).

We also have devices from Moto (mid-2017), Sony (who knows exactly when), and other OEM (Huawei, Honor, ZTE, etc.) launches to look forward to. It should be a really exciting first half of 2017 for Android fans.

What's the Next Flagship You're Most Excited For?

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  • M3D1T8R

    Other, at this point. Huawei or Asus most likely my next. Battery life is my current top concern.

    Though if Samsung finally addresses at least two of their three fatal flaws (buttons, speakers, software), I’ll definitely be interested again.

    I’ve lost all hope in HTC. Moto may still be worth looking at but is wait and see.

  • blindexecutioner

    Had to go other. I am just not excited for anything right now. I have a Pixel phone and although it performs very well it is ugly as sin. Most phones are still too big for my liking.

  • Dat_Raccoon

    Huawei nailed it with US version of mate 9, aside from the less than stellar camera in dim lighting. I’m seeing 8h screen time on a charge and it feels like stock Android. If LG could dial their overlay back to that level maybe they could sell phones. Samsung is hopeless

    • M3D1T8R

      Thanks for the info. I’m seriously looking at the Mate 9 strictly for the battery life, to replace my Nexus 6 (terrible battery life).

      Any further info on your experience with the Mate 9 is appreciated. Most of the “reviews” I’ve seen so far are the usual “unit from Huawei” type spec list etc. What I really want to know is how is touch latency compared to other phones you’ve used. Specifically for “twitch” like fast games like Super Hexagon.

      I’m also excited for the lower end Zenfone 3 Zoom just for that 5Ah battery. But unsure about performance and touch latency with the Snap 625, and it’s a bit smaller than I’d like.

      • Dat_Raccoon

        I dont game so no perspective there. I haven’t had any issues with lag, seems snappy. The camera is my only gripe. Daily use I generally plug in with over 40% at night pushing 5H screen time with a few unrestricted apps running. The app monitoring and ability to restrict stuff is well done. IDK why most N7 users arent jumping on Mate 9 train but I think its off the radar. I had 6P before this and miss it to some degree but I was plugging in after 4H SoT

        • M3D1T8R

          Thanks for the reply!
          I’ve been reading some on XDA, and the exception to the many phenomenal SOT numbers are a few reports of gaming really destroying battery life. So I’m thrilled seeing these numbers of 8-10 hours or even higher SOT, but I am really curious to try it out with all gaming for a worst case screen time number. Might end up buying one and seeing for myself (also curious to test out the camera), returning it if it’s not good enough.

          Also going to wait for some reviews and pricing of the zenfone 3 zoom.

          Coming from 6P, do you find the Mate 9 UI “okay”?

          • Dat_Raccoon

            Oh definitely. I had the ’14 moto x and loved it and this is similar in that changes aren’t obtrusive and add functionality. You can uninstall most apps and use Google ones, which is good because some of the Huawei apps aren’t great. I can’t deal with oem specific emojis and this uses stock Google.
            I like this thing more every day and at $600 it’s a no brainer against pixel XL IMO

  • iCoerce

    I want to see what OnePlus will do coming on the heels of the 3T. Will they decide to run with the 3T for a while, or will they Release the 4 within its normal generation.

  • MJ

    Where is the none option? The HTC and LG releases are lame and I have no interest in Samsung or Chinese Moto. I have a Pixel XL but could be convinced to upgrade for a standout phone with a SD835/840. I am looking at you OnePlus and of course Google.

  • Danmheadache
  • T_Dizzle

    Definitely other! I’m loving the innovation out of companies that aren’t major players in the US market.

  • Killsmetosay

    Pixel 2

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    Laughed at this. I’ll still buy another Samsung device.

  • Daishi

    Maybe Moto, but most of my hopes faded when Lenovo released that craptacular Moto Z. Is it too much to ask for a spec’d out Moto XPE styled after the 2015 version??? Yeah. I already know the answer. Not gonna happen…

    • Sporttster

      I would definitely buy another upped version of the MXPE I’m still using. Improved camera, still with unlocked BL, go with a amoled screen and keep the price reasonable and I’m there, for sure. In a heartbeat

      • MKader17

        I feel like if Moto made a small and big Moto x (5″ and 5.7-5.9″) very similar to the XPure it would do awesome.

        I think the biggest reason the original Moto X failed was poor release and advertising. Otherwise I think the Moto X line was the best line of phones in the past few years.

  • Andrés Jabois


  • NexusMan

    Other: Google’s

  • Bigmatt503

    That Samsung life though. Been there, done that.

