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Did Verizon Just Out a 256GB Pixel and Pixel XL?

Probably not.

However, if you head over to Verizon’s Pixel or Pixel XL pages and tap on the link to “Learn more” in the $10/mo promo they have been running, you will find mentions of 256GB versions of both phones (seen in image above). They even have pricing set for each depending on what you trade-in to get a Pixel, so there is an opportunity here for someone to get a little hypebeasty. 

The thing is, it’s likely just an error copied over from the same promo page that iPhones have, since those do come in 256GB configurations. We did check with a customer service representative who is under the impression that the mention of a 256GB Pixel is a mistake. They show zero information of a future 256GB Pixel in the works.

Just clearing that up before anyone gets too excited around here.

Cheers @EdTheJoker!


  • trevorsalienarms

    Sure that would be reasonably priced.

  • Louis Justman

    Meanwhile, verizon sent me an email today to tell me the 128 GB Pixel XLs that I ordered on Black Friday have slipped to an estimated March shipping date. -______-

  • Roy Gudino

    How about releasing the blue one with 128 GB storage first? Ordered the blue one yesterday and just got it today. Love the phone, but 32gb isn’t enough :/

  • Jsquared

    Hmmmm… Doesn’t really matter since they can’t seem to keep up the supply on the current models. My Pixel XL that I purchased on Black Friday was supposed to ship today but now has been pushed back two more months to March…

    • Louis Justman

      Same boat. I am going to call ’em tomorrow and see what they have to say as far as their expectations for my trade ins…. and my expectations for getting a product sooner than four months after my order date.

  • I ordered the 128gb version for my girlfriend on November 13th and got it after Christmas. Great phone!

  • Steve Ryan

    love my pixel xl, got the white off the craigslist..by iphone 6s+..wasn’t impressed by the 7+. I do with i could have found a 128gb, i have the 32gb and its good but i like downloading random stuff.

    Love pure android will never own anything but pure again

  • RazorSky

    I’d have been happy with a 64 gig myself. 32 is feeling tighter than I thought it would after having a 64 before. 128 seems like overkill for my life.

    • plastikman

      This needs more upvotes, I feel exactly the same.

  • Bane✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Not like anyone would ever be able to get one if they did.

  • CabbageHeadCat.

    This makes sense for a mid cycle refresh on an admittedly rushed phone. Not a big surprise if true. I was surprised this wasn’t an option from the get go. 64, as others have stated should be the base.

  • LaFave07

    After seven Nexus phone launches, you’d think Google would learn a thing or two. Lol.

    Apple has never botched an iPhone launch this bad, for those who compare the two.

    • Suicide_Note

      Except this launch hasn’t been botched, so, there’s that.

      • DanSan

        Yea it was. My friend ordered a phone from their website, it still took 5 weeks to get to him. He just received it middle of last month. Supply issues sucked.

  • seattle tech

    Won’t make 64gb but offer 256gb? Won’t add google assistant to nexus phones..

    • Thaddeus Brown

      Isn’t there a way of doing that to any phone? I’m aware you just need to root it.

      • Bigmatt503

        Yes the app is called “get assistant”. It’s even on the play store… Root required

      • seattle tech

        Yes I have google assistant on my nexus 5x and a few other phones. The point is google purposely “blocked” it on their nexus phones to try to force them to buy a pixel. Just like not offering 64gb so people buy 128gb because they know 32gb is the new 16gb. Not enough

  • T4rd

    Nice, an even more rare SKU that no one will be able to receive for months. This has to be the worst Google phone launch ever, and that’s saying a lot. Best Buy pulled the XL from their site completely and Verizon backorders are 2 months out now. No Silver XLs are available on Google’s site and only 32GB Black/Blue models are available.

    • Nah. N5 was worse.

      • T4rd

        We’ll see, they still have more time to stay out of stock, hah.

        • glimmerman76

          the best buy store here had 5 pixel xl’s in stock yesterday. 3 32gb and 2 128gb.

          • T4rd

            And they won’t get any more after they sell. I asked staff at our store and they said they’re not carrying them anymore.

