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Nexus 6’s Android 7.1.1 Image and OTA Files Posted

nexus 6

Google posted the Android 7.1.1 factory image and OTA files for the Nexus 6 yesterday. That’s news because it was the last remaining device supposed to see 7.1.1 without those files. Google must have fixed whatever final bugs were holding the update back. 

You can grab each image or OTA file at the links below. For instructions on how to flash a factory image, here you go. For instructions on how to flash an OTA .zip file, here you go.

Links:  Factory Images | OTA Files

  • cata catalin

    still not receiving the android 7.1.1 OTA update, why? i don’t want to install image from forum, i want via wifi, direct. Someone knows something?

  • YANG
  • JRomeo

    I’m still waiting for My Nexus6 to receive the OTA update from Android 6 to Android 7………

  • M3D1T8R

    Still haven’t gotten the update yet. Though I doubt it’s going to help my issues..

    If only my Nexus 6 battery lasted around four times longer than it does these days, it could still be the perfect “small tablet”. Also sluggish performance for no apparent reason, but I could probably remedy that with some tinkering.

    So unfortunately the abysmal battery life has me looking for a replacement.. Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom looking like the best candidate, though it’s a little small, with 5Ah it looks like it’s going to beat out the Moto Z Play as the new battery life king. Also looking at the Huawei Mate 9, closer to the right size, still pretty good battery life (4Ah).

  • Tom Z

    Hopefully this doesn’t mess with the battery life indicator like the problem on the 6p. I received the new update (Jan ’17) on my 6p 3 days ago hoping it would fix the issue. Nope, my 6p shut down at 33% yesterday. Come on Google, fix this major issue.

  • Tom S

    I has a happy!

  • Wayne Jorgensen

    I’ve been a Nexus 6 owner for almost a year and a half and there isn’t enough reason for me to switch to a Pixel currently. Mostly the price. You can buy a new or mint Nexus 6 for $150-$175 while you’re paying several hundred for a Pixel. If you give up your N6 you lose the huge screen, wireless charging and for me most importantly the front facing stereo speakers. If you get a Pixel XL you gain a fingerprint reader, Google hardware/software and a efficient device. For me right now the cons and pros don’t have a huge gap between them to justify the price for me. The Nexus 6 has held up well for 2 years and them giving it updates still is justification of that. Honestly, a lot of people will still be using this device on this 3rd year anniversay, which by then I think a lot of people will be switching. I probably will be once the Pixel XL comes down in price.

    • jimt

      I will wait for the Pixel XXL with the front facing speakers.

      • Orion

        Haha I can only wish because the so called XL is not large enough.

  • Boomdizzle

    Crazy it took this long for it to finally get to the N6. I loved my N6 and actually just turned it on to get the update. Forgot how wide the thing is though lol.

    • ShadyBrady

      My son has mine now. I check it periodically to see if there’s any, well, you know what on the phone (which I’m sure he knows how to hide by now), and I’m still surprised how wide it is each time.

  • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    running just as smooth as my 6P. havent fired this thing up in MONTHS. forgot how much I love it. doesnt touch the fluidity of my PIxel XL though.

  • Nexusfan

    Still the best phone on the market, using mine for past 2+ years, tried may phones in last 2 years – Note 5, s7, N6p, HTC 10, s7 edge, Note 7, Pixel XL..but always I am back to N6.

    • Adam Neighbors

      I do not believe anyone could go from the Pixel XL back to the Nexus 6. And I assume the same could be said for more on that list. The N6 was a great phone at the time, but it doesn’t even compare to today’s flagships.

      • notechnomo

        there are some good flagships out now but some phones make you realize which features you dont want to give up. ffs.

        • Nexusfan

          Exactly..6″ screen, Verizon compatible, tetherability, unlockable bootloader, very good headphone sound quality are some of the features I dear on N6 and not available on any of the new flagship phones.

          • netanil

            Not to mention great sounding front facing stereo speakers and also wireless charging. And that big 6″ AMOLED QHD screen still kicks ass.

          • Alex Louderback

            Literally everything you just said beside 6″ screen is on Pixel XL (and Pixel for that matter). The Pixel XL has FAR better headphone sound, I jumped from N6 to Pixel XL and it was mind blowing. The only reason I jumped was because my N6’s charger port was going, but if it wasn’t for that, I would’ve stayed. I’m so happy I got the Pixel XL now though, it is just all around an amazing phone. The BY was amazing for its time, but it doesn’t even hold a candle to the Pixel XL

      • Nexusfan

        I have no reason to lie.. I did try all of the phones I listed, Pixel XL is a great phone, fastest phone on the market but I returned it due to poor headphone sound quality, bezels and less screen size..

