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HTC Design Concepts Shown in Videos, Includes Moto Maker-Like Customization and ‘Ocean’

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Over the weekend, a couple of concept videos straight from HTC were posted online by @evleaks. The videos do not give us what we’d label as a definitive look at what HTC may soon launch in 2017, but they do at least provide a couple ideas of what the OEM is tinkering with. 

The first video posted up concerns the HTC Ocean, a concept that has been thrown around for at least a few months. Back when the original leak took place for the Ocean, it was detailed that the device would have a feature called Sense Touch, which are touch/slide panels on both sides of the device. With it, users could swipe through their most used applications, as if the panels were dedicated Recent Apps buttons.

The below video details exactly how one would use Sense Touch, but not if there are other use cases for the feature.

The second video details the customization possibilities that HTC could make available on a future device. Using the “CMF Kitchen,” users could choose between many different styles for the backside of a device, just like you could accomplish with Motorola’s Moto Maker. For example, if you’d want a smartphone with a cloth backside or a more metallic feel, options would be available when creating your device that better represent you as an individual. The video explains that customers can focus on Color, Material, and Finish.

In the video, the categories are labeled, though, we can’t say for sure whether any of these names would stay the same if HTC launches the program. Right now, the names are Chemical, Super Fibers, and Litmus. Under each of these, many different options would be purchasable.

Interestingly, this is not the first time HTC has conceptualized a customer’s ability to customize a smartphone. Back in 2013, it was reported that with Sprint as a partner, HTC would provide this style of customization as an option to potential buyers, but sadly, it never came to fruition as the company couldn’t quite streamline the process enough to keep costs down.

Around the 1:28 mark in the video (near the end), there is also a device shown off on the right of two other devices, one that could potentially excite anyone concerned with VR and HTC Vive. As clearly shown in the video, the device is labeled HTC VIVE. Now, we don’t know whether this is a real phone that will soon launch or the maker of this video didn’t have another concept phone laying around, but the possibilities of HTC creating a smartphone aimed at the Vive fans is quite tantalizing.

To sum it up, both videos provide great detail into what HTC may be cooking up for 2017. Share your own thoughts down below.

Via: @evleaks [2] [3]
  • trentsws

    First video feels so awkward for some reason…

  • DanSan
    • DanG

      HTC=FAIL good catch!

    • Orion


  • JP
  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    Why not just put a skin on it?

  • Me

    Moto = Jay Z

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    • Orlando aka Pixel XL


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  • El_Big_CHRIS

    I’m all for customization and if they do mods like Moto then cool, but don’t charge $300 for a mediocre Camera or $40 for back plates.

    • Adrian Charlton

      Just because the Mods seem mediocre to you doesn’t mean they don’t meet other people’s needs. I use my True Zoom nearly every day to get shots that I can’t get with my phone cam.

      Those backs are actually $20 to $40 because nobody like you has designed and marketed a cheaper one

      There’s a whole design kit just waiting for you to come up with your own super-cool mod… At the price U want to pay for it.

  • Tim Buchanan

    I gotta say, that sense touch business looks pretty dope.

    • CabbageHeadCat.

      Totally agree about sense touch.

      I hope the customization comes soon, and possibly available on the next Pixel.

      • Veteater

        They won’t be available on the next Pixel. The Pixel is a Google phone that is merely manufactured by HTC.

  • Danmheadache

    Would it be too hard for the HTC to give up smartphone and just invest 100% to VR system? If they do this, then at least they won’t lose their money.

    • Me

      They could make a vive phone to take advantage of the Daydream VR. Take a page out of Google’s book.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Because people buy phones yearly and nobody is buying these expensive VR systems right now. It’s not viable for HTC.

  • h4rr4r

    How about a concept for updates in a timely fashion?

  • silver_arrow

    IIRC the person who made this video also made the HTC Ocean concept video. Really would love to see more customization on phones though, love the bamboo backing on my OnePlus One.