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Hey Airlines, You Can Stop Warning People About Exploding Galaxy Note 7s

galaxy note 7 review

Yesterday, the FAA announced that airlines no longer have to start their pre-boarding notifications by telling the world that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a ticking time bomb and is banned from planes. That doesn’t mean the phone isn’t still banned from planes, but airlines no longer have to tell you every time you step foot on one of their planes.Β 

In the statement, the FAA also noted that Samsung has successfully recalled “more than 96%” of Galaxy Note 7 devices in the wild, plus they issued the battery-bricking software update in recent weeks to finish off the rest. Those happenings are apparently enough for the FAA to lift the need for pre-boarding notifications.

Again, the Note 7 is still banned from airlines, including in passenger cargo and air cargo. So yeah, don’t try to ship or pack your Note 7, 4% folks.

Via: Β FAA | Samsung
  • Keith Horn

    I’m still rolling with my Galaxy Note 7. No finer phone to date.
    So if there’s smoke coming out of my pocket, it probably won’t
    mean I’m happy to meet you.

  • MJ

    Wow! This post attracted a bunch of total idiots/trolls. I will say still not as bad as the Note 7 forum on XDA. LOL Highly recommended reading for those looking for a really good laugh (but you will become even more concerned for humanity’s future).

  • Tyler durgan likes Jay’s nuts

    Tyler you probably have an iPhone and sucks Jay’s nuts on the daily. Get on my level bitch boy.

  • sinfoman

    Wondering if anyone on this forum has a Note 3/4/5 that someone on a plane called them out about? Can anyone share an anecdote where they were asked about their Note phone that was NOT a Note 7?

  • Note7forever

    Still have mine. 4%’er….. Represent!

    • Fozzybare

      what tyler durden said.

    • Eric

      You are a complete Fing moron. Kill yourself.

      • Mike

        Don’t worry, his note 7 will do that for him.

      • Austin

        13 out of 2.5 million devices caught fire… that’s a 0.00052% chance that yours will catch fire. Compare that to the 1 in 10 thousand people who are involved in a fatal car crash which is 0.01%. You’re literally more likely to die when driving to hand in your Note 7 compared to keeping your phone.

        • Eric

          Where did you get 13 from cause it’s more than that and it doesn’t matter. You never know what is gonna happen and the phone is not supported so why keep it?

          • Austin

            Okay, well it wasn’t very many. Maximum around 13 to 20 devices. Out of literally 2.5 million. I don’t have it, but I’m invalidating your opinion that OP is a “complete Fing moron.” Statistically, there’s no point in returning what many people deemed the best phone of 2016.

          • Eric

            Your invalidating nothing. It has a higher chance to cause physical harm to you and others than any other phone and like I said it’s not supported so no updates no way to fix it if something else goes wrong with it. There is no reason at all to keep it. It does nothing special any other phone can’t do. Nice try but you failed miserably.

          • Austin

            First of all, **you’re.

            Second, you’re just stating facts that you deem to be true. Other phones, albeit the Samsung phones, have caught fire too. There was a girl whose S4 caught fire under her pillow while it was charging. It doesn’t make the Note 7 particularly more likely to be dangerous. For example, cracked screen can cut you, and from that cut, you could get a disease or anything else. The LG V20 had numerous cracked camera glass shatterings. That could severely hurt you.

            Yes, maybe no one else can officially fix it. But, to be truthful, when’s the last time that CS has actually helped out to a decent extent? Most of the people who kept their phones are technologically savvy, meaning they could probably fix the issue on their own. XDA, for instance, has so many people who are able to fix their own phones. It consists of software engineers and electrical engineers.

            There are so many reasons to keep the phone. It has the newest SPen functionality, USB Type C with Waterproofing, a sharp 12 MP camera with Dual Pixel technology, and an Iris scanner. Maybe you can find these on other phones, but they’re not in this one package.

            A number of online tech reviewers called this phone their favorite phone of 2016 until it was recalled.

            Before you claim that I miserably failed, look at the facts before you call someone an “Fing moron” who needs to kill himself. It depicts your overall immaturity and ignorance.

          • Eric

            Sorry for not being grammatically correct professor. The point your missing is it was recalled for exploding. Banned from planes. Name another phone that has been? Exactly!

