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Nokia Not Stopping With the Nokia 6, More Announcements Set for MWC

nokia 6

Nokia recently announced the Nokia 6 for China, but according to a recent Facebook post, that’s not the only thing Nokia has cooking. As posted onto the company’s page, Nokia will make “more announcements” at MWC on February 26, 2017. 

While Nokia was light on the details, it seems possible that the company has more Android devices to announce for others markets around the globe, possibly even one for the US market. It’s also possible Nokia will launch a few fancy feature phones, but MWC doesn’t seem like an appropriate place for an announcement like that.

Provided there are no details floating around, we’ll just have to remain patient and see what Nokia drops.

If Nokia does intend to announce an Android device for the US, would you consider picking one up?

Via: Nokia Mobile [Facebook]
  • J_wizzles

    Enough with the curved glass already. Some of us need to use tempered glass.

  • Mr Mofo

    I love Nokia’s design aesthetic. This is great news for Android. Roll on MWC.

  • h4rr4r

    If it looks like a giant N900, I will buy it.

  • Me

    Z launcher more than likely for the states & a different version of the 6 for us.

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      • Me

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          • Me

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  • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    i’d be interested if they came out with a SD835 phone, but managed to keep the price sub-500.

    • Soniacmazzone

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  • paul_cus

    Yeah, a Nokia phone would be in the running for me. I really liked the N9 back when I had it.

  • matt

    I’d be interested in a nokia but I’d be interested in reading what someone else says about quality before jumping in. They contracted their manufacturing now correct and just sell the brand name to slap on the phone?

    If they keep up quality and put a good camera and a very light skin (think moto) I would be very interested in at least looking into one