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DEAL: Samsung and Jabra’s Wireless Earbuds are $50 Off Right Now

samsung gear iconx deal

Truly wireless earbuds are all the rage these days it seems. With companies ditching headphone jacks faster than our habits can adjust to, now might be the time to look into the wireless earbud game. Two options currently on the market with decent discounts are Samsung’s Gear IconX wireless buds and Jabra’s Elite Sport wireless buds. 

Samsung’s are probably familiar to you as some of the first fully wireless options. We’ve looked at them here and there, but the basics are that they provide a couple of hours of use, as well as fitness tracking, notifications, and a charging case. That case acts as a mobile battery to help you recharge them on the go.

As for Jabra’s Elite Sport buds, you are getting a similar deal with up to 3 hours of use, along with the charging case. Plus, Jabra seems prouder of the sound quality, the water-resistant housing, and the “stereo desing.”

As of right now, Dick’s Sporting Goods is selling the Gear IconX for $149.99, which is a $50 discount. Should they run out, Amazon and Best Buy both have them $30 cheaper than normal. The Jabra’s can currently be found at Best Buy on a $50 discount to $199.99.


  • lsh99

    I want a pair of truly wireless buds, but I’d actually prefer a set that stores music internally and doesn’t rely completely on Bluetooth. I know the GearX has that, but do any of these other options have it? Maybe something cheaper? I’d get the GearX because the battery life without Bluetooth is probably decent, but I figure I’m paying for fitness tracking there, which I also don’t need.

  • Stabby McKnifington

    I have not even ordered these yet and I’ve already lost one of them

  • chris_johns

    these will keep dropping in price because people will not buy these…so ridiculous…why would you want easier things to lose and more things to charge when you can get better sound from much cheaper actual earbuds?

  • scastro87

    Amazon has the blue ones for $150 too.

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    Had Samsung’s Gear IconX headphones and hated them. They never seemed to get loud enough or have any bass to them. They seemed distorted even at times. I returned them just shy of a month. Guess having Bose products ruined me. Go spend $150 for the Bose sound sports over Sammy’s Crap! Really made me disappointed just so everyone knows. I truly do like Samsung’s phone’s. Note user for life.

  • Orlando aka Pixel XL

    I need better battery life for me to invest in these..I heard they last 3 hours…No thanks

    • Ismail Akram

      get Apple AirPods 😀 yes they last 5 hours but they are so easy to charge with cradle.. they sound pretty good IMO

  • Sporttster

    Crazy prices. Bought a cheaper set and really like them. Phaiser Tecton BHS-730. On sale now for $39.99. They last me about three hour long or more workout sessions before needing a charge and they sound very good. At Amazon

  • CabbageHeadCat.

    I stuck with a more traditional wireless setup with Bose, whatever crazy name they have for their newest sans heart rate sensor. Had two $15 Coupons at Best Buy so got em for $119. Sound is great, fit is great battery life gets me four to five visits to the gym and then some. So about 6-8 hours. Sweatproof. Like others, I feel I would loose one of these making the purchase worthless. Plus they have a clip that goes on your shirt should they fall out and somehow go unoticed.

    • Jessica Durden

      I have the same pair– SoundSport Wireless. Awesome headphones. Well worth it.

  • Carlos Reyes

    I bought the Jabra a week ago for 165 at Amazon. So far really good.

  • Gekko

    yes and prices will keep falling. compared to Apple AirPods these things are clunky and overpriced.

    • Ismail Akram

      I’m using AirPods with my Pixel XL 😀 and I’m liking the experience so far. they sounds great too, better than I thought and they are my first bluetooth pairs.

      • chris_johns

        do you like looking like you have seamen hanging from your ears?

        • Depends the hour of the day.

        • Ismail Akram

          I like to have great experience. Don’t tell you don’t like it.

  • I can’t get on board with wireless headphones that only secure to the ear individually. Maybe I’m more clumsy than most, but without some sort of anchor or tether these things would be lost in no time. Or when I go to wipe the sweat off my head, my towel would knock one of these off and either I crush it on the machine or someone steps on it.

    • Murphy’s Magnet

      I thought the same thing so I bought a cheap pair to try them out. I wear them to the gym and haven’t had a single issue. They stay in place and the sound is pretty good.

      I bought them through vipon for $8. I figured trying out the concept was better than throwing down $150-200 on something I’d regret or never use.


      • JC

        Great idea.

        • Soniacmazzone

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