            Cracked glass from a phone is not gonna kill you. So let’s not even go there.

            No amount of features on a phone is worth risking a life and that’s A FACT! Maybe when you grow up junior and have children you will become mature and understand. So once again you failed miserably. Kill yourself! Lol!

          • Austin

            I was pointing out your grammar error as a means of defining and outlining your immaturity. Once again, you have illustrated my point through irrelevant name-calling.

            Yes, it was recalled. Yes, it was banned from planes. Like I said earlier, fewer than 20 devices were exploding. That’s literally 0.00052% of all the devices. It was banned as a result of a social media overreaction. If word got around that another device was exploding, the exact same thing would happen as news travels and augments through social media and news.

            I never said that. I’m saying that cracked glass is dangerous. I was proving your point incorrect saying that every phone has the potential to be dangerous.

            Yes, you’re right. No amount of features is worth someone’s life. But, I’m arguing that there is no extended risk in using the Note 7. It’s not going to risk your life. There is a 0.00052% chance that you will.

            Finally, you do not have the right nor are you in the position to call me “junior.” You have repeatedly told OP and myself to “Kill yourself!” which illustrate your mental age and maturity. No self-respecting adult would tell himself that. In addition, an adult knows the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

          • Eric

            Someone’s grammar skills do not define a person but if you say so junior. When the phone has had more cases than any other there is a risk no matter how small it is. You even admitted I was correct about the a human life and still won’t conceded I was right from the start but that’s ok I can do this all night JUNIOR. πŸ™‚

          • Austin

            I never said that it defined you as a person. It just shows your lack of knowledge. If you don’t know basic grammar, how can you learn anything else? How can we trust your judgement if you can’t judge what type of word to use?

            There may be an increased risk, but why must one take such a drastic measure over it? Why must we ban the Note 7 from flights if the risk is, in essence, negligible?

            Yes, you are right about a human life. But that is irrelevant to your point. I, too, can do this all night, simply because I’m right. The risk is too small and was overplayed by the media.

          • Eric

            Einstein was only good in math and physics did that mean we couldn’t trust his judgment? Cause you said “If you don’t know basic grammar, how can you learn anything else? ” So based off your sound knowledge we can’t believe a word of his teachings. If you think choosing the correct word on a blog like this is that important you got a long hard road ahead of you. Do you correct everyone who doesn’t text you correctly?

            Replacing a stupid phone is a drastic measure? Are you for real? If it was negligible why was there a recall?

            Explain to me how valuing human life over the risk of keeping a inanimate object is irrelevant to MY point. When that was my point from the start?

          • Austin

            You’re making the assumption he was bad at grammar. And if you can’t apply those very, very basic principles here, how can you apply it anywhere else, bud?

            It wasn’t as simple as replacing the phone. They had to send fireproof boxes for a phone that had a small chance of even catching fire.

            That is the point I am trying to make! There was no point to the recall. Yes, of course those people mattered; I never said they didn’t. But they must have been charging or using the phone incorrectly.

          • Eric

            I’m not assuming anything Einstein did poor in everything but math. So your great wisdom applies doesn’t it? You don’t need grammar skills to get anywhere. There are people who can’t read at all and they mange fine.

            So your saying its so hard to mail out a little box to the consumer? How does the mail or ups system work if its so hard? If there was no point nobody would have gotten hurt period.

            So your saying the people affected did something wrong. Who’s making assumptions now, Apple. (you’re holding it wrong) LOL!

            You’re(or is it your lol) a trip.

          • Austin

            At this point, you’re solely adding in bias. “it’s so hard to mail out a little box.” No. It takes time and it’s irrelevant for a phone that won’t even catch fire.

            Yes, I am now assuming that because the other 2.5 million people did not have a burning Note 7.

            Also, we’re going in circles. We’re not going to reach a point where we agree. It’s at the point where we go our separate ways. Plus, I think it’s past your bed time, bud πŸ˜‰

          • Eric

            I’m not adding in anything. Explain to me how its not simple to mail a box out to return something? I understand it takes time but its done all the time to return things.

            Tell the few that got injured that they are irrelevant.

