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CES 2017: What’s In Our Bags?

This week, we will be attending our seventh CES down in Las Vegas, NV, and each year, we are asked what we’re taking with us and what advice we have for first time attendees. Well, this post should deliver all of the intel you desire. 

From camera equipment to the phones we trust to make it through a day on the showroom floor, everything we are taking has been pictured and detailed below. Should you need more specific information on the equipment, ask us in the comments and we would be happy to enlighten you.

CES, here we come!

Kellen’s Bag


  • Computer: Macbook Pro 13″ (Mid-2014)
  • Phones: Pixel, OnePlus 3T, Galaxy S7
  • Cameras: Sony a6300, Sony RX100MV
  • Lenses: Sony 18-200mm, f/3.5 and Zeiss Sonnar 24mm, f/1.8
  • Camera gear: MeFoto travel tripod, Manfrotto 502 video head, Joby GorillaPod, Zhiyun Crane Gimbal
  • Headphones: Apple Earpods (seriously), Bose SoundLink
  • Watches: TAG Heuer Connected
  • Other: Bottle opener, Hurraw! chapstick, Cucumber Aloe hand sanitizer


As you can see, Kellen will be managing the bulk of camera equipment we bring down to CES. In order to provide the top notch quality you expect, we’ll be on site with a Sony a6300 and Sony RX100MV, complete with various lenses and tripods for whatever the shot may call for. We will also bring down one of our beloved Zhiyun Crane Gimbals.

For phones, Kellen is opting for the Google Pixel (white), OnePlus 3T (because he really wants Nougat), plus a Galaxy S7. One of these devices will handle any WiFi tethering we may need, since WiFi coverage inside of these event spaces is sometimes limited beyond belief.

On his person, Kellen will wear the TAG Heuer Connected (he really loves that thing), plus an assortment of products such as chapstick, hand sanitizer, and a bottle opener for all the beer we intend to consume.

If you want to shop for any of this gear, check it out through this Kit link.

Tim’s Bag


  • Computer: 13″ MacBook Pro w/ TouchBar (2016)
  • Dongles: Ethernet, SD, USB (because Apple has courage)
  • Phone: Google Pixel in Blue
  • Camera: Sony a6000
  • Lenses: Zeiss Sonnar 24mm, f/1.8 and 30mm, f/3.5 macro
  • Camera gear: Joby GorillaPod
  • Headphones: LeEco earbuds that I got last CES
  • Watches: N/A
  • Other: Chapstick, hand sanitizer and protein bars


Unlike prior years, I’ve found that less is more when it comes to traveling for work. Because Kellen will bring down essentially everything we need for video equipment, all I will really need is my laptop, phone, plus a camera for when we aren’t roaming the showroom floor together. On top of that, Kellen handles the WiFi tethering from his devices, so while he brings multiple phones, I should get by just fine bringing only one phone. I may bring an emergency phone, just in case one craps out on me.

In past years, I would also bring an Android tablet, smartwatch and other stuff, but really, to ensure I have the smallest chance of something going wrong or dying on me, I’m just leaving that stuff at home. This also goes along with the theory that if I am headed to Vegas with a full bag of stuff, there’s no way I’d be able to haul any potential swag or goodies I get at the show back home. I must ensure there’s always room for CES swag.

A couple things not pictured that will be on me at all times is hand sanitizer, as well as protein bars or some type of granola bar. With how much walking we do at CES, you need to provide your body with energy all of the time. For the sanitizer, I can’t tell you how many strangers and people you run into, plus all the hands you shake, so it’s always good to have a bottle of hand sanitizer with you.

Another important rule: Stay hydrated!

If you want to shop for any of this gear, check it out through this Kit link.

Have any questions? Throw them below!

  • Curtis

    Tim do you get enough storage from the blue pixel ? When Verizon restock I was looking into getting one but 32g seem like it won’t be enough

  • Any reason for choosing the Sony a6300 over the competitors like the Panasonic GX85 or the RX100 M5 over the IV or a less expensive option like the Canon G7X M2?

  • Edwin M

    Why the chapstick? Plan on making out with anyone? Also, no external battery?

  • Aryaman

    No power bank?

  • ncsurob

    What kind of bottle opener is that?

  • Jonathan

    Interesting and laudable to see that for a website that constantly discusses the quality of cell phone cameras, that both attendees will be using at least one ILC (Interchangeable Lens Camera) and at least one specialty lens (fast aperture, macro) for the images that “matter”. Not that I disagree with the choice. Quite the opposite, actually. The images on this site are rarely ever larger than .5 megapixels yet those running it still see the value in using high quality images. I love that!

    • Stabby McKnifington

      They could be looking for better bokeh and clarity. Cell phone cameras are great but they clearly take cell phone photos. Using a nice mirrorless camera for shots provides a more professional look.

      • Jonathan

        Agree 100%. Substantially better low light performance as well.

        • Stabby McKnifington

          People who think you can replace a Mirrorless camera with even the best cell phone either have never used a good camera or don’t know how to use a good camera

      • Raven

        No doubt about it. But, I lost all respect for Sony as a company long ago. I am also a long time Canon fan. So, I am surprised to see all of the Sony cameras. So, can anyone tell me how these compare to Canon EOS M3 or M5 cameras?

        • Stabby McKnifington

          My A6000 is the only Sony product I own actually. I love it and find it easy enough to use and small enough that I can throw it in a backpack. The only downside I’ve found with it is the wireless sharing isn’t perfect.