  • Rod

    Pixel 2

  • BeLogical

    Pixel 2

  • SVTCobra

    LG hasn’t made anything I’d ever want. Won’t get Samsung unless they begin making the bootloader easily unlockable. Motorola has potential as well as HTC. I’m still running the OG Turbo and could use an upgrade this year.

  • C Law

    H1? Never heard this expression before. Half #1?

    • blindexecutioner

      Half Life 3 confirmed.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Other?…. Come on Tim Google is a yearly OEM now. Put the Bosses on the list.

    As for me… I’m waiting for the M11 #HTC. I’m trying my best to ignore the Ocean nonsense.

    Though I’m pretty sure Samsung is about to Carpet bomb the industry with the S8.

    I’ll wait for HTC and Sammy and unless I’m blown away I’ll just wait for the next Pixel.

  • DC_Guy

    The Note 7 was the best phone i’ve ever used so i’m definitely looking forward to the Note 8. Hopefully they’ll have a stronger QA process in place and I can really enjoy the phone. On a side note (no pun), I picked up a V20 last week since it was half price and i’m really enjoying this phone. This is the first Android phone I’ve used where the standby battery performance matches my iPhone. The second screen is kind of growing on me. I wish it had an AMOLED screen though.

  • Chris

    I’ve also given up on Moto for now, but I am curious to see what Sony will do this year. If they can create a true successor to the Z3 I will be super interested, now that I have left my Verizon Unlimited Data line.

  • Me

    Looking forward to the last hurrahs aka G6 & HTC Ultra.

  • Trevor

    I’d like to see if Samsung is going to go tiny bezels. It’d be awesome if more manufacturers could find a way to do that, but somehow keep decent speakers in the phone. But the next Pixel is my ultimate anticipatory phone. Stock Android and being a Fi customer makes that so.

  • gabe1989

    Sorry Moto you screwed me one too many times. The Samsung rumors for the S8 reducing bezels, removing capacitive butttons, and burying the FPS under the screen have me the most excited. Hoping they can reign in touchwiz more, maintain updates, and avoid spontaneous combustion.

  • BOB Dudek

    HTC all the time.

    • Me

      The Ultra does look like a beast

  • Jeremy Nathan Mone

    I am looking forward to the ASUS Zenfone AR. Not sure if that is their flagship, but it is a damn powerful phone!

  • mac103

    Blackberry Mercury (or what ever they will call it) !
    I’ll be able to type again !!!

  • Andrew Azotea

    Yea Google is other? U guys already forget ? Lol

    • himynameisricky

      H1 = half one = first half of the year. Pixel 2 will most likely launch towards the end of the year

  • MetroGnome711

    Even though I know this is first half of the year, I’m genuinely not excited about any other company phone besides Google and the possibility for a Pixel on T-mobile. (Yes, buying unlocked is a thing, but i’m on a Jump on Demand lease)

  • Josh Oberg

    Samsung has the best rumors right now lg G6 has promise but not slot of details want to like HTC but ocean note sounds disappointing , Moto styling don’t like, Sony never comes to usa.

  • ®yan C

    Given up on Motorola

    • Me

      They are still king of the budget devices tho

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        What price constitutes “budget” these days?

        • Me

          $200 & under for me

          • Sporttster

            Well if you’re comparing it to the ridiculously priced Pixel, $500….

      • ®yan C

        yea but we are talking about flagships here

  • Turb0wned

    Well… Only one of those are relevant.

  • mcdonsco

    I’ll keep begging for this until it happens (again). Sammy flagship running stock Android = PERFECT PHONE.

    • Mauibuiltbeard

      I have purposely stayed away from Samsung because of the bloatware. I would be 100% on board with a stock (or close to) android device.

      • mcdonsco

        Yea, funny how with the open nature of android and all of the choices in phones we STILL have to decide, fast lag free stock android or great camera…I keep trying to go straight Sammy (S7) cause I need a great camera, but TW, so I go back to a stock android phone (OP3T) and the camera sucks by comparison.

        Grrrrr….A stock android Sammy phone with their camera (and it’s software) on top would be LEGIT.

    • Orion

      Yup that would be my dream phone but we know that won’t happen. So for the first time ever I may just purchase a Samsung phone this year. I would have to tweak the hell out of it to look as close to stock as possible lol. Google disappointed me with their tiny Pixels. I need a real phablet. Love my Nexus 6 but it’s getting really old now.