            The funny part is you say we don’t agree but you keep agreeing with most of that I’m saying. Just reread what you wrote. I’m not going anywhere like i said before I can do this all night considering I don’t have a bed time. I’ll be sitting here watching with a nice cold one in my hand but don’t let me keep you up junior. πŸ™‚

          • Austin

            Explain that to Google. They’re struggling to send out little metal boxes. It’s not as simple.

            I never said they were irrelevant.

            I agree on the little parts of what you’re saying. Obviously a human life matters. You make these large, blanket statements that only a sociopath could disagree with. I’m disagreeing with you on the fundamental level of your argument: there isn’t a big enough risk to recall 2.5 million phones.

          • Eric

            Google? How are they involved? I thought we were talking Samsung and since 96% of the Notes have been recalled i would say it wasn’t that hard.

            In way you are saying they are irrelevant cause the other 2.5 billion didn’t get insured.

            If there wasn’t a big enough risk then why did the recall happen? Why was it banned from being allowed on a plane? Clearly there was enough risk otherwise it would have never been recalled. I don’t see why you don’t understand.

          • Austin

            We are; it’s just an example that it’s not that easy to ship things out.

            No, I said they must have done something wrong. I never made the claim nor implied they’re irrelevant.

            Because the media overplayed it. It made blanket statements that scared the masses. I don’t see why you don’t understand, bud.

          • Eric

            Then why did you bring up Google? If its not easy to ship things out. How come almost every company in the world does it? Your not explaining how its hard.

            You don’t know that and one report said it caught fire overnight while charging how is that doing something wrong?

            The recall was issued before the media hype. It wasn’t a isolated incident. Samsung made the recall for a reason. They don’t want to lose money.

    • James_Kernicky

      Now I can sneak it on the plane and not feel bad!

  • reyalP

    Good news for Samsung. Sent my phone back early in the recall. Just wish Samsung would contact me about my potentially lethal washing machine that they are supposed to fix before it explodes!

    • jak_341

      Free advice. Don’t fly with it.


    • Blue Sun

      I contacted Samsung and Dish Network came out 3 days later to fix my washer. My washer took 20 minutes to repair. I wasn’t going to wait for Samsung to contact me. You should be fine to use it as is as long as you keep your heavy bedding balanced when washing.

      • i’m puzzled by something in your reply. Why did Dish Network (the satellite company) come out to fix your washing machine?

        • Croq

          Dish TV technicians have been contracted with to be able to fix the Samsung washers due to the demand. Google “samsung washer dish tv” (without the quotes) and you’ll see several articles about it.

        • Blue Sun

          I was puzzled too. My brother who lives on the opposite coast as me also had a Dish Network repair rep. They gave me a flyer stating that they also have reps certified to perform mobile phone repairs.

      • reyalP

        I heard on the news that some people are still having problems after the repair. Did you get the overlay to stick on your machine? I received one but have not stuck it on yet.

        • Blue Sun

          I think I just received mine in the mail yesterday. I haven’t opened the envelope yet. Thanks for the heads up on the post recall issues.

  • Tyler Durden

    4% of those folks are idiots. No other way to put it. Endangering yourself and others.

    • Ben

      Good call. That second part is what’s more important to me. Endanger yourself, I don’t care. Don’t endanger other people.

    • TylerisaTROLL

      You are the idiot. There is no danger to anyone! Have you not noticed that not a single Note 7 has caught fire in the last couple months. There is no more danger from owning a Note 7 as any other phone with a lithium battery. Apple has phones that catch fire all the time. Their were a lot of fake reports of Note 7’s catching fire from people that were just looking to get a pay day from Samsung. I guess that is too much for your idiotic brain to comprehend though!!

      • Soniacmazzone

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    • Tyler durgen Jay’s gay fuckboy

      Probably voted for Hillary liberal scum.

    • Craig P

      MKBHD still has his

    • MC

      One of the greatest marketing ideas ever. The note 8 is going to be very hard to get.

  • tztex

    If you subscribe to any pub is good pub, they got a lot of free publicity. Flight attendants to/from CES said Samsung galaxy note 10 plus times.

  • blindexecutioner

    I’m sure Samsung would love that.