    • MrOrange645

      Where did you see back and blue models are available? All XLs are out of stock. They had black in stock yesterday, but not anymore.

      • T4rd

        A friend trying to buy one told me they had black and blue in stock a couple days ago. I haven’t looked myself.

  • David Verba

    I wanted to a pixel XL 128 but they aren’t shipping until mid March. Another botched launch – I’ll may as well wait a few more months for the Pixel 2. My N6 is still going strong (ish)

    • A Person

      I have no reason or desire to replace my N6. In my opinion it’s arguably the most perfect phone ever made.

      • Aaron

        I loved mine. If only it had been waterproof I would still be using it.

        • Mark Ryan

          Mines made it through two dips in a pool, a toilet, and a full bathtub (I have a toddler) and it’s going strong no problems after each mishap.

          • Aaron

            I think I recall that if was supposed to be splash resistant. But I think my problem might have been because it was dunked in salt water. A green notification lights came on under the top speaker grill and it got really hot until the light went out. I’m guessing that’s when the battery died.

      • Tyler Durden

        Not even close. Battery was below average, screen was dim and washed out, camera sucked, the size + crazy bezels and speakers were alright

        • PoisonApple31

          Camera definitely sucked, but battery life and the screen were fine by me – loved that phone.

        • h4rr4r

          Front firing speakers are the best period.

          • CabbageHeadCat.

            The ones on my 6p are better than they were on my 6. Maybe not as loud, but more focused directionally.

          • Tyler Durden

            Not if they don’t sound good

        • A Person

          I’d suck the diarrhea out of any random stranger’s backside before having any type of interest in what you bring to the conversation.

          • Russ

            Haha! Perfect!

          • Tyler Durden

            So you don’t like engaging in intelligent conversations because you can’t.

          • A Person

            I just don’t like wasting my time… but whatever dude, let’s go with not liking intelligence if it helps you to fall asleep with a grin on your face. 🙂

          • Tyler Durden

            I have you valid reasons and you chose not to respond.

        • Alex Louderback

          Says someone who never owned one

          -Proud owner of N6 and Pixel XL

          • DynamikD

            Loved and still own my N6 and the proud owner of a Pixel 128.
            I will be very interested in the Pixel 2.

          • Tyler Durden

            Owned one for 5 months. Try again.

        • jonzey231

          How were the bezels crazy on the N6? Have you even see a photo of the 6P or Pixels?

      • David Verba

        You know, you’re absolutely right. I think I just get caught up in the hype. I have Google home and now Google WiFi and wanted to complete the “set” but really, what for? I’d be sacrificing a lot just to have the “latest and greatest”. Battery life does me just fine, yes the camera could be better but I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied in a phone camera anyway. I LOVE the form factor of this phone and the FF speakers. I think I’ll being holding on to this beauty for quite a bit longer. Thank you for the clarity.

        • Marycbutton

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      • MKader17

        Curious what makes you choose the Nexus 6 over the Moto X Pure. When I was looking for a phone they were both on my radar. I ultimately chose the Moto X Pure because of it’s superior camera and it’s size being a bit better..

        • A Person

          I’ve always been a Nexus fan. The dev community is guaranteed to be plentiful and I like to tinker. And even not-so-perfect cameras are more than sufficient when I need it.

          • MKader17

            Fair enough. I’ve gotten out of the dev community over the last couple of phones. I’ve become lazy enough that I choose the phone with most the features I want and live without the rest.

        • h4rr4r

          How about updates?

      • Jaymus Lonestar

        As long as you don’t need to take fast, high quality photos.

        • A Person

          It does what I want just fine and takes great pictures as far as I’m concerned. I’m not a professional photographer, so… check.

          And when you say fast and high quality… are you comparing to a dedicated DSLR by Canon? Or just… say, arbitrarily better than the N6 cam because you want to preach about something? Your argument is one of petty ignorance. I’m happy to spend my money when and how I want to, so piss off. 😉

          • MKader17

            I never used the Nexus 6, but I came from 1st Gen Moto X and the difference is outstanding.