      • mcdonsco

        Well for me it’s not the stock look, it’s the lag. I’ve TRIED getting my OP3T to lag, just hammered on it fast and furious many times and ZERO lag. Even when I have it plugged in using Android auto in the car, and I multi-button out to the main screen while AA is still running, no lag. Every other phone in that situation is barely useable.

        • Orion

          Yeah forgot all about that lag factor….Been on Nexus phones for awhile now haha. I’m just stuck here. I’m hoping there will be a stock Android phone with some beastly specs in 2017 or I’ll just get Samsung and ride with it and see lol.

      • Brian Himes

        I went from a Nexus 6 to a Pixel XL. Worked just fin for me and doesn’t seem much smaller

      • blindexecutioner

        I think you could make it look good and it will perform well. It’s the updates and other tinkering that may be the problem. Like if you want to easily root or run custom roms or like to be up to date after a year. Or if you want to disable or delete the bloat…a lot of it is not possible to even disable.

    • Me

      It ain gonna happen. I see Sammy jumping off the Android ship.

      • sinfoman


        • Me

          More than likely. Already got their assistant in the works & are trying to pay people to create apps for the platform. Not even mentioning their watch OS.

          • Brian Himes

            Tizen will fail.

          • Me

            Depends on the support from devs.

          • sinfoman

            @brianhimes:disqus – why do you think Tizen will fail? I have my rationale, but want to see if we’re on the same page or if you thought of something I didn’t. 1) Dev support (See @LumiaLando:disqus ‘s post below) 2) Day late, Dolla short. I’m not sure the market will support a 3rd player right now. It’s been historically terrible (Windows Phone, BBerry). To be fair, blackberry OWNED the market prior to Apple/Android, but just didn’t evolve fast enough (not enough dollars thrown at the problem, until it was too late). One could argue that Tizen COULD supplant Android in this manner, but I suspect Google will be able to throw WAY more resources at the problem than Samsung.

    • michael arazan

      Would you settle for Bezzleless screen and No More Home Button? As much as I hate TW, the S8 is looking pretty amazing. And I have used stock android since 09

      • mcdonsco

        Hate hate hate curved screens and there is just about zero chance the s8 will have a flat screen option.

      • Armaced

        I like the Home button. I think a few physical buttons are a good thing. Then again, I am an old guy.

    • Soniacmazzone

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    • Jessica Durden

      Agreed. I’ve really missed the “Google Play Edition” devices..

  • cobjones

    LG G2 – Dead screen issues
    LG G3 – Bootloop issues
    LG G4 – Dead screen issues, Bootloop issues
    LG G5 – terrible design (not sure what else).

    If LG would pick up the QA department then I would love their phones. As now, I wouldn’t pick one up for the next few years.

    • BobButtons

      My LG G2 is one of my favorite phones I’ve owned. Would love a modern take on that.

      • cobjones

        Loved mine too, until the screen went half dead, and the other three in my family went dead too.

  • JSo

    Google’s. Surprised you left that out.

    • Suicide_Note

      That’s coming during the second half of the year. This poll is asking about phones coming during the first half of this year.

      • MadMartigan

        Reading is a lost art.

        • BOB Dudek

          Long hand, too.

      • JSo

        Is that what H1 means? I didn’t know what H1 meant. lol

        • Killa

          In the same boat..didn’t know what H1 meant…..i guess it means Half 1

        • Me

          No H1 is a virus

        • Allyn K C

          When dealing with companies, referencing parts of the year as either Q1/Q2/Q3/Q4 (for identifying a three-month quarter of a year), or as H1/H2 (for half of year) is pretty common when dealing with their press releases, stock performance, financial results, etc. But the terms aren’t real common outside of those areas. As a result, editors of news sites are frequently familiar with the terms, but forget that it’s not terminology that the average reader is likely to use nearly as often (if at all).

  • Adam Neighbors

    I’m sorry. I may be in the minority here, but I just don’t get people’s obsession with Samsung. Their phones, to me, are awful. The bloatware is horrible. They constantly come out with their own, usually lesser, service instead of complying with whatever’s out there. They’re rehash the same phones every year and it all just feels completely uninspired to me. Idk. People seem to love ’em so maybe I’m just missing the boat on this one.

    • Murphy

      You’re in the minority.

    • MetroGnome711

      I usually love them at first. But they’ve seemed to slow down like crazy over time. So, my excitement for them has waned. But cameras are always consistently good.