          • Raven

            To answer my own question, from the reviews that I have read the Sony A6000 fits somewhere in between the Canon EOS M3 and M5.

        • Jonathan

          I’m a long time Canon user myself, currently working with the 5D Mark IV and just today, picked up a used 6D (which I’ve previously owned). I bought my wife the M5 for Christmas. Previously, I bought her the A6000 and HATED the user interface and the AF was NOT as good as it was touted to be at launch. I also hated the Sony colors I was seeing. Finally, the cost of the 24mm f/1.8 is RIDICULOUS. I returned it less than a day later and bought her a Rebel SL1 which she liked except for the AF point selection. Enter the M5… GREAT camera. The ONLY thing it lacks, IMO, is 4K video. Personally, I don’t care. We take so little video and the 1080p video is really good so it’s a moot point for us. The AF point selection is ridiculously awesome on the M5 with the “touch and drag” feature and the 18-150 lens is surprisingly good. Also, the Canon answer to the Sony 24/1.8 is the EF-M 22mm f/2. It’s CHEAP and FANTASTIC. Tiny too. I haven’t used the M3 myself so I have no feedback to offer there.

          • Raven

            Excellent response. Thank you!

  • dabug91

    Ya’ll disgust me with your MacBooks.

  • discopunkk

    Now that you did a “What’s In My Bag” when will we get the “Sephora Haul” and “Highlighter Palette Review” posts?

  • Trevor

    Tim, I thought you were a bigger phone fan. Why are you bringing a Pixel and not an XL?

  • WCM3

    Kellen, any reason you opt for the Tag Connected over a Huawei? Trying to figure out if getting the Connected is worth it.

    I like you could trade it in and receive a iirc $1500 discount on any Tag watch in the future.

  • needa

    You guys be safe and have a great time. Don’t be shy on reporting on the EVs either. If they have a usb plug or bluetooth, they are andriod functional. Thus belonging on this site every bit as much as some jaybirds.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    What the? Tim… What are you doing with a 32GB phone?

    • SonofaButch

      Same thing I was wondering. If he was able to get the blue in 128 I’m gonna be seriously jelly

  • ubermensch

    Nice watch, kellen!

  • Francesco Vaccarella

    I feel you Kellen, I’ve got a Pixel XL and use earpods too because of the comfort and fit lol

  • Paul Parker

    Do you guys have camera blog that you recommend?

  • Tim Buchanan

    Serious question for Kellen: What do you do with 3 phones. Even if on is a daily driver, and the other is a glorified hotspot, that still leaves an extra phone with no specific job.

    • discopunkk

      Probably if the daily driver phone dies.

  • GraffitiKnight

    How about what bags you guys are using for all this gear?

  • BossMining

    I love your little “because Apple has courage” one liner. It’s great and so true

  • tztex

    Looks like you guys are ready. This will be my 20th CES can’t wait. Don’t forget an external charger. Loving my tronsmart for pixel.

  • MBPs. Ew.

    • Eric R.

      There’s seriously nothing wrong with Macbooks. The software stability and build quality is superior to PCs. And the price isn’t bad compared to PCs with similar specs.

  • MJ

    Kellen, I can understand you using more than one phone but TRAVELING with three phones doesn’t seem very convenient. Tim, you need three different dongles just to use your MacBook Pro? You should have spent less money and got a real laptop. I am a light packer compared to you guys.

    • Eh, I just toss in 2 unused phones in my bag, keep one in my pocket. Then I pop one out for tethering if I need to or a fresh one if my battery dies.

      • arthuruscg

        No need for replaceable batteries, just replace the phone. #Tech1%er

      • Higher_Ground

        got to do something with a drawer full of phones, right?

  • NexusMan

    One “Phone of the Year” and 2 Pixels.

    • LaFave07

      You never let up on the Pixel do you?

      • NexusMan

        You never let up on me on the Pixel do you?

        • LaFave07

          Nope 🙂

  • Ray

    Hey you guys should order Postmates while you’re here and maybe I will deliver to you guys. Been a long time reader since 2010

  • Dustin Buckingham

    Why take more than one phone?

    • Typically use one phone for tethering if WiFi is bad. Don’t want to use a main device for that or it would just eat up battery. Then I have two others, one basically as a backup incase my main phone dies.

      • arthuruscg

        Why not a battery pack?

        • netanil

          Probably because that takes time to charge a phone. Swapping a SIM is a lot quicker.

  • LaFave07

    How do you like your DongleBook Pro, Tim?

  • David Imel

    Nice selection. I’m bringing much of the same, and also my OG Droid-Life shirt 😁

  • Kellen uses EarPods. This will fuel the comments section quite nicely.

    • They fit my ears and I won’t be mad if I lose them. 🙁

    • Tyler Durden

      They’re nice and so are the AirPods. Cheaper than any other completely wireless headphones and have good battery life. Listen across the house and upstairs with no loss? I love em!

    • Gekko

      i’ve never bought an Apple product in my life EXCEPT for the EarPods. bought several pairs over the years. love them – especially for only $29.

      • Chris Hannan

        Yeah I’ve bought a couple pairs myself but luckily I would frequently get them from people getting new iPhones and not wanting them. I’ve never had an issue with fit and they sound good to me. Now I use AirPods and they were worth every penny.

      • Lenajapril

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      • Sarachall

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    • Orlando aka Pixel XL

      its very triggering

    • Batman