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CES: Samsung and Google Announce Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus, Start at $449

Samsung announced the Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus at CES today, apparently made in partnership directly with Google. If you’ll recall, back in October, details and images of the Chromebook Pro were leaked, but now with a couple of months behind us, Samsung has made them official. 

On paper, each Chromebook is exactly the same, with exception to the processor used. The Chromebook Pro and Plus feature a 12.3″ LED touchscreen display (2400×1600), 4GB LPDDR3 Memory, 32GB e.MMC hard drive, 39Wh battery (around 8 hours of life), 720p webcam, two USB Type-C ports, SD card support, included stylus, and access to Google Play for using all of your favorite Android apps.

For that processor difference, the Chromebook Pro uses an Intel Core M3 Processor 6Y30, while the Chromebook Plus uses an ARM OP1 hexa-core processor designed specifically for Chromebook machines. On top of a lightweight (2.38lbs) metal design, users can also convert their Chromebook Pro or Plus into a tablet-like device, simply by flipping the display all the way back, just like on the Chromebook Flip from ASUS.

According to Alanna Cotton, vice president of product marketing at Samsung Electronics America, “With the Chromebook Plus and Pro, we’re partnering with Google to pair a sleek design with supreme flexibility, encouraging users to experience more with Google Play and Android apps, while continuing to provide simplicity, top-rated security and shareability inherent in Chromebooks.”

So, when can you buy one?

The Chromebook Plus will be available for $449 at many major retailers, including Best Buy, starting in February. For the Chromebook Pro, Samsung details that it will be available later this spring, but gave no exact pricing.

Thinking about picking one up?

Via: Samsung
  • With features, price and look wise i can definitely go with Chromebook Pro.

  • juanjeremy2012

    I highlly advise against Samsung products.the note 8 caused the ghost ship warehouse fire In Oakland California that killed 35, people

  • juanjeremy2012

    Not happy with these low performance processors or the limited memory

    • Ordeith

      and there’s that god-awful ChromOS to consider.

  • Qbancelli

    Sold. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting for.

  • ckeegan

    I wish someone would do a damn 15″ screen!

    • JRomeo

      you could put a few movies on the 128gb microSD card you insert into the machine. perfect for watching them on a flight.

      • ckeegan

        Totally missed the SD card support! Guess I’m used to have Nexus/Pixel devices! Still wish someone would make a really good 15.6″ screen Chromebook convertible though!

  • Still trying to figure out what the difference is between the Pro and Plus models; hopefully it isn’t just a spec difference, maybe some new feature or something; but hey – a chromebook like this, plus a stylus, and Android App Support directly out of the box? I might actually reconsider my views towards Samsung, but just slightly.

    • netanil

      Just the processor.
      Samsung Chromebook Pro: dual-core 2.2GHz Intel Core M3 6Y30
      Samsung Chromebook Plus: hexa-core ARM OP1 processor (2x Cortex-A72 cores + 4x Cortex-A53 cores)

  • Peter Stover

    From the Acer R13, to Asus Flip 2, and now Samsung. More flip-floping than politicians! But which one do I choose?

  • AndrewScottRox

    I feel like they are missing out on calling this a Pixelbook. What’s up with their branding? It’s really confusing.

    • B!

      Except Samsung didn’t madmen the Pixel so that’s what’s up with the branding.

  • Kanoosh

    So much chromebook fapage going on this week , my mind is going crazy lol..

  • Player Slayer

    Dang, I can’t decide on wether to get the regular pro, or the new Asus Flip C302. I like the higher resolution screen and lower price on the Samsung, but only 8 hours of battery life, compared to the Flip’s 10? And I’m not sure if there’s a difference in processors, as I’m not well versed in the web that is Intel processors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • ClikFire _

      For me the Aspect Ratio of the Asus Flip is a deal breaker.

      Asus C302 Display is 16:9
      Samsung Pro 3:2

      The only thing 16:9 is good for is watching content otherwise 3:2 all the way IMO.

      • Ruthvcrowe

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    • That’s exactly what I’m thinking. I’d love to see a side by side.

      Apparently, the Samsung devices also have a stylus that uses some Google tech to cut down on lag when writing and other machine learning tricks.