    • Suicide_Note

      Hardware and camera is top notch, and most people don’t give two craps about the bloatware. It’s mostly enthusiasts who are bothered by that.

    • BOB Dudek

      There are people who use them for entertainment on July 4th

    • Me

      I just hate TW and their ass backwards capacitive buttons. Hardware wise, they’re pretty nice.

      • Eric R.

        By the S8 leaks it looks like they may be dropping the home and capacitive buttons

    • mcdonsco

      Their software is pure crap, yes, but the hardware, cameras etc are 2nd to none.

      A Sammy flagship running stock Android would be the PERFECT phone.

      • Eric R.

        A Samsung flagship running stock wouldn’t have a good camera. Part of the reason the camera is so good is Samsung’s software, which is why other phones with the same Sony sensor don’t compare to a Samsung device.

        • mcdonsco

          Well of course some Sammy software would be needed. Camera app, Samsung pay etc, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t otherwise be stock Android.

          They did it before, wish they would do it again (and/or just in general recognize TouchWiz is garbage and just ditch it).

          • sinfoman

            Also, don’t forget that it was Samsung software that brought you all the cool tech in the newer Android. The first that comes to mind is Screen Resizing (I THINK I had this on my S3, but I know I did on my Note 4, LONG before 7.0 came out. I think maybe 4.4 TW? Someone correct me, please).

        • SHunter

          I guess I’ll settle for the pixel camera which has scored the best score In the smart phone category on DxO mark

      • Orion

        I’ve been saying that for years. Just get rid of TW. Samsung should just put stock Android with a little of Thier tweaks on top…Just like what moto did.

    • tu3218

      Their hardware is always top notch, new, and honestly the best out there. It sucks cause SOME of their software is key and drives the amazing hardware. Yet other parts of their software, is awful. I think they are the big one out there that is pushing boundaries and trying new things. And 2017 should be a very interesting year for Samsung with what happened to the note 7. They HAVE to deliver.

    • Allyn K C

      I used to feel the same as you. But starting around the S6, they finally began scaling back their software bloat – and I finally decided to give them a chance again with the S7.

      I was pleasantly surprised. Their build quality seems to be excellent. Their camera and camera software are among the best you will find on smartphones. And say what you will of their own services (much of which I agree with you on); but having the MST chip makes Samsung Pay much more usable than Android Pay (and if you want, you can even setup to use Android Pay for NFC and only switch to Samsung Pay when using the MST). On the downside, like most OEMs, they still customize the OS, but it’s manageable now, most can be uninstalled or at the very least disabled and ignored – inline with other OEMs. And, since I use Nova Launcher regardless of who makes my phone, most of their OS customization is invisible to me anyways.

    • Eric R.

      TouchWiz isn’t like it was in 2012 anymore.

    • Orlando aka Pixel XL

      U gotta use an att Samsung Galaxy S7, it had so much bloatware. Direct tv everything…darn ..

      • MKader17

        A liberal use of the disable button and all the ATT bloat ware (except for visual voicemail) and usage manager is gone.

    • Android_Bankruptcies_2017

      SAMSUNG is the only Android OEM that is not on the verge of bankruptcy.

    • Bigmatt503

      Speaking some truth. Hardware is great… Bloatware not so much

  • BoFiS

    Other: Sony Compact, whatever the next one is, hopefully waterproof with working fingerprint sensor in this country…

    • sc0rch3d

      buying the international version isn’t all that expensive

      on a side note….so pissed that the x compact was a downgrade from the z3c/z5c

  • Cakalaky

    Other: Pixel 2 XL

    • Suicide_Note

      That’s in the second half of the year. This poll is asking about phones coming out during the first half of the year.

      • MrOrange645

        Maybe he’s hoping they release it early.

        • Me

          That’s REALLY early


    Other: Pixel 2

    • Suicide_Note

      That would be during the second half of 2017. This poll is asking about the first half of the year.

      • MrOrange645

        You just have this on copy+paste, don’t you?

        • MadMartigan

          Considering each post is slightly different, that’s one hell of a copy+paste feature. 😉

          • MrOrange645

            I didn’t analyze it that close.

          • MadMartigan

            Reading is hard. 😉

        • s0uth

          He’s the 2nd half police….

        • Suicide_Note

          Nope. I altered them slightly because Disqus doesn’t like when you post identical comments too soon.

      • JRUIV


        • it’s me tim-cock.

          Well duh! Learn to read.

          • JRUIV

            Lighten up there A-hole