        • Alex Louderback

          There is no way that the N6 beats the Pixel XL’s headphone sound. You never bought a Pixel. Coming from someone who loved his N6 but was forced to upgrade due to charging issues, the Pixel XL has FAR superior headphone sound.

        • MicroNix

          Most of those negatives you didn’t pick up on before purchasing the phone?????? Or was the aura of a new Google phone that blinding?

      • seattle tech

        Look at his name LOL . He never had any of those phones. Maybe the pixel which he returned because he can only afford a $150 phone

        • Nexusfan

          May be you can’t afford even a $150 phone, I am fortunate enough to buy a $1000 phone, i work in IT software.

      • Damien Luna

        i believe so depending on what you are expecting out of the phone and if it meets your requirements.

        • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          i’m with you. if his user experience leads him to feel that way, who are we to judge? i’ve been on it for an 30 minutes now and its running just as smooth as my 6P. if this had better battery life, i’d still use it.

      • DanSan

        Yea I don’t believe that for a second. If I started using a Pixel I’d never pick my N6 back up again

        • Justin Martin

          I went from a N6 to a pixel, and I can’t imagine going back. The camera alone is enough to make it worth it. Wireless charging is over rated, and the reason for not having front facing speakers is DayDream.

          • Martin B.

            Well, I have to disagree. Wireless charging is not overrated, at least not for me. And honestly, I’m fearing the day, when my Nexus 5 (and Nexus 7 for that matter) will die, and I will have to start using some other phone without it.

            Yes, I admit, that Pixel have many features, which are miles better, in comparison to Nexus 5 (or 6). But I’m sure, that I will miss wireless charging as hell.

          • Walter Partlo

            There are relatively simple after market accessories for wireless charging, no?

          • Martin B.

            Yeah, with two huge BUT. You can’t use USB port on phone, or you have to disconnect that accessory, which make phone pretty much useless. And then you have to use cover with some thing slabbed to back of your phone, which absolutely destroys phone looks. So yeah, in my eyes, there is no real replacement for internally installed Qi charging.

          • Bardo

            Until you find yourself out in the rain and think “man, if I only had my N6, then I wouldn’t have to worry about destroying a $650+ electronic device just to get to my car…”

          • Justin Martin

            Or I could just use $4 umbrella, or a LifeProof case

          • Bardo

            You’re right, because everyone wants to make their phone 3″ thick so it won’t even fit in their pocket…
            Why not just carry a purse instead?

      • seattle tech

        You are on a nexus 6 software update article so you are going to get replies from nexus 6 owners

      • kcoolworld

        My thought exactly. I went from N6 pixel xl. Couldn’t imagine going back.

      • Orion

        Sorry I rather have the Nexus 6. Pixel is way too small for my taste.

        • Evajhart

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        • Marycbutton

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        • John Ciociola

          totally agree – If Im not mistaking OUR N6 has a faster processing, while PXL lost panorama and photo sphere. and I also like that my phone is the largest. yet fits my hands perfectly.

      • James High

        The Nexus 6 truly is a one-of-a kind phone. The true king of phablets. even the iPhone 6plus from 2014 is showing signs of age dealing with those iOS updates. One of the best manufacturers in the world (Motorola), paired with a pure Google experience? Check.m. couple that with possibly the smoothest sexiest face of a phone, and inside, made from every flagship hardware component available in 2014…Except for a silly finger scanner. Its pretty much the best phone ever made for anyone who’s 6 ft tall or taller with relatively large hands. Lol. Pixel xl is great. I own. But it’s still not as enjoyable as the big beauty of the Nexus 6.

      • John Ciociola

        If Im not mistaking MY 6 has a faster processing, while PXL lost panorama and photo sphere. and I also like that my phone is the largest. yet fits my hands perfectly.

        • Adam Neighbors

          Pixel has panorama and photosphere and a better processor. Where are you getting this?

