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Vine Being Converted Into ‘Vine Camera’ in January, 6-Second Looping Clip Making Lives On

Back in October, it was announced that Vine was shutting its doors. Now, the Twitter-owned service is backing up just a bit, announcing that instead of a total shutdown, Vine will be turned into an app called Vine Camera, allowing for the continued creation of 6-second looping videos. 

With Vine Camera, instead of posting your lopping videos onto the Vine platform, you will post them directly to Twitter through your account. The two will no longer be separated, with your main Twitter account running the show. Even with this change, though, all of the same shooting abilities and editing goodies will be inside the Vine Camera application.

The launch of Vine Camera is set for January, 2017.

On top of this announcement, Vine also declared that you can now download your past Vines from either the Vine.co website, or through the Vine app itself.

Here’s how Vine capped off today’s announcement.

Thank you for the culture that you have helped shape, and for the content you’ll continue to make everywhere. You make the world a funnier, weirder, richer, more beautiful place.

If you have already moved on from Vine, don’t worry, the Vine.co website will continue to store your created clips for you to go back and view.

Via: Vine
  • please no

  • CoolSilver

    Figures this was just to get people back into Vine again without actually doing anything except spreading FUD.

  • Jack Silsan

    “The two will no longer be separated, with your main Twitter account running the show”.
    Just like it was always supposed to be. Same for Periscope.

  • Michael Graef

    Obligatory “I’m too cool to care” post.

    • JRUIV


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Waiting for our first 6 second review Tim.

    • Gracecrichards

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  • Good idea. Vines are like the new age GIF. Just wish there was a quick import of all my Vines into my Twitter account.

    • Jack Silsan

      Yeah. It is supposed to be portable to a main Twitter account