    • michael arazan

      Asus has a m3 2.3 and a m5 2.7 Ghz processor to choose from. Samsung also has a core M3 which is 2.3 Ghz like the ASUS, but I can’t find any info on the ARM OP1 hexa-core processor or its power/ Ghz.

      Still it’s fianllyt about time they put some power in these chromebooks for power users and especially android apps that eat up a lot of resources. 2.3 and 2.7 Ghz with 4-8 GB RAM is good. I’ll finally be getting a chromebook and by the looks of ASUS and Samsung’s, I can’t decide either.

  • Manbearpig

    No AMOLED? No thanks

  • landale

    The $449 starting price and 3:2 aspect ratio display are definitely nice when compared to the Asus C302 but we will have to wait and see how real world performance and battery life compare. I am optimistic on performance given some early estimates on this particular ARM chip but the 8 hours of battery life is disappointing given the Asus is rated at 10 hours .

  • Johnny Hernandez

    Well I guess I now have a reason to jump back in to the Chromebook game.

  • Steven

    With the Samsung Chromebook, you get better resolution and a stylus, but lesser processor options, less RAM and less storage options. I am going to have to compare this with the Flip C302 in a store.

  • Mordecaidrake

    I can’t see myself with one of these, or any chromebook for that matter. They just seem too under powered and lack real application support. For a laptop like device I think Windows is much more useful.

    • mcdonsco

      I’ve been a die hard windows only guy for a long time, HATED MACS (still not super fond of them), but with Windows 10, I decided to go Mac with a MacBook Air.

      Problems I ran into were windows 10’s insurance on installing updates and restarting at whim regardless of the update settings used. Always when I had NO TIME TO SPARE and needed something fast before heading to an appointment, that’s when it would regularly restart after updates (or, boot up to “configuring updates” making boot up take 5-10 minutes instead of a few seconds).

      Then, there was battery life. Dell XPS 13 9350 was the last one I had, got it non touchscreen with a core i5 to maximize battery life. Dell rates it as 10 hours, I was LUCKY to get 5.

      This MBA is rated to 12 hours and easily gets 10, sometimes 12. It also doesn’t let updates get in the way of using the system.

      • Mordecaidrake

        I’ve always been a Windows guy, coming from a background of gaming and building my own PCs. I did get 2 Macbook Pros after college, solely to learn linux/UNIX on a platform that was actually supported by software developers. However, I could never get into the OS as my daily driver. I found myself constantly trying to find workarounds for gaming or random other things, which ended up causing me to Boot Camp Windows onto it. So after my last one finally started to die out, I said why spend that much money when I’m just going to need to get Windows back on there. Windows does everything I’ve ever needed without compromise.

        With all that being said, I have the Surface Pro 3 for my couch content consuming after finding the Chromebooks didn’t really jump out with me. I was also getting slowly turned off to Googles ability to develop items, they tend to release something then give up on it (Hangouts, Google + ect) so I never wanted to spend that kind of money on a laptop that at the time couldn’t even run android apps. Granted that’s changed now, and a chromebook probably would suit my needs, but I like being able to ditch the keyboard and use this as a legit tablet. Now if only more developers would jump on the windows 10 train, because I honestly think this is the best OS they’ve released to date, even with the nagging updates, which luckily never bothered me.

      • Turb0wned

        Recently built a gaming PC for just that, gaming. My MacBook Air is for everything else.

      • CabbageHeadCat.

        Have you checked out the Chrome for Work series by Dell and others? Those are some pretty nice ones. If your use is as moderate as it sounds, you could easily make the switch.

      • Mike

        Yea, that is my biggest thing….And track pad support.

        My $80 Chromebook gets 12 hours of battery time with a ton standby time (like off the power plug for multiple weeks at a time).

        My $1000 Windows laptop, I am lucky to get 5 hours off the charger period, with standby being OK but not great.

        Add in the forced Win10 reboots at the most inopportune times, and I find myself picking up the Chromebook more and more often.

        Oh, and the Chromebook has a much, much better track pad.