    • Damien Luna

      I would like to say that I agree with you. I bought my partner a google pixel xl phone for christmas he had a moto x pure and I will say its a great phone but i can wait another year to see what the next pixel will be like. My N6 is rooted, decrypted, has xposed modules, gravity box and nova launcher and im also still on the latest marshmallow update. I tried the nougat update and it was making my phone very sluggish. I can’t give up all my customizations i have done that makes my phone just work without any problems and its still fast enough for whatever i need it to do. I also game alot on my phone and watch lots of youtube videos and the front facing speakers i cant give up.

    • atc-tech

      Have you had an issue where your “Swipe to answer” screen never shows up when you get calls? Mine never appears, I have to answer all calls from the notification shade, this occurs even when the screen is off and I get call. From the lockscreen, I have to answer from the notification. It’s actually been doing this since 7.0 Dev Preview to me.

    • fritzo2162

      I’m a 6p lover, though the Pixel XL is absolutely fantastic. The best phones I’ve ever used, but I like the 6p’s fingerprint reader a bit better.

    • JRomeo

      I have a N6 and i am still not receiving the android 7 OTA update, still stuck on Android6, any idea why?

      • YANG

        I have a N6. It stayed for Android 5.1 for a long time.
        I made a factory reset at last Sep. Immediately after that, I received the new OTA update to Android 6.0.1.
        Now it runs Android 7.0. I am waiting for the 7.1.1 OTA update.

        Maybe you can try factory reset. I don’t know why but It works for me. I am not sure it works for you or not.

      • Bardo

        I’m on Fi with my Nexus6.
        Last week I got the January security updates, but was still stuck on 6.0.1.

        Started to get frustrated, so today I bit the bullet and side-loaded 7.1.1
        https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools.html to get ADB fastboot (~3.5MB download)
        https://developers.google.com/android/ota to get the OTA file (~900MB download), then you just run the two command line commands at the top of the page.
        Super easy, only took about 10 mins start to finish, don’t have to root or unlock bootloader, didn’t lose any apps or have to re-do any configs. It’s exactly like finally receiving the update notification, but without the waiting.

  • Jordan Long

    Nothing yet on mine in android beta program….

    • Howard Stern ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      keep checking, mine came through about an hour ago

    • DanSan

      I was still running Octobers security build. I manually flashed the OTAs just to get it over with

      • spacklewoof

        me too

  • Lucky Armpit

    It’s about time. We N6 owners were beginning to feel left out. Both of my N6 Nougat experiences were not good (first one wouldn’t connect to data services after the first reboot; the 2nd one that arrived OTA updated perfectly but performance was so bad – especially the camera – meant I had to revert back to Marshmallow). Will definitely flash this and give it one more chance.

    • jimt

      You got an update OTA from a carrier to nougat? Which carrier was that, if I may ask. I am on T-Mobile and the last update was for Dec. security update for Marshmallow.

      • Lucky Armpit

        I’m on Verizon but assuming it was pushed from Google because I didn’t buy it from Verizon.. I bought directly from Motorola.

        • jimt

          The sim card says what you have. So Verizon checked the update and pushed nougat to your phone. Interesting. I have a T-Mobile sim and no Nougat love yet. Maybe they will push this new 7.1.1 update soon, though. I haven’t seen a Jan security update yet. Maybe in the next week or so, I hope.

          • Djl

            I’m on Fi and haven’t seen the update… Still on the November security update.

          • jimt

            MOB31K was my Nov update and MOB31Q was my Dec update, both 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Since FI uses T-Mobile it may be waiting for T-Mobile to check it too. The MOB31Q never made it to Google developer page which was odd also. I have had Dec update since about Dec 20. Are you on MOB31K?

    • MicroNix

      A Nexus receiving quick updates puked you say? Interesting. Now I get why OEMs don’t squirt out a new version of Android to their phones when Google releases it.

  • Qbancelli

    No need to buy a Pixel now.

    • PoisonApple31

      Until the next significant update comes and the N6 gets cut off. =)

      • jimt

        The significant update would have to have something I couldn’t live without. So far I have been fine on Marshmallow even though I have been chomping on the bit for nougat.

        • beeftip

          Exactly. Holding out to see if the next Pixel phone will be built with the Nexus faithful in mind.

    • glimmerman76

      depends on if you want the features that are pixel only

      • michael arazan

        I have a nexus 6 with Google assistant, the only feature pixel has my N6 didn’t, don’t care about fingerprint.

        • glimmerman76

          I prefer not to edit my build props