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Limited NBA Streams Coming to Google’s Daydream Via NextVR Service

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NextVR and the NBA have a deal for streaming live basketball games in virtual reality (Gear VR users can already use it), but this week, it’s been announced that the same experience is coming for Google Daydream users.Β 

For those who are subscribed to NBA League Pass, you can access a single game each week that is broadcasted in VR. Thanks to a set of eight perfectly-placed RED cameras (the same type of camera MKBHD utilizes), viewers won’t miss any of the action. Specifically, streams provide a 180 degree viewing angle of games, plus highlights such as “Best Dunks.”

To get started, you will need the NextVR app from Google Play, and as previously mentioned, an NBA League Pass (not exactly cheap).

Have at it, VR lovers.

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Via: Engadget
  • fd2blk78

    I was just mentioning to a buddy that something like this would be awesome for football. A camera right in the view level at the 50 yard line? And now I find out it exists? Anyone tried it? Any good?

  • James Arthur

    Wow, a whole 6 people responded to this.

  • markp99

    I was at the Celtics – Grizzlies game in Boston last week. NextVR was there broadcasting the game.

    We made our way down to the floor and saw the camera rigs (RED stereo pairs) mounted to the stanchions and sitting on the scorer’s table. They also had a tripod mounted camera for pre-game/halftime interview stuff with their announcer people. I had seen NextVR highlight clips already, so I recognized them.

    Was pretty cool to see the crew hustling the equipment around. The next day I re-watched the game using my Daydream View. My Pixel XL overheated at about the 3rd quarter. I paused to let it cool and finished the game. Hardware issues aside, it was a pretty good experience. Would like to see an option for a “replay button” to let me pick which plays to re-watch…I suppose buffering would be too cumbersome.

  • Keynote

    I tried watching a live stream, but the connection was too choppy to hold my interest, even over speedy FiOS-powered wifi. The cached condensed games were a little better.

    Either way: I can definitely see the potential. The baseline cameras (positioned directly behind the basket) are great for drives to the rim; the sideline shot (positioned at half court) allows you to see the entire floor. You can turn your head and look at the other basket, for example. The entire experience was immersive, even in a relatively low-res (Pixel, not Pixel XL), buffer-intensive environment. If Google et al. can fix the buffering and the overheating, fans will overlook the low resolution.

    Then again, I thought live 3D broadcasts of sports events (e.g., ESPN 3D) would take off, so what do I know. πŸ™‚

  • alan taylor

    This has already been available for a couple of weeks now. You get a notification when a game is getting ready to stream live

  • David Gibson

    Now only if you could use the Daydream VR for more than 20 min without your phone overheating….

    • Chris M


  • As a passionate NBA fan, and a Daydream owner, I may have to look into this!

    • Ruthvcrowe

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