    • JP

      Well you have android app support from the playstore and all ms office apps (obviously not good as native windows but it’s there). I think when these type of devices (especially the arm versions) start hitting $300-350 they’ll sell like hot cakes. You’ll have entry level chromebooks for $150-300 and then these hybrid devices for $300-499. Anything higher than that you’re better off getting a MS surface or higher end windows device.

      • Mordecaidrake

        I agree, I think the adaption of android app support was huge and will definitely help sell them. Considering most people just use their OS apps more than anything else. I think the chromebooks have their niche market, broke college kids that sign up for Office 365 or grade school kids. For me personally, I wanted an all in one device and the Surface hits all nails on the head. If I need to use it as a tablet, I can take the keyboard off and use it without the added weight, when I need to actually type something up that takes more than a few sentences, throw that keyboard on and get to work. My only complaint with the Surface series, is using it as a tablet is a bit of a pain only because of the 12″ display, same with an iPad Pro, which I think is a completely useless device.

        • Audio

          I couldn’t use one as a primary device; there’s still too much it can’t do, though that is changing fast. My set up is a desktop to do all my processor intensive projects (HD video conversions, media servers, iTunes and photo storage) and use my Chromebook as a consumption device. Netflix, Amazon video, even Plex, work great on the Chromebook.

          • Mordecaidrake

            I couldn’t use a Chromebook or Surface as my primary device. I’ve got my desktop for gaming and media hosting and iTunes, then my Surface for when I’m on the go.

          • CabbageHeadCat.

            I use a combination as well. Windows and Chrome, but iTunes is nowhere to be found. It is garbage. I really think Chromebooks have and are seeing the most potential here. It’s good that Google and these companies are capitalizing on this momentum and really making something competitive.

        • Steven

          Who needs Office 365 with a Chromebook? Google’s apps for documents and spreadsheets are pretty darn good. With the Google Play store, you can actually have tablet apps that are worth something. I think the apps that can be supported today on a Chromebook make it a far more appealing device than what you are talking about.

          • Mordecaidrake

            While Google Docs will work in a school environment, it won’t work at a professional level. I’ve tried to make it work, but always end up having to use Office.

          • ClikFire _

            MS is actually optimizing their android Office apps for Chromebooks currently.

          • Steven

            There are businesses that run on Google Documents today. I have done resumes in it. I could see some work environments where formatting between office and google docs isn’t quite right, but it is really good software.

    • ClikFire _

      honestly I don’t think any Windows device under $600+ is worth buying and even that is pushing it. Also the Play Store vs the Windows Store and the Ease of use of Chrome OS trumps windows. I use all 3 platforms by the way I have a Macbook Pro Asus Chromebook Flip and my wife has a dell Inspiron 2 in 1 13 inch which I use primarily to play some casual steam games.

  • cdm283813

    This should wet a Samsung Note users appetite until the Note 8 arrives. Very interested.

  • Ocepi

    Tough call between this and the new flip. Screen res and design are nice, but will have to see how that Arm processor performs. I’m surprised battery life is only 8 hours. These are finally the Chromebooks I’ve been waiting for, can hopefully replace my Yoga 3.

    • Player Slayer

      Same dilemma here

    • amugofjava

      I’m guessing the lower battery life is because of the display and the amount of pixels it has to push. I guess time will tell.

  • JP

    Well at least they lowered the price from $499 from the October leaks. When it gets down to $300 it will sell really well.

  • Flow

    kinda dig it tbh.

  • cdm283813

    Wonder what the price difference will be between the two processors? This might be a nice replacement for the Note Tablet line. And if the partnership is with Google will the updates come directly from them or Samsung.

    • Audio

      I believe the Chromebook updates come right from Google.

      • Robert Butler

        All Chromebook updates cone directly from Google with no hardware intervention.

  • bydavidrosen

    So does that stylus have a slot in the Chromebook to store it? If so that’s like a dream machine for me haha. Wow.

    • cdm283813

      It looks like there is a stylus slot. And look at the stylus end; looks to be clickable like the Note 7.

      • ChrisI

        is it flammable like the N7 though?
        Would be a bonus.

        • JRomeo

          my Nexus7 has never been flammable. In fact my N7 is still fully functional to this day, it’s been great so far.

          • ChrisI


    • JP