      • interstellarmind

        The Pixel is pretty amazing so far. The speaker is the best I’ve ever had (previous owner of an N6 and Xperia Z5, both front facing speakers).

        • Boomdizzle

          Really? I think the speaker is terrible on my XL after coming from an M8 and an N6. I’m constantly blocking it with a finger when one handing the phone also which is super annoying. Honestly though, that’s the only complaint I have about my Pixel so far.

    • TSY87

      MARCH?!?!?! WTF!!!

      • David Verba

        Yeah Re F’ing Diculous

    • OligarchyAmbulance

      “may as well wait a few more months for the Pixel 2”

      A few is not 8 months.

    • Suicide_Note

      Botched launch? Not at all.

    • CabbageHeadCat.

      Got the Blue so had to Settle with 32gig. Still have 9gig open so any concerns are deminished

  • Qbancelli

    If you need 256GB of storage in your phone you probably have issues.

    • patt

      nerds will claim they need all their music on the phone 😀 yea like you really need 100+GB music on your phone.

      My solution is: Streaming with unlimited data on tmobile. If I run into area with no service then I have spotify/apple music with offline songs.


      • Mark2134

        FLAC files are rather large. 129 songs take up 9.22gb on my card. It’s not inconceivable to use 100gb on music files. I wouldn’t say we are in need of a solution. We already have the solution which is we don’t buy 128gb phones. Different features for different desires I suppose 😊

        • Dave S.

          You’re likely in a VERY small percentage of users who listen to FLAC files via their phone.

        • patt

          You are just a small % of people who do that 🙂 128GB for me is more then enough. I only got it because it was not worth getting 32gb model of my phone.

      • Tyler Durden

        I sync plenty of 20GB video files to cast/airplay later and that takes up space.

        • patt

          That’s something I have me 4TB nas for. No need to cast or anything I just use Kodi to stream via network.

          Everyone is different 😉

      • h4rr4r

        How well does that work at 33k feet over the atlantic?

        • patt

          Have my surface pro 4 for that. Works great!

      • Aaron

        Streaming isn’t always and option. And offline songs on Spotify use onboard storage.

        • patt

          and 128GB on my device is more then enough. I am using about 28GB out of 128GB.

          • Aaron

            128 GB is more than enough for me, as well. But I wouldn’t presume just because that’s all the space I need that someone else is a bigger nerd for needing more.

      • Tucker Nebel

        I download a ton of YouTube videos and movies from Google play/Netflix.

    • Tim Welton

      4K Video takes a lot of space…

      • BreadFish64

        Pixel comes with free unlimited og quality video/photo storage

        • Averix

          And uploading that when taking video out in the world would cost a fortune on most carriers. Cloud storage is not the answer.

          • BreadFish64

            Srsly? You take that much video before you can find wifi? Use an external drive

    • Tyler Durden

      If you spend more on SD cards, you have issues.

    • PoisonApple31

      Absolutely. All of those “issues” are stored in videos on the phone!

    • cdm283813

      I have a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus only because I thought that I would get it faster when I preordered it. And you know what, it actually worked! I would do it again this year as well. I might have to do that with the Note 8 if they offer various sizes. That’s going to be one “hot” phone this year especially if Apple does a 7S with no major redesign.

  • DanG

    If Google can make 256 GB version why not making 64 GB version? I’m sure they are aware of the demand for it.

    • ChrisI


    • I’m with this guy – AND (good lord) what is the base price of a 256GB Pixel XL? I shudder to think…good thing its probably a mistake.

    • Big EZ

      Why not just a 128 GB instead? If it has the same mark up a 64 GB would have had, what’s the point?

  • Daniel Thomas

    Wouldn’t an iPhone 7 and 7+ be pretty close to an even trade? Why would anyone trade in one of those phones for a Pixel and still pay, at minimum, $240? Better to sell it on Craigslist and take the cash to purchase a Pixel.

    • Chris VanAnden

      I think that’s for the same reason as why doesn’t someone privately sell their car for more money vs trading it in.

  • JP

    For the low low price of… your soul.